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Major Colson Maldris

Colson Maldris's page

6 posts. Alias of Mark Moreland (Developer).


Paizo Employee **

Arodus, 4714

Author of Independence,

To date, we have played an instrumental role in the arrest of five corrupt politicians who have wielded their influence like power-mad aristocrats. It is reassuring that Andoran's legal system has so readily recognized the guilt of these villains, though so many seem content to congratulate each other on a job well done and declare a happy ending. They cannot see that the corruption runs deeper, and we must pull it out by the roots to prevent it from growing back. For every person we manage to convict, there are 10 more that I am watching with suspicion. No doubt many are innocent—I pray that is the case—but the allure of bribes and cronyism is powerful.

The greatest difficulty is that our investigations are all subject to state oversight. This and public accountability are important prerequisites for a healthy democracy, yet in the past several months it has also served to alert those in power that they were being investigated. Some of our best evidence has been reduced to ash when the authors learned I was on their trail. Democracy protects us all, but the tools also protect those who would pervert it into tyranny. What is one to do when the only way to fight corruption is to defy one of democracy's core tenets?

I have spoken with my superiors in the Eagle Knights, and they understand my consternation; however it is not the role of a Steel Falcon to police his government's actions, for my order operates abroad to vanquish slavery and tyrants. My commanding officer recommended I turn my gaze to other lands while she performs her own investigations. I have honored her request but also taken a leave of absence to pursue justice without a national affiliation. My ties to Andoran only hamper what I can do to liberate my home and other lands, even though we still work closely with the Eagle Knights. The lessons we learn in the near future may provide us the key to ridding Andoran of corruption once and for all.

Freer than ever before,
Major Colson Maldris

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign begins the Year of the Sky Key, its sixth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Major Maldris in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help the new Liberty's Edge faction succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, endeavor to participate in Pathfinder Society Scenario #6-05: Slave Ships of Absalom.

Paizo Employee **

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Abadius, 4714

Agent of Liberty,
Only months ago we returned to the Inner Sea as heroes, heralding a new age of cooperation with our sister state, Magnimar. Its people had spurned the crumbling vestiges of imperial rule by nearby Korvosa, much as Andoran threw off the shackles of Cheliax's rule. Our new embassy is flourishing and will bring a surge of trade and prosperity to both bastions of freedom.
When the demons of the Worldwound struck, several of my colleagues—it's fair to call them rivals given our years of competition, but our recent struggles have fostered an uneasy camaraderie—and I united to influence some of Absalom's best and brightest to aid Mendev. Our success was bittersweet; though we triumphed in the north, we learned of corruption among Andoran's politicians, some of whom have embraced elected office as a new form of nobility to elevate them above their fellow citizens!
Now that my eyes are open, I see this perversion of Common Rule with increasing frequency. I do not know whether this is a growing pain of democracy or a sign of some greater ill, but I intend to fight it and restore our vision of what a free society should be. This is where I seek your assistance. More than ever we must push our mission of abolition and freedom abroad in two ways. First, develop alliances with like-minded thinkers throughout Avistan and beyond. These potential allies may have strategies and philosophies that we can use to further our mission. Second, continue to secure freedom for the oppressed and the enslaved.
Andoran must know action if it is to remember its roots. Go forth, and be a shining example of all that the People's Revolt represents.

Liberty never rests,
Major Colson Maldris

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign continues the Year of the Demon, its fifth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Major Maldris in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help Andoran succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, ensure that you represent Andoran proudly in Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–18: The Stranger Within and Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–23: Cairn of Shadows.

Paizo Employee **

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Arodus, 4713

Defender of Freedom,

Allow me to be among the first to welcome you back to Absalom following our productive year abroad. When I set sail from Magnimar, the Andoren embassy there was thriving. I cannot say for certain which was more beautiful: the exquisite building we left as an enduring monument to freedom or the teary-eyed people who were so sad to see some of us depart!

Once I set foot in Absalom, I quickly heard not only that there is trouble brewing in Mendev but that the Pathfinder Society has already begun sending a host of agents north. I imagine the society’s move is largely intended to support their expedition to the nearby dwarven ruins, but I know that Mendev will have need of every capable sword arm and spellcaster. Absalom is said to be sending its own soldiers, but I have not yet seen any signs of the military mobilizing. The same persuasiveness that you brought to bear in wooing the Magnimarian people will be of great use in slashing through the red tape that no doubt ensnares this familiar metropolis.

I trust I will be joining the exodus soon, but first it is important that we receive news of Andoran and confirm that our proud nation has done its part in supporting Mendev. I expect to meet with at least one of the Andoren statesmen in a few days’ time, and I would appreciate your accompanying me as we report the past year’s success and learn the past year’s news from home.

Liberty never rests,
Major Colson Maldris

Paizo Employee **

Defender of Freedom,

Greeting from the Andoren Embassy in Magnimar! Your efforts to grow the esteem of Andoran and the Eagle Knights in the City of Monuments bear fruit, and we’re well on our way to establishing our own monument to the ideals that have driven us to this glorious place. We have made valuable allies among the bureaucracy running the city under Lord-Mayor Grobaras and the Golemworks, and even acquired a manor that I’ve now secured as my own home away from the embassy—a building whose name I’m keeping: Foxglove Manor! Even farther abroad, with your help, Andoran now stands in a good position with the people of Riddleport and Korvosa—well, at least those whose assistance and political connections we can use.

Despite our successes, the future is all but certain, friend. While our rivals in Cheliax are embroiled in their own petty squabbles—these things always follow wherever nobility and tyranny lead—others within the Pathfinder Society’s inner circles have made inroads to influencing Varisia’s future that we have been too preoccupied to notice. Those who hold allegiance to Lady Gloriana Morilla of Taldor and Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam of Qadira have not been idle, and already their influence in the region grows. Make sure we don’t lose our focus now that our most visible rival seems to have been removed from the field of battle by her own people.

It is also of vital importance that you, as Pathfinders, assist the organization in its increasing battle against the newly discovered cult of Lissala, who have sinister aims for the future of Varisia. As the society works to combat the cult’s efforts to return a sleeping runelord to the world, you can lead by setting an example of cooperation and tie the name of Andoran and the Eagle Knights to the ensuing victory over this fell evil.

My time apart from Absalom and Andoran has given me a new respect for Varisia and Magnimar, and I now see this region as another home. Our ideals are not restricted by political borders or geographical features, and my affinity for this land grows day by day. Ensure Varisia remains a fertile land from which freedom can blossom.

To tomorrow’s glories,
Major Colson Maldris

Paizo Employee **

Vigilant Patriot,

As you likely know, the Decemvirate has of late placed much attention on the land of Varisia, and specifically the city of Magnimar, where one of the Pathfinder Society’s newest lodges is currently working to establish itself in the region. With explorers and antiquarians flocking to Varisia after the discovery of the lost Thassilonian city of Xin-Shalast, it’s no surprise the Ten would want to capitalize on the adventuring potential Varisia presents.

We who oppose tyranny in all its forms and who hope to see liberty thrive throughout the Inner Sea also have reason to focus our attention on Varisia and the City of Monuments. Magnimar is a new city, formed just over a century ago by Korvosan dissenters who wanted to free themselves from the shackles of Chelish influence. I’m sure you can see how Magnimar is not so different from Andoran.

It is for this reason that I am traveling to Magnimar and will be personally overseeing the establishment of an Andoren embassy within the city. Making political and economic inroads among Magnimar’s elite may be difficult, especially as the wealthy merchants and descendants of the great founding families move ever closer to establishing a new Varisian aristocracy, but with your help we will prevail, and the influence of our great nation will help establish Magnimar not just as a powerful city-state, but a nation in its own right.

While adventuring in Varisia, be ever watchful for ways of improving our embassy, both in appearance and reputation, and give Magnimar’s movers and shakers a reason to listen when we offer them our hand in friendship. Keep Magnimar’s interests in mind, and as you strive to further the goals of the city, make sure all around you know that it was Andoran who came to its aid. And while I cannot openly suggest you do harm to the citizens or property of Korvosa, the weakening of that Chelish thrall-city would benefit Magnimar and the Andoren cause.

When we next meet it will be in the shadow of monuments. May the next monument in Magnimar be to liberty, freedom, and Andoran!

I trust you will not let me down,
Major Colson Maldris

Paizo Employee **

Keep up the good work, faithful ally of democracy.

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