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Felmor Traker's page

664 posts. Alias of Eric Swanson.


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"Aye, she be th' perfect woman."

::raises a bottle in salute::

"Aye, she was th' best wonam I eveah knew!"

As Felmor feels his arms and legs shrink and his body compacting in the throes of Alexis’ arcane spell, his last conscious human thought was fixated on the last sight he saw of her lovely form, ACH! COMPLETELY worth every copper!

Soon the spell finishes altering his thought patterns, and he is soon overwhelmed with thoughts of delicious slop, and a cool mud puddle to wallow in.

Still, a strange sense of…something he cannot quite place, intrudes on his piggish mind. It is quite some time before he is able to recognize it as…

...Deja Vue

Alexis Kirmoon wrote:
Alexis sighs and shakes her head. "Not that I don't appreciate the thought, Mr. Traker, but... Are you certain you did not forget the rest of this piece of... 'couture' at Lord Aernelóth's studio when you set out?"

Felmor shakes his head, more to help cool the blush quickly rising on his face, than as a negative response.

"'Lexis, I brought the same concern you have to Laithoron's attention, and he personally assured me that outfit was complete, down to the last stitching."

Bluff check 1d20 + 11 - 5 - 20 ⇒ (16) + 11 - 5 - 20 = 2 flaw, Alexis intuition.


Felmor eyes the gown pointed out by the Countess, and fights to keep the blush from his face. He was pretty sure he was not successful, however. Ach, I shoulda stayed wit' Alis an' Priyya, they be probably 'avin' a grand time at Port Eldarion by now.

He clears his throat noisily and reaches for some tea (while wishing it was something a bit stronger) and responds, "Aye , that be a lovely gown, an' I t'ink 'Lexis be looking...ummm...quite..."SEXY the thought springs unbidden in his mind..."lovely in it." Seeing the cut of the gown, and imagining Alexis wearing it...almost causes him to choke on his tea, while his face nearly blossoms a bright crimson.

Mebbe the punishment be swift.... he thinks, but after spending so much time with the Kirmoons, he knew he would not be given such a quick release.

"Ach! 'N where be me signature?"

Why me ears be burnin' now...'n I seem ta 'ave picked up more scars on me chest fer some reason...

...and he would have granted a +2 to Perception and Sense Motive checks too...

Priyya Surya-ka-Vahaak wrote:
I'm going Evil High-Priest/Anti-Paladin... you can kiss the crew goodbye. :)

"Ach, I takes full responsibility fer dis...I be owin' ye all an apology fer breakin' 'er heart."

Felmor takes the letter and secrets it in a sealed pouch inside his jacket. He returns Alis' kiss, and also her hug, which lasts for a while. Trying not to let his tears show, he responds, "Aye, aye Cap'n. I will be seein' ye again, I promise ye that."

He then picks up his pack, along with the rest of his gear and waits for the gangplank to be lowered. As he prepares to disembark, he spares a final glance at his friends and the woman he will always love. He says nothing, but does look up at the sky, pausing for a moment, his lips mouthing a few words.

He then turns to Captain Kovack, and gives him a smart salute, "Captain, permission ta disembark?" When the captain nods in response, he hoists his gear and walks onto the gangplank, leaving the White Pearl, and jumps onto the waiting dock. He moves away from the ship at a brisk pace, and does not look back.

Mike, thanks for allowing me to play Felmor on this trip. It was a blast, and I look forward to his return...he he.

Felmor sees the approach of the Titan Isles and feels a sense of sadness. He knew his path would carry him away from those he called his friends for many months. He wished he could stay with the crew longer, but alas, his duty called him elsewhere. The Princess Alexis needed support, and also to be warned of recent events here as well.

He quietly approaches his 'wife' and says, "Aye, this be it. Did ye have any further...requests fer me?"

Felmor watches her go, for once not admiring her curvaceous form. There is a troubled look in his eyes, as he snuggles 'Lisa' close and whispers into her ear,

Alis or Perception DC 20:
"Aye, she be on some potent drugs, if'n I miss me guess"

Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14

Felmor nods at 'Lisa' and watches the scene unfold. He knows Sasha will be close by for many weeks, and it would be best for Lureene to get used to her. He then notices 'Ellie's' reaction, very unusual for her. He glances at Alis, and shrugs.

Felmor returns the nod of Captain Kovack, and takes his warning seriously. He resolved to watch her closely when not being observed though, as she reminded him of Chivane a little too much. He briefly remembers other captains he has crewed under. If he had not crossed paths with the Kirmoon sisters, the chances are good he would be contented serving under the Captain for many years.

"Aye, Captain, I be a prolific sailor, in me younger days, afer I found an anchor I couldna break away from." He playfully grabs his 'wifes' rear in affection. 'N Silenya has blessed me wit' a lovely daughter, ehh unfortunately she dinnae enjoy th' sea as much as we do."

Gazing back at the gnome, and also checking on 'Ellie' to make sure she is ok, he adds, "Well, I guess the sea not be fer everyone. If so, then the waves be too crowded fer me blood!"

'Gerrold' gazes briefly at the athletic form as she shimmies up the rigging, and feels a couple of heated glares, from his 'wife' and her 'nurse' burning into the back of his head. Ach, I dinnae think I be stayin' warm tonight if'n this keeps up.

He hurries to the railing, and takes his 'daughter's arm, and gently guides her away from the railing, shrugging off her protests. He scans the deck and quickly spies what he is looking for: an old wooden bucket.

He picks up the bucket and sets it in front of 'Ellie', ignoring her glare. This is something he has seen many times, and will no doubt continue to see as long as he is a sailor.

He gives an inward chuckle at the niavete of the gnome noble, as he sees the passengers as what they truly are, necessary for earning the wages, but useless in all other respects.

"Ach, sweetie, i t'ink we raised 'er right." 'Gerrold' then winces as his 'wife' let her displeasure known with a sharp elbow at his roving gaze. "It looked like she had dropped somethin' 'n I was jes seeing if she found it." He exclaims defensively, his weathered hands raised in protest.

He noticed his 'daughter' hunched over the railing, and comments quietly, "Lisa, it be too bad Ellie dinnae get me sea legs, he he."

Felmor shrugs, inwardly thankful he was only being sent to a Gods-forsaken wilderness colony. He stands to his feet, and slips his baldric on. "I be wit' ye, Cap'n."

Felmor nods at the Princess, "Aye, yer words are wise, I kin wait until that time where we all depart tagether."

He then turns to grin at the rest of you, "Looks like ye is stuck wit' me fer a couple more days."

Felmor smiles, although it is tinged with sadness, and replies, "Aye, milady, consider yer words delivered to his ears."

He gets up and then gives Lureene a hug, and says to her, "I be glad ta know ye, Lureene. Please take care o' the ladies fer me."He releases her, and says, "Please excuse me, Lureene, I have much work ta do afer I leave."

He escorts her out if his room, and closes the door behind him.

Felmor looks up from his desk where he is studying the latest documents provided by Princess Larathiel, and nods to Lady Ourson, although she can see he has a troubled look in his eyes. Still, his voice betrays nothing of his turmoil as he asks quietly, "Is there something I kin do fer ye, Lureene?'

Felmor is done selecting gear to purchase, although his shopping will take place in Silverwake, he he.

Total 7100 GP reward money
+1833 GP Chivane gear
8,933 GP total

Purchase +2 Mithril Shirt
COST 5,100 gp
3,833 GP total

Purchase +1 Buckler
COST 1,150 gp
2,683 GP total

Purchase Wand of CLW
COST 750 gp
1,933 GP total

Cool, I will work on upgrading Felmor's gear once I have Lureene's gear purchased.

Merry Christmas as well to everyone!

Question: 1) Is Felmor entitled to the reward money and 2) Does he have time to spend it?

Felmor nods in response to the new orders, clearly they did not surprise him in the slightest. "Aye, Highness, Princess Alissariel. Yer will be done 'ere." As he turns to look at the rest of you, there is a calm resoluteness in his gaze. Once he has let the news sink in, he addresses the rest of you, "Before me departure, if ye have any messages you wish for me to pass on to the Princess Alechsularis, or any of her retainers, please compose them, 'n I be sure they be delivered to their recipients."

He takes Mals hand in a firm grip, and responds, "Aye, truer words 'ave never been spoken. May Silenya speed you on your way."

He turns to leave the group, "With yer leave, Highness? I 'ave a lot of work ta take care of before my departure." His gaze wanders over Alis, Corporal Mal, Lureene, and finally, Priyya. "I will be joinin'ye fer dinner later." He then walks away, escorted by one of Larathiel' retainers.

Felmor clears his throat, "Aye, yer Highness, from what ye told me of the goals of the Coil, I believe th' Princess Alechsularis"...he stumbles slightly over the pronunciation of the word, "may also be a target. If'n any one of the prisoners sailin' aboard the Nereid be co-opted by one of the Coil, she would definintely be in danger as well." He pauses and clears his throat again, nervously, "Although th'Princess be far away from Estoria, and not able to influence events here, th'Coil would potentially gain a foothold in Wildethar. Plus no telling what other plans they would be able to complete far from our eyes."

He looks directly at Larathiel with a serious look in his eyes, "Yer Highness, she needs ta be warned."

Felmor follows quickly after his ex-Desert Rose (although she will always be one in his heart), and offers his own greeting, repeating his bow from earlier. "I be Sir Felmor Traker, Knight of Silverwake and Captain of Estoria. Highness, it be an 'onor ta meet you." He marvels at the Evish Princesses' beauty, but also is struck how she wears her beauty like it was a mask, or a suit of armor. Not having much experience with royalty, he can only conclude it is a trait peculiar to royalty.

Felmor returns the hug, and he cannot help but let some tears splash on his coat. He can only nod at her words. Once she has released him from her hug., he returns her gesture with a smart salute.

"Thankee, Capn'. Consider yer words set in stone."

On seeing the Princess' Larathiel arrival, he offers her a courtly bow, and awaits her acknowledgement.

Felmor is silent for a while. Then he turns to Alis and she is surprised to see a couple of tears in his eyes. He responds quietly to her in Elvish,

Elvish AND Perception DC 25 or Alis:
“Aye, Cap’n I been thinkin’ th’ same thing. It be difficult ta keep a smile on me face, especially seein’ me Desert Rose walkin with us.” He sighs, ”While I be enjoying our travels together, Princess, I feel there be a lead weight around me legs, ‘n also around me heart. I be made fer the seas, ‘n I t’ink I be happy if I be on a ship. I be hating ta leave ye now, but I know ye be in capable hands.”

Felmor laughs at the Princesses' suggestion, "Well, Cap'n, If'n I be a devious sort, then I not be tellin' 'em anything like that. Make 'em think it be a pleasure cruise." On seeing Lureene's eyes widen in shock, he hastily adds, "Of course, they say honesty is the best policy, he he."

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:
"It's not The Nereid," Alis comments to Felmor, "but it certainly feels good to have the deck of a ship beneath my feet instead of sitting in a carriage..."

Felmor smiles, and gives a hearty chuckle. "Aye, Cap'n, it will feel good indeed. Jes hope I dinnae ferget me sea legs." Certainly, seeing a ship conveying the party now, has brought a smile to his face.

Felmor massages his aching head, and tries to avoid getting sick all over his shoes. Apparently drinking all that wine last night was not such a great idea. Still it helped him forget...what happened before.

On hearing Roshen’s boastful comment, an internal warning bell rings in his head, and he responds quietly, ’Aye, ‘tis be ok ta reach fer somethin’ but ye also gotta be careful ye don’t reach too far, else ye slip and fall to th’ ground. That kin happen if ye misjudge how far ye can reach safely fer somethin’.”

Felmor is surprised by her reaction, but he does dimly recollect her mentioning this to him before. Of course, a lot has happened since then.

”Ach well, then please forgive me for bringing that subject up. I dinnae mean ta upset ye.” He looks around him, a look of embarrassment on his face. ”Look, I jes wanna apologize fer all those times I be disrespectin’ ye. Ye certainly deserve better than what I be givin’ ye.”

He holds out his hand for her to shake it, while asking quietly ”Can ye forgive a foolish heart?”

Felmor spends most of the journey through the mountains chatting quietly with the ladies, learning a bit more about Alis and Lureene. Lureene's story was quite fascinating, as she had not even been born on Elsemar! She was from a different plane, and while Felmor was unable to learn much about that place from her, he did sense she had no desire to return there. He did find it strange such an evil place could give birth to such an angel. She was certainly unique in that respect. He did caution her about her father, saying although he may not be the warmest person out there, he believed Richardson loved her very much. Lureene for her part, only nodded silently in agreement, overcome with sadness at the thought.

He stopped talking with Lureene about her past soon afterwards.

Towards the end of the journey, when the group has stopped at one of the wayside inns, he approaches Priyya and asks, "Excuse me, Priyya, but I be wondering about yer family. Do ya feel like talking about them?" He pauses, unsure how she will react, "If'n ye don't, I unnerstand, jes wanted to be a pair of ears, if ye wanted."

Felmor dusts the snow off of him, and follows the Princess into the carriage. This time he shows no discomfort and elects to sit next to Alis for the trip down south.

Felmor nods in greeting to the ladies, hugging his new winter coat tightly to him. He had to thank Elisa for helping him out with this donation. It did not take a genius to see he was having difficulty adjusting to the cold. When he offered to pay for the coat, she had refused to be compensated, only asking for a parting kiss from him. He obliged her with a chaste kiss on the inner part of her wrist. This caused her to blush madly, and she soon exited the premises.

He he, works every time.

Once she had left, he sought out her father Stephan, and gave him several gold coins, along with an oath not to tell his daughter about this.

He helps himself to the breakfast, eating well for the first time in days, it seems like. Maybe he was figuring out who he was.

"So ye all 'ad some fun wit' out me. Ach that be such a shame." He looks off to the snowbank and gestures slowly towards it, and mutters something under his breath.

Spellcraft DC 15:
Fel is casting Mage hand


Fel Bluff 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21
Alis SM 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (19) + 13 = 32
Fel to hit touch AC 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24 vs AC 21

Soon, Alis sense Fel is up to no good, thus is not surprised by a clump of snow that came close to dropping on her head. She jumps back out of the way effortlessly, so it only drops on her shoulder. She does not with some displeasure that some of it got into her tea, so she points for Felmor to refill her cup, which he does gladly, sporting a smile on his face.

Felmor tips back the drink, and is surprised by the flavor of the drink. He enjoyed the drink immensely. When Lureene offers her own toast, he echoes it, "Aye, Lady Lureene, to all of those who we leave behind, yet still carry them in our hearts."

Later, after he has taken his leave of the Princess and Lureene, he heads off to his room, and strips out of his outer clothing, and into his sleeping pajamas. Lying in his bed all alone, he looks towards the window and sees the snow falling down harder. He is thanksful for the roaring fire at the far end of the room, and also the thick woolen blankets. They kep his body warn, but could not chase away the chill in his heart. He lays awake for a while, but soom the warmth of the room is enough to chase the insomnia away, and he drops off into slumber.

He dreams...An image of his father's face appears before him, and it gazes at him with a look of disapproval.

Ach, ye dissappoint me, son. have ye forgot all I taught ye? Now look at what mess ye are in.

But, Pappy...I be a knight now, doesn't that matter...

I dinnae give a crap what others call ye, son! Ye be MY son, 'n that be all that matters ta me. Dinnae fall inta th'trap of tryin ta live up to what others expect. Ya need ta know WHO YOU ARE!

I dinnae unnerstand....

And that be yer problem.

Felmor sighs, and realizes she was right about her reasoning. He surprises himself, and Alis as well, by giving her a hug. not caring what Priyya would think of him.

Alis or Perception DC 25:
"Cap'n, I guess mebbe I shoulda thanked ye proper fer saving me thar ta begin with, 'n I know ye don't feel that way about me. I know ye care fer someone else, 'n he be a good man. Ye be a.. good person, n' I t'ink not enough people actaully tell ye that. So, I would like ta tell ye that again. Ye have a heart of gold, Cap'n." He smiles, "As fer talkin' ta Priyya, no need to worry yerself over that, we kin figger it out on our own, 'n I t'ink she probably would feel more comfortable if I talked ta her about it."

When she asks him about his family, he gives her a melancholy smile, "Why, because I be missing me Pop. He not always be the easiest soul ta deal with, or unnerstand fer that manner, but he be a good man, 'n I miss 'im. I hope he and me mum be doing well." He stops, knowing how Alis still misses her own parents, and wishing he could do something to bring them back for her.

Felmor stares back at Alis, caught off guard by the question. He pauses briefly, then thinks, Ach, it be that obvious? Well, she deserves the truth, not that I could hide anything from her ta begin with...

He responds quietly to her,

Alis or Perception DC 25:
"I be sorry, Captain, jes when ye...kissed me like that in front of Jarvis, caught me off guard, 'n I t'ink I enjoyed it too much fer me own good. At least that is what me head tells me. I know that be what ye like, Cap'n, that ye be a verra lovely' woman, I jes was not ready fer it." He pauses for a while, and finishes quietly, "There be a part o' me that makes me wonder if'n I deserve it. Thinkin' 'bout me hard fer me, Cap'n.

Before the performance...

Once Felmor noticed Elisa reacting to his presence with her heart on her sleeve, he was not sure whether to give thanks to this turn of events, or curse them. Probably both, he thinks. He does smile at her, and treats her gallantly, but tries very hard to avoid any sense of impropriety. Only time will tell if he is successful. At least his Desert Rose has not reacted, yet.


Felmor sits back in his chair after the performance he gave to the other patrons in the tavern. He noticed that the lovely lass Elisa has not been hanging around him hand and foot as she was before, for which he is both grateful and disappointed. He sips his wine and reflects back to what his father told him about lasses who found it in their hearts to want to form an attachment. Now, Fel, if'n ye git a woman like that jumpin' after ye, don't give in ta them. They kin find someone else ta replace ye in no time flat!" Considering that attitude, it was a wonder he ever married. Still, he did marry, for which he is eternally grateful. He wondered whether his father was still retired or whether he was still plying the fishing lanes of his home port. He should have a message delivered to Gerrold, once they arrived in the embassy.

He thinks to himself, Aye, she be a pretty lass, and I know I be a fine catch, especially considering all these lovely women who also think so. I jes dunno what be so special about me. I be a sailor, 'n sailors make poor husbands. Why did Alis kiss me like that?

Felmor smells the food wafting from the common area of the tavern, and his mouth starts watering. He could imagine how that roasted meat would taste washed down with some ale. He abruptly realized he was starving, having not eaten well for the last few days. Ever since his spat with Priyya, his appetite has deserted him. Still, he concentrates on being a gentleman for the lovely lady Lureene, and averts his gaze at the proper times, when her cloak swishes to one side, showing her curvaceous body.

Bluff 1d20 + 11 - 2 ⇒ (18) + 11 - 2 = 27 distracted

Ach, Priyya me Desert Rose, I kin be a perfect gentleman!

He guides Lureene over to the table, already reserved for the group, and pulls out her chair for her. She acknowledges his attention with a smile and a demure nod of thanks. Once Priyya has entered the tavern, he waits patiently for her to arrive at the table, and also pulls out the chair for her. As she looks over to his face, she can see there is a look of challenge in his eyes, almost daring her to object to this treatment.

Fort save 1d20 + 7 - 2 ⇒ (9) + 7 - 2 = 14 cold climate

Felmor sighs, but on a look from the ladies, quickly divests himself of the blanket, and thinks, Well, it not be getting’ any warmer sittin’ here…

He opens the carriage door and slowly disembarks, holding the door for Lureene, who on seeing his discomfort quickly exits the carriage. He holds out his arm for her in a courtly manner, and Lureene takes his arm in hers, while using her wing to help shield the chilled sailor from the worst of the wind.

He leads her over to Roshen, and then bows formally to him. Lureene follows with her own curtsey.

He hopes his chattering teeth was not too noticeable.

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:

"When we stop for the night, I'll be certain to prepare a spell that will help you to endure the cold better. I'd cast it on myself, but I'm rather fond of this outfit."

Elvish: "Oh, I meant to ask you, Fel," she looks up with a hopeful look in her eyes, "I heard the song you wrote last night. I thought it turned out pretty well. How did she take it?"

Felmor nods in thanks for the spell. He really was not used to this weather and elevation.

In response to her query, Felmor grins at her,

Elvish: "Aye, I be 'ere in one piece, right? She did like it a lot, but I t'ink she jes needs more time ta learn ta trust me again. I guess if ye LOVE someone like that, ye cannae expect instant results. Trust takes time ta build up again."

"Thhh....aaannn...kkkkeee....much, Caaapppnnn..." Felmor responds through his chattering teeth, grabbing the blanket and wrapping it around his body. Growing up in a marine environment had left Felmor unused tot he bitterly cold and dry conditions he found himself in.

Ach, teaches me not to be prepared...

On the night of the 27th

Felmor looks over his journal and nods in satisfaction at his handiwork. It had taken longer than he had anticipated composing it, but now after the last couple of days, he feels as ready as he will ever be. So far neither Lureene, nor Alis have let on concerning his love sonnet, but he did notice Lureene giving him several clandestine winks, when no one else was looking. (No doubt, she was clued in due to the presence of Grak, who has attached himself to the sailor for some reason.)

Now, on this fine evening, he is ready to give the performance of his life. Trying to quell his nervousness, he runs through the performance in his mind one more time. Waiting for the right time proved tricky, as Priyya was not one to be surprised easily. Still, his perseverance has finally paid off, and now as the moon Brightpool rises up in the sky, he approaches Priyya’s tent, and starts his sonnet…

”Aye, my heart be full of Soul…”

C’mon, need a Nat 20 here…
Perform, Sing 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24
heh, that works...

Felmor breathes a sigh of relief and starts to concentrate on his song writing, trying to win back the heart of the woman he loves.

Fel Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
Grak Stealth 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26

In his zeal, he fails to notice a pair of reptilian eyes watching him from the top of the supply wagon...who even now is informing his mistress of this turn of events...

Felmor is surprised by Alis’s action on giving him the ROYAL mark of disapproval. He tries to wriggle out of her grasp, without also entangling both Lureene and Yvonne. He is able to break free of the embrace finally, and wrenches the carriage door open, tumbling out of the carriage with at least some dignity intact.

Noting Priyya staring at him, he blushes slightly and mutters, ”Xcuse me, I gotta take care ‘o somethin’”. He then hurries off before she can ask him what happened.

Ach, I hope me make this a good song, afer this be a LOONNGG trip.

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:
Elvish: "Just remember, she can't split herself in two. Love one and respect the other. That includes not oogling hot blondes, not matter how fascinating. Or at least not when she is around anyway. That's just rude."

"Aye, it certainly be rude, 'n not proper of a gentleman like me."

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:
"Let's see here," she muses, "Fel, you're about 170 or 180 right? You'd weight about as much as seven of those. Lureene or I? We'll saaaay... four!"

Felmor could not remember the last time he weighed himself, certainly he prided himself on being in fine shape, although ever since he had started traveling with the Princess and her retinue, he did notice his belly starting to get a bit more noticeable around the edges.

He mutters, "Actually, I'd say it be closer ta six bars, not seven."

Felmor is quiet for a while, as he digests this piece of advice. Memories of Armandia flit through his mind like little sparrows, but he chases them away. "Aye, you give good avice, Cap'n. Let me try ta explain meself a little bit better. I be in love wit her" again he avoids mentioning her name for Lureene and Yvonne's benefit, "but she be walking two paths, one of her heart, and one of her goddess's will. It be easier ta be close with the girl who walks the first path, than the second one. It be difficult ta explain further...especially wit' needing the goddesses tool recently. I fear she may be forced ta choose between me and her goddess sooner than I like."

He shoots a sidelong glance at Lureene, still engrossed in her studies. Judging by the look on her face, her studies were not going that well. "As fer bein' a gentleman, I t'ink I agree wit' you, jes sometimes it be more difficult ta be one, at certain times, than at other times. I must admit, 'Cap'n, she is a fascinating young lady, but I remember the love 'n devotion she shows fer her beau. I not be doin' anything ta git in th' way of that."

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:
Alis' eyes narrow a bit at Felmor's comment and her warm demeanor chills noticeably, "Yes, I suppose that not all of us are born having the freedom to choose our own paths in life. If you would rather go your own way, then I shall relieve you from service when we arrive in Malatesta. Do let me know before we set sail, won't you?"

Felmor blanches as he realizes his faux-pas. Oy, kin me mouth get me any deeper into trouble? "Ach, Cap'n, it not be you that I be referrin' to, it be someone else, not you. I not be abandoning my oaths lightly, Princess."

He finishes quietly, "I think I jes not be used ta bein' loved by another."

Captain Wardove, aka Alis wrote:
She nods her head slowly in thought and muses, "That would explain a few things... Well, that being the case, I'd say that your dream is partially worry about having to navigate the strait, and partially anxiety over not feeling like you have the freedom to choose your own path right now."

Felmor nods slowly in agreement, but Alis can see there is still some doubt in his eyes. Continuing in Elvish, he responds, ”Aye, I suppose yer right, but I dinnae recall ever bein’ this worried before a voyage before. I still be a young man, ‘n I hate ta think I be losing my courage.”

He lapses into silence for a minute, and then adds, ”As fer not havin’ freedom ta choose me path, I’ t’ink I lost that when I walked into th’ Silver Hart ‘n met ye, Princess.”

Felmor looks at Alis, and thinks for a moment. He then responds, "Well, it sounds like I be on the wrong path obviously, 'n if I cannot change course, I be sunk. But its like my feet are stuck in oil or tar. I try ta keep things simple, ya know, as in sailin' if ye cannot focus on the here and now, ye could get sunk."

He sighs, "Ye know what has been on me mind recently," He jerks his thumb outside where Priyya is riding out on patrol, "'bout some of the decisions I have made before that have caused me ta doubt meself again. I wonder if I be the same person afer I met ye, Alis. Sure, I be more experienced and all, but I wonder if'n I be the same man inside."

Felmor pauses and collects his thoughts. he feels the eyes of Alis, along with Lureene and Yvonne on him. He wonders if this is such a good idea, but it is too late now to back out. Aye, that ship has set sail.

"It be like this, I think I may 'ave had a vision, like the ones Lureene 'n Priyya have 'ad." His voices catches slightly on mentioning her name out loud. "It happened th' night before. I be standin' on the ship deck, 'n I be caught in a gale, 'n I be headin' fer a waterfall in the middle of the sea! I cannae change course! I try to move, but me feet be stuck, 'n then I feel a blow that knocks me out...but then I woke up when that lass Trisa threw a bucket of water on me." He chuckles ruefully at the memory.

He gazes at Alis, a questioning look in his eyes, "Could that be a vision?"

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