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Miyaa's page

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A few retreads, but overall a good book

****( )

Let me get to the problem I have with Bestiary 3: some of the monsters you've seen before. They were in the Bonus Bestiary book that you could have downloaded free along with your purchase of Bestiary 1. I didn't see anything there that had been changed from the bonus book, so when you take those out, I sort of feel the new materials you are getting aren't worth the $9.99 for the download. I suppose I can see why they are in the book for the print version.

But the new monsters are fairly good. I really like the clockwork monsters, they seem to be the best designed monsters. The reuse of previously seen monsters doesn't deter me from purchasing the book.

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Nice design, would have liked one more map

****( )

Simply put, this is a nice little map pack. It contains three royal rooms: the throne room, the adjoining waiting room and a treasury room. It's a nice little pack that is wonderfully illustrated and lit. My only disappointment is that I felt it could have include a fourth room. Like a royal garden, or the private royal bedroom. It works really well with the Fortress Map Pack. This is worth purchasing both the PDF and the printed version.

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Okay fortress maps

***( )( )

My big problem is that the maps are a little bit too dark putting them together is difficult to fit for anything that takes more than 4 pieces. It's not bad, though for one-room or if you really don't want that much detail in your fortress.

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About time there's a pdf version of the flip mats


I really love the lodge and I plan to use it in my work. It's about time that the flip-mats were put into a pdf format. Now, how about those smaller tile maps, like the planar map?

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Extradimensional Utility!


I'm one of those kind of people that knows just enough about art, graphic design and gaming to be dangerous enough to anyone. And I'm really impressed with the Extra-Dimensional Spaces.

One thing I really like is the way that the maps are in areas where I could see it being used commonly for situations or perhaps in such a way that would be not thought of before, like chasing after someone who uses the rope trick to get away. I am really impressed with the genie bottle and the magnificent mansion, which I believe will find a lot of use in play.

My only quibble is that the maps aren't two-sided, one with and one without the square marks to indicate spacing. I also think to some extent, extra-dimensional space plays different, so I really think having a version without the square marks would be good.

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