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Imeckus Stroon

Earl J V Caromarc's page

555 posts. Alias of Harakani.

Full Name

Jornel Vennel Caromarc




Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8










Common, Draconic, Infernal, Abyssal, Celestial, Ignan, Aquan


Earl and Wizard

Homepage URL

HP 57/54 (45 barrier)

About Earl J V Caromarc

current status:

extend rod uses used today: 2
Shifts used today: 1
teleport feet remaining: 180/240
Currently Memorised
Standard Memorisation

    * Detect Magic
    * Mending
    * Dancing Lights
    * Prestidigitation

1: 7 = 4+2 att +1 school

    s Mage Armour (Cast, Caromarc)
    * Mage Armour (Cast, Elspeth)
    * Infernal Healing
    * Ear Piercing Scream
    * Magic Missile (Cast)
    * (shield, takes 2)
    * BLANK
    p Magic Missile (Cast)
    p Mage Armour (Cast, Phoebe)

2: 6 =4 +2 att +1 school

    s Summon Swarm
    * Mirror Image
    * Make Whole
    * False Life (Cast, Caromarc)
    * Book Ward (Cast)
    * (Book Ward, takes 2)
    p Book Ward (Cast)

3: 5 = 3 +1 att +1 school

    s Ablative Barrier (Cast, Caromarc)
    * Ablative Barrier(Cast, MM)
    * Resinous Skin
    * Lightning Bolt
    * Ablative Barrier (Cast, Phoebe)

4: 4 = 2 + 1 att +1 school

    s Summon Monster IV (Cast)
    * Shadow Projection (Cast, Elspeth)
    * Summon Monster IV
    * Wall of Ice (Cast)

5: 3 = 1 +1 att + 1 school

    * Summon Monster V
    * Possess Object (Cast)
    * Rapid Repair


Str 10 (0 pts = 10)
Dex 14 (2 pts = 12) +2 enhancement (belt)
Con 14 (5 pts = 14)
Int 23 (13 pts = 17) +2 racial +2 lvl4/8 +2 chain
Wis 8 (-2 pts = 8)
Cha 12 (2 pts=12)


F 5=3 base + 2 att
R 5=3 base +2 att
W 4=6 base -1 att


BAB 4 base
AC 17 = +2dex +1 natural armour +4 (mage) armour
CMB 4 = 4 BAB + 0 str
CMD 16 = 4 BAB + 0 str + 2 dex
HP 54 = 6 + 21(8d6)+9 favored +18 con
Initiative +2

Feats & Traits:

H: Spell Focus: Conjuration
W1: Scribe scrolls
W1: Arcane Bond: Familiar (Octopus)
1: Augment Summoning
3: Craft Wondrous Item
W5: Craft Magic Arms and Armour
5: Craft Construct
7: Superior Summoning
9: Dimensional Agility
Ustalav Noble +1 trait diplomacy and know: nob. +100 gp.
Hedge Magician: -5% cost to make magic items


Skills (2 class + 6 int + 1 human)*9 levels = 81
[r=ranks, c=class skill. Default skills not listed]
High to Low
Craft:Alchemy 15=6r+3c+6 int
Knowledge: planes 17=8r+3c+6 int
Knowledge: arcana 18=9r+3c+6 int
Spellcraft 18=9r+3c+6 int
Knowledge: local 12=3r+3c+6 int
Knowledge: nobility 11=3r+3c+6 int+1 trait-2 stitched
Knowledge:dungeoneering 10=1r+3c+6 int
Knowledge:geography 10=1r+3c+6 int
Knowledge:history 10=1r+3c+6 int
Knowledge: nature 10=1r+3c+6 int
Knowledge: engineering 10=1r+3c+6 int
Linguistics 10=1r+3c+6 int
Appraise 10=1r+3c+6 int
Craft:Mechanics 10=1r+3c +6 int
Knowledge: religion 8=1r+3c+6 int-2 stitched
Intimidate 17= 9r + 2 cha +6 stitched
Fly 6=1r+3c+2 dex
Perception 8=9r-1wis
Sense Motive 8 =9r-1 wis
Stealth 4= 2r+2 dex
Swim 5=1r +1 str+ 3 familiar
Diplomacy 0=2r+1 cha+1 trait -4 stitched
Disguise 2=1r+1cha


0: 4
1: 7 = 4+2 att +1 school
2: 7 = 4 +2 att +1 school
3: 6 = 4 +1 att +1 school
4: 5 = 3 + 1 att +1 school
5: 4 = 2 + 1 att + 1 school
6: 3 = 1 + 1 att + 1 school

0: all but enchantment and abjuration
1: 9 (2c) 9 spell levels
1st free Air Bubble
1st free: Infernal Healing (C)
1st free: Obscuring Mist (C)
1st free: Protection From Evil (C)
1st free: Summon Monster I (C)
1st free: Magic Missile (E)
1st free: Ear Piercing Scream (E)
2nd free: Shield (A)
2nd free: Mage Armour (C)
2: 4 (2c) 10 spell levels
3rd free: Summon Monster II (C)
3rd free: Alter Self (T)
4th free: Glitterdust (C)
4th free: Mirror Image (I)
purchased: Fox’s cunning (T)
purchased: Cat’s grace (T)
purchased: Book Ward (A)
purchased: False Life (N)
From scroll: Frigid touch
3: 4 (2c) 12 spell levels
5th free: Waterbreathing
5th free: Summon Monster III (C)
6th free: Resinous Skin (T)
6th free: Ablative Barrier (C)
purchased: Magic Circle against evil (A)
purchased: Clairvoyance (D)
7th free: Shadow Projection (N)
7th free: Summon Monster IV (C)
8th free: Make Whole (2nd) (T)
8th free: Dimension Door (C)
9th free:
9th free: Summon Monster V (C)

Standard Memorisation

    * Detect Magic
    * Mending
    * Dancing Lights
    * Prestidigitation

1: 7 = 4+2 att +1 school

    s Mage Armour
    * Mage Armour
    * Infernal Healing
    * Ear Piercing Scream
    * Magic Missile
    * (shield, takes 2)
    * BLANK

2: 6 =4 +2 att +1 school

    s Summon Swarm
    * Mirror Image
    * Make Whole
    * False Life
    * Book Ward
    * (Book Ward, takes 2)

3: 5 = 3 +1 att +1 school

    s Ablative Barrier
    * Ablative Barrier
    * Resinous Skin
    * Lightning Bolt
    * BLANK

4: 4 = 2 + 1 att +1 school

    s Summon Monster IV
    * Shadow Projection
    * Summon Monster IV
    * Wall of Ice

5: 3 = 1 +1 att + 1 school

    * Summon Monster V
    * Possess Object
    * Rapid Repair


Note to self: Write up rules and links here
School +4 rnds conjured creatures
Shift 8/day 30ft swift action
Dimensional Steps (SP): At 8th level, you can use this ability to teleport up to 30 feet per wizard level (240ft) per day as a standard action. This teleportation must be used in 5-foot increments and such movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You can bring other willing creatures with you, but you must expend an equal amount of distance for each additional creature brought with you.
banned: enchantment, abjuration


Jornel is in his early 40s, and walks with a pronounced limp in his left leg. While he does not totally require a cane to walk, he makes it a habit to do so.


2 2nd perals of power
3 1st pearls of power

Grandfather’s Legacy

Belt of Dex
He has to some degree overcome his issue through the use of a mechanised leg brace on his leg. This brass contraption attaches to a corset with a small wind up power source. The corset in turn attaches to thin metal struts that fit onto his skin under his clothes. The device somehow senses from the movement of muscles in his hack what he is attempting to do and provides extra motive power where needed.

Rod of Lesser Extend
Looking like a stylish iron walking cane, there is an unusual width to the rod that suggests to the more knowledgeable rogues a disguised sword cane. In fact this is from the small arcane-engine inside the cane that can draw upon a trapped, petrified immature voidworm to provide extra arcane power to the user's spells.

All Tools Vest, Spell component pouch
As a man of many trades, but reluctant to openly carry a tradesman's tools, the Earl spent some time looking for ways to successfully hide or call forth tools. When his original researches into pocket extra dimensional spaces proved fruitless, watching a simple bard trick provided him with an answer. When charged the vest is capable of spontaneously creating a suite of simple tools. Sadly the charging is a complex procedure that takes some time, limiting the vest and Earl to only one trade per day.
As material components of spells often have unpredictable result when summoned, the Earl has been forced to bow to necessity and has some tiny discrete pouches scattered upon his vest and person where he can lay his hands on components should they be necessary.

Chain of Intellect +2 (Sense Motive)
No Earl of a palatine county could wear a crown without committing a grievous breach of etiquette, so Caromarc designed this chain. A thin gold chain that he wears around his neck, the chain was originally designed as a sentient construct he could telepathically communicate with in order to gain additional information and answers. The Chain has proven exceptionally useful, especially in advising the Earl on body language, showing an exceptional ability to intuit emotions and detect lies, and then to pass that information onto Caromarc. It will be a bad day for Caromarc when he discovers that the construct he believes is helping him is dumb and that the telepathic link has tied into something else.

Amulet of Natural Armour +1
Salvaged from an early attempt at repairing his leg, this large purple gemstone in a gold setting lends some of the resilience of amethyst to Caromarc’s bones. While in now way preventing him from being killed, it has proven useful using sharp tools and cogs, and on one occasion an assailant was surprised to see his cleaver rebound from the Earl’s fingers, leaving a deep cut and spraining but the fingers intact.

Noble Clothes, Signet ring, jewelry
Earl Caromarc well understands the necessity of dressing to rank. His clothing resembles that of a more archaic and stylish courtier’s suit and cape, but the silk is more voluminous, dyed the expensive purple his ancestors entitle him to and trimmed and bedecked in gold chains. A believer in hats, the Earl has several depending upon the event.

Tradesman’s Clothes, alchemy lab
When performing his more dangerous experiments - especially in his alchemy lab - the Earl wears simple clothing, fire resistant, easy to remove and protective.

The Earl has a mechanical butler/valet/driver/servant

Although gossip is very clear that the Earl is not married, it also greatly enjoys mentioning the strange woman the Earl is occasionally seen accompanying. Though she wears thick and concealing clothing, many in society have whispered of something wrong. Some dark taint or malformation.

Heavy Horse, Carriage
The Earl has his own horse and carriage. While the horse is beautiful, she is trained to pull a carriage, not to fight. The Earl used to own a larger carriage with two horses, and exchanged it for this one, claiming that he found the gait of a single horse superior. In fact his motives were more financial.

The Earl would be terribly embarrassed to admit just how close to the wire his affairs are. His mechanical servant and arcane experiments have left him with so little money - a mere twenty crowns - that he is actually considering donning a disguise and earning some money as an alchemist.


Summary of Background

Jornel Caromarc was born at Schloss Caromarc into one of the old nobility families of Ustalav. His family raised him to believe that he had a duty to his country, so as a young man he joined the army to fight in the war. His father was proud, but quietly arranged that his son would be an engineer. Jornel came back with a book of occult power, a fear of the dark and a large part of his left leg missing.

For seven years he became a shut-in hermit, scavenging parts and supplies from the old vaults to perform strange experiments. He spent a good but of his family’s money on new equipment as well. Seven years later he emerged from Schloss Caromarc and established himself as an alchemist and mechanic of note. He went on to construct several very intriguing bespoke automata - almost always at governmental request.

Emerging from his shut-in coccoon he attended university in nearby Leipsteig, and became a correspondent of several eminent academics. One of those academics, on the verge of a breakthrough thanks to some notes Jornel had provided from his ancestor Alpon’s alchemical notes, invited him to spend some time and see the culmination of “the greatest experiment”.

The greatest experiment turned out to be the toturous creation of life. Horrified Jornel freed one sentient subject, and ended up trapped in a burning room. Jornel screamed for help and the subject, Sandru, returned and rescued him.

Chapter 1: The Book:

Chapter 1: The Book

I was only a young man when I found the book. It was during the war. I signed up to be a soldier, and ended up an ‘engineer’, though common labour was my usual lot. No honour in shoring up walls and digging ditches.

The house had obviously been bricked up from the outside. We thought at first it must be an old foundation pillar, masonry around loose rock. It wasn’t a big house - only thirty feet a side - but the bricks around the walls were castle-stones, two feet thick and half again as wide. Even the roof had been bricked up, though the carefully stacked and mortared rocks had given way at the top.

The natives all claimed it was a ‘witch house’. Bricked up for centuries, half buried, but no-one would build near it. Bricked up to keep the witch in, they said, but all their talk had the sound of stories.

I went in through the top. George and Carlisle lowered me down on a rope we had attached to a makeshift crane. The room was dark, and dank. I lit a torch - though coming down so near midday I had not thought to need it so soon. I unloosened my rope harness and looked around. The ground was spongy, somehow. Looking around I realised this had once been a tiny recessed courtyard. There was a little fountain, a chair and what had probably once been a garden - now all covered in water, slime and a small heap of broken bricks.

There was only one door, so my choice was easy. The door collapsed at my touch and I walked into the kitchen. I was struck at once by how eerily preserved everything was. Save for the layer of dust over everything it looked as if its ancient inhabitant had simply walked out. There were two new doors here. Something about the place made me feel wrong, and my torch flickered. Terrified at the prospect of being stuck in this windowless tomb in the dark I moved with alacrity through the larger door.

The larger door led to a small bedroom, and continuing around the corner of the house I entered what was obviously a library, and by its size and position the only room I had not yet explored. This room was also in a state of eerie preservation.

There was a book open on a small lectern. Glancing down at it I saw clearly the single inset catseye gem. Reasoning that the book must be valuable to have a gem of any sort inset I picked it up, dropped it in my pouch and then froze as realisation hit me.

The book had no dust on it. Looking down I say another set of footprints leading away from the book. As if someone had somehow been standing here, where I stood now, motionless. Until something drew its attention. Visually I tracked the footprints as they travelled from the lectern to the small door that led back to the kitchen.

I froze then, I confess it. My torch chose that moment to sputter and my fear of the dark overcame my fear of whatever it was through that dooway. Running as fast as I could I fled for the safety of the courtyard and my rope to the outside world of sanity.

I was just in time to see him swarming up the rope like some ship-rat. All bones and dry skin - nothing human. We had given him a way out and he took it. I shrieked in fear, and he glanced down, grinned that inhuman grin at me in a way that said “I’ll be back for you later”, and cut the rope with his dagger.

I stood there in terror, trapped in the old house, as the screams started.

Chapter 2: The Eye:

Chapter 2: The Eye

It took me near on two hours to drag all those tomes from the library out to the swamp, lay them on the brick pile, and jumping just catch hold of the rope. If my torch had given out I am not sure I would have had the courage to go back into those rooms, even knowing that the evil that had been bricked into this house had now escaped. I was up the rope and out.

I ran back to camp to get support. The captain must have thought me raving, but George and Carlisle were missing, so he sent a squad back with me. We never found George, or Carlisle, or the old man. The leutenant earned my eternal admiration when he had himself lowered in to look for them. He returned quickly, and quietly ordered the hole in the roof be bricked up again.

We’d just gotten back to camp when the whistle came. Our position got hit by the enemy, and we ended up retreating seventeen miles in a thunderstorm with nothing but the clothes on our backs. I was near dead when I finally fell asleep at sunrise, not realising the thing poking into my side was the damned book in its bag.

It whispered to me in my dreams.

I woke that night, and took a shift of stand-and-wait. I thumbed through the book in the moonlight and realised it was a book of shadows.

Captain demanded to see it the next day. I think Tom must have told him of the book. He looked at it, and it was just a book of nonsense rhymes and silly pictures. Showed it to me, and it was. Turns out there are two books. One shows up in bright light, one in dim.

The book told me things. First thing it told me was how to see things shouldn’t be able to see. Magic things. Poison things. That saved my life when it told me the mist coming up was poisonous. I managed to save a lot of my troop, but between that, George and Carlisle they never really trusted me after.

It was shortly afterwards that I got shot by a sniper and sent back home. On the trip back the wound got infected. I managed to convince them not to amputate, but they had to burn the wound.

I read through the book over and over trying to find some way to make the injury heal properly. I realised I was only scratching the surface. Eventually I found a spell I thought might work - but it was far too difficult for me, and needed expensive components.

I studied the book and more and more. It claimed to be transcribed from the teachings of one of the great wizards of the old days, who had his wisdom from creatures of another realm. Finally one day I managed to briefly summon one of these creatures to me. Communication seemed impossible at the time, but I persevered, hoping to find something that could heal my crippled leg. My transcriptions, interpretations and experiments were obsessive and well documented.

Eventually, madly, I realised that if my calls could only raise the smallest and weakest of these creatures, perhaps I should go to them. As I write this now, I wonder how I ever thought such a mad plan was my idea. I built a device, somehow instructed by the book. At the time I didn’t think it suspicious that such a complicated device should come so easily when all else had come so hard.

The device worked. I, and the book, entered other worlds. I... don’t really understand what happened there. The book did it - or the gem in the book. Some sort of egg, I think. Gifted to, or stolen by, that first wizard. Running life after life to get back. I tried to get home, and I ended up elsewhere. Again and again I tried, and finally got home... only to discover I could not stay. Somehow the device had unmoored me from our reality.

Fortunately I had prepared contingencies for our trip. One such contingency was to imprison an extra dimensional creature. I used this on myself, which gave me sufficient time to set up a small extradimensional pocket realm - a bubble in space-time. I stayed there for days, desperately maintaining it. In that time I worked out how to build myself an “anchor” of sorts. Like all anchors it has a chain that stops me drifting off.

I used the alien knowledge I had transcribed from the now-lost book through my madness, along with certain crpytic utterings certain summoned creatures had let slip to work on perfecting my knowledge. I realised that what I had thought was magic was really just alien extra-dimensional science. My incantations, preparations and gestures were manipulating extra-dimensional structures I was normally unable to even see.

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