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Dran Cronsis's page

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I don't have any pre-made characters for AP's handy, but I'm open to playing in any of them. Generation time for me is very short (advanced characters may take up to two hours however, as I consider magic-items).

Please feel free to contact me if you plan to run a PBP AP.

Curse of the Crimson Throne is interesting, I think when (did it launch already?) the updated compilation book is out we will see more of it.

I intend to run it IRL for sure, I may do it online.

My paranoid party fired blindly into the room, witnessed the effects, after finding Malfesh, retreated, taunted from outside the room, used some ranged attacks. While he was outside the door, someone lance charged him, he took the opportunity to start a grapple and bring the player inside his domain. Once everyone surrounded him though he went down pretty fast (those +2's really helped). This was with 4 3rd level PC's. Even he had a hard time getting our tanks AC.

Will it be possible to add your own notes/information about the item submitted without it counting against the word count?

If I missed similar question or an official answer already I do apologize.

Where is this Table 17-2?

I've looked in the Beta Release (last table is 17-1, at least in my pdf), but no sign of it. Wondering if the guidelines changed, or if it's a typo and we still refer to 15-27.

That's understandable, there is a lot of new content, I'll just have to pore over it when I get time :)

I must agree, I haven't had time for a completely thorough read and am curious what all the changes from Alpha 2 are, since many of them must be really easy to skip over when just skimming the material

I think I'm going to try and get my players to do this as a long term play test for the Pathfinder RPG. It sounds very interesting, expect a purchase soon :)

I just wanted to address that the knowledge skill (or it's use in game) may need some reworking. I worry about backwards compatibility in changing the skill, all of my players have always found that rolling knowledge as an impulse to see whether or not they know something about it is ridiculous. Granted, there needs to be a way to handle this with an in game system, but the only thing I've managed to come up with on my own to make this a bit more ...acceptable... (I'm having some difficulty with my vocabulary at the moment) is to simply provide good circumstance bonuses if I know the PC in question has studied/encountered/experienced whatever is in front of them in the past (whether in character background or earlier in our campaign).

That's how my players feel at least. I don't mind too much as long as I'm making the checks secretly but I was curious whether or not there were other reservations about the Knowledge system.

Another example is say...the knowledge (local) skill. Which should seem completely moot when the PC changes locations from which they are familiar with this skill. Perhaps you could take knowledge (local) multiple times depending on the region or whatnot....

In any case, We'd like to see some discussion over the quirks of the knowledge skill and perhaps the possibility of a better system to facilitate character knowledge...

Another problem I've found with 3.5 is a lack of clearly defined rules among certain things. For example mounted movement. Most of the time it's pretty straightforward, but what about direction facing, turning around, whether or not the mount threatens, etc. and other issues on how large creatures that aren't 2x2 squares big work on a grid system.

Perhaps these aren't the best examples because our latest problems aren't fresh in my mind. Anyway I've already worked around these so I'm not looking for suggestions.

It would just be nice to see more attention paid to some of the potentially more complex systems presented in publishing.

I pored over the 3.5 core books extensively for clearly defined solutions to our mount issues and ended up having to houserule most of it based on common sense.

Similarly, I'm sure perhaps these are in a non-core book...but using a grid with creatures bigger than Large....(I've not had to do this yet but I figured I would abandon the grid in the case of such an encounter and would just do my best with descriptive text, but what about if there was more than one enemy...well, I just figured out a system in my head as I typed that question so nevermind).

Anyway I've rambled long enough, I think you can see my point...

Just like 3.5, except with all the bugs, mistakes, and other inconsistencies completely addressed?

Actually If they had the time they could probably devise something truly awesome that isn't based off core 3 / 3.5 rules

But I think 3.5 just needs a tad more (ok...a lot more) balancing and core content.

Whatever the case...I'd probably make it my core gaming system, if the quality of the system comes anywhere near close to the quality of their current products.

Damn, I was sure I closed that tag....That's what I get for staying up for three days.

In any case, Although he probably shouldn't have been able to bust down the door, The Rogue was right on the other side and I kinda wanted it to crush him, he moved beforehand though and M already used his ranged attacks. Also there were ready actions made against the door so it turned into a pretty epic battle. Malfeshnekor touched my Knight players lance and dimension doored deeper into the room. Fortunately for him this forced him to draw a magic weapon so he started doing real damage. Although I thought it a bit off to have M break down his door, I ended up not regretting the decision.

Anyway I've got my different sins assigned and hopefully will be entering the Manor this weekend. That should be entertaining. I'm looking forward to RP'ing his Lordship.

This is a really interesting and awesome Idea. Although I think I would prefer Seattle(Wish I lived there dammit! Stupid Desert....Been trying to visit for the wealth of conventions that happen there). I know Vegas would be cost effective for me, since I can ride a shuttlebus there and back for a couple dollars...

I was just curious if anyone elses PC's started screwing with...
[spoiler] Malfeshnekor

See the moment Malfeshnekor revealed himself the PC's rushed out of the room (they were extraordinarily cautious upon opening the door in the first place) and shut the door. But instead of leaving, they just listened to the barghest pound and scream and such in his maddening desperation. Also the party guessed that he was bound, and was proven such when he eventually broke the door via attacks.

In any case my rogue ended up taunting/mocking/belittling him for a good few rounds, my mind is devoid of some examples at the moment...

But I was wondering if something similar happened to anyone else?

It seems to me that A little overleveling (maybe to right under before a 2nd level higher than suggested) isn't much of a problem in this AP. At worst that will make some combats a bit faster with luck, but most of the baddies have some pretty nasty tactics along the way. My group is on the verge of overleveling with side quests, and I'm pretty sure the only reason the group has survived thus far is because it includes a Knight class character (is it just me or are the PHB. II classes broken? They sure are pretty cool though). Even a bit overleveled it looks to me as If any given battle could go either way....

Of course, if the challenge is lacking, there's all the great ideas above to keep things appropriately tough. Personally, I like to add an enemy or replace a given one with something with another fighting style(provided I can find an appropriate creature for the encounter, of course), to keep the party worrying about their tactics...

Hello everyone. Since I discovered this board I figured I may as well post the synopsis I write up real quick for my players on the messageboard we use for reference. It may not be as nice and creative as your used to in these journals, but I think it might make a nice read nonetheless. The writing style will probably be different too Besides, I'll be up here adding more detailed recounts of what happened every so often :p

Like I said, this is just a recap for my players copied and pasted, so don't expect to much niftyness right off the bat. The whole thing will be spoilers though if you haven't played...


Session 1:

On a dewy morn in the small frontier city of Sandpoint in the Lost Coast, a festival was held to commemorate the completion of a new cathedral. Sandpoint had recently seen troubles, and was hoping to put it behind them with this celebration. During the last of the speeches at the beginning of the Swallowtail Festival however, shrieks and panic filled the crowd in front of the new cathedral as one by one townsfolk would fall over dead. Soon it was clear that the perpetrators of this madness was a large band of goblins. They cut down people indiscriminately, stole whatever they could find, ransacked houses, stalls, and set more than their fair share of fires. With the combined efforts of the town militia and the efforts of three key combatants, the goblins were driven out of Sandpoint.

These three combatants, responsible for killing a decent brunt of the goblin menace, including taking out their warchanter and saving a man from the sharp edge of a commando's horsechopper. Have unwillingly become heroes in much of the towns eyes, attracting praise and attention from a variety of townsfolk. The accidental heroes are Palon, a well armed traveller who seems to be down on his luck. Tzar, a devout druid who was in town to check out the new cathedrals shrine to his deity, Gozreh. Fender, who came to seek out religion, maybe...because perhaps there was more to life than theft...or perhaps not.

In any case a few days later (filled with some occurrences with the townsfolk due to their newfound fame) they were summoned to the town hall by Sheriff Belor Hemlock, to meet with Mayor Kendra Deverin and adventurer Shalelu Andosana. He had Shalelu explain that it seems the goblin tribes of the region have become organized. The Sheriff humbly requested of the goblin slayers to stay in town awhile longer, as he was going to take some men south to the great city of Magnimar to request additional soldiers to keep watch, if only until the magnitude of the goblin threat could be determined. Shalelu invited the heroes to dinner, to which Garridan Viskalai (proprietor of The White Deer) provided free drinks. Those who would drink, perhaps drank too much...

The following morning, Tzar was approached at the cathedral by a maid of the Rusty Dragon, and informed him that her employer, Ameiko Kaijitsu had gone missing and that she had found this letter.

Being more or less the cities only armed authority (surely the guards left without Hemlocks direction aren't equipped to handle a delicate situation such as this). Tzar sought the other goblin slayers to assist in this situation. Palon begrudgingly agreed to help after being awoken from the tavern floor, and Fender perhaps decided to come along for the promise of treasure (or at least a chance to apply his skills).

The party departs for the Kaijitsu family glassworks later that day....
Upon arriving, the party finds it dreadfully silent. Some citizens approached in query of the party's intentions at the glassworks, but Fender quickly put their fears to rest. Fender easily picks the lock to the glassworks display area, and the party enters. Not much can be heard over the soft roar of the furnace. After short investigation, Tzar stumbles into the main glassworking chamber whereupon he discovers a gruesome sight. Goblins playing with molten tongs, dismembering bodies of what must have been the works former employees, trying to cake over their remains all in an attempt perhaps to emulate the rooms centerpiece: A man in a chair baked over in glass.

Tzar slowly backed out of the room as the goblins were unwary of him. After a bit more investigation the party discovers a tunnel in the basement, and a half elf sleeping in a secret office. The half elf reacts violently to being disturbed from his sleep. He is quickly restrained by Palon and Tzar. The man is now rope bound and silent.


The game stars a depressed Knight, Halfling Druid, and a Shifter Rogue (yeah, I let him add an eberron race to golarion...). In the first encounters the Knight ran away for quite awhile to go get his armor on. They didn't pick up on the clues about Tsuto's treachery, the noobies. So they were surprised at his reaction when trying to get his cooperation to take out the goblins and avenge the assumed dead Ameiko since they hadn't found her yet. They never actually expressed this yet though....

Anyway, I'll put sessions two and three up soon.

Jason Grubiak wrote:

Since hes going to go learn more about it right now I guess he'll know soon enough.

Oh I found out...*sob*

I need more information on fourth edition. Just my two cents: I'm certain 4e will be fun to play, my only problem with it is simply (at least from the information I've gathered)is that it has to be played (or is being designed in a way that makes it difficult to do otherwise) be played by WoTC rules and in their designated world.

Sure, 3e (3.5 rather, I suppose), has some troubles because of the complexity, however the complexity of 3e seems to stem from the fact that the system was designed in a way to allow for anything to be possible (and you can ignore alignment class restrictions as exceptions or for your gameworld), and have a relatively stable system to play it in. Any issues that come up from the complexity of the rules can simply be overruled by the GM. From what I've read and heard at least, 4e seems to derail that freedom. On the bright side, the simpler mechanics may at least make it easier to introduce new players to tabletop rp'ing. Once their into it, it shouldn't take much to get them hooked on the freeform 3e rules :D

In any case, play 4e if you feel like it, 3e is so completely open ended that it'll probably be going strong with some groups well after I'm dead (and I'm twenty).

I'm sure something like this has probably been said before, but to be completely honest I didn't want to read through every single page.

BTW: I'm new here, not sure where I should put a topic like that :p
Also, I haven't played anything earlier than 3e. I sat in on a 2e once, but the mechanics were a little confusing. 3.5 comes naturally to me I guess. So don't bash me too hard if any bits of my argument here squabble against older editions...

I've only had trouble with them getting forced into the mailbox twice (the mail was kind enough to leave the parcel outside my door othertimes). Fortunately the books themselves are so durable that they never sustained any permanent bending. I've received damaged packages but every time the book was fine.

For these more extreme instances of mail carrier failure, is there any way the wrap options could be opted in with UPS or USPS as part of the shipping agreement? Perhaps another option on our subscriptions page...

I imagine I'll make the jump to 4e eventually. However I'll be sticking to 3.5

Roleplaying is highly uncommon here, and I just now was able to train a new batch of players on 3rd edition. In fact, I've been studying the editions for years with nobody to play with. From the little I do know though, is that 4th edition will probably be almost just like 3rd. Mostly with corrections to game balance with rules about enemy damage reductions and spell descriptions and such. I'm sure there will be a couple big enough changes to warrant calling it fourth edition, but even so I don't see it really taking off until well into 2009. Even so, will the corebooks for 4th be really necessary? I'm sure experienced players and Dm's will just need to know what changes have happened...

Then again, I haven't gotten much of a preview about 4e. This is all my crazy speculation from what I've gathered from hearsay, so I'm going to go learn more about it right now.

I imagine content will easily be convertible, but technically I'll be using the 3.5 sytem for awhile (especially with all these nice clearance sales!)

With the way the subscription is handled, if you can afford it, is more than worth it.

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