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Ravingdork's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 15,295 posts (15,509 including aliases). 1 review. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 6 aliases.


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The inner voice within your ear


The inner voice within your ear

Isn't he a member of the Order of the Cockatrice? If so, it wouldn't be out of character for him to revel in his new political power and not much care for actually helping the citizens of the town (at least not more than is necessary to further his own reputation).

He may well be quite at home in the background, living it up. At least until his player returns.

I looked into it shortly after UC came out, but I could have sworn that the magic capital went towards the market price, not the crafting cost, essentially evening it out.

Guess I misread it the first time around.

wraithstrike wrote:
By the rules if they see you casting the spell they still get a spellcraft check though, even with ventriloquism up. At best you can say the other noise is a distraction, but then again the sound of combat is not enough to warrant a penalty so that still makes it a hard sell.

The trick is seeing it in the first place. Nothing to observe, no check.

And all a spellcaster needs to have a flying mount is a 3rd-level spell.

I just realized that an item crafter could, via the run a business rules in Ultimate Campaign, craft magical items for 1/4 their value. It takes longer, but...75% savings!!!

First, you start a business that generates a decent amount of Magic Capital. You pay the earned cost for the Magic Capital that your business generates (50gp each). Then, you can invest that capital's PURCHASED COST towards downtime activities, such as magical item crafting. The real kicker is that the rules clearly state you apply it towards the COST OF MATERIALS.

So a headband of vast intellect would normally cost 18,000gp to make. So I need to earn 9,000gp of magic capital. Once I've done that, I can spend said capital to get the materials needed to craft it.

9,000gp for a 36,000gp item. It takes longer, but man, is that still awesome.

PCs can now actually turn a profit with their magic items shops. :D

What's more, said demon lords tend to be CR 23+, so you may only ever encounter one in your character's entire career. (Hopefully.)

The inner voice within your ear

Yeah, that may be a good idea at this point, especially if this adventure path is as cutthroat as was indicated.

And if he comes back and becomes an active participant later, then maybe the module will go from cutthroat, to merely challenging.

If I can make an armorless wizard with competitive AC, then a ranger can do it JUST FINE.

The inner voice within your ear

I can do sheets for them too if you like. Just please keep the stats organized and easy to read so I can transfer data more easily. Also, find a nice portrait if you can.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Those who say AC-increasing items are too expensive to be worthwhile are DOING IT WRONG.

You get as many low AC-increasing items as your defense budget allows. That way you can stack all the different bonuses and save money. Spending less means you can get more items with different bonuses means higher overall AC.

Let's look at the general order in which you would obtain/upgrade your defensive gear in order to get the highest AC for lowest cost:

+1 armor
+1 shield
+1 ring of protection
+1 amulet of natural armor
+1 belt of incredible dexterity +2
+2 armor
+2 shield
+1 jingasa of the fortunate soldier
+1 dusty rose prism ioun stone
+2 ring of protection
+2 amulet of natural armor
+3 armor
+2 shield
+2 belt of incredible dexterity +4
+4 armor
+4 shield
+3 ring of protection
+3 amulet of natural armor
+5 armor
+5 shield
+4 ring of protection
+4 amulet of natural armor
+3 belt of incredible dexterity +6
+5 ring of protection
+5 amulet of natural armor

That's potentially 46 AC from items alone (assuming full plate and heavy shield). Stack on things like having a good base Dexterity score, small size, armor training, mithral armor, and some feats and you should be laughing off most attacks at all levels.

Getting 60+ AC by level 20 (which means nearly all published creatures need a natural 20 to hit you) or being an effective tank at all levels IS TRIVIAL.

Maybe make the big version of it into a dwarven poleaxe.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you're going to cast wall of force, don't do it in front of a ship. Do it in between its masts. Then they will be REALLY stuck. If you're lucky, it might even destroy the mast.

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The inner voice within your ear

I think I got it up now. Just refresh it.

It seems to be keyed to the computer turning on or coming out of hibernate/sleep mode. A restart seems to have kicked it into gear.

EDIT: Recreated it in a better image format and deleted the old file. NEW LINK.

The inner voice within your ear

Gah. I made it even more detailed and awesome, but it doesn't want to sync for some reason.

*Kicks OneDrive*

Why! Do! Images! Sync! Only! Once! Per! Day!?

The inner voice within your ear

Here's what I've managed to piece together based on Rory's initial concept sketch.

Let me know what you think.

The black bull indicates generosity, prideful resistance, stubbornness and strength. The red and orange pale field represents ambition surrounded by victory. The upturned white sword symbolizes power and freedom, tempered by wisdom.

I particularly like how the bull's red eyes stand out against the orange backdrop and how the white lines of its snout make the sword's pommel appear barbed--both adding a subtle sinister undertone to the coat of arms as a whole.

Also, here's a fun website explaining many of the symbols used in heraldry.

Yes, I recall. One developer made his opinion very clear on the matter. An opinion which has absolutely no effect on the RAW, and possibly not even RAI.

I like the alternative mentioned above: Treat the caster as though invisible if none of the components are available to identify, essentially adding +20 to the DC to identify that a spell is being cast (and which one).

I think this would be an acceptable alternative if my GM, for whatever reason, felt that a three feat/two-level-spell-slot increase/casting-time-increase was not enough to balance "sneaky spellcasting." *rolls eyes*

LazarX wrote:
...That would include a ruling that Still and Silent metamagic feats have any impact on spell identification, since the feats themselves are silent on the issue.

What ruling? The Spellcraft skill, by referencing the Perception skill's penalties, makes it clear: If there is nothing to perceive, then it cannot be identified. That's also common real-world logic. It is absolutely impossible to identify anything you cannot perceive, and are unaware of.

However, if your video-gamer GM wants to say that there are floating runes or whatever, that may change things, but such spell manifestations are not supported anywhere in RAW.

The inner voice within your ear

Speaking of hunters, there are several established NPC hunters, poachers, and guides who might help us in our mission to find the killer.

Magical auras aren't normally detectable unless (1) you are using divination, or (2) the spell says the area/aura/effect is observable.

Just about anything else is a house rule.

The inner voice within your ear

I could piece something together if I have some input/details to work with.

Some real life examples couldn't hurt either.

Or we could just steal one.

Rory Ward wrote:
Rory heads towards the blacksmith and purchased a short bow and a quiver of twenty arrows before meeting the others by the outskirts of town.

Might have better luck with one of the hunters when it comes to bow shopping.

The inner voice within your ear

Off to bed. Hopefully we can play out this man-hunt, as well as the month of Arodus, tomorrow.

The inner voice within your ear

I'm waiting for the GM to play out the NPCs. I think this is something we will ultimately have to investigate ourselves though.

The inner voice within your ear

You mean like getting a +6 or +9 to all your Charisma-based skills? I think that has too much potential to be broken. (My opinion only. DM may allow for it.)

You could wear it along with a headband of Charisma though, or even combine the two into one majestic crown (though that would cost more).

The inner voice within your ear

Using the item creation guidelines to try and get a better benefit over established items for cheaper costs is really cheesy, and not really what they were meant for.

The inner voice within your ear

A circlet of persuasion you mean? Those are nice and cheap, and increases all of your Perform skills just fine, as well as all your Charisma-based skills and checks. (Though I think we will style it as a crown.) I'll happily get started on it for you for 1,150gp or a like amount of magic capital (23), which should allow me to make it nearly at cost (I had to round up a little to make sure I get the right amount of magic capital).

Shall we explore more hexes, or take a break and play out the Kingdom rolls/events for Arodus? I'm opting for the latter for now. Perhaps we could explore a couple of hexes each month.

Powergaming DM wrote:
You manage to explore the hex without incident.

Can we see the rolls for Arodus, please?

I would like to claim F40, take 2 BP out of the treasury, and build a bunch of Terrain Improvements.

Rory, I recommend switching from Stability to Economy this month. That way we get your bonus for both Stability AND Economy this month. EDIT: Scratch that. It puts us at too much risk for gaining a lot of unrest next month.

The inner voice within your ear

Provided I have everyone's blessing, I intend to take 2 points of BP from the kingdom treasury during Arodus as a long-term investment meant to increase the Kingdom's Economy modifier.

Then I will use those funds to earn lots of magic capital during the first half of the month.

I will then put that capital into crafting a headband of vast intellect +4. Not only will this make my character more personally powerful, but it will allow her to max out four more of her knowledge skills and increase the kingdom's economy rating by 2.

I hope to have enough BP in the treasury left over to also expand the kingdom and turn our Consumption rating to a negative number.

With my library, I have a +18 Spellcraft modifier to craft magical items, or +20 if my daughter can help me using the Aid Another action.

The DC for the headband will be 23.
23 = 5 base + 8 caster level + 5 missing spell requirement + 5 decreased crafting time.

Assuming you guys allow me to do that at all, this is my check:
Spellcraft vs DC 23: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (13) + 18 = 31 This check does not include the aid another bonus, so it could be even higher if the GM allows for it.

I'm beginning to realize just how awesome it can be to earn magic capital, and then use it towards crafting. I'll be happy to craft wondrous items for the rest of you as well in coming months provided you help me stay well-funded enough to keep earning the magic capital necessary.

The inner voice within your ear

DM, do we encounter anything else in hex G39? Can I mark it as explored?

lol. Overlooked "treat deadly wounds" earlier somehow. Just the same, not much of an option for our characters though, since the only one who could pass the DC is the one who is out cold.

The inner voice within your ear

Sorry guys. Didn't mean to slow things down.

It's just that I've never NOT had magical healing of some kind available in our games, so I'm not as familiar with the mundane recovery rules as I might otherwise be. I was just trying to make sure we got it right.

I apologize if that just served to make things more complicated.

Guys, simply quoting rules I've already read isn't really helping. Use your words. Provide some context to the rules quotes you are providing.

If it was self-evident to me, I wouldn't have brought it up at all.

LazarX wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Alright, so I just need to make a DC 15 heal check to "attend" him? Sounds good, especially considering it's only a standard action and we have hours to spare.
No actually, it's an extended activity, because you're in the long term phase of the skill. It's not just take 6 seconds and forget about him for the night.

So you're saying I would have to use the "long-term care" option to be considered attending him?

Well, how does that work when you're dragging the body through the wilderness trying to avoid potentially running into more worgs or other hazards? Can it even be done at the same time?

The inner voice within your ear
Rory Ward wrote:
Hey DM, do you want me, as well as the others since we all have apprentices, to build them? Especially since at least two of them may eventually have roles in the kingdom.

If we do do this, and you used the team-building rules to get them, then there level will be set (usually 1 or 3 with ranks in specific skills tied to their role). They would also need to adhere to the NPC creation rules.

Hopefully the GM will allow for it. It would be great fun to stat out Firefang.

Alright, so I just need to make a DC 15 heal check to "attend" him? Sounds good, especially considering it's only a standard action and we have hours to spare.

Alright, so if he is considered "attended" it looks like he will be fine. If he is not considered "attended" then I am right in my interpretation.

So, what qualifies as attended? Can you be attended when surrounded by a bunch of allies with no mechanical means of healing or treating you?

Our party was attacked by a pack of worgs and our cleric went down to -6 hit points. Luckily, he made his check to stabilize. After the battle, however, we found that we had no additional sources of healing We are hours away from the nearest town with no way to treat him.

Am I correct in thinking that he has to continue making stabilization checks on an hourly basis at this point? That he may still die if we don't get him to a settlement and a source of healing quickly enough?

I remember something to that effect, but am having trouble finding it in the rules. I'm now wondering if the recovery rules changed between editions.

The inner voice within your ear

And so the apprentice becomes the master. XD

The inner voice within your ear

Yes, we are keenly aware of that now. :P

The inner voice within your ear

Yeah, we'll worry about that later.

The inner voice within your ear

And did we finish that hex for another 100, or is there more to do?

The inner voice within your ear

Nope. No resting. Just dragging your ass back to base. ;D

The inner voice within your ear

Nevermind. Forget the map.

*Kicks Onedrive*

Piece of junk!

The inner voice within your ear

Updated the map. How's it looking now?

The inner voice within your ear

Glad you like them.

On the battle grid I created, where is everyone in relation to everyone else?

Just give me the coordinates and I will work out the rest. The darker squares is a tree line.

The inner voice within your ear
Powergaming DM wrote:
That song was perfect. I bet it is what Rory is playing for inspire courage.

Being able to set the proper mood is an important and invaluable skill in roleplaying.

The inner voice within your ear

When I GM, I assume NPCs have taken 10 on their Stealth checks (or on their Perception checks in the case of guards). It helps to avoid the ridiculousness of groups almost never being able to sneak up on anyone because someone will always roll low (or high in the case of a bunch of guards watching for PCs).

And though it isn't RAW, I also have enemies of the same kind go on the same initiative count.

For example, in this encounter I would have rolled once for the wolves, and once for the worg.

Little tips and tricks like those really help to streamline things and keep things moving along quickly.

Powergaming DM wrote:

Worgs are Big Evil Evil intelligent wolves that like to trip.

sorry there is not much more to say about them

I suppose you can always fall back on to the monster's general description in that case. It at least adds some depth to the encounter and keeps players from feeling like they wasted their skill check.

The inner voice within your ear

I was operating under the assumption that no one was keeping watch.

The following morning, Riva turns the tent back into it's original any-tool form and helps to pack up the rest of the camp, including several Crackjaw steaks. She ties the boats to a nearby stump* and begins hiking northeast.

Entering hex G39 unless you guys want to go in a different direction for some reason. We may have to come back for the shell later, as it is likely too large and heavy to carry, or else send servants to retrieve it for us.

* Riva doesn't have rope. I'm hoping one of you guys do.

EDIT: Seems I'm a little behind.

*Wolves leap out*

"Huh? What's going on?"

Once Riva gathers he wits about her, she tries to identify the threat.

Knowledge (nature): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8 to identify the wolves and their abilities/weaknesses
Knowledge (nature): 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (8) + 14 = 22 to identify the worg and its abilities/weaknesses

EDIT: Wow. I guess she's never seen a wolf before.

The inner voice within your ear

DM, if nothing happens during the night, we're going to begin exploring G39 the following morning, after we've prepared spells and made ourselves ready.

The inner voice within your ear

What is our current total XP after the Crakckjaw fight? I want to mark it down on the campaign documents.

I've updated your PDF character sheets to include your character bios (at least the parts leading up to your having entered the Stolen Lands) as well as your updated character portraits. You can use the old links, or you can use the ones below, which I've provided for convenience.


I would appreciate it if you guys would start using them for consistency's sake.

Also, I spent a lot of time tracking down the font used in the official Kingmaker maps this morning, then spent $25 to purchase licensing rights to use it. So now OUR kingmaker map looks even cooler now; be sure to look carefully at the new text styling when I next upload it.

Being a perfectionist can be damned expensive at times. XD

The inner voice within your ear
Powergaming DM wrote:
You have now explored the hex.

Great! What should I mark down on the map for these hexes if anything?

Where do you guys want to go next? G39 maybe?

The inner voice within your ear

And we got a ring of swimming?

If so, Riva would like to "study it."

(Else wise, she may drown next time.)

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