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Durkon Thundershield

Edward Kirchgessner's page

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A great addition!


Although I'm generally opposed to the concept of core book "sequels," the content in 'Bestiary 3' is top notch. Whereas it took me some time to realize the usefulness of the monsters presented in 'Bestiary 2' (extraplanar/dimensional encounters rarely play a role in my campaigns), I immediately recognized many of the creatures in 'Bestiary 3' as either "iconic" or interesting variations on an established monster class.

As is to be expected, this book is well laid out and the illustrations are (mostly) top notch - Paizo rarely disappoints here! The Pathfinder Campaign Setting is still missing a few iconic monsters (mostly due to WotC's draconic licensing practices), but this volume (and the two which preceded it) gives GMs a huge variety of creatures to populate their encounters.

If I could make any suggestions for future 'Bestiary' volumes, the first would be to expand upon the lore provided - I realize it would likely halve the number of creatures included per book, but a two page spread (even for "simple" creatures like oozes) might help a GM find a place for a given creature within his campaign setting. Also, better illustrating a creature's size (perhaps even graphically) would be useful - general size classifications only go so far, and being able to see a silhouette of a given entry next to a human-sized creature would give both GMs and players a clear understanding of exactly how big a monster is (this was employed beautifully in an old FASA publication for Shadowrun: 'Paranormal Animals of North America' by Nigel Findley). Again, these are just suggestions on ways to improve an otherwise outstanding collection of Bestiaries. Keep up the good work!

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32 content-rich pages...


At first, I was a bit taken aback by the asking price for this product: $10 for 32 pages? Really? Having received my copy, I've officially been swayed.

In just 32 pages, you've succeeded in presenting more content than the competition could hope to get out in two or three hardbound tomes. This book isn't filled with new rules or tables - this is all rich material which a GM can use to help in fleshing out any campaign world. Keep these racial expansions coming! And while you're at it, some "Companion" publications on the various base character classes would be awesome ;)

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Great content


Received my copy just a few days ago - very impressive stuff! Presentation and story were both top notch.

My favorite part was the article on Tieflings. I hope Pathfinder Adventures delivers more great content like this in the months to come - additions that contribute not just to this scenario, but anything the GM is able to dream up.

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