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BigNorseWolf's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 27,256 posts (28,571 including aliases). 16 reviews. 4 lists. No wishlists. 28 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge ****

Thank yoU!

Shadow Lodge

bugleyman wrote:

President? Screw that. Someone that effective should just take over the world (a feat she is no doubt pursuing at this very moment!).

But i don't want to have to learn to speak lizard.

I spit when i make the TSSSS sound.

Shadow Lodge

[zoidberg]Disembowling is fatal to your species isn't it? [/zoidburg]

Shadow Lodge

Othar Tryggvassen gentleman adventurer!!!

Shadow Lodge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Fireball formation: You are within 40 feet of each other

Lightningbolt formation: Single file.

Monster bait formation: You are more than 40 feet away from each other.

Shadow Lodge ****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

This is my wishlist.

1) A gamefinder that works and is geographically based, not arbitrarily listed by state.

I cannot find the game that i put on on paizo's gamefinder. Even sorting it four different ways the list always caps out somewhere around georgia.

Warhorn's is no better. The only reason i found NEW paltz was because i looked for NEW burgh. I also got gamedays in NEW zealand.

What's this got to do with being a smaller lodge?

Someone asking around for pathfinder in new york city is going to find the golden compass lodge. Someone in my state could ask in newburgh, middletown, poughkeepsie, kingston and saugerties without knowing that the closest games are in new paltz (in fact, that exact example HAS happened) or quite possibly danburry Connecticut.

2) Give me something to incentivize DMing.

In a small lodge DMing 10 times to get 1 star gets you 1 replay. Ever.

Recharginig gets you another replay but the same lodges that are small are away from large population centers, this makes getting to conventions to run much harder.

Getting full credit for the scenario overlooks the opportunity cost of not playing: unless your DM is TPKing parties left and right you get almost the same rewards as playing or running.

Since the scenarios cost money in a smaller lodge, you're spending 40 (now 50) dollars for that. (my store is a paizo authorized retailer, but they're having trouble accessing the scenarios, and them printing it isn't any cheaper than me buying it and running off the kindle)

Most importantly, 10 games is like 5 months worth of gaming out here. Its one thing to dm 5 times when you get to play 15 or 20 times in the same amount of time but wracking up stars is a LONG process when you have 2-3 games a month.

3) I need a bus exception for replays.

I don't know how you could word this to make it not abusable, but I need some way to let the old hands play with the new guys when our tables collapse besides schedueling a new low tier scenario every time. They're not being produced that quickly and we're kind of burning through the backlogs. I need some way to replay when people that have played the low table are supposed to play at the high one and the high one doesn't go off.

Just some way to replay (even for no credit) if your only other option is to take the bus home. Its one thing if you walked to the store and miss your 4th game out of 5 this week, its quite another if you drove half an hour to get somewhere and the next game is in 2 weeks.

Shadow Lodge ****

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My lodge is so small that...

Shadow Lodge ****

Steve Coling wrote:
Ok, commenting from the other side of the world but I would consider us a small lodge compared to the average us locations.

My small lodge is 1 or two tables, 1 is set up in the trades section of a comic book store and the other is set up in the back kitty corner to the pathfinder books. Anything else is 60 miles away (but you can almost pick a direction drive 60 miles and hit the next place...)

Shadow Lodge ****

Kevin Willis wrote:

Some schools will let individual students reserve space without being part of an organization but that won't get you in the formal club listing where others might see.

There's the rather large issue of bringing weird people in from off campus to use the facilities, which is probably against the university policy.

we did this a time or two at our local college but 1) we had a professor in the group and 2) I'm not sure we weren't just a psychology experiment..

Shadow Lodge ****

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Nefreet wrote:
Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Isn't the "appropriate source book" governed by the Additional Resources page?
Pathfinder Society runs off of the combined efforts of the Guide, the Forums, the FAQ, Campaign Leadership, GMs, VOs, the Additional Resources document, the Campaign Clarifications document, the Web Traits enhancement, and the various sources themselves

the alignment of the planets, phrenology, time, temperature, relative humidity, the music of the spheres, pizza levels of the GM's stomachs...

Shadow Lodge

It's a meme that interfaces with the zeitgeist to manifest a distinctly
brobdingnagian cornucopia of metaphysical airs...

Shadow Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.

The fact that he's got more than 10% anywhere is scary to me and i'm white ...

Shadow Lodge

The given rational in the FAQ is that you need to threaten because aid another to aid AC or damage require threatening, not because you had to make the AoO (which is what i thought it meant the first time i read it)

Shadow Lodge ****

3 people marked this as a favorite.
TOZ wrote:
Are we dismissing the problems of small lodges?
I think we are, and while it is natural to speak to your own experiences, it is something we need to combat.

It should be blindingly obvious that attracting a few tables in a city of 300,000 and 3,000 aren't the same task. Blaming people for that, calling them neckbeards and telling them to use social skills to get their numbers up and deal with their own problems isn't speaking to your own experience it's backhanding everyone that doesn't have yours.

If i could hurt the campaign without only hurting people i know right now by walking away i would.

Shadow Lodge ****

Michael Meunier wrote:

I squirreled a guy once and he made the will save. Wrote a book about his few minutes as a squirrel.

My life with the nuts and my time as a squirrel ?

Shadow Lodge

Hehateme wrote:
I agree with Squig, the penalty for CHA dumping is simple: you're locked out of basically all social interaction in the game.

Except this isn't remotely true.

Your main interaction with other characters is diplomacy, not charisma. Charisma has only a very minor effect on your diplomacy score: raw that's all it does.

So Dullard the stale is only 5% less good at talking as Sir Perfluous the Average, to start with.

So, if you have a character with an 8 charisma and a 12 int, and one with a 12 char and an 8 int, the one with the 12 int can put an extra point into diplomacy. At level 1 they'll have the same diplomacy score, at level 5 he'll be 5 points ahead, at level 10 9 points ahead etc. A stat has VERY little impact over what it's supposed to control and thats exactly why that stat get's dumped so hard: it isn't even that important for doing the job asignet to it, much less anything else.

Shadow Lodge ****

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Curaigh wrote:
I felt quite dismissed reading this. The next post didn't improve my interpretation.

A thousand times this.

Shadow Lodge ****

Randy Saxon wrote:

I represent one of these smaller lodges. We manage to pop off a table or two every other week, although it gets more difficult as we add new players or our main pack of regulars get separated by level from our less regular players. We have a minor con in town for recruiting, and even then that just keeps us going for a year. Recruitment is our main problem, as we have an incredibly supportive FLGS, but our rpg community in town is crap. We have a large college campus in town, but we haven't found an in yet, and until we do, we'll just be getting by

We've only had to worry about geek sudoku when our tracker isn't updated, but when I push for the most recent material, it's a non-issue. It also might be because we're a relatively young lodge.

I'm getting ready to leave town, however, and I would not be surprised if that means our lodge falters. I don't think boon support will help because that only caters to our long-term players who appreciate them. We do have a great con circuit in the area though (looking at you Pittsburgh) so our regulars can still get their fix.

I can't get them to use a tracker. Other than that...

Shadow Lodge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

"growth is infinite, just keep growing..."

At some point, you are a goldfish in a goldfish bowl. That is going to limit your size.

Shadow Lodge

D@rK-SePHiRoTH- wrote:
Envall wrote:
Especially when people roleplay a 5 damage arrow and 30 damage arrow the same way

How do you roleplay arrows?

"I'm all wooden and rigid, as usual. I don't feel a thing anway"

They're all lawful good anyway.

Shadow Lodge ****

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claudekennilol wrote:

I'm confused, how does having people sign up and commit in advance result with people not showing up?

Because if all i have is a lowbie table picked without anything other than absolute deliberation, someone is almost guaranteed to have played it and not come.

Shadow Lodge ****

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

BNW, I have to ask, with your Geek Sudoku, do you pick your scenarios then and there? Are you running cold, or do you have 3-4 scenarios prepped ahead of time and just pick the one that covers the most people? I'm curious about how this works.


We meet roughly the 1st and third friday of the month. On occasion if there's a 5th friday and my car still has gas, we'll play fifth Friday too.

we usually do a little soduku at the table. People tell me they're not going to be here next time, so i don't scheduel something right up their ally. I beg borrow and plead for a low level DM with people going "not it" so I can run the high table.

I prep a high level game, someone volunteers to prep a low level game. Someone reminds me it's not up on warhorn. Most people sign up, some don't..

the difference between all and most means that we're hovering at 1-2 tables, and some people come to the game right from work. So around 7:15-7:30 we count heads, decide if we're going to have 1 table or 2 and collapse (usually onto the low table) If the other dm backs out I've PROBABLY run that scenario before so I crack open the kindle and run it.

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tim Statler wrote:
To minimize Geek Sodoku, we post each month's offering ahead of time on That way everyone knows what is offered and when.

Which results in people not showing up, which is a HUGE problem when you have a small group.

Shadow Lodge ****

TJ Brooks wrote:

A fellow we have locally has said he felt the best way to do it would be that once a character reaches 12, the chronicles it had are unlocked for play. Its an interesting idea.

I think that having GM star replays reset each season rather than getting the one replay for GMing at a con would be better solution though. It both encourages GMing and provides a decent limited reply (5 per year maximum). At worst you get an explosion of GMs trying to get replays, which I mean I don't think anyone is going to say that's bad.

I don't think the replay problem is that huge on an individual level. I'm finding at least i can get my own games in (although the stars recharging on their own would probably get me out to an additional con a year, because right now i look at the scheduel and go "played it played it played it...)"

but it's a huge problem for me trying to geek soduku tables. Finding A game A geek (you) can play is exponentially easier than finding a game all the geeks can play.

Shadow Lodge ****

Sheeped: Baleful polymorphed

aka squirreled, SQUIRREL!, turtled, slothed, bunnied....

Shadow Lodge

Sounds legit. Longsword with effortless lace is a weapon that can be finessed.

Shadow Lodge

Hiruma Kai wrote:

Actually, dumping a feat or two into UMD on the drake might make it a decent wand spammer...

Is there such a thing as power gamers anonymous for pathfinder? :)

I would hold off on putting resources into that until we get clarification if the drake can use wands or not.

Shadow Lodge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This is a huge one..

"Just play core..."

Core is not an option in a small lodge.

You need to run a low table because without something for the new people to play you're going to die.

You need to run high tables to keep the veterans from getting bored and because if you don't you will quickly exhaust your 1-5s

You need people to advance from the low table to the high table (or the high table dies out) If you're alternating core and standard you're effectively halving their xp

Having core creates another entire dimension on the geek suduko chart, one you just can't fill with 7-12 pieces.

Shadow Lodge

Hiruma Kai wrote:

Too bad mage armor isn't on the magus spell list (character I've been playing with her samurai). As noted it seems to be the best buff for it.

Buy the wand anyway. And a few potions. If you see a partially charged wand grab that too.

Most groups have someone that can turn it on, either because it's on their spell list or through Use magic device. If someone rolls a 1 before they crank it on with UMD, you just hand them another wand or glug a potion. If your magus has a spare trait pragmatic activator to use Int for UMD is a really good one.

Shadow Lodge

taking a look at the rules, it looks pretty contrived but they seem to be limited to one magic item worn/used. Probably an amulet of mighty fists.

Shadow Lodge

But if dr applies only to the attack with the weapon and not the damage from the weapon then it does nothing!

Come on people.

You are supernaturally tough, but you have a vulnerability to something. that supernatural toughness applies whether you get hit with a sword, hit the planet, the planet hits you, or a piano drops on your head.

Damage Reduction: How does DR interact with magical effects that deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage?

Although the Bestiary definition of Damage Reduction (page 299) says "The creature takes normal damage from energy attacks (even nonmagical ones), spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities," that's actually just referring to damage that isn't specifically called out as being of a particular type, such as fire damage or piercing damage. In other words, DR doesn't protect against "typeless damage" from magical attacks.
However, if a magical attack specifically mentions that it deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, DR affects that damage normally, as if it were from a physical weapon. (Otherwise the magical attack might as well not have a damage type, as it would only interface with B/P/S damage in a very few corner cases, such as whether or not an ooze splits from that attack.)
For example, the ice storm spell deals 3d6 points of bludgeoning damage and 2d6 points of cold damage. If you cast ice storm at a group of zombies, the zombie's DR 5/slashing protects them against 5 points of the spell's bludgeoning damage. Their DR doesn't help them against the spell's cold damage because DR doesn't apply to energy attacks.

Magical attacks aren't weapons, but if they do a damage type DR works.

The planet is pretty obviously doing Bludgeoning damage (unless you land on the rockies)

Shadow Lodge ****

Tim Statler wrote:

So you can find TIME to replay regular scenarios, but cannot fine TIME to play Core?

I understand about not having time to GM, it is when you say you don't have time to play Core, but can find to replay that is the WTF moment.

You do realize core isn't available in every area right?

It very much is not a solution here. It would split a player base small enough to qualify for nuclear fission.

Shadow Lodge

Cavall wrote:

Should be pointed out that the order of dragon adds a bonus in addition to the aid another, which is why it can help with saving throws.

or it just increases the bonuses everyone can give with aid another, like everything else on the list.

Shadow Lodge ****

Can drakes use wands with Use Magic device?

Shadow Lodge

1) Does the player or the GM run the drake? I presume the player but sometimes you need to make diplomacy/intimidate checks which generally only apply to NPCs. As far as I can tell there is no real special link between drake and charge. Can other characters and NPCS use diplomacy on the drake? What about when the Drake's charge is unconscious or dead?

I have never seen a DM outright run an animal companion.

As for your drake, ultimate campaign gives this advice

Sentient Companions: A sentient companion (a creature that can understand language and has an Intelligence score of at least 3) is considered your ally and obeys your suggestions and orders to the best of its ability. It won't necessarily blindly follow a suicidal order, but it has your interests at heart and does what it can to keep you alive. Paladin bonded mounts, familiars, and cohorts fall into this category, and are usually player-controlled companions.

Keep in mind though this is a general practice. You may find that one dm but it will probably be rare.

2) What is the DC of the diplomacy or intimidate checks to convince the drake to fatigue itself or take major risks. What is a major risk? The only rules I can find are under the diplomacy and intimdate skills themselves.

Hopefully the drake is helpful to you (if not, i have to question WHY), so the diplomacy check is 0+ creature's Cha Modifier, +10 for dangerous aid.

Is any CR approriate combat considered a major risk?

Probably not as long as the cavalier and a few other party members are still up and fighting.

3) Can you end up making the drake hostile/unfriendly through failed diplomacy checks or any use of intimidate checks.

Probably. But you need to fail by 5 and the dcs are pretty easy.

Don't try to intimidate your loyal companion.

4) Given they have Use Magic Device as a class skill and can speak, can they use wands/scrolls with UMD? In a clawed foot or held with a tail? Do they have prehensile tails (I'm guessing no)? Is UMD effectively not usable by them?

Dragons are a body shape that can explicitly hold things and cast spells, and wands are the most forgiving magical items for what it takes to hold them.

To activate a wand, a character must hold it in hand (or whatever passes for a hand, for non-humanoid creatures) and point it in the general direction of the target or area. A wand may be used while grappling or while swallowed whole.

But PFS has some weird restrictions on who/what can use wands that people are still hammering out/asking for change.

5) Is a saddle considered clothing and thus something they refuse to put on? Thus even if you could get to high enough level to ride them, you'd take a -5 penalty to ride?

Probably not. I mean it is a cavalier companion.

6) Can they use slotless magic items, like ioun stones, since they don't wear them?

Yes. An int 3 animal companion can do so, your drake should find it easy.

7) Can a Drake with flight carry someone in their feet claws as opposed to let them ride?
What can a character do while being carried? Delay? Nothing? Anything you could do in a grapple?

Thats really the DM's call. You've kinda left the normal boundaries of the rules.

8) Are drakes considered a quadruped for weight capacity? (I'm guessing not, but they do have 4 appendages, none of which are arms).

Looking at the pretty picures it looks like they're two leggers. If carrying capacity is an issue, find a a way to get ant haul.

Is she going to see too much table variation on the drake to make it worthwhile to deal with in PFS?

I highly doubt it. Most DM's just let the player run with an animal companion and have it do what the player wants. There's even more reason to do that with a drake.

Definitely looks like a wand of mage armor would be a good investment for armor, since the drake is balanced a bit by refusing to wear any armor.

Shadow Lodge ****

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see if this helps any

Shadow Lodge ****

The core races
The eastern races: Kitsune wayang tengu Nagaji
The elemental races: Slyph, Oread, Ifrit, ondine.

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
HMM wrote:
I think that BNW's small lodge is a great example of this sort of beating the odds. He's gotten a huge percentage of his small town to come out and game with him.

a table is a measurable percentage of that small town...

Shadow Lodge ****

Serisan wrote:

The Minnesota lodge has a lot of history to build off of and I don't think the success that Monsieur Slanky mentioned could be replicated elsewhere.

"the biggest" gamestore pretty much guarantees you've got more than one, which means lots of geeks per square mile to attract

Shadow Lodge ****

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Nefreet wrote:
Wait. Was anyone seriously thinking this was more than a simple typo?

Hello! And welcome to the forums. You'll find all of the information you need in the guide to organized pla..

*ow ow ow ow kidding ow ow ow...are you sure you're not part woodpecker?*

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Its not easy to find smaller groups either. The game finder is unworkable , and you may not know that a small town in your area is within driving distance.

thats something i have tried to help but getting the word out would be very handy...

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jack Brown wrote:
Now, Hilary, that's a bit of an exaggeration in a metro area that has more theater seats per capita than New York City,

Thats easy to do when all it takes is a love seat in the back of a pickup truck....

*ow ow ow ow...kidding.. ow ow ow...the viking helmet is pointy ow ow ow*

Shadow Lodge

bugleyman wrote:
If the Clintons were guilty of half of what they've been accused of, the GOP would be too busy taking notes to sling mud.

and if they got that number up to 3/4s they'd be busy being the mud

Shadow Lodge

ShadeKyubi wrote:


Shadow Lodge ****

15 people marked this as a favorite.

all. the. time.

"Just avoid that player/dm
"You don't need replay, just play at the other table/next week
"you don't need boons for game days. If you need boons just turn your game day into a convention!
"you can get up and leave, what's the problem?
"what do you mean you can't organize something that big, stop being lazy

Shadow Lodge

Del_Taco_Eater wrote:
Clarification from BNW: to use vanguard style or add to a saving throw do you need to be near the ally? How near?

Vanguard style is explicitly adjacent.

For aiding on other spells I would say it would depend on the spell and what you were doing. You probably need to be adjacent to save someone from a fireball (though why you're standing there with a standard action up your sleeve i have no idea). For trying to snap someone out of a dominate person ... conversation range? Hold person would probably be adjacent.. or maybe reach if you want to smack them around with your polearm a bit. Probably adjacent for most fort saves.

Shadow Lodge

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captain yesterday wrote:


"Okay Bill, we know dragons dry hump big ass piles of gold, let's go already!"

"Hold on, let's see what he does if we take a handful"

Crickey thats a big one. I'm gonna take his gold and then poke him with a stick....


We're gonna need another timmy..

Shadow Lodge ****

4 people marked this as a favorite.
TOZ wrote:
MisterSlanky wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Welcome to the institution.
In need of institutionalization is the way most of us could be described. Yes.
I'm not locked in here. I can leave any time I want!

you can checkout any time you want...

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

any sorcerer seems to take the same spells over and over and wind up a litle samey.

Shadow Lodge ****

The loot you collected is how you got your gold total. If you like anything in the scenario you have to buy it back.

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