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Red Raven

David Schwartz's page

Contributor. RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 7 Season Star Voter, 8 Season Dedicated Voter. 495 posts (686 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.

Full Name

David Schwartz






Temperate Forests and Hills (New Zealand)


Three kinds of English

Homepage URL

About David Schwartz

Selected writing credits:

Contributing author, It Came From the Stars, Zombie Sky Press

"Weal or Woe: Chiaroscura", Wayfinder #9

The Great City: The Sinking: Widow's Walk, 0one Games

Basic Path: Wrath of the Orc God, 0one Games

The Great City: The Sinking: The Mole, 0one Games

Contributing author, Unusual Suspects, Frog God Games

"Blood Brothers", Kobold Quarterly #22

"White Tongue, Black Heart", Kobold Quarterly #21

"Hero's Hoard: With My Spear and Magic Helmet!", Wayfinder #6

The Great City: The Sinking: Tatterdemalion, 0one Games

"Into the Dragon's Den", Kobold Quarterly #18

"Overnight Delivery: A Side Trek in Two Acts", Wayfinder #5

Black & White Adventures: The Trouble Brewing at Witchcliff [sic], 0one Games

"Funtum-Denkyem", Wayfinder #4

Contributing author, The Great City: Urban Creatures & Lairs, 0one Games

Contributing author, The Great City Player's Guide

"Ruyintan Caravanserai (or The Sand Dragon Inn)", Kobold Quarterly #10

Contributing author, PC Pearls, Goodman Games

"Knights and Pawns", Kobold Quarterly #6

"Lament for Emerald Rains", Pathfinder #15―Second Darkness Chapter 3: "The Armageddon Echo", Paizo Publishing

Contributing author, Pathfinder Chronicle Campaign Setting, Paizo Publishing

W3: Flight of the Red Raven, Paizo Publishing

Contributing author, Dark Factions, World of Warcraft RPG, White Wolf Publishing

"Gnomes", Kobold Quarterly #4

"Kalevala Mythos", Targum Magazine #4

"Aztec Mythos IV”, Dragon Magazine #358

"Aztec Mythos III”, Dragon Magazine #356

"Aztec Mythos II”, Dragon Magazine #354

"Aztec Mythos I”, Dragon Magazine #352

Contributing author, Mysteries of the Occult, Etherscope, Goodman Games

Contributing author, Upload: Etherpunk, Etherscope, Goodman Games

Contributing author, The Great Metropolis, Etherscope, Goodman Games

Contributing author and additional design, Etherscope Core Rulebook, Etherscope, Goodman Games

"Imps of Ill-Humor”, Dragon Magazine #338

"Mesopotamian Mythos”, Dragon Magazine #329

"Class Acts: Optional Ranger Combat Styles”, Dragon Magazine #326

"Maztica”, Dragon Magazine #315

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