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I know Magic!'s page

42 posts (158 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 16 aliases.


At first i was not a fan of missing power attack, but it is a nice build.

really stands out against spell casters and creatures with DR. ray shield and missle shield are very neat defensive feats I had not concidered.

I will play aroudn with this and see what i come up with

Looking into some ideas for a fighter build for ROTRL.

SO far we have a bard (mainly focused on buffs, minor arcane and ranged support) The other players havent chosen yet. Most likely we will have a cleric and a mage.

I havent decided weather I want to maximize damage, defense or find a good mix. Open to any race, thoug I love dwarfs) and perhaps some multiclassing into rogue, barbarian, ranger?.

Should I go with a reach weapon? if so, combat reflexes for crazy AoO
2 handed weapon? seems like an nice damage boost
2 weapons? extra attacks, perhaps 3 rogue levels
Sword and board? if so, shuld I shield bash

soo many options and I'm a bit overwhealmed with them all.
I'd like help with a build, preferable able to hand out solid damage.

no worries, it adds A dramatic pause to the next battle we are about to get ourselves into. will they perish in the slaughter house....will the food at the oprhanage contain halfling dwarf and elf really taste that different?

Anyone else have vision of Anklebiter climbing onto Lefrik's shoulders and casting spells from there while ordering the northman about. We could call them Master Blaster.....

tempting to charge them while they are reloading.

can't believe I wasted that nat 20 attack to disarm him!


finally have full access again

DM-Salsa wrote:

@ Aron: You are correct. I keep thinking about how to fit all of the domains into the idea I have for a pantheon, but I keep getting cold feet.

I'd be curious to hear what your panthon idea is, that is always the tougherst part for me.

The worst is over, dont feel nearly as drained today, thank you both


In the process of reading current submissions and your campaign background.

Edit: I'm going to sleep on my 2 concepts and see what my thoguhts in the mornignare. Either a dwarven ranger from HighPass or a halfling sorcerer.

Sorry folks, sick and slept msot of the day. feelign bit better and will egt posting here


As far as an Imp: Would you see them in disguise as a small humanoid? or in prison in their natural shape? My thoguths would be a halfling lookng character that is an altered Imp.

Working on a devil app.

Favorite Villians

Raistlin Majere: Dragonlance. for his quest for power and the shift of alignment as his quest for pwoer pulls him down a dark path.

Cardinal Richelieu: Three Musketeers. for his schemes and open disregard for the laws of man. A holy man that uses his position to gain power and control.

Kahn: Star Trek: for his vengence. A very intelligent villian whose is blinded by vengence.


Double move to j18 Try to intimidate them 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

As the corpse crumbles, Kaliana spares a glance to the priest. Seeing his nod, she quickly closes on the nearest group of crossbowmen hoping to get to them before they finish reloading. What did father say about charging someone with a crossbow..... oh yeah, duck!

As she draws up next to the first crossbowman she brandishes her exotic curved blade. "Hello gentlemen, would you mind not firing those lovely toys anymore? I'd hate to have to kill more than previously dead corpses today. Though the words are almost friendly, her tone leaves no question as to her intentions.

" But you did twirl a vary nce dagger in a provocative manner, basically asking to be stabbed and robbed."

good luck ,

IS magus available?


As much as i Would love to create a profile character, having Issues with the site. So doing this without an avatar yet...

The concept is a Human Rogue who is part burglar, part swashbuckler, and part deadly knife fighter. Straight rogue, focusing on short/light blades that are easy to conceal. He's a theif, braggart, liar, charmer with a mean streak that he keeps hidden. at leats until it's time to put some fear into his mark.

Player Questions:

1. Do you have previous pbp experience as player and/or DM? If so, on Paizo's boards, or elsewhere? Yes, here and mythweavers

2. Where do you live (specifically, in what time zone)? EST

3. How often can you expect to post (barring illness, vacation, etc.)?
1-2 times a day,
Character Questions:

1. Who are you? Talyon the Talon, human rogue. Burglar and Knifefighter extrordinare!

2. What do you look like? On the taller side, with medium blond hair kept back in a simple knot. Quite handsome, if I do say so myself.
Granted I'm not built like these muscle bound morons you see, and I've avoided scars. Some say the Talon not only grabs your jewels but your womans heart!

3. How would you describe your personality? Outwardly I'm flashy, showing you spinning knives or a winning smile. On the inside, cold and calculating, loooking for the perfect opening to strike. Laws are nothing more than the game board, the trick is all in how you work the pieces. I don't get caught up in all this Mitra worship, there were other gods once, perhaps they still watch over some of us, though not lately....

4. What crime have you committed to cause your incarceration in Branderscar Prison? Bribery, forgery, and fraud are all crimes Talon ahs committed, the one that landed him in prison was High Theft, caught trying to sneak out through the princesses room! Apparently these 'holier than thou' types don't take too kindly to me helping myself to their excess of jewels and "secret" documents, not to mention choosing the princesses room as a good hiding spot! Is wear she winked at me as I was being dragged out in manacles.

Would you be open to the Shadow Bloodline from Wayfinder #1?

I will submit a witch or sorcerer.

The idea is, she has arcane pwoers from either some unknown paragon or a mized bloodline. Either way it was unnaceptbale to the village she was born in. These powers manifested in the late teens/early twenties and have completely screwed up her plans. So she left home, and traveled alone. Throw in some mentor or a group that helped her out, until she learned they were an evil sort, perhaps theives or something. She left, though she did snag a few supplies. They would be angry and possible prone to hunting her down. Perhaps she used a spell and scarred the mentor or the leader of the group.

I will look throught he 2 classes and see what I come up with. Race has not been decided yet either. I think I would like her to use a Bow, perhaps a bit woodsy. Able to survive somewhat on her own. She can be sent by the swordlords or she can be someone who has taken up temprary residence in the area, or just wandering through. That would depend on your preference as a DM.

I see her as someone who is searching....for who she is, the purpose of her new pwoers, and perhaps searching for a cause and a home. She tries not to advertise her abilities when in villages, afraid of the same reaction.

sorry about's up now. I will post again before my meeting tonight. And who knows, perhaps afterwards, ideally


As to knowing each other, i'm pretty open. Perhaps you've purchased something from Kaliana's father's shop, or you've some of her trainings or maybe participated. Or it could be that we've met at a local pub.

I didn't know that was happening. I only preview to attempt a spell check. I believe in comical epic.fails and look forward to being. betrayed by Tue dice lol

perhaps i'll just find one that gives a bonus to it.

Anyone know if there is a trait that can get you acrobatics as a class skill?

Grats all who made it!

Yay to my fellow honroable mentions!

Ipes is my frist gnome, was late to the game, will still do some work on him, who knows where he will shwo up!

For the unnamed Magus, I'm looking into Subject of study. Given his personality and the mistrust of locals, I see him as traveling with some gypsy type group for a time. My thought is one night the group is attacked by some undead and he narrowly escapes on horseback, the sole survivor of that terrible night. The attacked was reported to the guards at the nearest town, however they took the blood on his clothes as a sign that he might be the one responsible and lock him in the stocks. The professor proves his innocence while investigating the attack and the two travel together for a time, as he recalls every detail he can about the undead creatures that they encountered.

Brain dead when it comes to his name, will work on a full profile.

Really Interested in this AP. will work on a concept, my mind is goign in too many directions right now.

I think a black bladebound magus would be fun to play in this AP. WIll work up a sheet.

Initial idea is that he is a troubled soul, possibly half elf. Torn between 2 worlds: elves and magic or humans and swordplay. I'm leanign towards him growing up with the elves, learning magic and their ways. As he amtures quicker than the others his age, he begins to grow apart and chafe under their system. Eventually he leaves, searching for something.....

Will work in trait, not sure which one. I see him meeting the professor, possibly traveling with him for a time. perhaps he's heard of or met one of the other party members before. I think the professor realized how alone and lost he really was and took pitty on him. It was through the professor's guidance that he becoems a magus, bringing a balance to the dueling sides of his soul, for now anyway.

Definetly interested in this. I would greatly enjoy making a Monk. Can post the character shortly

I would love to play a Magus for this campaign. Can have something up soon.

I've been dieing to play LoF. Definetly thinking some sort of 1/2 orc fighter.

Will work up a character. Concpet is a small (either gnome of halfling) Fighter (dragoon) using lance and shield while mounted, or spears and javelins while on foot.

Finally decided. A gnome (pyromaniac) evocation wizard, with a bonded ring. I'll stat him up and add some fluff.

Rough background is, some people think he;s dangerous, untrustworhty, and just plain unlucky to be around. Truth is he's curious, adventurous, and occasionally reckless. I'm thinking chaotic good. He's got his own moral code but rebels against laws he sees as too restricting or boring. He probably has been a short term "guest" of the town guard once or twice.

deinol wrote:

Since there seem to be more people wanting to play PbP than GMs, I have decided to try GMing a PbP. I have 20 odd years of tabletop experience, but I've never GM'd play by post before. So I thought I'd give it a try on the module scale before I committed to something ambitious like an Adventure Path.

So, character creation rules. 1st level. 20 point buy. Anything from Paizo or Open Design is legal.

In the interest of fairness, I'm going to take the first 4 players who post interest. I would prefer people who are not already involved in an active PbP game to give newer players a chance.

Edit: For background, everyone will have grown up in Kassen, a small town in Nirmanthas. The characters are just coming of age. Population 750. 93% human, 3% halfling, 2% half-orc, elf 1%, half-elf 1%.

Any questions?

Im interested, thinking an offensive caster. Either, wizard, sorcerer, oracle, or druid. I'll build somehtign and psot soon.

I'm interetsed in this AP, have been for a while. I disliek 4E for too many reasons to list, which is why i started palyign pathfinder lol.

Taht being said, I cant wait to see a recruitment thread.

i'd like to submit a human witch. I will make a full sheet, but ehres the concept. I figure between sleep hex, and an elements patron, Wencis willl be able to offer arcane support in any combat.

Wencis loves magic, but was never very skilled. He learned a few cantrips but anything tougher was beyond his grasp, until he met Blue. Blue is his familiar, a highly intellegent weasel, who teaches wencis a different way to cast spells.

Blue and Wencis first met after a strange dream, in which a being of great Elemental power, spoke to him. This stranger bade him seek out a waterfall near by, and when he did so, he found Blue. Wencis still receives occasional dreams from the stranger, and lately he has begun to elarn things from these dream, like a hex that can put anything to sleep.

Wencis is a bit unpredictable, usually landing him in interesting situations, much to Blues displeasure.

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