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Ingrid Foedottir wrote:


That’s a 46 point buy! Wow!

Yeah. Maybe I should reduce one of those if it feels overbalanced?

One of my favorite games was set in the land of the Linnorm Kings.
So Dot.
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 4, 3) = 19
4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 2, 4) = 12
4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 6, 5) = 21
4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 6, 3) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 4, 6) = 13
4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 6, 1) = 18

So...16, 11, 17, 15, 12 and 17!

Sarenrae- "The Dawn Will Come" -Dragon Age Inquisition
Shelyn- "What a Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong
Cayden Cailean -"The Wind of Change" The Scorpions
Erastil- "The Garden Song" ala John Denver

One would think with its strong number of wizards, Nex would rank among rule by High Intelligence scores but it is described as something of a bureaucratic nightmare IIRC :)

Well, heck, are we allowed to submit more than one concept to increase our odds? :)

Cursed magic item trade

Helms of Opposite alignment are great gag gifts

Very interested!

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After fighting your way through challenges that would make an arch devil blanch, and possibly lay low a dragon, and getting past tricks and traps that defy the very laws of nature and mystify the wisest men, finally you approach the Starstone and a voice rips through your soul and demands....

"What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

I imagine more than one of the Satraps of the Kelishite Empire might qualify.

I once thought about running a Kingmaker with Clerics, Paladins, Inquisitors and war priests in service to Erastil

MidsouthGuy wrote:
Am I the only person sick enough to want to see what a Lamashtan theocracy would look like?

I think one rule of the internet is "It's never just you"

I've seen a few Kingmakers now and then where Evil PCs were encouraged, but I'm not sure how far they got.

Congratulations to those who made it!

Ridge wrote:

4d6 = 13

4d6 = 11
4d6 = 11
4d6 = 11
4d6 = 18
4d6 = 15

Going for a witch of all things

So gold is 3d6X10
3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 2) = 11 x 10 = 110 gold

4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 4, 5) = 15 = 13
4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 1, 4) = 14 = 11
4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 5, 4) = 12 = 11
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 5, 5) = 12 = 11
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 6) = 21 = 18
4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 4, 5) = 19 = 15

DM Vayelan wrote:

Since CaptainFord put forth the initial pitch, I would not want to step on their toes, so they have the final say.

That said, I would be willing to GM this.

If I did, I would use Pathfinder rules and definitely allow everything on the Pathfinder Reference Document while considering other options on a case-by-case basis.

Sounds like we have a victim err volunteer.

Oh anyone who has played in Falcon's Hollow hates that Kreed guy!Good idea!


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Derry L. Zimeye wrote:
I think a lot of people are looking too much into the specifics of what's being said within the context of Golarion rather than of TTRPGs as a whole. What I was trying to say with this thread was "I'd like to see more APs which aren't medieval European fantasy-themed." Taldor only had a few places in APs beforehand (Snows of Summer/Dreams of the Yellow King), yes, but the setting of Taldor -albeit with some very interesting differences, of course!- is still similar enough to, say, Varisia, Cheliax, Belkzen, etc. That's not to say these countries are ANYWHERE at all similar to each other in the context of Golarion- they have vastly different cultures, bestiaries and playtypes- but to an outsider passing by these books in a store, there's more of a difference between Realm of the Mammoth Lords, the land of megafauna-riding sorcerers, and Varisia/Cheliax/etc- in that the settings like Orision, Numeria or the Shackles have themes which are INSTANTLY recognizable as "not your usual TTRPG setting." Does that make more sense? What I'm saying is I'd like to get back to experimenting more with that kind of AP!

Frankly, while War for the Crown might be heading this way anyway, what I'd like to see is an AP with a kind of serving King Arthur/Round Table feel to it. The one where you work for The good ruler guy (Gal) who is actually decent enough to make you think this Monarchy stuff is going to work this century. Heck, they could rip whole cloth from some elements and give the heroes a chance to keep that kingdom safe from what destroyed Arthur.

Maybe the heroes get a chance to stop a love triangle from forming.
Maybe they stand against the ruler's bastard son.
Maybe the ruler gets ill and only a holy object can heal him/her?

i'd like an Arthurian kind of setting, not just a chance to defend the Good Kingdom, but a great one with a ruler that comes around maybe once in a thousand years tops.

But the 'Arthur' kingdom doesn't need to be in Astivan. Adapt the above, and put it in the so far unknown Southern Parts of Garund below the Mwangi Expanse! Magical Wakanda forever! And I would be down with that.

Or put it in Tian Xia, and the fact that title might be Khan or Emperor or something is fine!

And as I loved a lot of Sinbad and such, and it's been awhile since Legacy of Fire, I would love to see a Solomon like Satrap of a yet unrevealed area of Casmaron, in need of the adventurers to join his elite forces

Take the vanilla concept, remold to fit the culture (I trust whoever develops to be better educated in the area than I will ever be), and draw inspiration not just from Arthurian stuff but said part of the world and what it homages and give me a 'too good to be true but he/she is true and worth serving' kind of lord and i would give it a chance. i want a Camelot area, and I'm not too fussy about where they put it or what style it comes in. :)

Heck, better, since Paizo could put their own touches on it. So you don't all have to be shiny armor wearers. etc.


But War for the Crown may turn into that anyway so we'll see.

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You gain the ability to understand chickens, or, at least you think you do, you hear voices from them about egg laying and how that other chicken is greedy and took the best feed. If you talk to the chickens they don't seem to understand you.

With the exception of magical casting, all those in a 10 foot radius about you for the next hour must make Will saves at DC 11 or everytime they say a word that starts with B, they must follow it it up immediately with 'Bwkak' (Ala a chicken noise). Such as "I was checking near the Border *bkwak!* . There's no sign of any further bandit *bkwak!* activity."

All Dogs get the urge to chase you that day.

Tomorrow in Andoran it will be partly cloudy and fully liberated, with a chance of patriotic outbursts sometime after noon. Citizens are advised to wear tricorne hats and a sense of denial about any shady economic inequalities.

A lot might depend on the other creatures down there and how they respond to light. Does light scare subterannian animals away? handy.

Does it lure attackers? Dangerous... but also useful as bait

Vitaliano da Riva wrote:

I might be convinced. I have no idea what all clans exist in modern vs dark ages but it could be fun.

Though I am a pain to GM

Oh the ones listed in the spoiler all have modern takes , though I might consider others not listed.

Storyteller Shadow wrote:
Veronica Acqua wrote:
Storyteller Shadow wrote:
I'm down! Not sure what to play though with so many interesting choices, I'll consider it and let you know tomorrow.
Are you ever Not Down for any pbp game? ;)


Okay, and thanks guys.

Thank you, Talomyr.

And I don't even know how many folks would be interested yet so there's time to consider concepts. :)

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Okay. Ranerius' player here

ST Shadow has been nice enough to allow me to check for interest and see if any of you guys would want to take part in a V20 modern game.... a cam game where you Do NOT get to play one of the main seven clans... if that doesn't drive you off? read the spoiler

Chronicle: Bloody Snowflakes


The Camarilla, that greatest and most venerable of sects. It claims under its umbrella, all Kindred as its charges. Claims aside, most who know it, know better. Seven great clans (Six if you believe that the Gangrel Egress is going anywhere) make up the power structure and majority of their membership. Other Clans are either Independent or have, mostly, allied with the Sabbat! Mere Bloodlines struggle for acceptance, notice, and sometimes even permission to claim a haven in a city.

You ought to know, you're one of the atypical ones. Your blood is different from the 'Big Seven'. To paraphrase an old saying, you had to work twice as hard to get half as much. So much for the "Camarillan Dream".

And then, it happened, a Camarilla City, had not only its kine population depleted by flood and fire, but also faced the loss of over fifty percent of its kindred! Out of the wet ashes, a Malkavian Prince rose to power, and now, a decade later, the humans are back in the numbers they were before. Where there are humans, Kindred may feed and thrive!

Only the Prince has decided to embrace (no pun intended) what she calls "Cainite Diversity"! She has denied members of the seven Clans the right to settle in her domain directing them elsewhere! She has refused to let those few in the city sire. Instead, she has put out word that bloodlines and children of the rarer bloodlines will be not only tolerated but welcome and encouraged to thrive!
Of course, she's out of her damned mind! She's got to be making enemies right and left! But then, this is your chance. Whether you simply hope for a home, wish to try to gain influence in some aspect of the city before some Ventrue or Toreador can claim it instead, or hope to earn an embrace and increase your bloodline; this is likely your best bet. For once, your rarity helps get your foot in the door.
You are a Bloody Snowflake…

As you can tell, I'm embracing the weird for this one. It may turn out to be more of a world of shadow than flat out darkness. The Fictional City means I get to wing it a bit more, and frankly steal from any players who want to contribute what this setting has. Think New Orleans' less loved cousin and we work from there.

The PCs would start as Neonates in current times in the Fictional City of Perle Perdu, Louisiana. Most likely as new arrivals, but I might allow one or two to have always been there but now showing themselves.
Clans & Bloodlines allowed: the whole 'gimmick' is you get to play something odd, or at least rare, a non cam clan in a Camarilla setting.
Here is what is allowed

Blood lines and Clan offshoots allowed: Daughters of Cacophony (Who can be male as well), Gargoyle, Kiasyd, Lasombra Antitribu, Assamite (Yes, they're trying to join the Cam as is a setting option) Vizier or Sorcerer, Old Clan Tzimsce (Who have Animalism, Auspex, and Dominate), Salubri, Samedi, True Brujah

Starting Generation 13th
Attributes - 7/5/3
Abilities - 13/9/5
Backgrounds – 6*
Virtues - 7
Disciplines - 4 (Rare out of Clan disciplines will need a reason)
Freebies - 21
Merits & Flaws - 7 & 7 max

*- Obviously some Backgrounds won't make sense if you arrive in a new city, but you can sort of 'pre purchase' and have things kind of fall in your lap in play, within reason. You probably won't have more than one dot in Influence at the start period.

I'll be trying to use the V20 rules. I don't have the new bloodlines book, but I'm open to merits or flaws from it if if you give me the details on game effect.

While some of you maybe off on 'solo moments' quite often, it's my hope that the 'we freaks are in this together ' factor will encourage a coterie or sorts… or at least reduce the chances war between PCs .
I'm going for a post rate of one every 3 days for me, and you guys responding within a day or two after that if possible. In solo moments it may matter less.

In addition to the stats, I would like to know the following things.
1) How old is your character and when was he/she embraced?
2) Why is your character in Perle Perdu? Obviously for a home, but did his or her sire send her, is her bloodline encouraging him her to establish room for growth for them all? Etc. Are they on a diplomatic mission, or on the run etc?
3) Related: What are your character's long term goals and dreams?
4) Does your character have mortal friends or family in the setting? Do they know of you even if (hopefully) they don't know you are a vampire?

Downside is I'm not as good an ST as Shadow there ;) And I tend to be rules light

Been there. You do what you gotta do. Hope things get better for you and yours.

Browman wrote:

That is probably a question that only Madcaster can answer. It would probably be easier if you did the Lasombra.

Easier sounds good. I'll get to work on him, thanks.

I know time is running out. I can't decide between a former scholarly monk turned Tremere or a bastard son of a noble turned thief who ended up embraced by the Lasombra .

Would the Tremere cause too much IC party conflict with the Tzimisce?

Sympathies, I hope the kid is feeling better now.

No preference for Miles. I know zip about Milwaukee by night, but then, ICly there's a good chance I'd know Zip about either so no worries either way ;)

I am still tempted to throw a Nosferatu out there (Fully aware I wouldn't be playing both) instead if it will increase my chances and/or fill a niche ;)

Bradley Maurer wrote:
Storyteller SIN wrote:

Here are the point expenditure costs, sorry I did not list this sooner:

Willpower - 2 per dot.

Aw crap, there's some math to sort out for me. :) It was 1 per dot in Revised and V20. Also looks like I mistakenly began with it equal to self-control instead of courage. But it's fixable. Bringing my courage up to 5, which is doable with the concept, would handle most of the problem. Looks like I accidentally swapped my stealth and survival dots, so I'd be in there fixing things anyway. Looking at some flaws to make the points work.

Ack, it's not just you. I spent 1 freebie per WP as well. Time to readjust the sheet for Miles. :o

Oh, and I almost did go for a Nos. :)

Storyteller SIN wrote:

Submissions for the Forged in Steel Game so far:

Talomyr - Dalton Michaels - Clan Gangrel

Edelsmirge - Morgrym Black - Clan Toreador

Shisumo - Tyrell Barker - Clan Brujah

Jam412 - Julian Preston - Clan Toreador

Interest Expressed

Samnell (Tremere),
Jesse Heinig (Clearly NOT Tremere),
JD Phipps (No Clan noted),
Madcaster (Malkavian or Toreador).

Question: I forget, did Cam Malks have Dementation yet or are they still on Dominate?

I am a bit lost, I'm pretty sure I am missing at least three intrigues and doomed ...but at least two elders will kill me quickly because they like me!

Pardon my missed post yesterday. All the plumbing elsewhere in the house decided it was time to start backing up in a basement shower. Ugh.

It appears to be solved now (Gave up, called plumbers)

Necromancers are why we can't have nice things?

DM Deevor wrote:

The wizard is about to die ...

He needs food badly?

Sorry... that just slipped out :O

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I'll have to think on who my least favorite ones varies upon my mood, but in defense of Cayden....

Source material sometimes seem to conflict itself, but I know faiths of purity says of Cayden Cailean "He’s legendarily fond of drink, but he’s not a drunk—his libations are those of the merry and brave, not those who drink to forget or as an excuse to abuse others."

So he's the positive side of the "If then by whisky" speech in my games, and oddly has a message of taking responsibility for your own actions.

I tend to play up his Freedom and Bravery before even those though.

You're welcome. I'm wishing we get an official magical academy in Andoran one day, at least a little one. You would think there might be some worries about a lack of arcane defenses against Cheliax ;)

From a quick skim of my own...

The Academy of Applied Magick in Pezzack, Cheliax. It's fallen on hard times thanks to a blockade.

The Bloodstone Conservatory is located in Czarny Las, Irrisen. It focuses on teaching Conjurers and summoners.

The College of Dimensional Studies Katapesh, focuses on interdimensional travel, and astronomy.

The Magaambya in Nantambu, Mwangi Expanse is possibly the oldest arcane college in Golarian. It's very big of oral teaching.

The Occularium in Manaket, Rahadoum.

Shelad Madrassa El-Shelad, Osirion.

Stone of the Seers is in Magnimar, Varisia focuses on divination and abjuration.

Twilight Academy Galduria, Varisia. New, and considered an upstart by some.

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

FYI, I am also Recruiting for a Werewolf the Apocalypse game and could use at least one more submission.

Onfroi, Lorenzo, and Michele are all already on board over there...

Any particular niche needed auspice wise?

"Honey, does this make me look fat?"

", it makes you look old. Bye."

"I... what? HEY!"

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Hell's Rebels: "If you would be free men, join Robi..err the pcs!"

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Legacy of Fire: "Kapatesh Nights! During adventuring days, it could go quite awry, as wishes are tried... in a lot of foul ways! Kapatesh Knights, under Kapatesh moons, a player with bad luck, could die from Pugawumpus run amok... before he hits level two..."

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Council of Thieves: *Sings* It's here! An adventure with an OPERAAAA!!!

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Kingmaker: Okay you like game of thrones? Yes? Well... imagine a land ripe to be torn by war, rife with political intrigues and power plays among noble families, each with its own agenda!

Got that in your head? good...
because you bums are getting your butts exiled to the wilderness outside of it. ;)


Ironfang Invasion

The Pcs are between Nirmathas and Molthune. Hobgoblins take over. Throwback to classic monsters like miniature and medusas. Developed by Crystal Frasier. The PCs are all “Robin hoods.” Very Kind to animal companions and Druids.

Okay, I love this... in large part because I really like the area it will be held in. Nirmathas and Molthune were at war, and now both need rescuing? I love it; A game master and group could really change the face of their campaign with that.

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Considering that Shelyn has almost purified the Whisperer of Souls, I think the bigger 'threat' might be her purifying an evil deity rather than the other way around.

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Lord Twitchiopolis wrote:

While it seems that most of Paizo's Adventure Paths run the nebulous "any alignment" and many run "any non-evil", I find myself particularly drawn to ones with stronger alignment themes.

So far, we've had some very good aligned adventures.
Skull and Shackles, the quintessential pirate AP, is the Chaotic adventure path; characters of any chaotic alignment feel right at home.
Wrath of the Righteous is the definitive Good adventure path.
Mummy's Mask plays heavily on the themes of Neutrality, both in the duplicity of good and evil and the absence of strong conviction.
Now with Hell's Vengeance we have a pan-Evil adventure, where any evil alignment is fair game.

What I can't seem to find is the Lawful AP.
Hell's Vengeance, while about putting down rebellion, is decidedly the Evil adventure path, and the players guide to Wrath of the Righteous explicitly states that the themes are good vs evil rather than law vs chaos.
Am I missing the adventure, or is there simply not one to date?
Were Paizo to publish a Lawful themed adventure path, what would you desire/expect from it?

You know, it would take a better master designer than I to pull it off, but your post got me thinking and gave me an idea of what a "lawful" game might look like.

I think you'd need a harmonious sort of setting to start, maybe an almost Mayberry like town, perhaps dull, but prospering well. It might work best if the PCs were either locals themselves with ties, or regular visitors who saw this as a safe haven. RP some interactions with the folk.

Have the PCs go on a simple merchant drop to another town , maybe with one encounter for a week, and then return to find everything has gone nuts.

The Lord Mayor, an honorable family man, is now drinking, wenching, and neglecting his duties as he throws money away on hedonistic pursuits. A ten year old trouble maker has a magic sling he's using to harass people with. The former richest man in town is found begging in the streets, his manor gone, and worse, his warehouse and shops uprooted as well ruining the jobs of many. The adventurers find a young teenage man hiding from the women of the town, terrified. It turns out the women who see him seem to suffer from cannibalistic urges. From him, they learn that he wished that the women in the town (Any female PCs were out of it) would just find him delicious... he meant sexy, the wish went literal.

The right questions, saving and subduing in turn, will eventually allow the PCs to learn that a deck of many things has been unearthed! Someone, unaware of it's full ability, brought it to a friendly game at a local park, and the chaos spread from there as at first it granted good things, and then went wild.

But where is the deck now? Traveling with a merchant who bought it off the original unearther, and he's heading towards a bigger city. The AP becomes something of a chase where PCs do their best to put the genie back in the bottle before the entire nation devolves into madness.

Sure, some of the PCs might find it funny at first, but people will die as reapers arise from a death card. Demons and Devils will suddenly persecute hapless NPCs they want to suffer thanks to the Flames, and so on.

Pacing could be tricky, and you have to make sure it doesn't feel like an effort in futility for too long, but I think a Deck of many things might just be a good catalyst for chaos that must be stopped.


Libris Mortis, Aasmiar Armored Hulk Barbarian

Randu Marcel Human Cleric of Mitra
Bron Frostbreath Half-Orc Fighter
Sedelion Deighstalach Elf Ranger
Alliah Human Crossblooded Sorcerer
Maxim Ashvayne Human Witch

looks like they all made it, assuming they are still around . :)

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Mad respect for Shelyn, I'd like to think I'd have the moral fiber to follow her teachings or Sarenrae, but I just know I'd be one of 'those guys' who skips regular service and winces when caught by the local cleric asking how the family is and noting he hasn't seen me in awhile (hint hint hint)

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