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Taiga Giant

Marduk Beastblood's page

649 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Feral.

Full Name

Marduk Beastblood


Half-Orc Bloodrager (before they were cool) 15




Medium - 6'4" 270lbs



Special Abilities




About Marduk Beastblood

Marduk is a hulking Half-orc with tattooed blue-grey skin and thick prominent tusks. He has a bestial and savage air to him, even more so than is typical of others of his kind. His whole body bristles with fury and, in battle, flames literally smolder within his dark eyes.

He's usually bare-chested revealing the elaborate orcish tattoos that cover his chest and arms. Dark coarse hair sprouts along his jawline and upperbody and a massive two-handed blade is kept strapped across his back. A shawl made of thin hide etched with glowing runes is draped across his broad shoulders and attached to a short cape.

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