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The Scarecrow

Clarice's page

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Bad module

*( )( )( )( )

The module lacks in flavor. It is themed / linked to RotR yet the connections are few and far between. It soon becomes apparent the "logic" or "ecology" behind the dungeon is quite artificial. The maps were not sensational and the traps not particularly clever. Overall the worst Pathfinder Module so far.

One star.

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17/20 on a scale of Awesomeness

****( )

The adventure is well-balanced between dungeon crawl and "other encounters". Good "Mummy" feeling overall. The maps of the pyramid could have been better, it's not "symetrical" and therefore not really (SPOILERS) in the like the Pharaoh of Numbers would have wanted. Yet

I give **** based on:
-the fact that I don't like the Egyptian feel itself, it's too close to real world; however, the tropical / ancient empire / numerical puzzles / exploration-somewhere-else-than-underground-or-in-the-jungle themes are great
-the maps which I personally don't like
-the fact that the rival team subplot would not work for most groups: clever PCs will deal with them quickly, and/or most groups will clash before the Pyramid itself
-the encounter in the Exhibitory could have been more detailed
-the ankh "reliquary" with the spectral scorpions could have benefited from some more twists, it felt empty playing it

That said, it's the best Gamemastery Module so far, and by far. I'll give 5* to the Module which will rock my world. Emtombed with the Pharaohs does not do the job. Yet it provided us with one hell of a game afternoon. Congrats to M. Kortes.

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