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EntropyRules's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 102 posts (676 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.


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Ok, the +1 will save is from the indominable faith trait and the size adjustment was from the new race creation: size change. if it really messes with things though, I can make the adjustments.

I'm also On the young end of things Junior in College. I've been playing for about a year and 1/2 now. I know compared to everyone else here I'm not very experienced time wise, but I like to think that I can add to a group. Most of what I have played are monks (they have some pretty OP prestige class)

As for me personally, I'm big into Anime. Particularly Bleach and Naruto Shippuuden. I also enjoy a good book: LOTR, Enders Game, ect. anything sci-fi.

whoops, good call. I liked Songdragons set up so I pasted it over and filled it in with Ériu's stuff, must have missed that...

Ériu Mahabali Crunch:

Ériu Mahabali, Phalanx 2nd level
Chaotic Good, Large Humanoid (Giant)
Initiative +2; Senses: Perception +0
Languages: Common
Hit Points: 22 (2d10) assumed max first, half +1 after)
Armor Class: 22 = 10 +2 Dex +8 Armor +3 Shield -1 Size
Armor Class Touch: 12 = +10 +2 Dex -1 Size
Armor Class Flatfooted: 20 = +10 +8Armor +3 Shield -1 Size
Fortitude: +6 = +3 Class +3 Con
Reflex: +2 = +0 Class +2 Dex
Will: +4 = +0 Class +0 Wis
Damage Reduction: none
Spell Resistance: 13
----------------------- Combat -----------------------
Speed 20 ft (30 ft base, light load, heavy armor)
Climb 20 ft
BAB: +2 = +2 Fighter
CMB: +8 = +2 BAB +5 Str +1 Size Modifier
CMD: 11 = 10 +2 BAB +5 Str +2 Dex

Masterwork Shotel +8 (2d6+7 /20x3, +1 to hit vs bucklers, light, and heavy shields)
Masterwork Fauchard +8 (2d8 /18-20x2, Reach, Trip)
Masterwork Spiked Heavy Steel Shield +8 (2d6+7 /20x2)

Composite Longbow (+4 Str) +4 (1d6+4 /x3)

----------------------- Ability Score -----------------------
Strength 20 (10 pts) +2 Racial +2 Size
Dexterity 14 (5 pts) +2 Racial -2 Size
Constitution 17 (7 pts) +2 Racial
Intelligence 12 (-4 pts) +4 Racial
Wisdom 10 (0 pts)
Charisma -8 (0 pts) 2- racial
----------------------- Skills -----------------------
Skill points 6 = (+2 class +1 int) x2 Fighter
Skills Total Rank CS Ability ACP Misc
Climb +18 = +2 Rank +3 CS +5 Ability +8 Climb Speed -1 Armor Check
Intimidate +10 = +2 Rank +3 CS -1 Ability +2 Trait +4 Size
Survival +5 = +2 Rank +0 Ability +3 CS

----------------------- Feats -----------------------
• Endurance: You gain a +4 bonus on the following checks and saves: Swim checks made to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion; Constitution checks made to continue running; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march; Constitution checks made to hold your breath; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from starvation or thirst; Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal damage from hot or cold environments; and Fortitude saves made to resist damage from suffocation. You may sleep in light or medium armor without becoming fatigued.
• Shield Focus: Increase the AC bonus granted by any shield you are using by 1.
• Saving Shield: Whenever an adjacent ally is the target of an attack, you can, as an immediate action, grant that adjacent ally a +2 shield bonus to AC. You must be wielding a light shield, heavy shield, or tower shield to use this feat.
• Improved Shield Bash: When you perform a shield bash, you may still apply the shield's shield bonus to your AC.

----------------------- Traits -----------------------
• Sargavan Guard: When you wear armor of any sort, reduce the armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum penalty of 0.
• Steel Skin: You gain the ability to don or remove heavy armor in half the normal time. Additionally, you begin play with a great helm bearing the iconography of your family (this helm grants no special defensive benefits). While wearing this helm with a suit of heavy armor, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Intimidate checks.
----------------------- Racial Abilities -----------------------
• Ability Score Racial Traits: Daitya are strong and intelligent, but still carry the unappealing figures of their unappealing ancestors. They gain +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +4 Intelligence, –2 Charisma.
• Type: Daitya are humanoids with the Giant subtype.
• Size: Daitya are Large creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Base Speed: Daitya have a base speed of 30 feet.
• Languages: Daitya begin play speaking Common.
• Obscure Weapons (Ex) Daitya use weapons uncommonly found in most societies. Daitya are proficient with Fauchard and Shotel
• Dead Magic: Daitya have a natural SR of 11+Character Level
• Huge Reach: the Daitya’s naturally tall figure and long arms give them a reach of 10 ft
• Mountain Home: Daitya live in the mountains climbing sheer cliffs as a child climbs a tree. They have a Climb speed of 20 ft and a bonus of +8 to Climb
----------------------- Class Abilities -----------------------
• Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, light, and medium) and shields (including tower shields).
• Stand Firm (Ex): At 2nd level, a phalanx soldier gains a +1 bonus to CMD against bull rush, drag, overrun, and trip attempts. This bonus also applies on saves against trample attacks. The bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd.

----------------------- Equipment -----------------------
lbs item
20 Mwk Fauchard
6 Mwk Shotel
35 Mwk Heavy Steel Shield w/ Spikes
55 Mithril Agile Half-Plate
6 Mwk Composite Longbow (+4 Str)
16 Explorer's Outfit
30 Medium Tent
10 Bedroll
0.5 Compass
10 Silk Rope
2 Signal Horn
8 Mwk Backpack
16 Waterskin
7 Rations
2 Miners Lantern
5 Lamp Oil (net 30 hrs)
2 Efficient Quiver (60 Arrows)
5 Holy Water x 5
1 Belt Pouch
Potion CLW x 2
1 Scabbard
Total Weight 237.5
Money: 658 sp

Current load: light (239.5)
Base Encumbrance vs. With Master Work Backpack
266 /532 /800 vs. 306/612/920
----------------------- Description -----------------------
Race: Daitya
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Height: 12'6 ft
Weight: 420
Eye Color: Golden
Skin: Dark Red
Personality: Ériu is not the kindest of sorts, though not particularly mean either. He’s not fond of magic users though finds the skills needed to use it of notable recognition. When Ériu makes a deal he’ll hold to it even if afterward he knows he’s been con-ed.
----------------------- Background -----------------------
For the past 20 years. Ériu Mahabali has carried on his family’s tradition of serving in the Free Clans Confederacy as per their bond forged so long ago. Ériu has seen some dark days and darker wizards still. As far as he’s seen, you can’t trust a user of the Arcane Arts farther than you can throw them (Which really isn’t saying much if you’ve ever seen a 12 foot tall beast of a man hurl a 90 lb wizard). Although most of his kin think him crazy for even thinking about trusting a magic user, his affinity for protecting others has led him to respect clerics and others of divine focus with similar ideals, in spite of the fact that they use magic. As a soldier, Ériu has learned that when push comes to shove, you better have some armor on lest the sword in the other guys hand gets shoved up your gut.

Spring for the 20pts and you should be ok with it, you may not have tons of magical abilities, but if you go 7pts large 3pts monstrous humanoid, 3pts for claws and bite, that still leaves you with 7 pts to flesh things out with (maybe 2 for flexible ability score, 1 for fast +10 ft speed, and 4 for scent). Its not the best for giant wolves but its an idea if you want it

sounds good. I may also switch out the standard language choice to xenophobic to represent their seclusion. And while they would initially distrust wizards, that doesn't mean that its impossible to work with them. I figure it would be kind of cool to have a Friday Night Lights moment and have the Daitya realize that just because you use magic doesnt mean you are evil.

Alright so I went through and changed some of the stuff up and wrote out a little bit about them let me know what you think.

The Daitya enjoy life at a higher altitude and as such tend to live in mountains and platues. Their natural abitliy to climb has given rise to many Daitya making their homes in the faces of cliffs. Daitya have a natural skin tone similar to the rocks and mountains they live in. The most common shades being of rust and coal. Before the shift, the Daitya were as peaceful as a race of giants can be. They had their wars amongst themselves but generally left others alone. However, after the shift and the surge of magic, they lived in a fairly magical world to begin with, many Daitya found themselves slaves to wizards keen on taking advantage of their unatural size and strength. Thanks to the treaties that resulted in the Free Clans Confederacy, these enslaved Daitya were freed in exchange for their loyalty. Though pretty much moving from one master to another, The Confderacy offered a taste of freedom that had been denied the Daitya for so long. Due to their time as slaves, Daitya are generally distrust most magic users though enjoy the benifits that magic provides.

Racial Qualities
Type: Humanoid
Subtype: Giant
Size: Large (7)
Base Speed: 30 ft
Ability Mod: Advanced (+2 STR, Dex, Con, +4 Int, -2 Cha) (4)
Languages: Standard (0)
Racial Traits:
Reach (1)
Climb (2)
Bonus Feat: Endurance (2)
Greater SR (3)
Weapon Familiarity: Shotel, Fauchard (1)

Total Points: 20

interesting. I'm in. but like Loup has said, what roles are we looking for in a group. are we thinking standard group tank, arcane, divine, face? or is this pretty open to what we submit? I'm looking at a large character that may have a hard time hitting (as he is large), but when he does hit its devastating.
Also I assume that the reduction to lvl 2 also limits the starting wealth to lvl 2 as well right?

Let me know if this would work as a racial type:
20 pt (so lvl 2)
Size: Large
Speed: Normal
Ability Modifier Advanced(+2 STR, Dex, Con, +4 Int, -2 Cha)
Weapon Familiarity: Dwarven Longaxe, and probably grappling hook
Static Bonus Feat
Lvl 1 spell-like-ability 2/day
Greater SR

I'm thinking some kind of large mountain dwelling race (which works well with the fact that Longaxes are common mountain dwelling dwarf weapons and the grappling hook then makes sense as they don't have an innate climb ability. I would say that they are one of the races from a very limited magic plane (the Spell-Like-Ability would be lead blades or something like that that would emphasize the brute strength they naturally have) Anyways let me know what you think about the race. I can always switch if need be.

lolz sup Varin, I'd be interested in this as well, I love magic but have slacked off and dont know much about this particular set and its lore (nothing a google search cant fix though).

hehe, so many questions, so little time:
What are your feelings on 'homebrew' magic items? I know that there are spells that are an obvious no (like an amulet that gave you constant true strike), but I was looking at a few spells that peaked my interest, The two in particular are lead blades and gravity bow.

So, I know that you aren't recruiting but I saw the GMs name and just had to ask: GM Helaman, you wouldn't be familiar with 2,0000 stripling soldiers would you?

hehe, would either the priest or armiger work?

whoops guess I need a bit of back story.


Spes is a little grippli. He isn't the brightest crown in the box, but one of the village shamans saw potential in him (he made a good 'apprentice' in that he was great for doing menial tasks like hauling wood for fires, cleaning up and such. Regardless of the lack of care that his teacher took to his training, Spes picked up quite a bit on his own as he was only taught a few spells that would help him to work harder for the old sage. In the end though, fate decided that it was time to move on. A giant toad took the old man by surprise and swallowed him whole. Needless to say, Spes freaked a little bit realizing that he no longer had a master or an occupation in the village. After finally calming his little brain down, Spes realized just how unskilled and helpless he was in the world. If he wanted to survive, this little grippli had to find a place that might be willing to take him in and maybe give him a little more, and hopefully better, training than he had received from his wrinkly old master.
height: 1 ft 8 in
weight: 30 lbs
age: 12 (yeah, thats an adult grippli, lolz)
basic description: After he is fully decked out

Grippli Male Adept
Diu Ligno Spes


Why do you want to join the army?

Well, um I'm broke. My teacher, er um, former teacher, was eaten by a giant toad while I was out collecting fire wood for his cauldron and well uh, with no teacher I have no place to stay and no way to feed myself.

Why should we take you? How do we know you aren't going to be a resources suck?

Well, over the past few days traveling here, lets just say I had to stomach a few things that you would deem less than edible, but thanks to my er, trianing? It wasn't that bad.

What skills do you have?

Um, well I dont know if you could call it a skill, but I can live off of bugs, and I can do this at this point Diu whips his hand on his tongue and rubs his now slimy hand on a small stone I wouldnt touch that if I were you. Just fling it at someone and they'll be in for a surprise Diu isn't bright enough to explain what he did, but he can poison stuff

What is your favorite color? and what is the air speed of a swallow?

Well Im partial to greens and browns, unless its a bunny, then I choose the bunny. And the swallows speed is um, er, 7? No, 8 definitely 8

I'll put up some stuff later, but he's an adept, soon to be priest
Str 13
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 9
Wis 20
Cha 12

So as dumb as this sounds I'm going to submit 2 different priests, one of them Aasamar warrior priest, for all practical purposes, it basically melds the 2 classes to be a super paladin without smite or the full saves.

The other is a Grippli who should be pretty funny to mess with, Hes an adept going into priest, not the brightest crown in the box, but he does have something going on in that tiny noggin of his. For obvious reasons he'll be very fragile in comparison to everyone else (low BAB and a D6 HD)

Just for kicks and giggles I rolled again to look at a few options. I'm thinking I may want to submit this simply because I can actually be a dumb spell caster [ooc]clearly from his str and int, his teacher had him do all the heavy lifting instead of the heavy reading.
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 5, 4) = 17 Str 15
4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 3, 1) = 12 Dex 11
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 1, 2) = 13 Con 12
4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 4, 1) = 10 Int 9
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 1, 6) = 19 Wis 18
4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 2, 4) = 15 Cha 13

Male Human Student Gamer/10

oh, whoops, forgot about that. same as the sickened save Reflex DC 14 (10+1/2 monk lvl+Wis)

hehe, alright, I'll see what I can do with the second set of rolls.
1d100 ⇒ 8
1d100 ⇒ 83
hehehe, lets see what I look like. Interesting, graceful build and floral breath, alright so I could logically go for a fancy pants sudo-paladin or I can chill with an Aristocratic Aasimar hmmm, the choices.

4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 5, 5) = 16 13
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 2, 5) = 15 13
4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 5, 1) = 11 10
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 4, 5) = 17 15
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 3, 2) = 14 12
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 4, 2) = 16 14
Well hmmm, this could be interesting. Alright I'll try it. We'll swing with an Archon-Blooded Aasimar that pretty much has none of the normal racial triats (Halo intead of darkvision, SR vs Evil instead of Energy Resistance, Truespeaker instead of Skilled, and instead of a spell like ability a different bonus from the variant chart. Going with a Priest/Warrior would be funny (its basicly a super spelled paladin without smite). I'll mull it over. I really thought about going adept/priest, but it seems a tad redundant.

Ok, so I know its third party and that I already have a character built, but how do you feel about the priest class? I was just looking at some funny stuff to try out and thought it might be fun to be a grippli or aasamar priest.

I thought about adept and going with rogue or fighter, Use the familiar as a flank for rogue or tank up as a wizard, but then I was like ehh, I'm a tiefling with chunky arms, I get big weapons and confuse them with the disproportions of everything. (longs spears are normally 8 ft, as a large spear does that mean I'm carrying a spear that about 14 feet? lolz)

Stats & Racial Goodies:

Tiefling Oni-Spawn
Str 20
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 14
Cha 12

Beguiling Liar: The best way to get along in the world is to tell others what they want to hear. The practice of telling habitual falsehoods grants Grix a +4 racial bonus on Bluff checks to convince his opponent that what he is saying is true when he tells a lie.

Scaled Skin: Grix's skin provides some energy resistance, but is also as hard as armor. Grix has resistance 5 Fire and also gains a +1 natural armor bonus to his AC.

Darkvision: Grix can see perfectly in the dark for up to 60 feet.

Prehensile Tail: Grix has a long, flexible tail that can be used to carry items. While he cannot wield weapons with his tail, he can use it to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on his persons as a swift action.

Over-sized limbs: Grix is an oddity in that his arms and hands are much larger than they should proportionally be. However this allows him to use Large weapons without penalty.

Grix was bullied often as a child, but never responded in kind because of Adults preconceived thoughts of all tieflings. Instead, he became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly. Grix has a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Convincing Liar
Grix spent his life perfecting the art of half-truths in order to accomplish what he need to. After all, who would intentionally help a tiefling. Grix has a +1 trait bonus on Bluff or Intimidate checks and one Bluff is a class skill for him.


Large Long Spear (10 gp)
A sack for carrying stuff (1 sp)
Waterskin (1 gp)
String 50ft (1 cp)
Fishing Hooks 5 (5 sp)
2 Days Rations (1 gp)
Bedroll (1 sp)
Travelers Clothing
2 gp 2 sp 9 cp

Warrior 1/Rogue (Scroll Scoundrel) 0
He better learn how to talk fast if he's gonna be lying to people like crazy


Total=Stat bonus + Ranks + Training + Other bonuses
Bluff (Cha) 6=1+0+0+5
Climb (Str) 5=5+0+0
Craft(Weapons) (Int)5=1+1+3
Handle Animal (Cha) 1=1+0+0
Heal (Wis) 3=2+1+0
Intimidate (Cha) 1=1+0+0
Profession (Wis) 6=2+1+3
Ride (Dex) 2=2+0+0
Swim (Str) 5=5+0+0

Fluff 'n Stuff:

Grix is a bit of a troubled fellow. He hasn't made many friends in the past simply because no one ever bothered to take the time to know him. He is a little awkward social because of this, though probably more because of his sadistic need to cause a little pain every now and again. Its not as if he hasn't tried to suppress it. But it just feels so good to see the wicked suffer. In any case, this has caused Grix to become a bit of an at home pathologist, though most of his knowledge is limited to small animals for obvious reason.
Grix had spent most of his young life on the town watch. He was taught how to wield a bastard sword with his massive arms (apparently someone higher up thought that it funny to have the 'bastard son' use a bastard sword. Grix was sent to serve in the army by his town. 'Its an honor' they said. Really they just wanted to get rid of the taint from there village. And so it was, that Grix made his way to this bastion of war to perhaps find a way to sate his need to cause pain and perhaps find a friend or two in the process.


A respectively tall, dark man enters the tent where the quarter master is sitting, filling out piles of paperwork. The man's ram like horns and unnaturally large arms instantly give him away to be a tiefling. without bothering to look up the quartermaster begins so question the 'man' before him.
"So you want to join the fight eh? Well lets get to it shall we? Why exactly do you want to join the army? its not like pay is that great, the food is terrible, and you're likely to die out there." Grix smiles at the man and begins to speak in a very strait tone. Its clear that his answer is scripted as if written by someone else, "Well sir, I'm here to serve my country and to represent my home. Though it may be hard it will be worth it." As the quartermast finally looks up from his papers, he can see a shine in Grix's eye that he does infact what to be here, but whatever his real reasons are is unclear. "Well, Why should we take you? How do we know you aren't going to be a resources suck from the real men?
Again Grix smiles, though this time it is clearly a smile of his own. He looks left and right at his respectively bulging arms that each almost reach his knees "Do these honestly look like a 'resource suck' to you? When I served on my homes watch, I carried a sword big enough to qualify as a short spear to most men. I think your men will sleep happy knowing they have a comrade that can not only swing a sword, but he knows how to place it as well."
The quarter master grunts a bit and continues his list of 'required' questions' eager to move on. Well, What skills have ye got? We don't just send out every fool who thinks he can swing a sword."
At this Grix furrows his brow and puts his massive finger to his temple. "I may not look like I got much up here but as I mentioned I served my time as a town guard with a massive sword. The weapons they gave us were so small; when I asked for a larger blade, the smith just laughed at me. I had to forge the blade myself. It took a bit of working, but I did it just the same, if you really need it, I can be quite good with a hot iron"at this last sentence he's eyes gleam with as though there is more to this last statement than meets the eye."Well whatever then, the last few questions may seem a bit odd, but I've been asked to question you about them: What is your favorite color? and what is the air speed of a swallow?"
what do you mean African or European?
Grix is clearly confused and thrown off by these last questions "Well, I do love black and blue, though I would have to say a healthy red is quite nice. As to the uh swallow did you call it? Well, I would think that anyone would know that a swallow flies as fast as anything that flies does."
Bluff to know about Swallows 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

random thought: would we be allowed to use the variants heritages and abilities for tieflings? Its not a big deal, just thought it might be fun to do. I would ask about assimars as well, but they are already pretty awesome and using the variants can make them very over powered.
Check me out

lolz, i did get a chuckle out of the tongue moment Varin. I kind of want to throw in on this as well.
Str 4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 6) = 21 18
Dex 4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 4, 2) = 16 14
Con 4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 2, 6) = 16 14
Int 4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 5, 2) = 14 13
Wis 4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 3, 5) = 13 12
Cha 4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 4, 5) = 17 14
*wow, not to bad if I do say so myself. Guess I'll go for a rough and ready type fighter. Oooo, or maybe a Lennoe (though it would only be appropriate if I really had a low Int), who wants to be my George (2 points if you know the reference)

Definitely interested Hope I'm not to late. Ill throw some ideas around and see what could be fun.
LE Human Fighter (Still looking at archtypes)
Str 18
Dex 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
Con 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Int 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
Wis 1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Cha 8

Crime: Murder
Grix killed a low ranking noble for 'mocking' him and his fellow soldiers. He ripped the man from his horse, Broke his neck and cut the filthy noble's tongue out with his sword (which would inadvertently mutilate the mans mouth and face sorry if that is overly graphic, I can tone it down if needs be

Sin/Vice: Wrath
As made clear from Grix's Crime he doesnt like being made fun of. If you make him mad, he will be more than willing to make you bloody.

Male Human Student Gamer/10

If I understand the posting on the previous group, this group, while 99% DMs, has the potential for non DMs correct?
I haven't played enough to be comfortable with DMing, but I love the game. I'm in Legacy of Fire, that's the only AP I've played in, though I have played several home brew games. I'll keep following the thread in case you do need more players but out of respect for potential DMs coming in, I'll keep my posts to a minimum.

rashly5 wrote:

Hmm. Gillmen may not be as rare as I thought, from some more reading. And a mention of them in Absalom in the Pathfinder wiki (though there was the implication that there weren't many) as well as an official embassy in Escadar. They're also particularly susceptible to Aboleth enchantment. Mine comes from a reclusive tribe so not much contact with the others. Up to you how you want to take it, however, or if most people know of them in Absalom.

** spoiler omitted **...

Just a heads up on your crossbow, to have an enchantment on it like frost, it has have atleast a +1 enhancement. It's kind of an annoying thing, but I figured I'd give you a heads up. Also, if you want to put one of your stones in a wayfinder, we are using the predetermined ability chart instead of the random one.

Male Human Student Gamer/10

Yeah I have a friend who figured out how to craft 16k worth of items a day.... It was completely legal by rules, but it was pretty dumb.

Lolz, I saw this and thought, hey I'm in one of his other campaigns, it's cool so I'll check this one out. Then I realized it was the campaign i'm already. Sad day.

I'm interested as well, I'm in CST so the times aren't a big deal. What holes are you looking to fill? You mentioned you have a priest so I assume divine/healer is covered, but like Jelani said, what do you have and what would you like/need.

DougFungus wrote:

The hammer specified in the “I gots a popped blister, wanna see?!” trait, is it the Light Hammer as found in weapons, the "Hammer" as found in Adventuring Gear or other?

I'm curious because the Hammer in Adventuring Gear counts as an improvised weapon ans was the selection I added to my character. I am now inclined to think it might be the Light Hammer which would raise my Attack Bonus to +3 rather than -1.

It probably is. Though you may just want to opt for rough and ready and you don't get an allowance? You will basically get the hammer (with a +1 rather than -4 to hit), 1.5 gp and .5 gp a week. Granted, you can only do this if you are a human.

Hehe, it's true humans are significantly more powerful in this setting. Though a halfling would be fun for the sneakiness. Though melter would be a pain, you have to be in there square to hit them (thus they get a free swing at you atleast once) and with range your swinging for 1d2 or 1d3. But the high dex and size will make you a pain to hit.

ugh, this is super funny. After reading the GM's intro I was thinking, hmm halfling monk would be hilariously awesome for this, *scroll down* oh somebody is already doing that, hmmm maybe a gunslinger would be fun *scroll down* hmm, someones got that covered as well, Ok, I'll go for Paladin *scroll down yet again* and.... someones already covering that. Lolz, well I may end up stepping on somebody's toes a little bit, sorry if that peeves anyone I'll avoid it as much as possible but this sounds way to cool to pass up.
Alright, I think a Yokai Hunter Ranger may be fun so we'll see where that goes. Though, I do have a question about the Yokai Hunter: His favored Yokai ability allows the GM to change the list for the purpose of the campaign. I know I could just do a basic ranger and wouldnt have to worry about this as undead is treated without having an subclasses vs a Yokai Hunter does. Would it be possible to just have one favored Yokai as undead rather than getting one every couple of lvls? Its pretty much for flavors sake and it wont do anything special unless we make it to lvl 7 and beyond, but I figured I would ask.

Male Human Student Gamer/10

A squarely built man, who appears to have been chiseled out obsidian, moves from his quiet corner of the room to the table and chairs set before him, “Lost time is never found again.” he murmurs to himself as he finds a seat close to his corner and sits to partake of the food set before him, though wary of the wine, Ehad seems to be very pleased to partake of such fine foods.
Ehad is dressed in simple traveling cloths but seems to have a fluidity to his step unnatural to someone of his bulk. Outside of his shiny chiseled skin and unique step, there are only a few oddities about him: his hair seems to be somewhat opaque and of a crystalline nature and he has a set of 8 green gems set round his head and neck.

So, I am looking at using the Indentured Blacksmith trait (not super important, but fun for backstory), but that would mean I'd have to be a slave to gnolls.... would it be possible to ignore that tidbit and just be an apprentice blacksmith? That's what I'm looking at being back story wise and it would fit really well. with the other 2 traits that I'm looking at getting: Rough and Ready (I'll be used to using a blacksmith hammer) and “You don’t get an allowance?!” (I'll be playing it as that's what I get from working for the blacksmith).

hehehe, I thought you might say that, I was kind of hoping that with the strong and weak DR up there you might say no to the magical stuff and say yes to either piercing or bludgeoning. but eh, what can ya do.

Hehe, I was actually looking at the variant traits that give DR/2. Tieflings can get it for Piercing, Bludgeoning, or Silver and Aasimars can get it for magic or evil. Again these are all variant abilities.

Sorry about all these questions, but it just so much fun to think about different possibilities, would it be possible to give up the +2 stat bonus on a tiefling or assimar and instead take one of the variant abilities that would usually replace there spell like ability? I was looking at a few of them and thought it might be fun to use in a small game like this, but since you said to stat them like a human, they dont have anything to really give up for the variants except the +2 stat (the trait wouldn't be a fair trade, it'd be better for the player).
Anyways, just let me know.

This might be a fun trait:
House full of brothers: Growing up in a house full of brothers means growing with a lot of horse play and a lot of wrestling at home
Due to your experience wrestling with your brothers, your opponents do not get an attack of opportunity when you grapple them.

Just a thought as I'm looking at this, ranged characters will have an extreme advantage once they get a ranged weapon (be human and get a free dex of 14 or 16 with your +2 or dump 5 of your points into dex and end up with a 20 for a net AC of 16 and a net to hit of +6 at lvl 0).

Would it not make sense to give melee some kind of counter like being able to take weapon finesse? that way, they still have damage penalties from strength, but are able to hit just like those that go ranged?

With regards to that, perhaps you could do it as a trait that just gives you weapon finesse with one finesse weapon (light weapon, natural weapon, elven curve blade, rapier, whip, or spiked chain made for a creature of your size category) rather than the whole lot.

was just perusing the thread and if you want, here is a link to Edward's Variant Abilities and Physical Features. It down the page about half way. Its a big d% chart as well as next to it are some funny physical charts that don't affect game play, but make for a cool image. The variants can make for some pretty powerful, fun, or unique characters.

Yeah, it should be fun. Are the variant racial traits allowed? Being a non spell caster, the earth affinity trait doesn't really do much for a non-sorcerer. was looking at maybe 'stone in the blood' instead. If you want me to keep with the basic traits though, just let me know.

Alrighty, So I'm looking at an Oread Ki Mystic Monk of the Sacred Mountain. I'll have to work out the back story and crunch, but I think I'll be looking at making him an initiate into the Brotherhood of the Seal or having just left it (its a monk specific prestige class I'm looking at taking later). I'll work it all out in the back story and such. Figure LN or LG.

I'd like to jump in on this. I have a few ideas for different characters and I'll post one as soon as I get my character set up.

fnord72 wrote:

@LazarX my personal preference is to cap classes at 20. Prestige classes can take someone up higher than that (but then they usually have rules on what happens). For a caster, I'd use the paizo suggestion i previously posted. So if I built a wizard 20, then went loremaster 10, My caster level would be 30. This would give me one spell slot of each level from 10 through 14. I would also have an additional 60 spell slot levels to split up as I saw fit (this works for spontaneous casters too). I could then take another class from 1-10 to get me up to 40 total.

Bab stops at 20 with four basic attacks. What I seem to recall was something like an epic bonus of +1 per odd level after that. Saves would be simpler if we are capping classes at 20, when you switch to another class, just keep using that progression.

So, I'm kind of confused how this doesn't favor spell casters? If you cap at 4 attacks, why would someone want to play a melee or ranged person who can only swing four times a round? Its not like they can increase there damage outside of more attacks and magic weapons. But by giving spell casters the option of using prestige classes to increase there level of spell casting, you can get pretty ridiculous like making Horrid Wilting 25d6 to every creature in a 60 foot radius from 3200 ft. away. Compare that to the lvl 30 fighter who can swing for 4 attacks each dealing 4d6+whatever extra enhancments his weapon has+Str. Yeah, he can deal close to the same damage to a single creature, but not from 2/3 of a mile away and not to as many creatures at the same time.

DarkLightHitomi wrote:
You may consider a house rule that immunity actually counts as immune from natural sources but against magic source with a caster level of twenty or higher counts as only DR 30 or 40.

So what would you do if the ability specificly states that it affects magic sources? for example monk become immune to disease including magical ones, so does that just reduce the effect or are they actually immune because the ability specifies it?

MO Spugly fuglet wrote:

Yep spotted that, and I think again the game if it ever gets past the problems I have found, will keep the 20th cap on a level, I know some give you + so should give higher spells but OMG the work

Ok Thanks all for showing your Interest the feed back has been great, and I found some things out.

Im going to go away and have a really good think about a way to do this, that will let players play and still get past some of the problems I can see. Lots of reading for me. But all good fun.

I will keep this thread up so you can post ideas and etc. But for now I need a lot more time to work on this.


Yeah I would have had the same problem with the monks unarmed strike going to lvl 30. Also, as Tenro Asked, are we using epic lvl feats? I just ask because some of them get pretty over powered, but at lvl 40, the regular feats start to not do very much.

Hehe, I didnt even pay attention to the immunities until you mentioned them, but you get all of the ones you mentioned from a monk/11 and Living Monolith/10. Granted, You still can take damage, but even then you have massive DR.

Sweet, this will make things alot easier to build. And I very much like this concept. Like you said, it will take awhile to get everything set up, but if and when we get this behemoth off the ground its going to be epic.

True at lvl 40 no one can really stop you from doing whatever you want, but I had always thought of lawful as being one that submitted to the laws of wherever they were rather than a firm code of conduct but, what you all are saying makes alot of sense.

So, just a count on what we have so far. Who is going for what alignments?

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