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I ran Carrion Crown to completion which included Carrion Hill and the Moonscar. It was a lot of work but great fun. I was always a fan of Ravenloft and this AP got me into Parhfinder and a return to gaming in general.
I have not played in any Adventure Path, just some Society scenarios.
Rise of the Runelords is on deck after the current module cycle. (Running Wardens of the Reborn Forge followed by Emerald Spire). After RotR will be Iron Gods.

The fact that you can adjust encounters on the fly has just sold me. After Emerald Spire I am finally going to run Runelords, so this just went on my "must have" list. My group has 6 players and often seems overpowered for most encounters. I usually spend my lunch hour at work beefing up the encounters. This is going to be a fantastic time saver.

Incredibly excited for anothe Dave Gross novel...question though: will the move to TOR affect the ePub purchasing from Paizo? That' how I buy all my Pathfinder Tales (and I have all of them).

Aw, l saw the thread title and got all excited for some news...

The Carrion Hill module is excellent, and is a 5th level adventure.

This Kickstarter will be perfect for this module.

For anyone playing Skull and Shackles, or planning on playing the upcoming Plunder and Peril Module then you need to check out this Kickstarter.

I participated in the their East Asian Village Kickstarter last year. The final products are amazing and made for gamers like us.

And no one makes scale ships for gaming of this quality for this price.

Very excited for this! Really enjoyed the character development in Nightglass and I am looking forward to the continued adventures of Isiem.

You can count on my purchase!
I am very excited to see the return of Alaeron. Liar's Blade was great in a Fritz Leiber sort of way, but City of the Fallen Sky was my kind of book. Really looking forward to this.


As a player, I tend to want to make sure an opponent is not getting back up. As a GM l keep track by noting ahead of time what the actual "dead point" is. A badly planned healing a burst adds that bit of drama if it brings an intelligent opponent back above 0 when no one is aware.

Tell them to purchase healing potions so they can heal themselves.
Since you have been playing the healer role for so long that has become the expectation of your group, and it will take some time to overcome that. I do not know the maturity level of the people you play with, but they should understand that you want to play something different.

Very nice! Thanks for updating and sharing.

Check out Campaign Setting Lost Kingdoms.

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Dave Gross wrote:

Their names are Azra and Malena, and they've been waiting patiently in my idea folder since I turned in Prince of Wolves. I would love to revisit them one day, but the stars have not yet aligned.

One day...

Yes please.

Also, I would like to read a story with really high level characters. It would be interesting to see an author's take on really powerful magic, advanced rogue abilities, upper level combat feats, etc... as a counterpoint, what goes on inside the head of a really powerful character? What keeps them humble? Uncorrupted? In line with the law when they could just conquer a town on their own? How would they interact with leaders of nations? That sort of thing...

I love what you did with Keeper Hyve. And really, all of the changes you made to bring the module more in line Wake of the Watcher is brilliant.

Totally worth it. But I am biased having done all this work to include it.....

Should the list include stuff in the Pathfinders Tales line?

Called to Darkness:
The descriptions of the inside of the ziggurat in the center of Deep Tolguth led me to believe it was built by Elder Things, full of mind-bending weirdness.

Great for fluff.

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Majuba wrote:
Between the RPG line, the Companion line, and the Campaign Setting line, there is tons of crunch available to fill most any niche concept. The power creep has at least been slow, though painful after all the effort put in to balance the Core Rules.

I agree. Perhaps it is because I am in my 40's and find my RPG time limited, but I have not read half the books/PDFs I own. I suppose I am in the minority, at least in this thread, in that I feel I have plenty of options to play with. I can't keep up, and I am losing interest in trying to do so. (Skipped Mythic altogether).

I enjoy the world building focus. I like the fact that there is one world that covers so many different genres. Want to play horror? Head to Ustalav. Want to explore desert ruins? Take a ship to Osirion. Pirates, far east, guns, northern snow barbarians, interplanetary pulp, it’s all there. (I certainly do not miss having to buy products for 8 or more different campaign settings). When it comes to the Campaign Setting line, I much prefer the books that detail a locale over one that revisits monsters. I enjoy the creativity, the history, the details that bring Golarion to life.

But that's just me. Like the poster I quoted, I just wanted to offer a different opinion that what I am seeing in most of this thread. Except for LazarX and DeathQuaker, who just ninja'd me.

Hawkson wrote:
Advanced Class Guide... as in +20

When I began reading through the thread, this is what I thought as well...

10 new classes, and then pages and pages of information on characters beyond 20th... but that would mean we would need monsters and adventure design rules as well...perhaps another announcement is forthcoming?

The new "vintage map" style is what brought me back to a Campaign Setting subscription. I cancelled last year because l did not use the map folios. l find these cool player versions far more useful than just big maps from the books. Keep them coming.

Also the Campaign Setting Rule of Fear, and I would recommend reading the Pathfinder Tales novel "Prince of Wolves" as it takes place in Ustalav and has a lot of great details.
And be sure to visit the Carrion Crown AP section in the messageboards.

I do it one roll at a time.
Bite misses.
Tentacle hits. deflected. (or wait for another potential hit)
Tentacle hits with critical. already used ability. (or now block)
Tail slap misses.

This way, the player can decide which hit he deflects. I also do not tell him a head of time how many hits might be coming.

It is a little slower in combat (the party is 15th level now) but it is more fair and realistic in the end. Well, as realistic as it can be with a human monk blocking the bite of an ancient ravener.

@ Trinite
I noticed the change as well. While I actually like the feel of the pages, the graphic spread on Chapter 1 looks washed out. The remaining 2 page spreads look fine, as does the remaining internal art. The issue seems to be limited to that particular page.

If you flip back and forth between the chapter 1 gate and the chapter 2 gate, and look at the brown text box, you will see a noticable difference in quality.

Off topic to this particular thread, I feel I must mention that the content is outstanding.

I just found out about this upcoming book!
Desna smiles.
I wish I could pre-order the ePub.
Just two weeks ago I read Prince of Wolves and was hooked.
So all of my reading time for the last 2 weeks was taken up by everything Dave has written. (Finished Queen of Thorns last night) and I fully understand why Dave is a fan favorite.

Well, Winter Witch is next, but I will definitely add "Certainty," Nightglass, and The Worldwound Gambit to my queue.

You may be able to read King of Chaos cold, but reading everything that came first would be well worth your time.

I am thrilled that Paizo will produce "menial" NPC's. I have the Reaper Townsfolk I set, all of Mega Miniatures town folk and castle NPC's, the DCM townspeople, and even a set of educational medieval villagers I found. The cook looks spectacular and I am looking forward to the rest in future sets.
I must agree with the other posters about swarms however. Paizo listens to their customers, so I hope future sets will bring us flat swarms we can place miniatures upon.

I was not in a financial position to purchase D&D minis when they were all coming out. Now, however, I have been eating up the Pathfinder minis, though, with cases, singles, promos and encounter packs.

Like the army builder line, I think this direction for the encounter packs is fantastic.

And I might as well say that the sculpts and paint jobs keep getting better.

BTW, looking forward to the next Builder announcement...hoping for UNDEAD...

Enlight_Bystand wrote:
Piccolo wrote:
Inflation isn't THAT fast!

It is. According to here $60 in 1980 was about $150 by 2007, when the prices for AP issues were first set.

Compound interest moves fast, especially in the 80s/late 90s

First, I must say that calculator is pretty cool.

Anyway, my group is going on 2 years and we are halfway through Book 6. We play, on average, 4 times per month (only a couple hours per week though).

Perceived value is a tricky thing. I too liken it to video games or movie tickets. I know what my time is worth (based in part on my work salary), and if I am getting a couple hours of entertainment (movie at $12), 10-15 hours of entertainment (xbox game $60) or 2 years of entertainment (Carrion Crown AP, plus Rule of Fear, Undead Revisited, plastic figures, etc...$300), well that just makes a Paizo AP the best deal of all.

Plus its just fun to read. I appreciate the time the developers take with the additional backstory. It takes me 2 years to run an AP, but I get to read everything that I don't have time to run/play and I enjoy the stroytelling aspect of it all.

The company is Renaissance Miniatures and their stuff looks awesome. Last year they had the medieval village Kickstarter, this time it is east asian. For anyone running Jade Regent or anything set in Tian Xia this is a must have. I will be adding some of these models to Sandpoint myself.
Oh, and they funded on Day 1.
East Asian Village

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But seriously, I gave the new edition a try for a couple years. It wasn't for me or my players. I began running a 3.5 game again when I discovered Pathfinder. Made the switch and ever looked back.

It is absolutely helped by the constant development, but also because of the quality of Paizo products, the focus on Adventures and world building, and the passion of Paizo employees and the Paizo supporting gaming community. The OGL, and all of the third party development, is also good for everyone.

Just my 2cp.

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Herbo wrote:

It's because of me. When I stop playing 3.X and its various mutations and offspring, the entire thing will come to an apocalyptic end.

You're welcome planet Earth!

Thanks Herbo!

I am teaching Pathfinder to 3 of my son's friends...My 17 year old son has been playing for almost 7 years, now he is taking the party lead and we are introducing tabletop RPG's to his friends. Thornkeep, in case you were wondering.

I just wanted to bring a Kickstarter to the Paizo Community's attention.

These are laser cut acrylic markers for blasts, cones, lines, etc...The Kickstarter has already reached its goal and there are still 14 days left. The person doing the Kickstarter has been very responsive and it seems like a really useful product.

Link here: What Did I Blow Up?

ADHD is not limited to your group, or the younger generation for that matter. I guess 20 years ago doodling on your character sheet was the diversion of choice.
I have banned all electronic devices. My group gets together once a week for about 2.5 hours of playing time. If they can turn off their device for a movie, then they sure as heck can shut it down during the game. (And if they can't, they don't need to play). With the exception of my 17 year old son, who has been playing for about 7 years, the rest of the group has been playing together for 3 decades. So they understand my rules and in some ways are grateful for them. (“Really honey, I have to turn off my phone.”)
Because we do not have a lot of time I also request that they know what their action will be when it is their turn and I call on them.
Paying attention is just common courtesy to the game master and the other players.
My group is in Book 6. The only original member to make it this far has been the Paladin, who swore an oath against undead early in Book 1. I am lucky in that respect as his pursuit of the Whispering Way was originally motivated by the Professor's murder, but then by the desire the halt the plans of the mastermind....
Other players: the 2 role-players in my group crafted various motivations depending on the situations they have been in or the NPC's they have interacted with. (example: The bard is a Sleepless Agent they picked up in Book 4 who is under contract to report on the party's activities).
The 2 non role-players are along for the ride. One is a monk who simply likes fighting, and the other is a sniper rogue with no real background. He simply enjoys the game for the game’s sake and understands what is needed to move the plot along.
Have you spoken directly to your players about your concerns? As a cooperative game, everyone should be on the same page.
Is it possible that the style of game your players want to actually play is something with a little less investigation/role play and more action?
How large is your group? How old are they? How long have they been playing? Is it always the same person/people?

Yes, it is a really fun addition to the campaign.
Plus, I did all of the updating for you, right here:
Carrion Hill Update

For the short campaign you want to play, I would recommend Thornkeep.

It is situated in a semi-civilized area next to a huge forest. The section on the town itself contains a ton of adventure hooks for characters, as well as several fully crafted dungeons, including one suitable for the levels you wish to play.

Regarding stats: Currently I give them 16,14,14,13,12,10 before racial adjustments. There are a lot of threads on the forums discussing whether or not higher than average ability scores really affects the game, so you may want to browse around before deciding what method will work for you.

I will tally the xp after the session is over. If anyone achieves a new level, I will let them know that they have the xp for the next level. However, they may only level up if they have the opportunity to have a full rest.
For example, the group is currently exploring an old cathedral that is the heart of a foul cult. After defeating some creatures on the property, then getting past the gatekeeper and the door trap, the Paladin and Monk have enough xp to advance to 13th level.
Since they are in the middle of a "working day" then they do not level up. The next time they run off and hide/camp for the night, assuming they are not interrupted, then they can level up.
The actual act of rolling hit points and adjusting the character is always done between sessions, however.
Now, there is no true "storytelling" reason why I make them wait. It is more of a practical issue. While I like the idea of "Iomedae blesses you" after a fight, it is simply easier for me to do the tally after the session as well as not have to interrupt the session while a player levels up. With about 2 and a half hours of play time per week, the actual adventuring take priority over all else.

Years ago, during the time of D&D 1e and 2e the PC's would have to train to level up, but that went out a long time ago. I agree with Orthos on his sentiment.

I do like how MendedWall12 handled the new class feature though.

Oh, and the bonfire looks soon as I have some more disposable income I will be ordering....

volairn wrote:

We have now created quite a few new items, light up, pulsating crystals, and a huge bonfire, which also lights up like our campfire.

Also, we created a campfire from the same mold as our others, but we used orange dyed resin for the flames instead of painted flames.

I just checked out the website and I think the campfire 2.0 looks better. Nice job. Any thought given to a wall of fire piece?

Vague and unspoilery:
I am running Carrion Crown. The group in now into Book 6.
There are 5 PC's, one of which is a bard.
He sings, he has weird wyrds, and plays a very large support/buff role.
He has been a total asset to the party, and often a pain in the neck to me.
I highly recommend playing a bard.

Unseelie wrote:

iPad? GoodReader. Accept no substitutes.


Edit: Oh, and use the Lite PDFs of the core books as well, that should help.

I will give this a try. I use Adobe Reader on my iPad, and while I do not have too much lag with the lite versions of the books, the other PDFs such as Campaign Setting and AP volumes, are very slow to load/build.

I wish there were lite versions of everything.

Hint, hint....

While I do wish they had more and better pictures on the kickstarter page, I have purchased from their website. It is a great, low cost alternative to the other pre-painted terrain out there. My $350 is pledged, and my buddy is also in for the $350 level. Totally worth it.

I bought a campfire and 4 of the boards on eBay and l am very happy with the result. I am adding trees and static grass clumps to the boards and they are turning out well. Jim told me he is working on gridded hills. I have searched extensively for terrain with the grid and these guys are the only ones making a decent product suitable for outdoor settings.

A few months back I was listening to one of the Gen Con podcasts. In one of the sessions, the developers, or how to write for Paizo or something similar, this adventure path was being talked about. During discussion, James asked "how would you feel about visiting earth" and NO ONE jumped on that. There was a lot of discussion going on and James' comment was totally glossed over. I LOVED the idea, and I cannot wait for this AP.
So yes, I fully believe this will be THE Rasputin. Giggidy.

I always have music on in the background, though pretty low.
In addition to a lot of what was mentioned previously (Conan and LOTR are must haves), I really like the Epic Score volumes available in iTunes. There is a whole series (like 12 now I think) of volumes that are great for RPG's.

Also, you should check out the Sonic Legends track available on Paizo. I have a few and they are suitable as well.

I actually spend some time creating playlists for each part of each adventure because I like the variety.

Also, if you can get it, I highly recommend the soundtrack from the original Quake computer game (NIN Trent Reznor). It is great for anything and everything with any kind of horror theme.

I have also purchased ambient sounds for a variety of scenes, including seaside, towns, taverns, deep forest and more.

When my 17 year old son is over he is not allowed to trash talk or the game goes off.

With regards to campaign length, I am satisfied with 6 hours. $10 per hour seems fair to me in this day and age, though I would prefer about 12 hours, which is what I tend to get out of most FPS campaigns I play. I spent 60 hours in Dead Island though, which makes up for some of the shorter games I have played.

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I am a GM who runs APs and modules.

I find the most useful flip mats and map packs for me fall into 2 categories:
1. Specific adventure tie-in. As an example, I bought the Town Square for RotR AE, City Streets for Dawn of the Scarlett Sun, and Caravans for Jade Regent. I am really excited about the Thornkeep Flip-Mat pack. I like when an encounter in an adventure tells me to use a certain map. It really does make things easier.
2. Uber-generic maps. I have purchased a couple of the forest flip mats, the warehouse, urban tavern, things that can be used in any setting, anytime. I purchased the Bandit Lair mainly for the reverse side - a plain open green wilderness with some dirt that I could use for any generic outdoor location. Gamescapes Story Maps have some really great generic maps - like grassland, wasteland, and desert steppes - but they are not the same size as the Paizo maps, so Paizo flip mats are my map of choice for consistency’s sake. If you guys could produce those types of generic maps, that would be awesome.

About synergy:
I ordered the Shops pack to go with the City Streets. I was thrilled that the dockside pub crawl fits perfectly next to the dockside warehouse. What I would like is the best of both worlds…I wish the Flip-Mat: Dungeon was the dungeon under Kaer Maga. I wish all of the rural town type maps fit next to each other. I wish all of the city related maps fit next to each other like giant tiles. I would love to see the borders of each flip mat with a similar theme fit next to similarly themed counterparts with the exact same graphics. Forest blends with swamp, swamp blends with Bandit Lair, with deep forest, etc…Again, with the option of growing large sets.


My core players are currently in Caliphas, Ustalav waiting for the gathering of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye (Carrion Crown 5: Ashes at Dawn).

My character is preparing to depart the Grand Lodge in Absalom for Varisia (Pathfinder Society Scenarios).

In a couple of months I hope to have a new group of players in Thornkeep while my core group begins RotR AE in Sandpoint.

Bloody fantastic!
The details are amazing. You did a fantastic job. I hope your players really, really appreciate it.

I recognized a lot of the dwarven forge pieces, but where are the docks from?
Buildings? (I do cardstock from Dave Graffam games, but yours look like resin...bought or built? Do they come painted?)
Where did you get the flames? (The ones around the sword, not the D&D mini flaming spheres..)

Again, awesome. I am going to point all my friends to this thread.

2009 was the year I came back to role-playing games after a 3 year hiatus. My best friend handed me the Pathfinder play test, and since it was much closer to the game I loved than the current iteration of "the world's oldest roleplaying game" we (as this is indeed a group activity and therefore a group decision) tried Pathfinder and have never looked back.
Thanks to Lisa, Erik, James, Jason and all of the staff at Paizo for producing quality products, including supplements, adventures, maps, cards, minis, comics, (OK, so the minis and comics are produced elsewhere, but they are guided by Paizo) and everything else I could hope for in a complete production line. I find myself spending much more time and money on this hobby (which my wife completely supports) than I thought I ever would.
I am expecting a continuation of great things just I am expecting to continue to spend all of my hard earned money on Paizo (and by extension Whiz Kid and Dynamite) products.
So anyway, thanks Paizo, happy anniversary, and I cannot wait to see what you have in store in the next ten years and beyond!

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