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Developer. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 7,694 posts (8,473 including aliases). 19 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 19 aliases.


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Paizo Employee Developer

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Bellona wrote:
Does anyone know who was responsible for the Pain Taster prestige class' revised write-up in Occult Mysteries? I would really like to get some answers to the questions above ...

As the lead developer on the project, I'm the one ultimately responsible, and those questions should come to me. Since I'm here, I can answer them! (Note that I already wrote a really long post doing just that, but RPG Superstar voting knocked the site out just prior to my finishing the post. I hope my repeated effort is not wasted.)

”Bellona” wrote:

The Disciple of Pain class ability refers to daily hour-long self-torture routines, both the more intentse "starter" versions and the less intense "follow-up" versions. But nowhere do I see the hit point damage and other damage caused by these routines. And there must be some, considering both the descriptions and the reference under the Pain Mastery class ability.

Did something get left out, or am I suffering from selective blindness?

The ritual involved in the disciple of pain class ability does not deal hit point damage. To do so would make it one of the few class abilities that came with a built-in burden to characters who take levels in the class. The rituals are meant to be primarily flavorful means by which a character gains the benefit, similar to deific obediences from Inner Sea Gods or to a wizard preparing spells for the day. If a GM wishes to play out this hour-long ritual, she is welcome to do so, but we didn’t want to hard-code a penalty or hit point tax into the rules for all players. The reference to hit point damage in the pain mastery description is a legacy from changes made to the class last-minute that slipped through the cracks (see below).

“Bellona” wrote:

And why did the authordeveloper (fixed that for you) remove the reference to the Fortitude DC 15 (or Will DC 20) saving throw needed to survive the initiation rite into the prestige class?

Because a character shouldn’t risk death when attempting to level up. As with many special requirements for entry into a prestige class (such as a Hellknight killing a devil or a Pathfinder Chronicler selling a written work for a certain amount of money), they are primarily flavorful elements to further cement the character into the theme of the prestige class in question. Individual GMs may choose to make this ritual into a much larger part of the campaign, and by not hard-coding how it works into the class, it gives GMs the freedom to push the boundaries of what her players are comfortable with as she sees fit. As written, the ritual may be attempted many times in the lead-up to a character’s entry into the prestige class, and a failure should be an opportunity for a more intricate story rather than an opportunity to make a new character.

”Set” wrote:

In addition to that, I observed earlier that the 5th level Pain Mastery ability appears to be designed around the Disciple of Pain class ability, but instead refers to the Masochism ability (both in name and mechanics, sacrificing hit points for a bonus).

I imagine that, during conversion / updating, something got changed in mid-design, and not all changes were propogated successfully.

Your assessment is correct (see above). In order to fit the class on a single spread, we had to make some adjustments to its text in the late stages of editing and development, and this ability in particular changed pretty significantly. Pain mastery should work in conjunction with disciple of pain rather than masochism, as a result. If we ever pick the prestige class up elsewhere, we’ll aim to make the necessary adjustments to the language to clarify this.

I think that’s all the actual questions that remained unanswered. Sorry for the long delay!

Paizo Employee Developer

I'd look at the average wealth by level of the PCs and decide on a value that seems appropriate. If one character is severely underequipped, an item of more value might make sense for her. If they're all on target for their level, I'd let each of them select an item that takes them about 20% of the way to their next wealth tier, as long as it was a single item. It's ultimately up to you as the GM, but the PCs should feel like they have actually attained something of value and that will be useful for them as a result of their success.

Paizo Employee Developer

Doomn wrote:

As an aside, does Dynamite Entertainment have any plans to offer pdf versions of their comics (and associated posters/maps) for sale? (I really like the posters and maps, but I don't much care for the creases the folding creates - it really detracts from the image when displayed.)

They're not PDF format, but Dynamite does offer Pathfinder comics (along with their other titles) digitally through Comixology.

Paizo Employee Developer

While a few reasons we have not done (and don't currently plan to do) a time travel AP have been noted above, another one to consider are the number of deities that PCs might worship that weren't deities even a few thousand years in the past. What happens to a cleric of Cayden Cailean or Iomedae if they return to a time before their deity ascended?

Paizo Employee Developer

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Not a secret.

Paizo Employee Developer

James Jacobs wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:
Hayato Ken wrote:
....I do hope it won´t all be somehow conquered and colonized territory....
Don't worry. I'll fight that approach as much as I possibly can. :)
And since I'm on the same page entirely as Adam... he won't have to fight that approach at all.

That's what the Aztecs thought. Colonists often have other plans...

Paizo Employee Developer

Taperat wrote:
Just looked at Oloch's picture again. Looks like it's some kind of Gorum holy symbol or censer. I think he uses it to bash people with though, as in the picture it appears to be dripping blood. Whatever it is, it's only a slightly different color than his armor. A little more brownish.

Whether it's a censer or not I can't tell, but it is definitely some sort of Gorumite charm or holy symbol. It is dripping blood, but since he uses a greatsword, he can't reasonably wield an improvised weapon in his off hand. Wayne Reynolds is really the person to ask, as the bits and bobs that make our iconic characters so unique are largely added by him when he's designing them. Lacking an answer from Wayne, I'd just go with it being his holy symbol (which he needs to cast spells). That it's covered in blood is just a bonus.

Paizo Employee Developer

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Orthos wrote:
Use Calibre to convert into format your Kindle can read.

I read all of our fiction on my Kindle using this conversion method. It adds an extra step, but only about another minute or so all told.

Paizo Employee Developer

Getting a temple for each of the core deities into Inner Sea Gods was something I pushed for, but there ultimately wasn't room. Given that, I wouldn't count such a product out of our future offerings, it's just not currently on the schedule.

Paizo Employee Developer

The joys of writing blogs in between other projects. The above-mentioned edits have been made.

Paizo Employee Developer

3 people marked this as a favorite.

As the author of this scenario some 5 years ago, seeing it recapped in this manner, for this purpose, made me ever so happy. Please play your characters through other scenarios I wrote. I want to read how psychic magic works in those, too!

Paizo Employee Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.

If there are any duplicate characters/pawns from other sets, it's an error on our part. The goal was to include new pawns that had never been previously released.

Paizo Employee Developer

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
archmagi1 wrote:
So... you're saying Sutter is an alien, and Wes and Asmodeus have a working relationship?

I'm not saying, I'm just saying. That GIF, tho. LOL.

Paizo Employee Developer

10 people marked this as a favorite.
BPorter wrote:

Hopefully, the Andoran book will answer questions like these. Right now, though, they look like they're bringing a mindset to battle that is at odds with the tech & tactics of the world in which they live. Unless they're magic-heavy (also not suggested by canon-to-date), they're going to get their butts kicked frequently unless they have overwhelming numbers in every engagement. Again, as a former vassal state, there's not much to suggest that this would be the case.

Without including the entire contents of the book here, I'll note that Andoran's conflict with nations like Cheliax, Taldor, and Qadira is more a war of ideals than a physical war in which two armies charge across a field of battle at one another. The armor of the Eagle Knights (especially the Steel Falcons, who largely operate outside Andoran's borders) needs to serve as much as fancy, memorable armor worthy of the defenders of the Inner Sea's greatest form of government as it needs to protect them from physical damage.

As for specific pieces of art in prior publications, consider that illustrations from our own world supposedly representing actual events are often not practical in their implementation. I doubt, for example, that Washington actual stood in a rowboat with one foot on the gunwale while it was traversing iceberg-filled waters as depicted in Washington Crossing the Delaware. But such an image inspires patriotism, valor, awe, and respect among those who view it. I'm not saying every illustration of Andoren military units is such a representation, just as I assume you're not saying they all need to be photorealistic.

A true Andoren wouldn't want to include only heavily armored soldiers fighting for the nation's ideals, after all. Doing so would send a message that only those who can afford such protection are capable of standing up for liberty, that dedicating one's life to what is right and true is inherently without risk, and the incorrect assertion that the common people are not stronger than the blades and arrows wielded by tyrants.

We've illustrated Eagle Knights in plate armor, and will continue to do so. For examples see The Inner Sea World Guide (265); Andoran, Spirit of Liberty (23, 29); Paths of Prestige (22); "Noble Sacrifice" (ch 1). Aside from the half-page illustration referenced as depicting impractical armor, all illustrations of Eagle Knights in unarmored blue clothes are of Gray Corsairs or other marine combatants (Andoran, Spirit of Liberty [cover, 2]; Ships of the Inner Sea [16], etc.) It should probably also be noted that the lightly armored soldiers in the referenced illustration are all cut up. It's pretty clear that their lack of armor had negative effects on their ability to maintain full hit points.

TL;DR: What you're afraid of happening with the art in this book is something we're specifically working to make sure doesn't happen.



Paizo Employee Developer

Continue asking these questions, Child, for they lead the way to ultimate understanding. Only through omniscience can one find the peace to attain perfection.

Paizo Employee Developer

Dragnmoon wrote:
Yay the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild logo is now on the blog which leaves it free for use with the CUP!

Not true. See below, emphasis mine.

Community Use Policy wrote:
You may use any of the text or artwork published in the Paizo Blog at, with the exception of excerpts of Planet Stories publications, Pathfinder Comics, and any logos and icons that aren't also in the Community Use Package.

When the Adventure Card Guild logo is added to the Logos package, then it will be covered by the CUP, but not until such time as that update is made.

Paizo Employee Developer

We'll likely do some previews and/or content reveals closer to the product's release, which is currently slated for early November. My advice is to check the blog in a week or two.

Paizo Employee Developer

I only played Minecraft briefly when it first came out on Xbox, but I found the lack of story led to boredom, despite having complete creative freedom and ultimately the ability to build whatever the heck I wanted.

I heard the other day on a podcast, however, that BBC recently finalized a license with Microsoft to put Doctor Who skins and monsters into the game, so I'll be playing it again, I guess, so I can build my own TARDIS. How to make it bigger on the inside in a game like that, I haven't quite figured out yet.

Paizo Employee Developer

Ravalon Lightborn wrote:
...And you just realized that now, Mark?

Yeah, not working on Team AP™, I see a lot of the art from within the line's pages at the same time as everyone else.

Paizo Employee Developer

7 people marked this as a favorite.

That bonus dead technician looks like the Vashta Nerada.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

None of the scenarios I wrote made any of the top lists except Most Polarizing. :-(

But lots of scenarios I developed are all over all the lists. :-)

Thanks for putting this together, Kyle!

Paizo Employee Developer

The maps in the book are different than those in the map pack.

Paizo Employee Developer

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The Tiger Lord wrote:

I know it's lame, but my Paizo personnel-fu is not very strong. Can we get a who's who on that picture?


From left to right: Mark Seifter, Brian Campell, Me, Jason Bulmahn, Logan Bonner, Patrick Renie, John Compton. Ryan Mackin is to John's left in the background chatting with some friends (that guy knows everyone).

Also stranded—I guess delayed is more accurate—were Sara Marie, Jessica Price, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Mike Kenway, and Other Mark's significant other.

Paizo Employee Developer

Given this shirt's nature, should I order it in a size smaller than I normally wear? I wouldn't want to be swimming on the inside of a shirt that looks like it fits me to those looking from without.

Paizo Employee Developer

Mechalibur wrote:
Irori's Sentinel boon gives 1/day true strike or 3/day haste. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Yes, it should read:

true strike 3/day, false life 2/day, haste 1/day

Paizo Employee Developer

chopswil wrote:

p. 211 Eerie Sense

"Prerequisites: Ability to cast detect undead or detect evil as
a spell or spell-like ability"

I have detect undead in my spell book but chose not to memorize it today, do I have the feat?
I had detect undead in my spell book but it has been lost/destroyed, do I have the feat?
I'm able to cast 1st wizard spells, that is I "have the ability", but don't have the spell in my spell book, can I have the feat? (a nit pick around meaning of "ability" I know)
I have a magic item that can cast detect undead, can I have the feat?

I realize this comment is old, but I'm currently notating errata in my copy of the book for a potential future printing and figured I could clarify this while I'm at.

A wizard who has the spell in his spell book "has the ability to cast the spell" unless that spell has been somehow removed from his spell list (such as for a Thassilonian caster, though none of them have divination as an opposition school).

The issue of what happens if the book is lost or destroyed is a different issue, that I'd honestly leave up to the GM, but I would generally err on the side of not eliminating the feat unless you were just sort of ignoring the fact that a major component of your class were missing and not actively working to replace or recover it.

A sorcerer or oracle who doesn't know one of the requisite spells can't use the feat.

If you have access to a spell solely through a magic item, it's the magic item that has the ability to cast the spell (even if it's worded such that it allows the wearer to cast the spell x times a day). Just like you'd lose the benefits of Improved Two-Weapon Fighting if you lost your belt of incredible dexterity +4 and you no longer met the prerequisites, the same would be true of this feat.

Paizo Employee Developer

SPACEBALL12345 wrote:
SPACEBALL12345 wrote:
Would this be the appropriate place to ask if Glorious Heat was written as it was intended to be? It reads now that it heals for half of the character level, instead of healing based on the level of spell used. Should we be using the books latest printed wording, or the wording given here?
Shameless bump for clarification?

Yeah, this is the perfect example of why making errata calls on books we don't normally reprint on the message boards is something we try not to do. If we ever reprint the problematic material, it's easy to overlook clarifications and errata made to the original months or years earlier.

The feat should heal a number of hit points equal to the level of the spell cast.

This will be reflected in future printings of Inner Sea Gods should we do them.

Paizo Employee Developer

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Zaister wrote:
Took them long enough to bring us a redhead! :)
Oh, I know. I've been hearing about it for many years now. :)

And totally not from your redheaded girlfriend, whose character is named ... never mind.

Paizo Employee Developer

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Mechalibur wrote:
I always find it so weird to see DnD products on the front page. Isn't that like giving free advertising to your competition? :P

In addition to being a publishing company, Paizo is also one of the largest gaming-related web stores on the Internet. As such, the store offers products from every publisher who distributes their games through primary hobby channels.

If Paizo were to decide not to carry (or at least not advertise) Dungeons & Dragons products, where would we draw that line? No longer advertising Fantasy Flight products? Or Green Ronin? Or Catalyst Game Labs? Or Privateer Press? Deciding not to stock, or not to promote, something that customers might want is a bad way to be the go-to web store for any hobby. This way, if someone who frequents our boards for other reasons wants the Basic Set, they don't have to leave the site to get it. Conversely, if someone isn't familiar with Paizo and just does a web search for where they can buy the new edition of D&D, they may become a lifetime customer of (whether or not they ever actually buy or play Paizo-published products).

Paizo Employee Developer

4 people marked this as a favorite.
jimibones83 wrote:
I find it strange to focus so much on sexuality in this kind of roleplaying game. It seems to happen a lot with paizo though lol. Captain K's list was quite entertaining at least:)

In general, we only focus on sexuality when it matters to the stories we're telling. There's no section of a statblock where such has to be defined, so if it doesn't matter to the story that the shopkeeper is a cis-woman married to a trans-man or bisexual, or asexual, we don't mention it.

I can see how efforts to provide in-world representations of people of all sorts (real-world people who we want to feel have a place within our setting and our game) could be seen as a focus on sexuality, but not addressing the presence of non-heterosexual inhabitants of Golarion simply reinforces the cultural assumption that people are straight unless otherwise noted.

We've established in enough cases that there are lots of people who aren't straight that when we don't mention it at all (like when it's completely irrelevant to the character's role in the story being told), it's really up to the reader or GM which way they swing should such a question even come up, (which, as you note, isn't likely in an adventure-heavy game like Pathfinder, though every group is different).

Captain K's list is the perfect example of a fan taking what we've given them about characters and extrapolating histories and personalities for them that fit a particular vision. Leaving such creative additions to the game (and to the characters within it) up to the players is our job; it wouldn't be much fun to play the game if we spelled every single detail out for everyone and didn't leave any room to tell one's own story.

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Malwing wrote:

Ooh I have a question about the product. Since we'll get crafting rules for technological items analogous to magic items does this mean that martial classes will realistically be able to craft/enhance their own "magic" weapons?

While technically, yes, crafting technology is covered in the book, doing do requires access to specific manufacturing facilities—military labs, pharmaceutical labs, graviton labs, and so on—which, at least in Golarion, are not common. A GM could make them more easily accessible such that players could craft their own technological items, as long as they possessed the right feats and skills. It really depends on the level of technology a GM wants in her campaign. The rules are there, but the assumption is that these items are found treasure rather than something you can just make without much effort. The "magic shop in every town" effect is something I, at least, tried not to have permeate this book too much, so that tech remains special and mysterious instead of mainstream.

Paizo Employee Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Blackvial wrote:
there is always the cursed belt that changes your gender

Calling that belt a "cursed item" is indicative of the time in which it was originally written.

"Hur, hur. You got turned into a woman. Now you have boobs. Hur, hur."

Were it not for the sake of backwards compatibility and honoring as much of the history of the hobby as we could, I imagine the girdle would have been switched to a normal wondrous item, or removed from the game altogether.

Paizo Employee Developer

Alex Smith 908 wrote:
Yeah the scenario I outlined is only really going to happen with someone you know or who is at an event explicitly for playing RPGs.

I lost my thumb drive at PaizoCon 2012, which contained all my PDFs (literally everything Paizo's ever published, all watermarked with my name) and even some works-in-progress. None of it ever surfaced anywhere, and I imagine that because it was a gaming convention, had someone from the con found it and looked to see what was on it, they'd have returned it to me. I think it's more likely it fell out of my pocket in the parking garage or Starbucks and whoever claimed it saw that it was a 120 GB drive and now uses it to store their own massive amount to highly portable data.

Paizo Employee Developer

zergtitan wrote:
Yes, but is the Paladin dead? you know this will come up in Q&A sessions forever!

It states very clearly that the guy was old when Zadim found him. The paladin could well be dead regardless of which course of action Zadim chose.

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Redacted: Hello.

Redacted: Good morning.

Paizo Employee Developer

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Insain Dragoon wrote:
She went to the pits in Daggermark? Wait a sec, don't the pits there fight to the death? So she was bored with life and went to the pits where she could fight to the death? She doesn't sound nice. Honestly if I were align her based on this story I'd call her Neutral Evil.

She went to one of the Inner Sea region's most notable arenas, in Tymon, which is associated with the region's premier gladiatorial college. While there might be fights to the death there, that's not a requirement or even something that would happen very often. The whole point there is to battle enough that you earn the title of Blooded, and thus become something of local nobility. It's not to kill whoever you happen to face in the ring.

Needless to say, Kess is not evil. None of the iconics we've introduced thus far from the ACG have been evil.

Paizo Employee Developer

Kitsune Aou wrote:

Need tooltips. Tooltips everywhere. :P

Also, Nihimon, do you have a spreadsheet format of the Active/Attack feats (not necessarily the requirements, but rather what they do (e.g. DF, Stamina Cost, etc.))?

Getting tooltips added to the PFO wiki is on the to-do list. We need to get the information up first and then work on making it look nice and function in the most intuitive and helpful way for players.

Paizo Employee Developer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for getting these out to the community, Nihimon. I have already put the attacks into a table (albeit a really large and somewhat ungainly one) on the wiki, and will be working as best I can in my free time (HA!) to get it a bit better organized. Anyway, anyone willing or able to help with that is welcome to join the effort!

Paizo Employee Developer

TanRu wrote:
can I make a set of pawns for PACG Skull & Shackles where Valeros is wearing a pirate hat, Ezren has an eyepatch, etc?

If you (or someone else) draws a new interpretation of the iconics with said alterations, that's fine. But you can't take the provided images and photoshop a pirate hat or an eyepatch onto them. That is, if you plan on distributing them in any way. If you're just making a set of pawns for your own personal use, the Community Use Policy doesn't really come into play.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Benjamin Falk wrote:
Kitsune are so much more^^

What? I can't even... WHY!?!?!?!

Paizo Employee Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Insain Dragoon wrote:
Sent a PM to JJ in the hopes of getting this issue noticed.

As developer on this book, a PM to me would have been more effective. In any case, I'm aware of the thread now and will look into it once I get the current project off my plate and into edit (likely next week). That said, we only correct errata in books when they receive a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) printing. As a softcover, non-evergreen product, we are unlikely to make errata for Inner Sea Combat. We may, however, present an FAQ clarification on the message boards.

Paizo Employee Developer

Stupid phone autocorrect. BIG screen. I meant BIG screen.

Paizo Employee Developer

Andrew K wrote:

Organized Play will be using the set from that season. So, now it's Skull and Shackles, the next one will be using... I can't remember. Vic, which adventure path did you say was coming after S&S?

(Shhh you guys... he's totally gonna fall for this)

Expect a reminder response from Vic after the PaizoCon banquet on Saturday night.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

The process of sending out "rejection" letters is a bit more time consuming than acceptance letters, so if you have something in the hopper, patience is generally the best policy, even if others who submitted have been accepted and assigned official work.

Paizo Employee Developer

All 4 scenarios should be available online on the first day of PaizoCon.

Paizo Employee Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Cthulhudrew wrote:
So, since Mikaze's a contributor, we can expect to see lots of orcs and humans living in harmony in Belkzen, right? ;D

Not lots, no. But we knew that we wanted there to be more in the book than just the same evil, murderous orc tribe repeated for 64 pages. Since that means we needed authors to think outside the box and give a fresh spin on a few of the tribes included, we looked outside our regular author pool. Jason had done good work for other publishers and in Wayfinder, and was the first fan that came to mind when we initially started figuring out what would be in the book. It seemed only fitting, then, that he get the chance to contribute a small amount to the book. That said, most of the orcs in the book will be more traditional orcs that can serve as enemies for PCs, following established canon we have on the race and the region in the Pathfinder campaign setting.

Paizo Employee Developer

13 people marked this as a favorite.

Since I am already the office's "Mark," you're going to have to go by something else. Like "Rules Mark" or "New Guy." Welcome, New Guy!

Paizo Employee ** Developer

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Roga wrote:
So does this mean that gravity rifles are a thing now?

Is it August yet?

Paizo Employee Developer

That art has not been put on the Paizo blog, so it's not something anyone can share. That isn't to say we'll never put it in the Community Use Package; it's just not there at the moment. You'll just have to wait until your book arrives to see it.

Obligatory sales pitch:
Getting access to the awesome content of new releases prior to their street dates is just one of the many reasons that subscribing to a Pathfinder product line is a smart move.

Paizo Employee Developer

Alex G St-Amand wrote:

Is that a Crystal Dragon?

Spine dragon

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