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Kaigon the Miscreant

Jeggrim's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 39 posts (87 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 2 aliases.


Marianne, you are indeed correct. I have no armor on :) A bit of dwarf slayer influence mixed with Wulfgar mixed with Conan mixed with Thidbbledorf Pwent I suppose would be my inspiration lol.

As for not wearing armor, it really came down to a "stylistic" choice as well as "crunch." I took the Brutal Pugilist archetype from the APG and they get better bonus if unarmored...

Although looking at the rules again, abilities dependent on being armorless don't come into play until 3rd level. I suppose I could rock some hide until then. As interesting as someone UMDing some mage armor on me is, I don't want to force anyone to babysit me. Thats no fun for anyone. I'll get some hide armor or something. I have plenty of starting gold left so I'll just buy it myself.

Lastly, I'll try and figure out how you all added your character sheets to your profile and do the same! Sorry for making you search it out! I'll fix that a bit later today when I have the chance.

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Lol. Did that drink come with a tampon Fulito? (I kid, I kid!) I honestly developed a taste for fruit flavored liquor this year...before that it was just Pabst Blue Ribbon by the case load lol...

Back on track...

Yeah I'm thinking we need a way to disguise our real cargo and purpose. If we knew of something around here that sells for cheap that can be sold at our destination for not so cheap...well all the better! At a minimum we need to all come up with a good story to tell if we get stopped along the road!

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"And to answer your question, I'll be happy to help you, Jegg."

Though I maybe slow to respond. Busier night than I anticipated.

Me too. I have company over and keep stealing away like a halfling to check in on things!

It sounds like the DM assumes we "purchase" those items and have 1200 left to spend, or about ~200gp a player. Jeggrim really doesn't need much (he's not very keen on worldly possessions, I'm down to spend my share however the party sees fit).

So tell me cousin, ye ever ride one 'o them horses 'afore? Ta be honest wit ye, I'm not too keen on bein at the mercy 'o one 'o them beasts! In fact I find meself more at ease round bears and wolves them horses! Jeggrim bursts into laughter at the absurdity of his situation. Its soundin like speed and shadow are ta be our friends ta see this though I suppose I'm up fer tryin!And indeed, if any gruntin 'o groanin, 'o heavy liftin is needin ta be done, ye've got yerselves a pair 'o dwarves stout as any that ev'r walked!

Following Miriannes lead, Jeggrim falls into step, taking in the sights of the city around him. Shouting at the human man he hadn't met yet, but piecing together his name from Gill's proclamation, Damaran, why don't ye join us? Haven't spoken two words ta ye since ye walked in the door and fell from yer chair! I'm 'sposin now's a good a time as any. Best we get ta know ye 'afore we find ourselves on the road surrounded by gods know what!

Doh! Like I said this is my first PbP...just noticed the different tabs for "discussion" and "gameplay" and all that....I was thinking things have been unually quiet since DM Krallek made his draft...facepalm!

Are we aware of which factions are out there? And by this I mean would we know which we are smuggling for and which we are in opposition to? I ask because a common practice of pirates and smugglers was to carry the colors of a multitude of factions, flying whichever was most beneficial under the circumstances. Perhaps we can achieve something like this through dress/banners/papers/something? I'm thinking that way if we get stopped we have more than one "out," or to simply avoid scrutiny in the first place.

Just .02 for me thoughts :)

God after days of typing like a dwarf, my language skills are slipping! Even when talking to my wife the "ye's, meselfs, 'o's, etc" are slipping out and I find myself having a hard time not typing like that! Oooh this would be a baaaaad habit to form haha!

Ditto. Got blocked. Permission request sent.

Indeed Staryth...Think I may do a bit 'o buyin afore we get to the list, care ta join cousin? I need to get my "basic" adventuring supplies anyhow. I didn't bother during character creation since I wasn't sure if I'd make the cut. I suppose this is a good time to do so lol!

Jeggrim lifts his head at hearing his name. He straitens his beard, adjusts his ragged kilt, and pounds his fist into his other open hand. Well lads an' lasses, seems lady luck, that fickle harlot, has favored the few 'o us today! To all those whose roads will branch from me own today, I thank ye heartily fer the drinks shared and the stories swapped. Mayhaps our paths will cross again. I wish ye all the best 'o luck!

Jeggrim heads over to the group of those selected, throwing his heavy arms around Staryths neck and Merianne's waist, with a sloppy grin and a chuckle he says Well then, shall we?

Thanks everyone for this. This is my first PbP and it has been amazing. I honestly wish we all got to keep going. Some of the character development/relationships that were forming here are so interesting and amazing. Thank you all. Lagash, out of everyone I must admit I'm a bit sad you won't be joining us. The crazy dwarf/orc "odd couple" thing we had going, especially since it started out with us not really liking each before turning to this open minded respect, was simply one of the most compelling RP experiences I've had to date. I was really looking forward to exploring that possible friendship.

That said I'm excited to continue with this! Thanks for selecting me DM! I'm excited about where this is going!

Jeggrim hoists his mug, clinking it against the others, his mind races All these lads an' lassies seem ta have deep desires, meself is content with so much less...what is it ye want Jegg? How do ye sum yerself up?... A massive smile crosses his face,

Fer glorious battle! Fer a few coins in yer pocket, a tune on yer lips, fer the road unknown, fer new friends, and fer the blood 'o yer enemies flowin' like a river from yer weapons!not quite the one-liner e'ryone else had but...bah! It's whats in me heart! Jeggrim pours his drink down his throat in one huge gulp, belching loudly before bursting into booming laughter.

Strength Check1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10

Jeggrim and Gilthanis sit at the bar arms quivering as they battle both each other and the effects of the brew, finally, with a burst of strength, Jeggrim slams Gilthanis's hand to the bar top. Jumping up he slaps the elf firmly on the shoulder; Bah! I knew ye didn't have it in ye moonkin! Though I must admit ye are stronger than ye look and I'm not one ta be forgettin ta pay respects where they are due. Ye've gained a measure 'o respect with me point-ear! Put up a better fight than I expected! Lets share another round, maybe ye can tell me more about the point-ears...mayhaps I have ye marked wrong. Jegg may be a lot 'o things but one thing I ain't is one whom foolishly clings to unfounded judgements! Jeggrim pounds Gilth hard in the arm, friendly but perhaps a little too hardly before raising his glass in a bit of a staggering salute.

Hearing Lagash's conversation with Merianne, Damn right ye are Lagash. Boys will be boys! Whats the point 'o life if ye can't let yerself find pleasure where ye may? Fer all yer ta be knowin, this may be the last chance ye have ta drink and carry on in such company!

Gilthanis you have to roll your strength checks lol...oh and I'm trying not too. Chest colds suck...

Three more strength rolls...just roll a few Gilth and we'll compare them after and write up some fluff with them...
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

So in order that gives me a 13, 6, 22, 6. Roll up four and we'll compare line by line and go from there.

Missed ya Lagash! Thanks buddy I'm doin ok. Still feel like crap. To be honest, after reading your post I LoLed so hard I wound up in a painful coughing fit! Nice job bud :P

Bwahahahaha! Lagash ye tickle me funny bones!

Turing to the elf, I dunno...I might break yer arm off moonkin! Ah what the hell! Jeggrim spits into his palms and rubs them together briskly before finally clasping Gilthanis's hand; Haha! Yer hands are as soft as yer face point ear! Like that of a young maiden! And with the playful insult Jeggrim starts up the game;

Strength Roll1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13 Same rules as me and Staryth had? Three consecutive wins in opposed strength rolls wins?

To Tagrum Well it's good ta meet another 'o me kin. Ye've got yerself a fine lookin pup there! I'm fer hopin that we may find ourselves wit a bit 'o coin in our pouches and the road beneath our boots! Jegg takes his leave heading back to Staryth's side.

To Staryth, Ahhh the waitin game eh? Jeggrim orders another round for the pair of dwarves and asks Marianne if she cares to join in, as well as the halfling.

Man Staryth you just reminded me that this could just end right now lol. I've gotten so wrapped up in interacting with everyone here I honestly forgot that only a few people will get to keep playing! In any case it's still been fun!


Fulito in Dwarven:
Aye there hair-foot! Ye should open yer eyes lad! Your tune had had me rompin' round on more than one occasion! Thank ye fer the tunes little hair-foot. Meself would be lyin' if I told ye I didn't enjoy a lively tune! I don't think we've met yet little half-man, the names Jeggrim. People round here call me Shatterbones!

Jeggrim laughs at Marianne. Maybe one day I'll teach ya lassie!

He follows her over to the dwarf with the wolf, Hail there cousin! Couldn't help but notice ye sitting o'r here by yerself. Figured wouldn't it wouldn't be proper if I didn't introduce meself ta ye. The names Jeggrim, no surname I'm afraid, but folks round here have taken a liken ta callin me Shatterbones, and I'm fer finding it right fitting! Jeggrim thrusts out his massive hand in greeting. So tell me cousin, what be yer story?

Haha! Jeggrim flexes with mock exaggeration.

Slipping into dwarven

Yeah he said "Gill, ye know what to do with these after I'm gone. Make sure they get everything on this supply list. They're gonna need it." And then handed him a bag 'o coins and a rolled up note. What do ye make 'o that?

Falling back into common, Whatever is gonna happen, it's gonna happen soon I can tell ye that!

Jegg looks around the room, Oi Staryth, ye know what I just realized? I haven't met that other kinsmen yet. Have ye had a chance ta talk to him yet? He's sittin alone. What do ye say we invite him over and see what he's about?

I believe that is three in a row for me Staryth.

Jeggrim finally gains ground, slamming Staryth's hand into the bartop. He pumps his arms in victory before wiping the sweat from his brow. He pats Staryth on the shoulder Thanks fer the fun. What a challenge! Yer as strong as an ogre me friend! I thought ye was gonna beat me there fer a heart beat! Jeggrim laughs. Next rounds on yerself then eh?

Noting what the man in red said to Gill, a puzzled look crosses Jegg's face.

Ye hear that cousin? The cloaked man is leavin...

Jeggrim presses the advantage growling at the strain.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Edit: Perception1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Jegg grumbles through gritted teeth...Same ta ye

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18

Jeggrim is able to recover his lost ground, bringing Staryth's arm back up...

Roaring he presses again...
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

Yeah I was thinking d20+str, three consecutive wins at the opposed rolls claims a victor. Sound good? If you have a better idea let me know :)

Jeggrim slams his elbow on the bar top, clasps Staryth's hand in his own massive paw, and laughing with delight gives it a go...

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

Jegg's arm bulges under the press of Staryth's strength. It waivers, slipping an inch or two down...Raaawr! Jeggrim bellows firming up his grasp. His brow begins to furrow, and his eyes darken a bit...

Jeggrim continues to watch the antics of those attempting both the drinking game and the knife juggling, laughing wildly and poking fun at those that fail in either endeavor.

Upon hearing Fulito's little tune, Jeggrim jumps up and begins dancing like a maniac, laughing heartily at it all. Straaaaange day! He muses to himself as he once again finds his seat beside Staryth.

So cousin,He slaps Staryth on the shoulder What say ye and meself have a friendly game 'o Arm Wrestling? Jeggrim grins wildly.

After the small talk with the man in red, Jeggrim returns to the bar to take part in the festivities.

Staryth wrote:
"Easy there, stringbean. I admire your attempt, but best leave hard drinking to folks that can grow a beard."

Bwahahaha! Ain't that right Staryth? And ye know what they say about that don't ye? If yer father don't have a beard, then ye've got yerself two mums! Jeggrim slaps Staryth on his back as he finishes his poke at the elf, wiping tears from his eyes he continues Gill ye crusty bastud let 'ol Jegg have a try at this!

Jegg grabs the drink and pounds it down, scooping up the knives and giving it a go, loudly singing as he does so.

Fort Save1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Reflex Saves1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

Jeggrim pounds down the brew without even flinching, then expertly juggles the knives, bouncing on one foot, and bellowing loudly, poking fun at the elf the whole time; I thought ye fairy folk were all fingers and nimbleness, bouncing through the forest like a bunch 'o little girls on their first day 'o school! And just in case yer wonderin, this is how a man wit a proper beard does it!!! After completing the challenge, Jeggrim slams the knives down on the bar top, pumping his fists in victory.

Edit in OOC:
This is my first attempt at play by post. I know the DM said all applications will be on this board, in character, and I have already posted my characters crunch, but does he want a PM or something with a written background? I have that typed up, but haven't seen anyone else posting theirs. Am I missing something? Apologies if this has already been answered, but thanks in advance for any help.

Staryth, did you not get the implied invitation to join me and Lagash in speaking with the man in the red cloak? Sorry if I didn't make that clear enough...anyways, since at this point my character is tied up waiting for DM response, I'm out for the night. Going to try and sleep off this crud. G'nite all and thanks for another fun day of RPing.

Jeggrim sees the new dwarf with wolf in tow enter the tavern. Another kinsmen? He thinks in disbelief By Torag's beard today just gets more interestin'! And look at his pet! He has the look 'o a wild one too!

Thanks Lagash. Yeah I got a wicked fever, sore throat, cough, and chills. My wife has got it too :( We're pretty miserable right now. Thanks for asking buddy :)

Jeggrim crosses his arms over his burly, bare, tattooed chest. He listens intently to Lagash's statements, honestly surprised by his good tact hmmmm glad I gave the 'ol half-breed half a chance! He may wear the skin 'o an orc but he sure don't act like one! I'm impressed...

Following Lagash's lead, I'm not sure what ye're about, but I noticed the look in yer eyes. The look 'o a man wit a bit 'o business to tend too. The name's Jeggrim, I ain't have a proper surname but folks round here call me Shatterbones, and I'm bettin ye're the type smart enough to guess why Jeggrim smiles a massive toothy grin Mayhaps that we can sit with ye and find out what a cloaked stranger such as yerself is all about.

Feeling like he did pretty well there, Jegg gives a satisfied "humph" hoping that he followed Lagash's lead well enough [Jegg has a low charisma and struggles with "formal" introductions as well as being "appropriate." Most times he is crass, crude, and most importantly just says it like it is with no tact what so ever.

Finally gettin somewhere at least

Jeggrim pops his neck, then laces his fingers together cracking those as well. He falls into stride beside Lagash.

As he stands he pats Staryth on the shoulder, Me 'an the biggin here's about ta see whats fer what wit the stranger. Ye care ta join us cousin? I ain't one fer waitin ferever!

Jeggrim nods at Lagash Right beside ye greenie. Lets make heads or tails 'o all this! Jegg's ready to confront the 'man in red.'

To Lagash:
Lagash, mayhaps that ye have a bit 'o dwarf in the stone pile if ye know what I be meanin as meself is sick 'o the waitin. The manling in reds been eye ballin the likes 'o us long enough. What say we find out what he's about?

To the Halfling:
Just in case you missed it I did compliment your song about the dwarves at the beginning, urging you to sing more and perhaps strike up a conversation

To Gilthanis:
A ranger you say eh? I think of meself as a bit 'o a woodsman meself. Although I can't claim to be a ranger meself...More 'o a wild-dwarf! Bwahaha! I'd ask ye how it is I haven't seen ye round these parts yet point-ear, but I'm already fer knowin the answer...elf tricks! Bwahahaha! Yer kind has a reputation fer bein sneaks and shadow walkers. And well renown at that! What brings a smooth-face such as yerself inta a pig's wallow such as this?

Whoops forgot my rolls

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16Perception
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13Sense Motive

Hey all, I'm not feeling well, got some crud or another. I'm going to lay down for a bit. Any conversation directed at me I'll respond to later when I'm feeling a bit better. I'll hide them in spoilers to avoid clutter. Thanks again all this has been a blast so far. Excellent roleplay! Kudos all!

Aye 'tis as you say cousin. But that don't mean I have ta jump wit joy 'bout it! Hahaha! Meself has found I can work wit just about anyone, but it don't mean I trust 'em. 'Specially those of orc 'er elf blood. They's got ta earn that trust ta be sure. But you're right. Yer wisdom once again has proven vast cousin. May be that meself has spent too much time in the wilds by meself! Haha!

To Gill;Gill ye 'ol cur! Ye been holdin out on me? Fer weeks ye've taken me coin and not once mentioned GuzzleSlop 'er Chance! Ye got me interest. Ye mind tellin a dolt like meself how 'ta play? 'O and another round fer me and me kinsmen here!

sorry for my belated response. My internet decided today was a perfect day for giving me it figured out now. Should be no more problems at all

Jeggrim listens to the clerics arguing about faith, the end of the world and all that other nonsense, Listen ye dolts, end or no end, whats the difference? If the end is coming as you say, then what good is it to even drag yer arse out of bed in the morning? What good is it to find love? Ta laugh? Ta make friends? Ta worry bout any 'o those things? Why wouldn't ye just sit in yer chambers and wait fer it ta come eh? Bah! End 'o no end it don't make a difference. We are all goin ta do what we do either way!

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Jeggrim eyeballs the elf walking into the tavern, rolling his eyes and no so quietly "whispers" Great, a sodding point-ear. Just what we needed...a flower smelling, smooth faced, flighty, with a rod up his bum ta mess things up... By Torag could today get any weirder? First I share a drink with one 'o me kin, and a proper one at that. Next a hummie cleric of some goddess or another. And then, a half-breed orc-spawn! And that one I buyed a drink wit me own coin! And now? A durned elf! Sigh...

Jeggrim looks around the room at all that have gathered, then to Staryth in

Oi cousin. The competition gets fiercer by the minute! Lot 'o sellswords here. Lot 'o priesty types too. And now a durned elf! Did ye see him walk in like he's better than the rest 'o us? Bah! Elves....

And lastly to the elf
Oi point-ear! What are ye about? Jeggrim scowls.

Bah! Must have a hole in me lip! Jegg laughs at his misfortune, At least it was just the last bit 'o backwash left in me cup! Another hearty laugh, then turning to Lagash I suppose I'd be takin ye up on that round now greenie if yer still fer buyin!

Jeggrim regards Curos for a moment, Cause? What ye be babblin about longshanks? Most 'o us are here fer work and coin, what cause are ye referin to? Yer not one 'o them mad manlings all hell bent and full 'o fire, standin tall on some pillar screamin 'bout one durned thing 'er another are ye?

Jegg pauses a moment to think before continuing
Although I suppose we're all fer being bound by the same "cause" I reckon. These parts 'o the world attract such people. Mayhaps we just all call it something different, but in the end we ain't much different by my measure...Cept them point-eared, smooth-faced, fairy lovin elves! Not a durned thing they do makes sense! Jeggrim erupts into laughter at this, slapping he knee and bellowing at the top of his lungs.Staryth am I right! Haha!

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

So like I was saying...Drink spills...Bah! What in the hells?!

I have to head out for a few hours, I'll be back later. Thanks for all the fun RPin so far guys and gals. Having a blast!

Aye Staryth, ye're probably right on both accounts!

Jeggrim clinks his mug against Lagash's saying,
Cheers! From one misfit to another! And ye best be believin I'll hold ye to that offer! Jeggrim gives a friendly laugh, a loud booming affair.

Turning back to the human priestess Marianne Aye lass, there be wisdom in yer words. Jegg laughs again, the double meaning of her words not lost on him Yer a feisty lass ain't ye? Haha! Jeggrim shakes his head chuckling to himself about the strangeness of priests and the various gods.

OOC: Ok DM Krallek, glad you found it :) Let me know if you need anything else from me.

Sorry for the double post, but in response to you DM Krallek;

I'm a dwarf barbarian. I posted my character sheet a while back. Let me know if you need me to re-post it. I'd be more than happy to :)

Well, I don't tend to bleed much - still have to find someone that can actually put their money where their mouth is, and draw anything but a smile from my face. But hey, stick around and you may find out - With a laughter he adds: As for trusting me, you better not, because I will not be trusting you until you offer me an ale!

Jeggrim stare's at Lagash for a long moment, eyes narrowed, brow furrowed before:

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! hahaha! Haha! Ha...Ha. Full 'o piss an' devil's spit this one is! I've 'alf a mind ta slap that stupid smile right off yer ugly face, but I...BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Can't...hahaha...stop...haha...laughin! Fine, have it yer way half-breed.

Jeggrim order's another round handing yet another to Staryth, keeping one for himself, and handing the last to Lagash.

Raising his glass

Ye can half yer drink on me orc-spawn and the benefit 'o me doubt, but ye best be believin that I'll be the first ta knock that thick skull of yers straight out yer arse if ya pull any of that filthy orc nonsense!

Jeggrim laughs at the irony of it all.

To Staryth in dwarven

Indeed he is cousin. Keep a sharp eye on that one. I'm not fer casting me lot in wit an orc, half man 'er not. Suppose I've seen stranger things than two dwarves sharing a mug 'o brew with a green skinned oaf though! As fer the stranger in red, what say we be findin out exactly what he's about?

Jeggrim takes a deep drag off his pint, musing at the odd way this day is turning out By the Maker, who would have thought I'd be sharin a pint wit one 'o me kin in the same day I buy one for an half breed orc! Torag ye got yerself one hell 'o a sense 'o humor!

Aye, it is understood cousin. It is as you said; chance. If our paths are not fated to be, then so be it, though I must admit, Jeggrim is not one to leave everything to fate and chance; fickle wench that she is! Nay, I be thinkin its a bit 'o kickin that makes wave if ye catch me meaning...

Did you notice that fellow what talked to the bartender? Think he's the big coin fellow everyone is hoping to impress?"

Aye, I be thinkin so.

Jegg slips into dwarish as a massive half orc approaches, finishing his thought.

He has the look about him, he does. The look in his eye that says he a meanin business ta be sure. See the way he measures each 'o us with his stare? Weighing the lot 'o us don't ye be doubtin. What do ye say we play with that whore 'o a wench named Fate and see what this cloaked man's about?

Slipping back into common Jeggrim regards the half-ord with suspicion...bloody half-breed. What's he about. I've half a mind ta... The half orc speaks...

I'm not much for trying to impress anyone but... Any of you know who that one is? By the way, I am Lagash.

Well spoken green bastud ain't he...hmmmmm Jeggrim muses before speaking.

Well ye ain't impressin' me ya green-skined oaf! It'll take a bit more than yer ugly mug and flowery words to impress me! Let me ask ye orc-spawn, do ye bleed red like yer man side, 'er black like yer orc side? Ye see in my experiance it makes all the difference on whether or not ye trust an orc spawn... Jegg's words are not angry, just plain and blunt. For even Jeggrim, removed from his kin as he is, still holds their hatred for orcs.

Jeggrim, a little surprised at the wisdom responds

I am moved by yer wisdom cousin. Chance and choice...Odd indeed. Although it seems that perhaps fate has brought the pair 'o us ta the same place seeking the same thing. Ye be chance and choice and meself the same. Perhaps we will find the favor 'o the god's this day and find the road beneath our boots and some coin in our pockets! Maybe that ye can be teachin meself a thing or two about me heritage and maybe that I can be teachin ye a thing 'er two bout the wild 'o the land! Jeggrim looks rather excited at the prospect of working and fighting beside a fellow dwarf for the first time in his life.

Falling back into common
Than ye fer the compliments cousin! It's a fine thing to be sure, usin yer hands and yer wits ta make something lasting! If ye ever feel the need ye just need ask and I'll be doin me best work for ye, ye better believe!

Oh and here is this

Character Sheet:
Unnamed Hero
Male Dwarf Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist) 1
CG Medium Humanoid (dwarf)
Init +4; Senses Darkvision; Perception +6
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
hp 15 (1d12+2)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +2; +2 vs. poison, spells, and spell-like abilities
Defensive Abilities Defensive Training
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Brass knuckles +3 (1d3+4/x2) and
. . Brass knuckles +3 (1d3+2/x2)
Ranged Shortbow +3 (1d6/x3)
Special Attacks Relentless
Str 18, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 17
Feats Two-weapon Fighting
Traits Grounded, Iron Liver, Reactionary
Skills Acrobatics +6, Craft (tattoo) +5, Knowledge (nature) +5, Perception +6, Survival +6
Languages Common, Dwarven, Orc
SQ Fast Movement +10, Greed, Hardy +2, Hatred +1, Rage (6 rounds/day), Slow and Steady, Stonecunning +2
Combat Gear Arrow, durable (10), Brass knuckles, Brass knuckles, Shortbow;
Special Abilities
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Defensive Training +4 Gain a dodge bonus to AC vs monsters of the Giant subtype.
Fast Movement +10 (Ex) +10 feet to speed, unless heavily loaded.
Greed +2 to Appraise checks to determine the price of nonmagical goods that contain precious metals or gemstones.
Grounded You gain a +2 trait bonus on balance-related Acrobatics checks, and a +1 trait bonus on Reflex saves.
Hardy +2 Gain a racial bonus to saves vs Poison, Spells and Spell-Like effects.
Hatred +1 Gain a racial bonus to attacks vs Goblinoids/Orcs.
Rage (6 rounds/day) (Ex) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.
Relentless +2 Gain CMB bonus to bull rush/overrun while both self and foe stand on ground.
Slow and Steady Your base speed is never modified by encumbrance.
Stonecunning +2 +2 bonus to Perception vs unusual stonework. Free check within 10 feet.

Hero Lab® and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
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"You don't know a forge? Do you work in stone then perhaps? Masonry's an honorable tradition," He assures. "And the elf would probably fall over." He gives another small smile takes the drink, and quaffs some.

Stonework? Nay that ain't me thing either. Ta be honest with ye cousin I'm not much good at any 'o the traditional craft 'o ourkin... Jeggrim trail off examining his drink sullenly for a moment before continuing A bit ashamed 'o the fact ta be blunt with ye. Ne'er had a chance ta learn really. I like watchin the smithies work ta be sure, the poundin 'o the hammers on the anvil, the rhythmic blows calm me heart ye see...but 'ol Jegg here? I'm a bit 'o a hunter a trapper, fairly skilled at that I is. Oh and inking skin. Jegg's smile returns, I'm skilled at that as well. Maybe yer interested in addin a bit 'o flavor ta that skin 'o yers? Jegg motions to his own tattoos allowing Staryth a better view. What say ye ta that! Jegg looks excited at the prospect of working the skin of one of his kinsmen.

"Another warrior type it seems. Competition for jobs is gonna be fierce."

Jegg eyes the room. Aye, indeed it does. I'm not fer doubtin that a pair 'o Torag's forgelings can show the rest 'o these sellswords whats fer what! He tags Staryth upside the shoulder in a playful yet hard way I'm not fer doubtin that work'll find its way ta us and don't ye be doubtin yerself! Jegg smiles another large, sloppy smile.

Calling out to the halfling Try this one on fer size little manling! With that Jeggrim bursts into a booming drinking song, rapping his mug on the bar top in time with the rhythm. Its a catchy little tune, if ye catch on sing along!

Jeggrim's Drinking Song

Finishing his song he looks around to see if anyone had joined in his tune, pleased with himself either way...

Jeggrim burst into voracious laughter at the little "half-pints" lively song.

In between bursts of laughter BWAHAHA! More! Ye've got a sense 'o humor little hair-foot, yes ye does! Now I'm wonderin if ye're wonderin what's beneath me own kilt! More insane laughter and clapping follows this comment.

Yer a smithy?Jegg smiles a huge toothy smile Well kiss me 'axe! Ye certainly are the spittin' image 'o a dwarfy dwarf ain't ye! Jeggrim orders up a pair of fresh drinks, handing one to Staryth, I hate ta admit it ta someone like yerself, but I'm about as useful at a forge as an elf holdin a battleaxe! Jeggrim bursts into booming laughter at the thought of a frail little fairy elf holding a massive axe too heavy to lift.

Interesting? I've been called many 'o things but ne'er that. So ye any good with that hunk 'o iron? Nodding towards Staryth's hammer Ne'er much liked bindin up me 'ands wit anythin. I prefer things more....personal A wry and knowing smile finds Jegg's face I like ta feel the bones crunch in me 'ands, tearin me foes limb from limb if ye know what I be meanin'. The taste 'o blood! The cracking 'o bones! The wet slap 'o rendin flesh! Jegg's brow darkens as a wicked smile forms from ear to ear, Specially the sound 'o orcs diein'! Dem pig faced runts make the funniest sounds as they crumple!

Staryth said wrote:
"Staryth," The black bearded dwarf manages to get out as he sputters in surprise, "Staryth Torhammer, third to bear that name. Beggin' your pardon but your taking the Dwarf Father's name a bit lightly there, don't you think?" He snorts, then his features change, Oh gods spare me. I'm channeling my father He coughs, "Pardon my temper for a moment there. I don't quite know how things are done in human lands, and I don't know many clanless. Still, I'm sure you meant no insult to the god, and I'm no cleric and do not want to be." He confesses, "As I was telling this human lady, I heard warrior work could be found here."

A bit lightly? Bah! If the Dwarf Father has a problem with how I be takin' his name he sure hasn't taken the time to tell me! Jeggrim bellows between deep gulps, No need ta ask fer pardon cousin! I ain't exactly one known fer holdin his tongue still! And losin me temper is me specialty! Jeggrim's voice booms as excitement grabs hold of him. He can't remember the last time he had the pleasure of another dwarf's company, much less a proper one of a proper clan.

Ta answer yer question, aye its rumored that work can be found here, though it seems Gill is content to simply take our coin in exchange fer watery ale and cold food, all with the promise 'o work on his lips Jeggrim gives a hearty laugh. I meself 'ave been waitin fer weeks fer a chance to put a few gold back in the 'ol coinpurse. Ain't nothin showin yet though, and all the while I lighten me load, coin by coin on this watered down brew! He clasps Staryth's shoulder in a friendly but firm embrace. Truly a pleasure to be mettin ye

Turning to the female standing beside the black bearded dwarf, Well lass, ain't ye a pretty little thing? A bit tall and narrow fer 'ol Jegg's taste, but I can't help but notice ye seem ta draw the stares of all lazy eyed men in this dump. Few 'o 'em seem like their jaws might as well fall right off 'o their heads! Jeggrim laughs again, a loud, booming, gravely sound, greatly amused by himself.

4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 5, 5) = 16 = 13
4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 2, 4) = 11 = 10
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 4, 6) = 22 = 18
4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 1, 4) = 11 = 10
4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 1, 2) = 11 = 10
4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 3, 1) = 12 = 11
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 3, 3) = 18 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 4, 4) = 15 = 12
Huh, could be worse! Spose I'll make a dwarf barbarian for this :)

The door to the tavern bangs open with a loud report. A dwarf strolls in, bellowing as he stomps to the bar Gill ye ugly long-un bastud, I've got a thirst that's in need of quenchin!

Tall for a dwarf and broad even by dwarven standards, the boisterous and crass dwarf is naked from the waist up. His massive chest is covered in intricate tattoos of dwarven runes and symbols. His red beard is long and expertly braided, reaching down past his waist. The sides of his head are shaved, the top worn long and woven into a thick plait that runs the length of his back. His hands are wrapped in thick leather and topped with enormous spiked metal bands. A ragged kilt hangs from his hips, his feet covered in thick leather boots.

By Torag's hairy dangalies! he exclaims in his thick accent, slapping the black bearded dwarf on the back, oblivious to the fact that he is already engaged in another conversation Whats a proper child 'o the smith doin in these long-un's bar eh? The names Jeggrim! Don't have a proper surname, but folks 'round these parts are keen to callin' me Shatterbones so I 'spose its as good of a surname as any eh?

Jeggrim takes a deep drag off his drink, then wiping foam from his mouth,

So ye tell me cousin, what brings ye here?

Hail and well met!

I'm looking to start up a new group here in Boise. I'm an experienced GM and run games that are more "role-play," than "roll-play" with a focus on story, character development, plot, etc. I really don't enjoy powergamers, munchkins, or obsessive optimizers as I feel that there are other games (namely video games) in which I can get that experience. I look at my table top RPGs as being able to focus more on the things you can't do else where; namely diving into the world and your character and the story in ways limited only by imagination!

All of that said, I'm looking for a good group of 3-5 players to run weekly games. I'm willing to run both published adventure paths or homebrew campaigns. I figure that once I hunt down enough players we can talk as a group and decide which direction to steer things in.

If you are interested please contact me. Lets get together and throw some dice!

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