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Developer. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 7,749 posts (8,528 including aliases). 19 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 19 aliases.


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Paizo Employee Developer

Turin the Mad wrote:

Arcadia needs a clean break from "humans, humans, everywhere". Why not a lizardfolk Empire, a theocracy of sentient tyrannosaurs or any number of other possibilities instead of " oh, look, more humans / [insert PC race here] ".

If there's a time to take a step into an alien culture that isn't dead set on turning everyone into slime-covered meat snacks (aboleths) or slave labor meat snacks (serpentfolk) but has their own distinct culture, Arcadia is the place.

Considering there's the lizardfolk nation of Droon in southern Garund, we are unlikely to also place one in Arcadia. That said, there are a ton of races that don't yet have a corner of the map to call their own, so it's entirely possible another "monstrous" race will get their own civilization in Arcadia as well as other places on the map.

As to whether Arcadia is the best fit for where alien, monster people live, that's a tricky question. One of the goals of the Pathfinder campaign setting is that there be representation for players of all sorts, and that includes many players who identify as native american (of any number of specific heritages). To insinuate, even unintentionally, that people from Arcadia (read "America") are monster people that you won't be able to easily identify with is less than ideal.

So expect something akin to Tian Xia with Arcadia and our other unexplored continents—many humans of varying ethnicities, as well as a smattering of other races, from elves and dwarves and gnomes to new ones, such as nagaji, wayangs, and samsarans were for the Dragon Kingdoms.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

Congrats, Dominick! Thanks for everything you've done for Pathfinder Society Organized Play over the years. Keep up the great work!

Paizo Employee Developer

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Qstor wrote:
Flynn Greywalker wrote:
I believe an Inca/Maya people will be part of Arcadia, once they do campaign books on this continent. I also believe the Native American like cultures will pop up.

I don't think there's any plans for a sourcebook on Arcadia.


Have we ever indicated anywhere that there wouldn't be a book on Arcadia?

Paizo Employee Developer

Cosmo wrote:
For any non-PNW people...

That's not Broadway. There are no new-construction condos.

Paizo Employee Developer

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Such wording is present in every posting we do, primarily because it needs to be clear from the onset that you must be local to work here; telecommuting is not an option. So while it sounds like it restricts people from other parts of the country/world from applying, it is just a roundabout way of saying that you must be a resident of the Seattle area by the time you start working. We have had a number of folks (myself included) hired from far, far away with the understanding that we would be Seattle residents as soon as possible.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

Do not feed the animals.:

We want both Thursty and Larry working on real projects rather than this one, so encouraging either of them to devote any legitimate energy into it is wasting their ample talents.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

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Goddity wrote:
So if its a play by post, what happens during the hammer bit?

GMs are responsible for their own air travel for such instances. Paizo cannot be held responsible for uncomfortable flights or poor quality airline "food" en route.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

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The signup sheet is next to the pool on the roof.

Paizo Employee Developer

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I thought the Heffalump was an editorial department thing. We'll have to hire someone new to get it back on our side of the building.

Paizo Employee Developer

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Julie, we have to get you an avatar on here. There's like a law or something against Paizo staff not having custom pictures next to their names.

Paizo Employee Developer

Congrats, Monica! Can't wait to see what you have to offer in what I'm sure will be a long and fruitful career writing for Pathfinder.

Paizo Employee Developer

Nah, it's the other Jason that really doesn't like armor spikes. We developers have natural armor against such meager weapons and don't fear them at all.

Paizo Employee Developer

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The White Lion wrote:

I am working on an entire book in the setting of pathfinder's world of Golarion and would like to know if there is any way it could possibly become an established Pathfinder Tales book if the people of Paizo liked it enough?

I am thinking of adding one of my own created monsters as a substantial part of the story and would they or would they not accept that in a Pathfinder Tales book?

We cannot accept unsolicited novel submissions, and any such material we receive we cannot read to protect ourselves from legal action down the road. So the short answer to your question is, "no, your book cannot be released as official Pathfinder content." Since that's the case, you are free to add whatever items of your own creation to the book that you see fit. You're also encouraged to share your work with the community, such as on the Pathfinder fan fiction website, Pathfinder Chronicler or (for shorter pieces) the Wayfinder fanzine. You can also share them under the terms of our Community Use Policy, which permits the non-commercial use of our intellectual property under certain conditions, as detailed in the policy itself.

Best of luck, and thanks for your interest in adding to the Pathfinder world with your own creative contributions!

Paizo Employee Developer

Joshua Hagan 64 wrote:
Hmm, I guess I am not allowed to post the blurb from Sins of the Saviors. It appears that my post was removed.

Correct. The posting of verbatim text from any of our books is not permitted. You are free to paraphrase and summarize the contents of the section in question, however. We're not trying to hide the information, but rather the copyrighted text from our book.

Paizo Employee Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Different people gain different benefits from a varied level of organization. Let's not question why or whether or not it's necessary for the OP to organize his library and instead help him find the system that works best for him. It's not up to anyone but him what that "best" is.

Paizo Employee Developer

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Dustin Ashe wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
I could write just as much about how I organize my vast Pathfinder digital library for fast navigation both via directory trees and searching, but that wasn't the question. For physical books, you really can't go wrong with a product line/alphabetical title organization scheme.
Mark, can you please write about how to organize your vast Pathfinder digital library for fast navigation?

Yes! I posted some screenshots of my directories on my tumblr, but I can also go into it as best I can here, too.

The primary goal for me with my digital asset organization is efficiency and thoroughness. As the keeper of canon, it's important for me to have easy access to a library that is both complete and navigable/searchable. I have a directory I keep on my Dropbox that syncs between my personal computer and my office computer, simply called Pathfinder. That's where all the magic happens.

In the Pathfinder folder are the following subfolders:


• Adventure Card Game
—Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild
...Season 0 - Season of the Shackles
—Rise of the Runelords
—Skull & Shackles
• Adventure Paths
—Carrion Crown
• Bestiaries & Monster Ecologies
• Deities & Religion
• Fiction
—Short Fiction
• Game Aids
• Geography & Locations
• Golarion General
• History
• Inhabitants and People
• KQ
• Maps
—Interactive Maps
• Modules
• Organizations
• Pathfinder Legends
—Rise of the Runelords
...1 Burnt Offerings
• Pathfinder Online
• Pathfinder Society
—Chronicle Sheets
—Pregenerated Characters
...Ruins of Bonekeep
...Season 0
...Season 6 - Year of the Sky Key Retired
• Pawns
• Planes & Planets
—Beginner Box
• xxx_Misc
• xxx_To Sort

Because I'm generally looking for efficiency, I break everything up into the unit size I'm most likely to use it in. Thus, backmatter articles from the Adventure Path go are split up by articles and sorted by subject rather than as a whole book, but Campaign Setting books are generally organized by whole book (with the exception of some of the Revisited books, where each individual monster gets its own chapter, sorted by monster name in "Bestiaries & Monster Ecologies". In some cases I have shortcuts to a specific PDF in other folders, like aliases of the hardcover bestiaries in the "Bestiaries & Monster Ecologies" folder, with the actual files living in the "RPG" folder.

I put inside front/back covers, forewords, backmatter, and frontmatter files in the "xxx_Misc" folder. This keep the OGL/Ad pages, covers, and tables of contents out of the way when navigating the rest of the files, but maintains searchability of them since some inside covers (especially in the AP line) contain canon we don't want to lose.

The "xxx_To Sort" folder contains files I've recently downloaded or that have been updated since I last downloaded them. This keeps them searchable but lets me do all the organization of specific files in large chunks instead of several times a month.

I set up a shortcut to a specific set of search parameters, namely searching the contents of files and only searching within the root "Pathfinder" folder. This allows me to query the entire library of canon in one go with the minimum number of steps. Because I use a Mac both at home and at the office, I can put the entire directory in the dock for easy access, meaning I can do canon keyword/proper noun searches while working in Word, inCopy, or on the messageboards or wiki.

The system works primarily because everything is clearly labeled (so I know what I'm looking at when I get a screen or two worth of search results) and complete, so nothing slips through the cracks because it was beyond the scope of the search. Setting this up took a lot of time initially, but not it's a breeze to maintain, and since I can sync it between computers, it means I don't have to duplicate work or try to remember what computer I downloaded the errata'ed version of the APG onto.

Anyway, that's what I've got. Hope that helps!

Paizo Employee Developer

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We have not had interns for almost a year. After what happened to the last few, we deemed it an inefficient investment. Now the warehouse raptors are too full for interns; they'd have nowhere to put them!

Paizo Employee Developer

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I believe Crystal has now officially become the Paizo employee to have worked in the most departments. Third time's a charm!

Paizo Employee Developer

It was my pleasure, Romaq. Don't read too much into my last sentence there. I just had a realization as I was about to submit that how much "real" work I could have done in the same time. But a man needs to be able to let loose and nerd out about the taxonomy of books every once in a while, so thanks for the opportunity.

Please post the final DDS designations you give the volumes in your collection when you're done with 'em.

Paizo Employee Developer

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Moar developerz!

Paizo Employee Developer

Dustin Ashe wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
I could write just as much about how I organize my vast Pathfinder digital library for fast navigation both via directory trees and searching, but that wasn't the question. For physical books, you really can't go wrong with a product line/alphabetical title organization scheme.
Mark, can you please write about how to organize your vast Pathfinder digital library for fast navigation?

Maybe someday, but the above post will have to suffice for now.

Paizo Employee Developer

8 people marked this as a favorite.

Okay, I'm going to keep posting!

It is possible to use the Dewey Decimal System for Pathfinder books, but you'd need to use the whole system within the set of Pathfinder products.

000 Generalities
• Here I'd put all the setting-neutral hardcovers, though I'm not sure exactly where. Perhaps under 003. They really don't fit anywhere else.

• Printed copies of the Compleat Encounters, the Alpha or Beta playtests, and other esoterica would go under 093, as they represent the Pathfinder equivalent of Incunabula.

100 Philosophy and Psychology
• Here we have books like "Faiths and Philosophies" (duh) and probably the "Champions" player companions, as those are about being a follower of a religion more than the religions themselves.

• Theoretical future books on alignments rather than deities would also go here. That's sort of what the "Champions" books are already, at least moreso than the "Faiths of" companions.

200 Religion
• "Inner Sea Gods", "Gods and Magic", "Faiths of" player companions, and other books explicitly about religion or deities go here.

• If we were to break Adventure Path volumes up into their constituent articles, the deity articles would be included here.

• Character sheets and character folios go under 126.

• The 130s seem like they will be filling up rather quickly soon, and can already hold "Occult Mysteries" and perhaps "Mystery Monsters Revisited"

300 Social Sciences

• Most of your "People of" books are going to go here, as they're Pathfinder anthropology.

• "Ships of the Inner Sea" would likely go here, likely under 359

• "Inner Sea Combat" would be under 355.

400 Language

• If we ever did an in-world dictionary of Aklo or Elven or Shadowtongue or whatever, this is where it'd go. I don't really think anything we've previously published really belongs here, though.

500 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

• In Golarion, magic is as much a science as alchemy, so I'd put things like "Inner Sea Magic" here, along with "Alchemist's Manual" substituting magic for physics and alchemy for chemistry, so 530s and 540s.

• the 520s seem a perfect place for "Distant Worlds"

• the 590s would need to be expanded beyond simple zoology, as the Pathfinder world contains more than animals. Rather, I think a different decimal for each creature type might be fitting, at least those that are naturally occurring. Here we find the "Revisited" books save perhaps for "Undead Revisited" and "Demons Revisited" as I feel like undead and outsiders really belong elsewhere.

600 Technology

• This seems the natural fit for books about items, like "Adventurer's Armory", "Magical Marketplace", and "Technology Guide"

700 The Arts

• We haven't really done much with the arts themselves, but I could see a book on temples or dungeons or other themed structures being included along with architecture in the 720s.

• Articles on in-world games, such as those in the 'Golden Goblin' article from Second Darkness go under 795.

800 Literature and Rhetoric

• Since we're looking at this from an in-world perspective, I'd include all novels and other works of fiction in here, as 814 or 818, depending if you considered them essays about their protagonist(s) or just general writing. They certainly wouldn't interpret them as fictional, however. A story about the fairy tales that inspired the harrow, though, would be placed under 813

• 'The Trials of Larazod' would certainly go under drama here.

• I imagine you could replace the various non-English languages in the existing system with Elven, Dwarves, etc. but they would be empty, as all our books are published in Common.

900 Geography and History

• Oh man, is this a full category!

• The 910s are going to hold all your world-wide geographical books, in which I'd include "The Inner Sea World Guide."

• Cities and nations in Avistan and Garund that have their own sourcebooks would go in 914 and 915, respectively, replacing Europe and Africa with their Golarion counterparts. Anything that is primarily a gazetteer belongs here.

• "Dragon Empires Gazetteer" and "Dragon Empires Primer" go under 915.

• Fiction could arguably go in the 920s if it were considered a biography of the characters within. I could certainly see Varian Jeggare considering novels in which he appears as biographies rather than, gasp, works of fiction.

• I would place adventures in the "history" sections of their respective regions, personally, as they most embody accounts of events similar to a history book recounting battles or the journey of a particular person through a trying time. I can't really see anywhere else these go.

• The 930s are going to hold "Lost" books, like "Lost Treasures", "Lost Cities", and "Lost Kingdoms"

• "Distant Worlds" could arguably go in 999 as well, but I like it in Astronomy as it currently is.

Ultimately, using the established Dewey Decimal System to categorize books within the set of Pathfinder books leaves out large topics that simply don't exist in the real world.

Undead: Do they go under religion? The paranormal? Are they simply a different type of animal under zoology?

Planes and Outsiders: Metaphysics? Geography? Zoology?

We have no analogues to these and other topics in our world or at least not in the DDS.

So there you have it.

You won. I have now wasted FAR TOO MUCH TIME doing this. Are you happy now?!

Paizo Employee Developer

3 people marked this as a favorite.

As a former library employee and the closest thing Paizo has to a librarian, let me say that this thread sets off all the OCD triggers. In a good way (I think?)

I have found that most book types, as the OP mentioned, self-sort when organized by product line and then alphabetically by title/numerically for numbered volumes. This puts all similarly titled groups—like "Blood of", "Champions of", "Faiths of", and "People of" player companions—together.

I know when I am looking for a particular book, I'm rarely looking for "that one player companion from 2012" so chronological sorting does me little good. Even for adventures, I generally know what book I'm looking for before going to the shelf, so they're organized to help me quickly find that one, rather than by groupings I'm not using as often (level, location, now-defunct numbering system, etc.)

Because of the ever growing number of Pathfinder titles, I've had to split the collection up on a number of shelves, as I imagine most people do. I keep all adventures together on one shelf, so that's all AP volumes, the RotR hardcover, all modules, and Emerald Spire. Another shelf has all the fiction (including collected comic book hardcovers), while a third shelf has all setting-neutral rulebooks. Still another shelf holds all campaign setting and player companion books.

I have prepared for but not yet undertaken a project to create spine-readable labels for the 32-page books that are currently difficult to find when shelved.

I could write just as much about how I organize my vast Pathfinder digital library for fast navigation both via directory trees and searching, but that wasn't the question. For physical books, you really can't go wrong with a product line/alphabetical title organization scheme.

Paizo Employee Developer

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Wow! One of the great things about Paizo growing and expanding into more than just RPG publishing is that I occasionally find myself surprised by a development from another department. This is just such an instance! Very excited to see what the community comes up with and get professionally printed copies of new cards to expand the game beyond its current boundaries.

Paizo Employee Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Any references to obscure 1990's video game tie-in comic books will be more subtle than that.

Paizo Employee Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Beware, goblins do not keep written records of deposit, so there's no guarantee you'll ever see your coins again.

Paizo Employee Developer

4 people marked this as a favorite.

It's not from a 3PP, but you might want to check out Pathfinder Unchained when it comes out.

Paizo Employee Developer

The cited sources from the article you linked to are the only placed to date that have mentioned the town of Dunholme. It began as a simple name-drop in the Bestiary section of Pathfinder #13, and has since appeared on maps of Taldor but has not been expanded upon in any way. You are free to use it in your game however works best for your story :-D

Paizo Employee Developer

While the use of Paizo's intellectual property is covered under the Community Use Policy, the policy does not permit the use of dialogue or descriptions of events in our adventures except in specific circumstances:

Community Use Policy wrote:

You may descriptively reference dialogue, plots, storylines, language, and incidents from products listed in Section 1 of our Community Use Approved Product List at in campaign journals and play-by-post or play-by-email games.

Except in the bolded circumstances, a direct translation of an adventure we've published is not allowed.

If there are specific adventures you'd like to see translated into another language, please contact the licensing partner covering the language in question. All of our officially licensed translations can be found here. Specifically, all our German-language translations are published under license by Ulisses Spiele.

Paizo Employee Developer

Are you first thinking of a character and then testing specific perfumes you think might be a good fit, or testing all perfumes and seeing if one of them reminds you of a character? What do you use to cleanse your palette (That's not the right term, I'm sure)?

Paizo Employee Developer

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Dave Gross wrote:
Ross, you know you could probably stroll over to Sutter's office and get an advanced peek, right?

That's quite a stroll, Dave!

Paizo Employee Developer

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Miiiiight beeee...

Paizo Employee Developer

Marco Massoudi wrote:
There seem to be at least 2 cloud castles in the skies over Avistan... ;-)

There are likely many more than that. Just as we don't map every goblin settlement or lizardfolk village or ogre enclave, we just haven't defined where all the cloud giants in the Inner Sea region live.

Paizo Employee Developer

Lorathorn wrote:
The spines for the comic book compilations bother me...

That's something you should take up with Dynamite, as they publish those and determine what the cover layout is going to look like.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

I'm saddened by this news, as I played with Rick a number of times while I lived in New York. I'll always remember a game of The Frozen Fingers of Midnight he ran as a slot 0 for me and other GMs in the NYC PFS region, because it was during this game that I learned of the passing of my grandmother. Rick was extremely caring that night, and while I continued the game, he was very understanding and gave me as much time as I needed to compose myself. I hadn't played with Rick for many years before reading this, but I remember him as a kind, fair, and fun GM, and I'm sad for the New Jersey Pathfinder Society community, his family, and many friends.

Paizo Employee Developer

We'd keep them more separate, but the building layout only allows us to put them so far away.

And by this I mean, they like their quiet and developers can be loud, so it'd be in everyone's best interest for them to be separater.

Paizo Employee Developer

9 people marked this as a favorite.

Getting back to the original question and ignoring the unwelcome vitriol between the OP and this one:

I think the best way to increase female participation (or, heck, participation of anyone who isn't oneself) is to be sensitive to their experiences and requests.

Some requests don't need to be stated, because they're taken for granted, as has been indicated elsewhere in this thread. One doesn't expect to need to ask others not to lick them, for example. Being licked by a stranger would make anyone uncomfortable, and thus we've accepted as a society that licking other people is not ok. We can sympathize with the victim in this situation, because we can all imagine being licked by a stranger.

To make gaming spaces (or any space, for that matter) welcoming to people not like oneself, be that someone of a different gender, race, class, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion, physical or mental disability, etc, etc, etc, one must—at the bare minimum—be open to the fact that their experiences are also different, and there are therefore circumstances that are going to make them uncomfortable that might not even occur to you. And that's ok. No one expects everyone to anticipate every possible situation that will make another person uncomfortable. But when someone states their personal experience or makes a request to avoid discomfort, accepting that experience as valid and honoring the request to the best of your ability are the bare minimum required to make that person feel welcome in the space.

Being asked to change your behavior for another's benefit, or simply acknowledging experiences that do not mirror your own or that you haven't personally witnessed does not make you a victim. It makes you a human being in a society of other human beings. So if your aim is to increase the diversity of the other human beings in the microcosm of society that plays games together at a given event or location, be open to listening, accepting others' requests at face value, and making what changes you can to accommodate those requests. If you aren't willing to do that, you likely aren't genuine in your claims of wanting diversity and inclusiveness in your gaming group.

Paizo Employee Developer

Berselius wrote:
It might be hard to communicate with the little guy as he only speaks one language.

That's sort of the crux of Amber's story. He's not C-3PO with a complete mastery of all the galaxy' languages, after all.

Paizo Employee Developer

A GM who feels her players could handle a titan could always add one to the campaign if she so desired, so even if there isn't one in the AP, there can be one at your table!

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ultimately, Pharasma still judges every soul, so it might not be true in every case. A paladin who happens to fall down the stairs (ha, a fallen paladin) would still likely be sent to Heaven, and a demoniac that gets run over by a cart would still probably end up in the Abyss. A neutral evil soul, however, that died a meaningless death could be sent to any one of a number of evil gods' realms, so it might be that Zyphus gets those souls. His followers, who actively try to kill people in meaningless and (supposedly) accidental ways are certainly evil, and would be dogeared for Zyphus's realm in the afterlife.

Paizo Employee Developer

You can find the full terms of Paizo's Community Use Policy here.

The Pathfinder Compatibility License is detailed here.

You can find the Open Game License in any OGL product, or on the Wizards of the Coast website here.

Paizo Employee Developer

UnArcaneElection wrote:
OceanShieldWolf wrote:
I wanted vegepygmies, so I statted them up in Wayfinder #8. :)

I guess vegepygmy characters would be the wallflowers . . . .

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
All interested might want to look at this THREAD or REDACTED.

Wow . . . where did this come from? Even seems to be a Paizo product from looking at it, but doesn't come up in the search for Paizo products. (Even looked at the beginning and end of the thread, but didn't see it. EDIT: Buried somewhere in the middle.)

That is not an official Paizo product, and actually violates a number of the terms of the various licenses we provide to allow people to make fan-generated content using Paizo's trademarks, artwork, and other intellectual property.

Paizo Employee Developer

Berselius wrote:
Will we get specific half-fiend (devil) templates for each core devil in this manual?

No, those appeared in Demons Revisited, and would likely appear in a similar Devils Revisited were we to do one. Rather than explore each type of devil in a general sense, this book will present specific members of different diabolic races (and some non-diabolic denizens of Hell as well) in the same manner we did for dragons and undead in their respective "Unleashed" titles.

Paizo Employee Developer

You might also want to check out Gygax Magazine, which recently released issue number 4. Its content spans all sorts of RPGs, and skews toward an old-school style.

Paizo Employee Developer

I suggest picking the outer plane of your choice and retiring there. Axis is nice all year round, they say.

Paizo Employee Developer

I play by MY OWN rules!

Paizo Employee Developer

Page 31 of Inner Sea Combat features a sidebar describing how the setting-neutral orders from the APG fit into the various nations of the Inner Sea region.

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.
LoneKnave wrote:

Well, returning only affects throwing weapons, so unless the grenade launcher has a Throwing property as well, it wouldn't do much.

And even if it did, it'd probably not work like you expect (unless you expect to throw away your grenade launcher and then have it return after it bonk'd someone in the head).

It was largely a joke, but thank you for the further clarification. :-P

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We specifically changed the scale of the map for the Pathfinder Society Field Guide because it was too small in Guide to Absalom, so the latter scale is the one to use.

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I grew up in Kansas City, so everything involves steak.

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