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Darius Finch

LoreKeeper's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 7 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,059 posts (9,025 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 27 aliases.


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Lilly attempts to merge with Lanna: 1d20 ⇒ 19 Lanna resists

Take your time


It seems it isn't possible to send you private messages; so instead you are invited to take a look at Mikail over at the Obsidian forums.

Thanks Doppelschwert :) - I've recently realized my scaling for the game was off by a long shot. Since I am quite new to the card game I figured I'd have a look at what the "high end" looks like that a character would face. Not knowing the differences in the various games I found and used Pazuzu as my end-game villain around which I designed. I realize now that there is a lot more power in the Wrath of the Rigtheous card adventure; but at the time I assumed that "this" is what a character should be able to face in the end.

Don't worry I don't take it as negative criticism at all. I'll let you know via private message when I have my second character ready - I think I've learnt a lot already and I'm pretty excited for designing more.

Thanks Doppelschwert :)

The Sensei already buffs other characters, his third ability applies "to any check" (staying true to the original Sensei was a conscious design decision).

I agree with your assessment about the power-level of the main ability (I've been in discussion with somebody who is more knowledgeable than I on the subject matter) - the text has changed to "display" on the graphic links and the ability to bury cards to recover blessings has been downsized a lot. It should be fairly hard to get multiple blessings of each turn without repercussions now.

The intention is where (original) Sajan gets great dice to *one* combat check *each* turn; Mikiko should get good dice to *all* checks in *some* turns.

Unfortunately I cannot update the original text in the opening post, but you can see the updates in the links.

I've gotten hold of the Pathfinder Adventures digital game by Obsidian, which introduced me to the awesome world of the Pathfinder Card Game. Naturally the designer in me itched to create something; and since "monks" are my thing, I'd like you all to meet Mikiko.

Mikiko - Character
Mikiko - Role (Ki Mystic)
Mikiko - Token

Unfortunately I do not know how to make drivethrucards show a sensibly rotated version (or both sides of the card); so I'll take any advice in that regard. Her two roles are Ki Mystic and Sensei. The art comes from my monk PDF Monk Unfettered and was commissioned by me, so there should not be any rights violations. Let me know what you think :)

Mikiko, Monk:

Str 1d8 [+1/+2/+3]
Dex 1d8 [+1/+2/+3] acrobatics +2
Con 1d8 [+1/+2/+3]
Int 1d6 [+1/+2]
Wis 1d8 [+1/+2/+3] perception +2
Cha 1d6 [+1]

Hand size 4 [5]
Proficient with [weapons]

At any time you may reveal any number of blessings. Until the end of your turn, on each check, each currently revealed blessing applies to the check (as if it was played for the check). At the end of your turn discard all revealed blessings. ([ ] Additionally you may add the Magic trait to any check you make.)
[ ] You may bury a card to shuffle one random blessing ([ ] or bury a blessing to shuffle 1d4 random blessings) from your discard pile into your deck.

Card list:
Weapon 1 [2] [3]
Spell 1 [2]
Armor -
Item 3 [4] [5]
Ally 3 [4] [5]
Blessing 7 [8] [9] [10]

Mikiko, Ki Mystic:

Reduce all damage you take by [1] ([ ] or the number of currently revealed blessings).
[ ] Once a turn you may recharge a card from your hand and draw a card
Each revealed blessing adds [+1] [+2] to your checks

Mikiko, Sensei:

[ ] You may add your Wisdom to your combat checks
[ ] When you succeed at a combat check against a bane you gain +1d4 on additional checks against that bane until the end of your turn
Each revealed blessing adds [+1] [+2] [+3] to any check

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DragoDorn wrote:
*Still waiting to hear about a non-card game Pathfinder/Obsidian RPG*

I'm eagerly awaiting Paizo to announce both a classic CRPG (Baldur's Gate) as well as an action RPG (Diablo, Grim Dawn). Please Paizo folks... make it happen! ^_^

Heya xiao :)

Nothing yet - but I'm compiling various ideas. Maybe if I feel motivated something will happen next year?

Remember Mahjik has the sage ability (make knowledge checks untrained and use Wisdom modifier). He's not great at knowing stuff (no skill ranks), but he knows a little bit of everything.

Navior wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
Do you think they do hardbacks when they run out of paperbacks to sell? At this point I wouldn't put it past them to pull something like that. >.>
This one does seem to coincide with the original volumes being either out of print or very nearly out of print, so it's possible that plays a role in the decision. I guess the best way to find out is to buy out all the copies of one of the other APs and see if they do a hardcover of it. Anyone got a whole lot of money they don't need? ;)

Yes-and-no: to my knowledge they won't bother with APs that have been unpopular. (Keep in mind that the paperbacks have been replenished in the cases of some very popular APs.) I don't think it's a valid argument that (the vast majority of) people would be willing to wait 6 years on the suspicion of an eventual hardcover for a campaign that they are keen to play.

Additionally some APs might not lend themselves so well to hardcover, if the relevant special material already has been given hardcover treatment. For example, Kingmaker was a great success for Paizo - but given that they did Ultimate Campaign already they might not feel as strongly on making a Kingmaker hardcover. Hard to predict.

All that said, I like that they take the opportunity to improve on the original. Rise of the Runelords was pre-Pathfinder, so the update was significant and very helpful. Other older APs might already be Pathfinder-based, but even they can benefit from "new developments" like the addition of concepts/classes from new material. (I imagine not everyone would be as keen, but I *like* the idea of having a bit of material from Mythic Adventures, Occult Adventures, Ultimate Campaign/Combat/Magic/Intrigue, etc added into old APs.)

For those of you that enjoy aRPGs: Grim Dawn is a spectacular triumph. It is everything that Diablo3 should've been but wasn't.

I like that it's happening; but I probably won't go out of my way to get it.

Major things I'm waiting/hoping for:

I quite like it as a starting point, but I think there should be expanded content on "how to handle situations my char is not built for". A control wizard that faces something near uncontrollable, a warrior facing something near unhittable, etc

Jask Derindi aka Navior wrote:
"Before we start splitting ourselves up," Jask suggests, "perhaps it would be best to set up a base camp so we have a place to fall back to if we need to."


Mahjik doesn't even benefit (much) from the bonus movement speed. It's an enhancement bonus, just like the monk's fast speed bonus - they don't stack. Mahjik being on 50ft already is "only" raised to 60ft speed with the haste.

I hope the process goes smoothly then. Any way to accelerate it?

Ya. If the lower downs don't see the issue then maybe try to escalate to higher-level people.

Ya, no worries Navior. We're a patient bunch :)

Have the NPCs all got the wealth-equivalent of NPCs of their level?


(Why yes! They have the power and wealth of friendship!)

1d20 ⇒ 3
1d20 ⇒ 12
1d20 ⇒ 7

Just a heads-up for people looking for cool campaigns: unexpectedly Hell's Rebels has been turning into an absolute gem for us. A friend of mine is running it and its been amazing for us. Noteworthy is that *a lot* of encounters that would normally be combat encounters can be solved socially - and the Charisma stat is really relevant for the AP.

Currently we're just about finished with book 2 (and have already done parts of book 3).

PS - I'm back :) first holiday in 2 years, was well worth it. Check it out (turns and points to skin) I have a tan!

Hi Malwing :)

Thanks for taking the time to review Monk Unfettered.

As you rightly point out, the sheer volume of insights of the unfettered monk can be quite overwhelming - so it can be easy to miss options and interactions (that is one of the reasons I've included an extensive insight reference at the end, so it is easier to see what insights are available, what is required for each insight, and what insights become potentially available by taking a particular insight.

Here I'd like to point to some things you may have missed:

"On the down side, I think this is the worst monk at maneuvers I've seen."

1. One of the insights, "maneuver training" allows the monk to take any Improved maneuver feat without meeting the prerequisites (and the monk can take this insight multiple times); so access to any maneuver is assured.

2. The insight "aspect of the monkey" allows the monk to use his monk level instead of his BAB for maneuvers; so when you perform a maneuver (including during flurries) you effectively do as a full-BAB class. That also means that at level 20 you can do a flurry with maneuvers using +20/+20/+20/+20/+20/+20 (before other considerations).

3. The deep insight "maneuver flurry" essentially duplicates the Maneuver Master archetype; and allows you to perform any maneuver in addition to a flurry (including things such as grapples and dirty tricks).

4. The deep insight "embrace the cycle" allows you to always be considered flurrying; together with "maneuver flurry" that means that you can always perform a maneuver in your round - even when you do something like drink a potion, use the withdraw action, cast a spell with a 10-round casting time, and so forth.

"But I feel like I've seen better in terms of solving the Monk's problems."

I'm not sure which problems you specifically refer to, but the monk mobility-vs-flurry issues is extensively addressed. The unfettered monk also has excellent damage potential if built that way, likewise he has great versatility.

"Also some abilities I stumble on because of a lack of rules language."

Unfortunately I do not know what rules language you're missing, please elaborate - I do update the PDF and such clarifications can and will benefit all.

"the Unchained Monk is more devastating due to it's access to Flying Kick"

On a mechanical level, you can consider the unchained monk's Style Strikes to be the equivalent of the unfettered monk's deep insights. Regarding Flying Kick - the deep insight "monkey foot" is better in all ways: more movement, you're not limited to where you move (no attack necessary), you're not limited to a "kick" attack, and the monk can take it earlier (though it isn't necessarily helpful until level 4, or when the monk has insights that grant him additional attacks such as "bane flurry" or "storm spirit"). This does not take into consideration other mobility-based solutions that the unfettered monk has access to.

"This does depend on how Flurry interacts with Pummeling Style. If Pummeling Style works with Flurry then the Unfettered Monk has a little bit of a leg up but the margin isn't that wide."

I think I'll make it explicit in the PDF, but "flurry" qualifies a monk for anything that requires "flurry of blows", so Pummeling Style naturally interacts with flurry.

"but some moving sliding balance on some insights"

I assume you're talking about insights that grant more than one feat (such as "bend in the wind") as well as insights that grant special effects including duplicating feats (such as "typhoon dance" and "one touch"). The former are part of the balance of the class where the unfettered monk class loses 14 class features and gains only 11 insights in return. As such the insights are sometimes a bit stronger than an average feat; both to compensate for the extra removed class features and also to actually power-up the class (since the core monk being too weak is why monk replacements are made in the first place). The later (typhoon dance and one touch) are part of the deep insights and (like Style Strikes) are quite powerful and balanced by having limited utility on them.

^ That's cool :) now the next step is instilling in him an irrational fetish for monk PCs

Navior wrote:
Joana wrote:
Mahjik the Flink wrote:
Mahjik makes sure to avoid the potential boulder trap as he gingerly makes his way up the tree.
How is he avoiding it without a Perception check to find it? ;)
I was about to ask the same question. :)

What? I thought Sildu pointed it out.

Malwing wrote:
Well I'm pretty much done with my request reviews. Aside from a general request to review more Rite Publishing books I have, so right now I'm reading the Martial Arts book. I can take a deeper look at Monk Unfettered and so how it fits in.

Holding thumbs for myself

Malwing wrote:
LoreKeeper wrote:
Malwing wrote:

6. Way of Ki
Have you had a look at the Monk Unfettered ?

I have Monk Unfettered but I havn't really gotten the chance to do more than skim it. As it stands my current base class vetted list includes Regular Monk, who's augmented by third party meditations and ki feats, Unchained Monk, and the Talented Monk. Monk Unfettered and Monk Reborn dropped off my radar despite having them because:

1) I have a lot of monk replacements and pseudo monks. At this point I consider the monk a 'fixed' class so I haven't been prioritizing looking at more monk replacements as opposed to new things to attach to one of the three monks I have already.

2) Monk Unfettered is one of those things that needs some playtesting and math crunching to judge because the issues with monk is complicated. I can give my impressions on it but I don't think I can give a review, if that makes sense.

3) I'm currently doing steampunk and scifi campaigns which is seeing way less Monk/ki play. Its kind of on the same stack and Dragon-Tiger-Ox in terms of things that were dependent on running a wuxia campaign before I look at them too deeply, especially since I have a specific wuxia campaign I'm outlining for the future.

Ah... that explains. I do hope you get around to it then; I hope you'll find the unfettered monk is capable of filling character concepts that the official sources have trouble with.

That said; you can easily use the monk unfettered insights as new ki powers/feats without adopting the class chassis as well.

Malwing wrote:

10. Culinary Magic
9. Book of Martial Action
8. Fantastic Technology
7. Feats of Runic Might
6. Way of Ki
5. Fighter Nuances
4. A Fistful of Denarii
3. ARMR stuff
2. Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters
1. Anachronistic Adventures

Have you had a look at the Monk Unfettered ?

I think Griffin is sick and may-or-may-not take a look on the pbp. For now I think placing him in Sentinel is a good "cover all your bases" starting option. So I'd go for that.

Edit: Actually, Jatori, please give more details. Is Strea Vestori the missing Cloven Hoof head, or the contact in the slums? Contextualize me!

I thought we were plannin on cloning the gem

I saw! :) Thanks!

You need to slow down here Navior - you're increasing our party net worth by a staggering 1500% - that level of wealth increase can go to peoples' heads! ;)

Meta reasoning: given Navior's suggestions on how to divide the loot and mentioning that it was tailored; I'm wagering the headband is a headband of +2 Wisdom or Charisma suitable for a cleric and should go to Douena

Also, Urza could consider going to the next level with his 3rd person mannerism: 3rd person with explicit contextual additives

Man, I've survived a hectic last week. I'm back again.

Regarding Untari's jump: the DC 36 jump is only if she wants to land straight up ontop with no other issues. She technically only needs to make the leap to the point where she can claw onto the ledge and scrabble up the rest; instead of a 9ft clean vertical jump she only needs maybe a 5ft or 6ft reaching jump.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
QuidEst wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
Master of Many Styles changes...I was expecting to say I'm 60000% done at this point, but it seems solid. I expected the ignoring of prerequisites to be removed, but this is just a straight buff. You have put me in a very, very good mood
Just saw this, and went to see if you'd seen it yet. Very nicely done, making you the Brawler of style feats.

Note that it isn't a straight buff. The class is not nearly as attractive for dipping as you can only get the base feats of a style without prerequisites; the follow-up feats are not covered.

The master of many styles is much better now for people that actually stick to the class; while also keeping sensible level progression balance - no longer can you get feats at level 2 that were intended for level 9 play.

Thank you Sharaya - I'm perfectly happy with the current arrangement.

Also let me mention that you have a badass avatar picture!

Hi Paizo :)

Please cancel my subscriptions; importing to South Africa is too much of a bother. I'll buy PDFs instead.

Thank you

Mahjik the Flink wrote:

I'd like you all to know that I'm a poet.

Personally I like myself some pet PCs; mostly because - to me - they tend to be more fleshed out as characters within a world, rather than NPCs that fill a role in a particular story.

Douena wrote:
Calling on her innate ability to understand others, she calls into the room,

My first thought was that Douena was pulling a Dori (Finding Nemo) and speaking whale.

Because it is unthinkable that a girl could develop feelings for a dashing timelord.

That's feelist I'll have you know.


I mean come-on! The dude is dressed like a down on-his-luck street magician hobo. She's dressed lovely in comparison.

I'll have you know that Mahjik counts as a magical weapon.


Updated Jemini to the proposed system using DM Barcas' proposed item adjustments; notable expenditures beyond that:

  • champion armor, 1500
  • bolstering shield, 1000
  • featherstep slippers, 2000
  • immovable rod, 5000
  • +1800gp spent on charity (total 3000)
  • +1000gp spent on followers

I quite like the proposed system; but it probably needs adjustment: "prowess" probably needs to cover "free" attributes at higher tiers; since using the proposed system doesn't really cater for belts and headbands of perfection. It costs 18 progression steps to get +6 to all attributes - that leaves practically nothing for armor, shield, resistance, weapon, etc.

I propose splitting it into "mental prowess" and "physical prowess" and have each automatically affect all 3 mental / physical stats per progression level.

As a side note: Jemini wears a mithril (chain)shirt 1100gp, not elven chainmail - leaving her with 14225gp to play with.

Jemini's leveled up. Major changes:

HP: 58 to 66
Cha+1: increases initiative, saves, AC, smite, skills
Smite: 3/day
Skills: +1 bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, and use magic device
Level 2 paladin spells: by default prepare litany of righteousness twice

Wealth: no changes (she's roughly at 44,000 counting everything); though if possible I'd like to at least get +1 armor and +1 shield.

Who needs to split the party when you can instead split the party? :P

Hope you had a safe trip. Let's find ourselves some tre- ...exploring!

Ya, that is exactly the kind of thing that Improvised Weapons are all about. Ask yourself "could Jackie Chan do this?" if the answer is "yes", then you are good to go.

Improvised weapons are really a catch-all term for anything that isn't covered by a normal weapon. This allows you to wield grandfather clocks, throw chamber pots; but it also allows you to wield a sword by the blade and pummel people with the pommel (this would make a 1d8 19-20/x2 slashing longsword act like as an improvised club for 1d6 x2 bludgeoning).

Edit: however, keep in mind that although a bucket on a rope is "like" a meteor hammer - at the same time it is also just a bucket on a rope. As a GM I'd treat it as a 1d4 x2 bludgeoning weapon (with reach if the rope is fairly long).

@Joana: mostly everything, there are a couple of "core" features that the monk keeps (such as stunning fist, evasion, and purity of body). Excerpt from Monk Unfettered:

(The) classic monk possesses a number of inherent class features that have been removed in the redesigned monk – maneuver training, high jump, wholeness of body, improved evasion, diamond body, abundant step, diamond soul, empty body, as well as 6 bonus feats. That means a total of 14 class features have been removed, which in turn have been replaced by 11 insights.

Insights are gained at level 1 and every even level (i.e. 11 in total). Naturally the removed class features (other than "Bonus Feats") can be regained manually as insights; but there are also plenty of other options (a total of 152 insights).

Some of the insights are "deep insights" of which a monk only can use a limited number at any given time. At level 1 that is 1. This increases at levels 8 and 16. The insight "contemplation without limit" increases the limit by 1. Deep insights are typically the things that allow interesting things, such as emulating a monk of the empty hands (via "versatile flurry").

@Joana: the character summary is in the profile, though with little explanation for all the abilities (like "monkey's ambition"). He's now a true 3/4 BAB and uses an alternate flurry progression (no pseudo-full-BAB))

Most of his feats are "Extra Insight" (similar to Extra Rogue Talent).

A short summary: sage, bend in the wind, monkey's ambition, versatile flurry, contemplation in the flesh, high jump, (improved) fight without thought

Sage (Ex): a monk with this insight can make Knowledge checks untrained and may use his Wisdom modifier instead of his Intelligence modifier when making Knowledge checks.

Bend in the wind (Ex): a monk with this insight gains Dodge as a bonus feat, at 6th level he additionally gains Mobility as a bonus feat.

Monkey’s ambition (Ex): a monk with this insight gains Catch-Off Guard and Throw Anything as bonus feats.

Versatile flurry (Ex)*: a monk with this insight may use improvised weapons when performing a flurry. A monk may select this insight a second time to flurry with any simple weapon, a third time to flurry any martial weapon, and a fourth time to flurry any exotic weapon. Additional selections of this insight do not count against the number of deep insights applied. A monk must have the monkey’s ambition insight before selecting this insight. This is a deep insight.

Contemplation without limit (Ex): a monk with this insight may apply an additional deep insight.

High jump (Ex): a monk with this insight adds his level to all Acrobatics checks made to jump, both for vertical jumps and horizontal jumps. In addition, he always counts as having a running start when making jump checks using Acrobatics. By spending 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action, a monk gains a +20 bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump for 1 round.

Fight without thought (Ex)*: when performing a flurry, a monk with this insight may use his Wisdom modifier instead of his Strength modifier on attack rolls until the start of his next turn. A monk must have the sage insight before selecting this insight. A monk must be at least 4th level before selecting this insight. This is a deep insight.

Fight without thought, improved (Ex): a monk who uses the fight without thought insight may use his Wisdom modifier instead of his Strength modifier on all attack rolls (including maneuvers). The monk may spend 1 ki as a swift action to add his Wisdom modifier to all damage rolls for 1 round. A monk must have the fight without thought and sage insights before selecting this insight. A monk must be at least 6th level before selecting this insight.

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