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Ravingdork's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 15,239 posts (15,416 including aliases). 1 review. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 6 aliases.


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The inner voice within your ear

-4 improvised weapon, -4 shooting into melee, -2 range...

...Good luck with those rocks Rory. You'll probably need a natural 20.

The inner voice within your ear

This goes SO slowly on the weekends. You guys are starting to make me hate Saturdays. :|

Yes, they are archetypes, but they are also bloodlines. The Eldritch Heritage feat only checks for the latter, not the former.

Totally rules legal.

EDIT: Is that really true, Kazaan? Can alternate classes really take Core class archetypes?

I'm not seeing how the armored spike FAQ effects the build at all.

It assumes you only have two arms. It makes sense that you can't make an extra attack with the armor spikes on your arm while you're using that arm to swing a greatsword.

If you have four arms, the same limitations don't really apply.

The inner voice within your ear

Bows don't work so well in the water (and unfortunately that's what he is built for). Getting to shore and shooting doesn't do much good either as the moment the tortoise submerges, it has total cover.

Just keep having him poke the tortoise from a flanking position 10 feet away (since it is a reach weapon).

The inner voice within your ear

Found us some battle music.

The inner voice within your ear

The language-dependent tag could pose a problem. :P

EDIT: Rule, Magic Chapter - A language-dependent spell uses intelligible language as a medium for communication. If the target cannot understand or cannot hear what the caster of a language-dependant spell says, the spell fails.

So yeah, it would work, if you could speak to animals.

The inner voice within your ear


The inner voice within your ear
Adular wrote:
TPK by turtle will suck

lol. Last time I played through Kingmaker 1 and the very beginnings of 2, The turtle very successfully ate our queen. Our kingdom nearly tore itself apart in mourning.

It also brought to the front the HIGHLY PUBLICIZED question of "Why are the rulers putting themselves, and be extension the entire country, at risk by going on foolish adventures?" Our own citizens nearly enslaved us.

The inner voice within your ear


The inner voice within your ear
Rory Ward wrote:

@ Ravingdork: From the SRD

SRD wrote:
Make a Swim check once per round while you are in the water. Success means you may swim at up to half your speed (as a full-round action) or at a quarter of your speed (as a move action). If you fail by 4 or less, you make no progress. If you fail by 5 or more, you go underwater.

I'm going to assume that you didn't mean to come off as condescending. I am QUITE familiar with the Swim skill rules (and then some). Those rules OBVIOUSLY don't account for FLOATATION DEVICES!!!

It's not a question of rules, it's a question of HARD PHYSICS.

Unless Old Crackjaw gets a hold of Riva, it should literally be impossible for her to sink under her own power.

Rory Ward wrote:

As for the hut, i believe its a not town? as in its just a single home structure instead of multiple structures like a ruin or town/city.

So does that mean that if we claim the hex, we get a free building? Or can expand upon the "ruin" for half BP?

The inner voice within your ear

I'm more interested in knowing what a hut is mechanically. It seems the Kingmaker modules have things that don't exist in the newer Kingdom building and exploration rules. (Take plants for example.)

I'm quite keen to know their proper terms and what they all do.

Powergaming DM wrote:
We'll call it a masterwork swimming device so +2 swim check. Unfortunately that is not enough to even float.

How does one "not float" while wearing a floatation device? It's pretty much impossible to sink unless something is pulling me down; I don't see why my head would ever go under water.

Obviously, I don't make any progress to the shore though...

The inner voice within your ear
Rory Ward wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
There's a hut. That's gotta be listed as something on the official map, hasn't it?
oh. Well there's another hut on the map but you listed it as a lair. The lair that's one hex over from Oleg's place is suppose to also be a hut.

Isn't it a lair?

The inner voice within your ear

At least OC is going last.

Riva swims like hell towards the shore.

Swim check: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2

Any circumstance bonuses from my floatation device? Maybe none, but it should keep my head above water anyways. How far is the shore?

The inner voice within your ear
Rory Ward wrote:
here's hoping we can all swim. And if all goes well, i don't think we'll have to mark anything since it's a monster. One we can hopefully turn into soup at the end of this.

There's a hut. That's gotta be listed as something on the official map, hasn't it?

The inner voice within your ear

Damn. With all the barghest fuss, I totally forgot about the tortoise.

What should I mark on the map for H36?

The inner voice within your ear
Powergaming DM wrote:
I think hex H28 is a bit out of your way. Unless you mean some hex adjacent to you.

Sorry, meant 38.

The inner voice within your ear
Powergaming DM wrote:
By the time you get around the area of the hut there is nothing there. You have any survival to track with?

Can we do that? He did teleport, which means we'd be trying to pick up a trail that could start anywhere within an area over a million square feet. (Literally, over a million!)

I suppose it couldn't hurt to try.

The inner voice within your ear

Is the encounter over then?

The inner voice within your ear

Doesn't Eldric get another attack before it 'ports away? Maybe he will crit it and kill it with his lance.

GeneticDrift wrote:

FAQed, I like this idea and see no reason to not allow it.

edit: and it works with vital strike ;)

I'm down with that. FAQ'd.

Simon Legrande wrote:
OK. Say you're holding your action to strike someone who walks through a door. Where will you be aiming to strike? Will you swing low, high, mid-level? What if the target rolls through and you're aiming high? Or are you positing that you can hit the target at the exact split second it appears in the door no matter how it comes through?

I'm positing that I will get an attack roll against the target no matter how it comes through.

The creature is either material, or it isn't. It doesn't go through three statest, material, invisible, immaterial, Simon.

The inability to see it is a consequence of it not being physically present in the same dimension. Only two states.

So if you can see it, you can hit it.

This is exactly the kind of things readied actions exist for. If you can't ready against this, then using the same logic proposed by some in this thread, you should be able to ready against most anything. I seriously doubt that, that was the intent of the designers.

Robert A Matthews wrote:
You ready the action to attack. He blinks back for .25 of a second this time instead of 2 seconds. Luck just wasn't on your side this time as he blinked away too fast for you to actually connect with your attack. That's the way randomness works sometimes. Better luck next time.

So where are the mechanics to back up the fluff? This is a rules forum. I'm looking for RAW support.

I still haven't heard a logical reason why. And "random" isn't one. You can ready an action to attack a person as he comes through a doorway even though you don't know precisely when that may occur (in a sense, being random).

Isn't it the same with construction though? I mean, once you tell them what to build, you don't even need to be physically present. What is stopping you from continuing your headband or setting another construction team on another project elsewhere?

The inner voice within your ear

What's with Eldric? It doesn't look like he's posted since Saturday.

Powergaming DM wrote:

One problem is that you can't see when the creature is Material. I mean that's why it says

If the attacker can see invisible creatures, the miss chance is also only 20%. (For an attacker who can both see and strike ethereal creatures, there is no miss chance.) Likewise, your own attacks have a 20% miss chance, since you sometimes go ethereal just as you are about to strike.

So if you can see invisible you are able to time your strikes better, but it still might not work.

Would Ghost Touch weapons work or is incorporeal different then Ethereal?

Blinking is not the same as invisibility. While it is material, you can see it AND hurt it just fine. When it is not material, you need a means of (A) seeing it and (B) striking it.

It is possible to try and hit it with, say, a ray of force, but you still need to have a target. Alternatively, you might be able to see it with see invisibility, but not be able to effectively hurt it (since it is ethereal).

The inner voice within your ear
Rory Ward wrote:
No idea what kinda monster it is...

Rory makes a good point, DM. Could you start future encounters by giving us a description of our foe(s)? Even if it is just copied out of the Bestiaries, it will serve to help us visualize the threat without having to Google it. Not to mention it helps with the immersion.

EDIT: Ooh, and linking it to cool artwork could be fun too! :D

The inner voice within your ear
Powergaming DM wrote:
Riva Sarjenka wrote:

"Blinking barghests!" exclaims Riva, as though it were a curse. Steel your minds, lest it charm your senses or crush your will!

Shouldn't you roll a 20% miss chance for that bite then?

You read the blink spell it does not work like that. 50% chance failure rate unless you can see invisible and even then there is a 20% chance to shift right then. The shift happens in an unpredictable pattern or the barghest would have learned to compensate a long time ago.

I didn't misread anything. (Is that what you meant to say?) The spell specifically states that blinking creatures have a 20% miss chance. Third paragraph, third sentence. Likewise, your own attacks have a 20% miss chance, since you sometimes go ethereal just as you are about to strike.

If you meant to say that I had read the spell, and shouldn't have, then I'm not sure why you gave me the list of spell-like abilities in the first place. Knowing the names does my character no good. It's knowing what they do that matters. Don't forget, the knowledge skill doesn't say I learn something, it says I recall useful information.

Also, I see no reason why the barghest couldn't ready an action to attack while it is material as well. Among other things, it would mean giving up its full attack.

MurphysParadox wrote:

The problem is that you never have a reason not to ready the action, then. Walk up to the barghest and, instead of using a standard action to attack, just say you're using a readied action. You'd attack almost immediately since it is flickering reasonably fast. When would you not do it this way?

Speaking of flicker rate. A normal medium creature can double move for 60 feet in a full six second turn, which is 10 feat a second. So if there's a 50% chance you'll go corporeal during a 5 foot movement (0.5 seconds of movement) then you're almost certainly going to transition states a few times in a given turn and also that it is an unpredictable amount of time between transitions.

There's plenty of reasons to NOT do this, namely when making a full attack. A full attack well may have better chances of getting a hit in then a single attack.

5 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Say you're fighting a barghest who is under the effects of the blink spell. Is it possible to ready an action to attack it while it is material, thereby reducing the miss chance?

The inner voice within your ear
Powergaming DM wrote:

It would be nice if everyone would put their perception, sense motive and Init in an easy to see place having to open up everyones character sheets is a pain.

Would have done it anyway to start off with, but my computer was having trouble and I wanted to buy myself some time

Here's one that I put together for you. It includes all the skills and checks that the GM is expected to roll behind the screen, plus a few others for more practical PbP play.

Powergaming DM wrote:
In future when you say what spell you are casting and what the save DC is it would help if you mention which save it is. I can look it up of course, but still.

Sorry about that. Blindness is a Fortitude save. In the future, I shall link to the spell descriptions for easy reference as well.

The inner voice within your ear

DM, it might be faster if you make our Perception rolls for us in the future. That way you don't have to wait for the better part of a day for such a small aspect of the game. You have access to all of our modifiers and it's not like it will make much difference to us with the online roller.

Off to bed.

That's a good idea.

The inner voice within your ear

Riva will be buying that arcane spell scroll of command undead.

Is it possible for a PbP GM to grant me the ability to edit the Campaign Info page? Such as by granting me special GM privileges or something like that?

I would like to help maintain the information there and to keep it looking organized and presentable, but sending formatting tips to the GM over and over whenever something changes seems like a most inefficient way of doing it.

The inner voice within your ear

lol. Good idea.

The inner voice within your ear

You still die when your time is up. Not likely to solve anything unless she becomes an elf--and lets face it, such a drastic change might adversely effect her mental well-being. Among other things, you lose many of the memories of your past life when you are reincarnated.

Not too mention she has to die first.

The inner voice within your ear

Hello? Anyone there? I was really hoping for an adventure today.

The inner voice within your ear

There are lots of ways to stop aging EFFECTS, but not aging itself. Off the top of my head, there are only a handful of ways to live forever:

1) Beat the test of the starstone and become a deity.
2) Undergo some horrible transformation into something else, such as lichdom.
3) Become a 20th-level wizard and take the immortality arcene discovery.
4) Become a mythic being and take the longevity path ability.
5) Obtain continued quantities of sun orchid elixir.

Nearly all of them require quests or are otherwise not easily obtainable.

The inner voice within your ear

Yeah, that was kinda' difficult to miss that one.

The inner voice within your ear
Rory Ward wrote:
and i'm lost... but that's fine. lets my surprise be more authentic in game.

I've been dropping subtle hints about this all over the place, but I don't mind being less subtle if you are having trouble piecing it together.

The less subtle approach:

Riva once had a biological daughter who, for reasons unknown to your characters, died at some point in her past. This is why Riva pushed to have the capital city of Caerulus named Allania. It was to honor her daughter's memory, whose name the city shares.

It's also what has spurred her to adopt a kobold, because the child reminds her a great deal of Allania--something that is simultaneously a great source of joy and pain for Riva.

This may also go a long ways towards explaining Riva's occasional mood swings (she may be bipolar) and why she can be exceptionally loving and exceptionally harsh towards Tarka--or to those who remind Riva of such things.

Riva dealing with the new love in her life, and the inevitability that she will one day lose her too (practically tomorrow for an elf), is going to be a big roleplaying point for the character. She may well seek out a means to extend her new daughter's life, if only so she doesn't have to let go.

The inner voice within your ear

Yes, but that's an adventure unto itself. :D

The inner voice within your ear
Rory Ward wrote:
hey Ravingdork, is it just Riva and Adular talking now or have you left to see if Eldric and Rory are interested too? Cause I am. He's in his office at the theater if you wanna roleplay that in.

I bought supplies for four, and was addressing everyone with the line "Let's go fishing."

Assume I brought it up at the end of a meeting or something and that we are all present.

The inner voice within your ear
Powergaming DM wrote:
Still the downtime rules are being far too easy to sidestep the kingdom rules. How about this after you build a building with the downtime rules it does not count for the kingdom rule until you buy it using the kingdom rules. However you get a half price discount on the BP price.

That's still pretty generous, as using downtime resources first will always be more cost effective. It also creates a logical disconnect: The building is there, and is fully functional to the kingdom and its citizens in every way, so why isn't the kingdom benefiting from its presence?

Nevertheless, it is an easy to implement patch since there is already a precedent for half-priced buildings.

If you do decide to implement that rule, I recommend grandfathering in everything from the first six months, if only so you don't break my brain trying to reconfigure all the math.

I will be adding downtime buildings to the kingdom map (even if they are only one room), but they will be marked with a large "C" for "under construction" to denote that they are not yet effecting the Kingdom stats in any way.

We can explain it away as simply being the initial rush and excitement of new opportunities provided by a new settlement, which has only just started to settle and die down.

The inner voice within your ear

lol. I hadn't thought of that.

It's the details that make all the difference.

In the morning, we shall discuss which hexes to explore and begin our adventure. Might I suggest H36 and H38 to cover all of the Tuskwater.

Good night all.

The inner voice within your ear

Loyalty is only used during specific events and during wartime and with armies.

Furthermore, Ultimate Campaign's rules are MUCH more balanced than what first appeared in the Kingmaker module. I'd have thousands of gold and dozens of BP by now under those rules.

The inner voice within your ear

I'm not seeing it completed anywhere on the calendar.

I'm refunding us two BP from last month because I now realize that we don't need to prepare a hex unless we intend to put a settlement in it. I can't think of any reason to do that for F38 (which I did).

I am also going to claim F40 during Arodus, so we can build farms and mines on it that month. The resources there will double the benefits of those terrain improvements giving us HUGE bonuses. It will take a lot of BP, but will be SO worth it.

Powergaming DM wrote:
I think I'm going to add another house rule. Whenever you withdraw money from the kingdom make a loyalty check minus how much you are withdrawing if you fail add 1d6 unrest.

Such a rule isn't necessary. We already generate unrest equal to what we pull out. It's also generally considered "not nice" to spring house rules on your players in the middle of a game.

The inner voice within your ear

Did anyone actually build an inn? Or was I just confused?

Adular wrote:
However, I can see that depending on how much the Arena really helps, Adular may settle for just it and the temple as his downtime contribution for a year or so.

We have a good Stability rating already. What the arena will allow us to do is shift Rory back towards economics and maybe adjust some of our edicts to save on consumption (but decrease our stability).

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