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Italian FAN's page

54 posts. Alias of Sneaky.

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I've been following Paizo community for new RotR material for almost seven years now. I have collected tons of maps, images, documents, ideas, stats, documents, DataBases, calendars... to fill a small hard disk. And I have created quite a lot of stuff too. It's not as simple for me to find what I need when playing among that material and this is even worse if I think to all official material that could be used for the AP but has been released in different books (and sometimes need small revision for RotR). Because I'm going to master the AP for my second time, I would like to see all this goodness well organized.

Can we set up a community group to prepare a tome of supreme knowledge collecting all the wonderful add-ons created in these years organizing those for anyone who could need to start this campaign in the future?

If you think you could give your contribute to this project, please state your interest. I plan to use web meetings to coordinate activities, reviewing different parts prepared from the different contributors and to release a preliminary version of the document just after the summer.

I have followed Paizo work on Pathfinder and Golarion from the beginning so I'm almost confident (and I also own) with all the books' contents. But I remember when I was attracted by Forgotten Realms but it seemed too vast for me not knowing well from where to start. I was unwilling to start any campaign there because I feared to be inadequate and missing something important.

Now the suggestion... A book that summarize the contents of what is out up to now, categorizing contents by regions, levels, suggesting how to prepare APs or campaign based on Pathfinder modules, how to improve those using pathfinder society adventures and, likely, also some third party scenarios or add ons. Where additional knowledge could be found on the explored regions for each suggested campaign, as pathfinder tales, companions, inner sea world guide, player guides...

Ok I think a book like this could be useful for me too...

I'm starting a rotr ap next week... It's almost ready in maptool but... For the first session I would like to make jubrayl vhisky help the players in a special mission before the festival... But I need his stats... Can these be found somewhere on the net? Any other sandpoint npc stats available?
Thanks for any help.

Aspettando il game space annunciato dalla Paizo, mi appresto ad iniziare un'altra campagna usando Maptool dopo quella terminata appena prima delle vacanze. Ma visto che sto preparando l'ascesa dei signori delle rune (edizione appena uscita rivista per Pathfinder), potrei essere intenzionato a provare un'esperienza di pbp. Cosi' se ci saranno sufficienti interessati a settembre quando tornero' dalle vacanze in francia chissa'... Nel caso iniziate a proporre idee di pc in genere ogni regola ufficiale e' ok ma vorrei personaggi con solo 15 punti caratteristiche iniziali in quanto preferisco far maturare anche queste duramte il gioco.

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I plan to adopt MorphVoxPro for my Virtual Table Top campaign and so I planned to use also music as background as suggested for example by Riptide for Carrion Crown... At the moment I'm focusing on Burnt Offerings. I have defined a preliminary list but still I have some holes and I would like to receive some good suggestions for new entries or substitutions to what I adopted.

If you need more details on the songs to find them contact me

Part One: Festival and Fire
A) Arriving in Sandpoint
- A1 On the Lost Coast Road  Alan Silvestri – Reunited
This is needed if some of the PCs have to arrive in Sandpoint. In my campaign the group was traveling few days before the festival from Magnimar with the objective to take some maps to “The Way North” and to protect two aristocratic families on the route to the coastal city. On their way they joined themselves with a caravan leaded by Jubrayl Vhiski with his Sczarni who still came from Magnimar where they had some other business. Near Sandpoint they were all ambushed by some other thieves, in my case a small band, I used Happs Bydon and his bandits from Kingmaker Stolen Land and later in the adventure Kressle and The Stag Lord too.
- A2 Entering the town  Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters
The PC enter the city
From the gatehouse and stop themselves in front of the sign and the mirror reading the welcoming message. Then they direct towards the Way North where the buy a map of the Region from Veznutt Parooh finally going to give a look to the Old Light.
- A3 Sandpoint Streets  Jeff Beal - The Carnivàle Convoy
The PC go through the streets where they meet various NPCs and other folks making preparations for the incoming festival finally reaching the Rusty Dragon.
B) The Swallowtail Festival
- B1 Welcoming Speeches  Knut Avenstroup Haugen - The Mountains of Night
- B2 Festival games  David Munrow - Citole, English dance
- B3 Swallowtail Relaise  Shiro Hamaguchi, Seiji Honda - Aerith's Theme
- B4 Lunch on the streets  THE MIDDLE AGES (Woodwind) Shawm - Saltarello
- B5 Consecration  Wojciech Kilar - Lucy's Party
C) Goblins in the streets!
- C1 Initial Assault  Danny Elfman - March of the Dead
- C2 Goblyn Pyros  Bernard Herrmann - The Fight
- C3 Die, Dog, Die! 
- C4 Corpses on the streets  Carrie Soundtrack - Candles, Mother at the Top of the Stairs

Part Two: Local Heroes
D) Consecration part two
- D1 Sandpoint cathedral  Knut Avenstroup Haugen - In the Temple
- D2 Father Zantus speech  Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal
- D3 Local Heroes  David Munrow - THE RENAISSANCE (Woodwind) Shawm, Two Courantes
E) The Shopkeep’s Daughter
- E1 Shayliss Vinder  David Munrow - Dulcimer, Madrigal 'Tanto soavemente'
- E2 Love in the Store Basement  David Munrow - Xylophone, Ballo Francese
- E3 Ven Vinder arrival
F) The Boar Hunt
- F1 Aldern Foxglove
- F2 Towards Tickwood Ford  Jeff Beal - Carnivàle Main Title Theme
- F3 Tickwood Boars  The Terminator Soundtrack - Future Remembered
- F4 Dinner at Rusty Dragon  Knut Avenstroup Haugen - The Ballad of the Barbarian King
G) Monster in the Closet
- G1 Amele Barett
- G2 PC at Barett house  Glenn Stafford - Blackrock & Roll
- G3 Alergast fate  Carrie Soundtrack - End Title
H) Grim News from Mosswood
- H1 Shalelu Andosana  James Newton Howard - The Orange Man
- H2 Lesson on goblins  The London Symphony Orchestra - 'Freedom' _ The Excecution _ Bannockburn
- H3 Another dinner at Rusty Dragon  Jeff Beal - Dora Mae's Funeral
I) The Missing Bartender
- I1 Bethana Corwin  The London Symphony Orchestra - The Princess Pleads For Wallace's Life
- I2 Tsuto Letter  Philippe Sarde - Mansion

Part Three: Glass and Wrath
L) Sandpoint Glassworks
- L1 Investigation  Nobuo Uematsu - Turk's Theme
- L2 Against the Goblins  David Arnold - Fall of a House in Venice
- L3 Saving Ameiko
- L4 Against Tsuto
M) Catacombs of Wrath
- M1 Sinspawn  Carrie Soundtrack - Broken Mirror
- M2 Vargouille near washing pool The Terminator Soundtrack - Factory Chase
- M3 More Sinspawn in ancient prison  Joseph LoDuca - Foul Thing
- M4 Ancient study skeletons
- M5 Koruvus and Zombies  M5 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Halloween 1 - Theme Main Title
- M6 Meditation Chamber  M6 Jeff Beal - Justin Calls Iris
- M7 Shrine to Lamashtu
- M8 Cathedral of Wrath and Erylium  M8 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - A Stranger In The House

Part Four: Thistletop
N) Trip to Thistletop
- N1 Sandpoint Hinterlands  Tracy W. Bush - Awakening
O) Outside Thistletop
- O1 Hidden Entrance / Thistle Tunnels  Derek Duke - Arcane Echoes
- O2 The Howling Hole  Joseph LoDuca - Pit
- O3 Submerged Sea Cave (Bunyip)  Derek Duke - Blight
- O4 Refugee Nest
- O5 Goblin Dog Kennel / Tangletooth’s Den  Tracy W. Bush - Arrival at Kalimdor
- O6 Gogmurt  Knut Avenstroup Haugen - Ambush from Three Directions
- O7 Rope Bridge 
- O8 Thistletop
P) Goblin Level
- P1 Trophy Hall  Jeff Beal - You're The One
- P2 Pickle Thieves
- P3 Thistletop Goblins  Joseph LoDuca - On the Parapet
- P4 Shadowmist (caged horse)
- P5 Throne Room  Hans Zimmer - The Kraken
- P6 Treasury
Q) Thistletop Dungeon: Level One
- Q1 Bruthazmus and Goblin Wives
- Q2 Orik Vancaskerkin
- Q3 Tentamort
- Q4 Chapel to Lamashtu  John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - Darkness Falls
- Q5 Lyrie Akenja  John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - End Credit
- Q6 Trapped Hall
- Q7 Nualia  John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - Opening Credits
- Q8 Giant Hermit Crab
- Q9 Malfeshnekor  John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - The Devil Awakens

I really like to go through my quite big Paizo collection and look at the wonderful images of Golarion, but sometime I really don't know what it is there represented... I would like community to use this post to Q&A on this topic...

My first question is....

1) What is represented on page 72 of AP1 - Burnt Offerings?

Thanks a lot in advance

Ok I have just finished the Worlwound Gambit... what could I say... fantastique, thanks a lot Robin....

Here my idea aimed to understand which of the books have been preferred by the other readers... 15 point to be divided on the Pathfinder tales books you have read... (it doesn't matter if they are less then 4 (or if they will be more), the single votes will be higher but that's not a problem, it's just a way)

For me these are my preferences:

Prince of wolves 4.5
Winter Witch 3.5
Plague of Shadow 2.5
The Worldwound Gambit 4.5

What I really would like to see from Paizo is something I really need during my gaming sessions.
I know bestiary 1 & 2 give some hints for what I'm searching for and also a lot of good suggestions are found in Game Mastery Guide but however every time I have to prepare a random encounter during a travel in Golarion I have a lot of difficulties preparing it.
This is mainly because everything in your adventures it's so wonderfully prepared that I would like to avoid diminishing the pathos of the adventures in this parts with the classical "Ok you see the leaves around you moving and instantly a Howlbear appears, let's have initiative checks".
Then I spend a lot of time reading monster descriptions and then verifying that the chosen monster is opportune for the region where I'm setting my campaign and finally searching a reason to make the encounter a little more interesting. And usually my pain finishes with "Ok you see the leaves around you moving and instantly a Howlbear appears, let's have initiative checks".
So what I'm mainly asking for is a book of prepared random encounters that could seem not so random, and this for the monsters already inserted in the bestiary tomes, I don't need new monsters for this.
It will be wonderful if it could contain some generic maps (road, lake, river bridge, ruins on the street, seaside...) and for some of the monsters a detailed encounter as only you Paizo guys can gift us with perhaps with some open possibility for small develop in the story towards a side quest.

Ryanshinn Povalli (ROTR 1-68) is probably the most beautiful woman in Sandpoint. Her father, Iremiel, was probably (but it seems not sure) killed by goblins a week after she was born. For sure he was a mysterious elven bard...

Nothing is known about Tsuto father but he was also an (unknown) elf...

Do you think that Ryanshinn and Tsuto could be sister and brother?

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