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Brodyz's page

Goblin Squad Member. 101 posts (155 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 aliases.

For anyone playing Skull and Shackles, or planning on playing the upcoming Plunder and Peril Module then you need to check out this Kickstarter.

I participated in the their East Asian Village Kickstarter last year. The final products are amazing and made for gamers like us.

And no one makes scale ships for gaming of this quality for this price.

The company is Renaissance Miniatures and their stuff looks awesome. Last year they had the medieval village Kickstarter, this time it is east asian. For anyone running Jade Regent or anything set in Tian Xia this is a must have. I will be adding some of these models to Sandpoint myself.
Oh, and they funded on Day 1.
East Asian Village

I just wanted to bring a Kickstarter to the Paizo Community's attention.

These are laser cut acrylic markers for blasts, cones, lines, etc...The Kickstarter has already reached its goal and there are still 14 days left. The person doing the Kickstarter has been very responsive and it seems like a really useful product.

Link here: What Did I Blow Up?

Wow! And I mean WOW! That is awesome!

My wife and I are refinancing and we close next Friday, so I will finally be able to subscribe to the minis...Can't wait!

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OK, so I finally had some time over the weekend to work on updating Carrion Hill for my Carrion Crown game. I am just about complete, but I figured I would start posting to see if I could get any feedback on the earlier encounters before we play this Wed 4/18.

So first, the analysis portion of our program...

Here is the rewards analysis of the original module. This is based on the maximum possible value if the players take everything noted. Once I am finished with the update I will post my finished rewards analysis.

Here is the encounter analysis of both versions. Please not I have not worked on Keeper Crove yet, hence the highlight.

On to the encounters...I will be posting throughout the week as time allows...

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My group started the HoH on Pharast 16, so the following weekend was the Firstbloom fstival. I wrote up the following handout (in nice script on vellum) but I do not have any accounts to post pdfs, so I thought I would offer the text here. A big thanks goes to my friend Jeff Ibach and his Ultimate Toolbox for some inspiration.

The PC's had a great time on Fireday and then Starday before the zombies attacked. This was much more interesting than the town hall meeting.

Firstbloom Festival
Hear Ye, Hear Ye,
Citizens of Ravengro, come one, come all to the Annual FirstBloom Festival, 20-22 Pharast, 4711.

Schedule of Events

Fireday, 20 Pharast
4pm - Wedding of Erlantz & Iskra, Presided by Father Grimburrow, Central Gazebo
5pm - 9pm- Open Air Market and entertainers
6pm - Rooster Fights, Dragomir Farm
6pm - Cake bake Off, Bastista's Bakery
9pm - Performance of "Legend of the Shudderwood" by the Tamrivena Players

Starday, 21 Pharast
7am - Service, Temple of Pharasma
8am - 4 pm - Open Air Market and entertainers
10am - 12pm - Seed trading & harvest yield planning, Ravengro Grain Exchange
1pm 2 pm - Canterwall County Quilt Display, Town Hall
5pm - Ale Tasting and Brewing Competition, The Laughing Demon
7pm - Pharismin Candle Ceremony, Father Grimburrow, riverside
9pm - Battle of the Bards, Outward Inn basement tavern

Sunday, 22 Pharast
9am - Service, Temple of Pharasma
11am - Sausage Cook-off, Outward Inn Beergarten
12pm - Awards Presentation, Town Council, Central Gazebo
Best Cakes
Best Sausage
Best Flower Arrangement
Best Quilt
Best Ale
1 pm - Apprenticeship Announcements, Central Gazebo
Jorfa, smithng, Ravengro Forge
Luramin Taigh, Jeweler, The Silk Purse
Lau Feng, rope and netmaking, Master netmaker
Gabon Jasone of the Cooper's Guild of Ravengro
Alendru Ghoroven, wizarding
2pm:-Closing Remarks, Councilman Hearthmount, Central Gazebo

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OK, so my players have finished the Haunting of Harrowstone close to 4th level. There were missed opportunities for XP, and a fifth PC joined near the end. So I figured they would need another encounter on their way north before meeting the Crooked Kin (They will probably end up getting into some sort of trouble in Tamrivena given that one of the PC's is a half orc) but I digress.
Rule of Fear has an interesting little blurb about Clover's Crossing, and since the group will pass nearby, I thought I would put together a little encounter. I just spent the last coulpe hours working on the next post. Our game night is Wednesday, so I was just hoping for some feedback if anyone sees this thread tomorrow.

Common Knowledge: The town of Clover’s Crossing has been an abandoned ruin for over 10 years after the church of Pharasma collapsed into a sinkhole, killing the priests and the faithful worshippers.
Spoken in whispers, it is said that the night after the collapse, screaming could be heard throughout the town as the remaining living townsfolk were dragged into the pit by humanoid creatures with long, sharp teeth, and pallid flesh stretched tightly over starved frames.

Families in the outlying farms abandoned their homesteads and moved to Ravengro. The investigators sent by the council from Tamrivena were never seen again.

The Old Road takes a wide swath around Clover’s Crossing, but one can still follow the old tracks to the town…

Summary: 12 Years ago Vauran Grimburrow's son Balthazar left Ravengro for adventure. Joining the army in Lastwall, Balthazar was trained in the Legion and became a victorious warrior specializing in close combat with the orc hordes. One night, however, his host was patrolling the hill country near the Path River when they were set upon by a horde of undead. Balthazar fought to the last man, and when his host was lost, he fell, expecting to wake in Pharasma's boneyard. But a cruel fate awaited him, for when he woke the hunger for human flesh consumed him. By night he journeyed through Ustalav's Canterwall County on a fevered mission to return home.
Some bit of control remained as he entered the Church of Pharasma in Ravengro, only to be spurned away by his brother, the good Father Grimburrow. Vauran could not destroy his ghoulish brother however, a shame that will haunt him always. Balthazar left, and discovered the cave system that led underneath the town of Clover's Crossing. It was there that his hatred of Pharasma burned deep, and he used his knowledge of engineering and his ghoulish minions to cause the sinkhole. He saved the town's priest however, and enslaved him to regenerate the flesh of the dead townsfolk week after week for 10 years to provide sustenance to Balthazar and his ghouls. The priest lives still, locked away in the darkness with a shattered mind, casting Restore Corpse on his former parishioners to forever feed the horrible undead.

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