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Doll, Soulbound

Alisebett's page

926 posts. Alias of Khaladon.

Full Name

her full name is Alisebett Windsong, but all she remembers of her name, dimly at that, is 'Ali'


Forest Gnome


Wild Druid / 9| G AC17, W AC18 H AC17 DW AC21; HP 81/81, CMD 21, F/R/W 10/10/6 **, Percep +11 Low-light & Scent, Init +7




Small/ (Medium in Ferocious Slayer Form)


She is unsure but Ali believes she has passed near about 17 winters


Chaotic Neutral


The Spirit of Nature Itself


Ali has no fixed address & has no idea that she is originally from the Sanos Forest area; She has come to know well the lands South of Ravenmoor & between Skull River and the Gulf ; lately she's explored the lands near Sandpoint

Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 20
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 17

About Alisebett

Forest Gnome:
Basically same as regular gnome with a +4 Hide in Forest Bonus

(New Class)3.5 Pathfinder Rules]
The fury of the storm, the gentle strength of the morning sun the cunning of the fox and the power of the bear-all these and more are at the druid's command. Much more so than regular druids, Wild Druids truly become one with nature. Wild Druids are wilder, more natural cousins to regular Druids.

[b]Adventures: As all of the outdoors is theirs to roam, Wild Druids have no home base as such (although sometimes they will instinctively remain near where they were originally from) As with regular Druids, Wild Druids can easily accept that which is horrific or cruel in nature yet they hate all that which is unnatural including aberrations and undead. Sometimes they may team up with other adventurers to help eliminate a specific threat to the natural world. Other times their curiosity may just get the better of them for a while.

A Wild Druid casts the same spells as regular druids yet they receive no formal training whatsoever. Instead, Wild Druids receive their spells by direct communion with nature and can cast them spontaneously as sorcerers do. In addition, from first level and increasing in power, wild druid gains versatile shapeshifting abilities as well as some other magical powers.
The starting armor and weapons of a wild druid are limited to that which they may be able to find or crudely fashion for themselves in the wild. They would never let themselves be restricted by heavy armor. They have little to no access to, or interest in, metal or typical wealth in general (although the concept of the accumulation of wealth can possibly be learned with experience according to the GM’s discretion they should always have an aversion to too much metal as it interferes with the pure and primal nature they embody.)

Alignment: Because of their nature, Wild Druids have a strong tendency towards Chaotic Neutral as alignment. They cannot be of Lawful alignment.

Religion: Wild Druids have no religion, instead deriving their powers and abilities through direct communion with Nature itself. Most Wild Druids have no knowledge of 'Nature Gods' in any typically recognizable form although some may have experienced 'special visitations'.

To be considered a Wild Druid and receive these abilities a Wild Druid must have been 'lost' or 'abandoned' or by some other means left to their own devices, without any other human or humanoid contact for a minimum of seven years. Some Wild Druids are never seen by another 'two foots' again. Most Wild Druids retain some semblance of their former languages but depending on how old they were when they 'went wild' they usually don't speak people tongues very well and are most often illiterate or close to. Many Wild Druids have sorcerer blood in them, which may help explain why Nature chooses them. Most Wild Druids are young when they are lost to the wilds, because of their lack of innocence it is very rare for a full adult to be chosen by Nature as one of her Children & Protectors. And Protectors they are. Wild Druids have varying degrees of connection to and curiosity of their previous lives yet they are fiercely attached to and protective of their animal brothers and sisters and the natural world in general. All of Nature is extremely sacred to the Wild Druid and woe betide those who significantly harm it in any way (a chopped down tree would not cause them to kill for example yet clear cutting or burning of a large section of forest or a wasteful animal slaughter may cause them to go on a killing rampage).

Wild Druids of all sorts have a strong reaction to fire. These reactions may range anywhere from extreme respect and caution to complete hatred and terror.

Other Classes: Wild Druids are generally uncomfortable around most people and classes yet they can accept barbarians and rangers recognizing their reverence and familiarity with natural lands. With regular druids they can become friendly and even close (but they will not easily put up with any attempts to control or 'tame' them from these Druids). It is rare for Wild Druids to run into each other. When they do, there will usually have to be some sort of contest or fight for 'pack leader'. They do, however, occasionally join with another of the opposite sex to mate. Wild Druids can respect the rogues stealthiness as being valuable qualities for the wild lands but has little to no understanding of their urban mannerisms and ways. Clerics and other divine spell casters they can respect, recognizing a connection in them to something greater than themselves. They will usually view arcane spell casters and fighters as potentially dangerous to animals and the wild lands and so will treat them with distrust and dislike. Having no understanding of or adherence to any laws other than the natural ones, they will chafe and rebel against the paladins strict ways.

Role: The Wild Druid enjoys even more versatility than the typical druid. With their shapeshift ability they can make excellent scouts and as they gain in levels and power be decent back-up front line fighters. While their spell per day selection is extremely limited they can still make passable back-up healers and divine casters. Her summoned animal friends also give the Wild Druid extended services to offer the party.

Abilities:Same as regular Druid except Charisma based instead of Wisdom based. Since she only wears light armour, high Dexterity scores greatly improve the Wild Druid’s defensive ability. Strength is important for their fighting abilities.

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral (A Wild Druids may also be good or evil but any Wild Druid which wilfully brings significant harm to any non-threatening plants or animals looses all of their class features and cannot progress further as a Wild Druid. She regains her abilities and advancement potential if she atones for her violations (see atonement), as appropriate.

While they can and sometimes do work with Lawful characters, the relationship is almost always a difficult and strained one as the chaotic wild druid generally refuses to be restrained or conform to to set, strict set of rules.

Hit Die:8
Saves: Strong Fort & Ref saves, weak Will saves.
Class Skills: Same as Pathfinder Druid with the addition of Escape Artist, Intimidate, Sense Motive and Stealth and the elimination of Profession, Ride and Spellcraft
Class Features:
Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
Not having had access to civilized goods, wild druids are proficient with even less weapons and armor than regular druids. They are limited to the following: club, dagger, dart, greatclub, quarterstaff, short spear, sling and spear. They are also proficient with all natural attacks (claw, bite, and so forth) of any form they assume with shapeshift (see below).
They are proficient with leather, hide or wooden armor only. They are not proficient with shields. A Wild Druid who wears prohibited armor or carries a prohibited shield is unable to cast druid spells or use any of her supernatural or spell-like class abilities while doing so and for 24 hours thereafter.

Spells: A Wild Druid casts the same spells as regular druids yet they receive no formal training whatsoever. Instead, Wild Druids receive their spells by direct communion with nature and can cast them spontaneously as sorcerers do. Wild Druids have very limited available spells per day compared to regular Druids. (Wild Druids share the same spells per day progression as Bards) A Wild Druid must 'commune with nature' (undisturbed contact with any natural plant or creature) for at least one hour each day to gain her known spells for the day, but they may select any spell they wish from the Druid spell list.

Fire Wardens:Although fire is sometimes a necessity in nature, the use of it by intelligent beings is rarely good for the Land in the Wild Druid's view. Any careless use or disregard of potent fire magic which results in the damage of plants or animals is very likely to cause an attack on the caster by the Wild Druid, ally or no.

Wild Druids suffer -1 to saves and AC by any fire spells or effects but get +1 to attack, damage and Spell DC vs any foe which has used fire on them or their allies during that combat.

Energy Substitution: Additionally, they can never cast spells with the Fire descriptor. They can however choose an element in place of fire and can transform any fire spell into this element. This choice must be made at first level and can not be changed afterwards.

Spontaneous Rejuvenation:(replaces Spontaneous Casting)Transfer energy of stored spell into Fast Healing for all Allies (& Wild Druid) in 30' for 3 rounds. hp/rnd = spell lvl sacrificed.(phbII pg39) Wild Druids tend more towards this option.

Bonus Languages:
Sylvan, the language of woodland creatures, is a bonus language option for a wild druid in addition to whatever option her race gives her. Wild druids do not know the Druidic secret language. Instead they speak Animal Tongue, which is the subtle language of expressions, movements and sounds of natural animals. While many ‘civilised’ concepts are difficult or impossible to express in this language many emotional and natural concepts are easier. This language gives wild druids a +4 bonus to all Handle Animal and Wild Empathy checks skill checks. This is a free language and does not take up a language slot.

Wild Druids spend the bulk of their lives in the wild with animals and so have no need of Animal Companions. Instead they strive to become more like the animals they love and cherish as friends and family. As such, all wild druids automatically receive the Shapeshift class ability (for more details consult the shapeshift alternative class feature in the Players Handbook II pg 39. Or look further down under Shapeshift on character sheet)

Nature Sense: Same as normal druid, +2 bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks.

Track:A Wild Druid gains Track as a bonus feat.
(Wild Empathy: A wild druid uses her Animal Tongue skill instead of wild empathy.

Smell Evil:At second level a Wild Druid has developed their animal affinity to the point that they can, like most animals 'sniff out' Evil. As a standard action and only when concentrating Wild Druids can 'smell' Evil within 10'. This ability can be used to tell if someone is of evil alignment or if particularly evil deeds occurred in a particular place and get a general idea of how long ago it happened (eg, within hours, days, recently, a while ago or very long ago.)

Nature's Lore: While the intricacies of high level spell casting are normally beyond the ability or the Wild Druid, their deep connection with the Land does occasionally allow them to tap into more powerful magics. At 16th lvl, once a day, the Wild Druid may sacrifice any combination of 2 spell levels which add up to 7 to cast one 7th level spell. At 18th level they may also sacrifice any combination of 2 spell levels which add up to 8 to cast an 8th level spell and 20th level they may also sacrifice any combination of 2 spell levels which add up to 9 to cast a 9th level spell. (Therefore at 20th level they may cast one 7th, one 8th and one 9th level spell per day upon sacrificing the appropriate spells levels.)

1st lvl:Smell Evil 10'
2nd lvl:Woodland Stride-Same as normal Druid
3rd lvl:Trackless Step-Same; At 3rd level Wild druids also gain the Scent ability
4th lvl:Resist Natures Lure-Same; Natural Weapons treated as magic for overcoming DR and gain +1 to hit and dam. Gain Mobility in Predator Form.
5th lvl:Wild Shape-(A wild druid receives the Shapeshift ability at 1st lvl and never gains wild shape) At 5th level gain Aerial form.
7th lvl:Gain Fly By Attack while in aerial form
8th lvl:Natural Weapons now +2 to hit and dam (in addition to all other modifiers); Gain Ferocious Slayer form
10th lvl:Gain Improved Critical(bite) & (claw) feats while in ferocious slayer form
9th lvl:Venom Immunity-Same
12th lvl:Forest Avenger form
13th lvl:Natural Weapons now +3 to hit and dam (in addition to all other modifiers)
14th lvl:Gain Improved Overrun while in forest avenger form
15th lvl:Timeless Body-Same
16th lvl:Gain Elemental Fury form; Nature's Lore I
17th lvl:Natural Weapons now +4 to hit and dam (in addition to all other modifiers)
18th lvl:Gain Great Cleave while in elemental fury form; Nature's Lore II
20th lvl:Natural Weapons now +5 to hit and dam (in addition to all other modifiers); Nature's Lore III

Playing In:Wellard's Rescue Attempt on RotRL

Height:3'0", Weight:35lbs
HP:90 (HD 9d8+45+9), Current HP:90
Armor Class:
(+4 vs Giant type)
as Gnome:17, Touch: 14, Flat-footed:14(Armor +3,Size +1, Dex +3, +1 )
as Wolf:18, Touch:14, Flat-footed:15 (Size +1, Dex +3,+4 natural armor)
as Hawk:17, Touch:15, Flat-footed:13 (Size +1, Dex +4,+2 natural armor)
as Dire Wolf: 21, Touch:13, Flat-footed:18 ( Dex +3, +8 natural armor)
CMD: 21 (as Wolf: 23) (as Dire Wolf: 25)
Saves:Fort:+10 Ref:+10 Will:+6 (+2 vs Illusions; +11 Ref in Hawk form, +8 Fort in Dire Wolf form, +2 Will after successful hit)
Energy Resistance: DR8/Fire
Initiative:+7 (incl Feat)
Speed:Gnome 20ft; Wolf 50ft Hawk 60ft Fly (Good) Dire Wolf 40ft
Perception: +11
Languages:Common, Gnome, Burrowing Mammals, Animal Tongue
Animal Tongue:Ali speaks the subtle language of Animals and so can communicate with them directly. Because of this, she gets an automatic +2 on all Handle Animal DC's (similar to Wild Empathy)

Ali is illiterate except for being able to scrawl her name (as a child would). She speaks barely passable Common and Gnome. Plus as she has spent her whole life with Animals she has learned to speak as one of them. *Over the past weeks and months of traveling with her new pack (friends) however, Ali's speech and vocabulary has improved dramatically. She still however definitely speaks very...uniquely

Improved Initiative: +4 to Initiative rolls,
(bonus)Big Game Hunter: +1 to hit & +2 to dam vs Large or Larger creatures,
(lvl 3)Combat Focus: after 1st successful attack, gain +2 to Will saves for 10 rnds,
(bonus)Mobilty(while in wolf form): +4AC vs AoO's
(lvl 5) Boon Companion (Animal as regular druid level)
(lvl 7) Power Attack (-2 hit/+4 dam. +50% extra Str Dam)
(lvl 9) Improved Natural Attack-Bite (increase damage die 1 step)

Favoured Class:Wild Druid

4/36 [Points per Level/Total](with ACP in humanoid form)

  • Acrobactics: 0[8] [(non-class skill,+5 from Boots)
  • Climb:1 [6](0)
  • Craft:0 [2]
  • Escape Artist:1 [7]
  • Fly:.3 [11]
  • Handle Animal:1 [9]
  • Heal:1 [8] (+2 from Belt)
  • Intimidate: 1[7]
  • Knowledge(geography):5[8]
  • Knowledge(nature):6 [10]
  • Perception:5 [13] (+2 racial incl)
  • Sense Motive:2 [7]
  • Stealth:1 [11] (0) (+15 in Forest-Forest Gnome)
  • Survival:4 [9]
  • Swim:1 [6] (0)
  • (class, race and skill bonuses and ACP already included)


+1 to attack against Goblins & Reptilians
Base Attack Bonus:+10/+5 = +6/+1 (Base) +1 (Gnome Size +3 Str)
CMB:8 (as Wolf: 10), (as Hawk: ), (as Dire Wolf: 13)
Club:+9/+4 (1d4+3, x2)
Dagger:+9/+4 (1d3+3, 19-20/x2)
Sling:+9/+4 (1d3+3, x2) 50'range
Bite:+13/+8 (1d6+9)
(from +4 from Strength Bonus; +2 to atk & dam & treated as magic to overcome DR)
Claws:+10/+10(1d6+7) Flyby attack
(from +2 from Strength Bonus; +2 to atk & dam & treated as magic to overcome DR)
Melee: Dire Wolf
Bite: +15 (1d8+12)
Claw(x2): +10 (1d4+7)
(from +7 from Strength Bonus; +2 to atk & dam & treated as magic to overcome DR)


Armor: She is wearing a unique but fetching attire of tight fitting skins & furs of her own creation ( leather armor, now is +1)

Items:a homemade belt-pouch, Small sack, *Potion CLW,*Potion CMWx2 *Potion Antitoxin, *Boots of Elven Kind +5 to Acrobatics, *Belt of Physical Might +4 Str & Con, *Cloak of Resistance +1, new traveling outfit.

Wealth: about 2gp worth of coins and pretty stones (3pp, ??gp held in trust by Muchorak)


(+1 to DC of any illusion type spells)
Ali casts Druid spells as a Sorcerer would (less spells per day known but can cast them spontaneously). She can cast any Druid spell and must 'Commune with Nature' each day for 1 hr to get her spell selection for the day.
Spontaneous Rejuvenation:(replaces Spontaneous Casting)Transfer energy of stored spell into Fast Healing for all Allies (& Me) in 30' for 3 rounds. HP/rnd = spell lvl sacrificed.(phbII pg39)
Orisons(0 level):6 At Will Pathfinder Rules
Blowing Dust
Lightning sand5' radius, dur=1 min/lvl
Create Water-20' radius, dur=10min/lvl
Summon Minor Ally
1st Level: (6/Day) Left: 6/6
Mist Sight
Obscuring Mist
Burning Disarm
Blossoming Footsteps
2nd Level: (5/Day) Left: 5/5
Bears Endurance
Lessor Restoration
Summon Swarm
3rd Level: (3/Day) Left: 4/4
Magic Fang,Greater
Water Jet
Mad Monkeys
Plant Growth

Spell DC=10 +spell lvl +4

Special Abilities:
Druid:Nature Sense, Shapeshift-Predator, Aerial(phbII-pg 39), Animal Tongue, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step, Scent, Resist Nature's Lure, Venom Immunity
Gnome: low-light vision, +2 vs illusions, +4 dodge vs giants, +1 hit vs Goblins (also see Spell-Like Abilities)

Spell-Like Abilities:

1/Day each:
Dancing Lights-up to 4 lights 10' radius, dur=1 min, rng=100'+10'/lvl
Ghost Sounds-illusory sounds, dur=1 rnd/lvl, rng=25'+5' 2/lvls
Presdigitation-'Tricks' that slowly lift things, clean, warm or chill food, season, scent etc. dur=1 hr, rng=10'
Caster level 1st; save DC 10 + gnome’s Cha modifier + spell level.

Animal Companion, (Need to update still to 9th)

Lunas ('He who's heart burns as bright as the moon'):

Wolf (Dark Black with White 'chest shield')
Lunas(as at level 10)

Wolf (Dark Black with White 'chest shield')
Size Large, Speed 50 ft,
AC 21= +8 Natural Armor +3 Dex (25 vs AoO)

Str: 25
Dex: 17
Con: 20
Int: 2
Wis: 12
Cha: 6
Special Qualities: Scent, Lowlight vision

HD 9D8+54 99HP 99 Current
BAB +6, CMB +14 CMD 27(31 vs Trip)

Attacks: Bite +13 (2d6+7 +trip)

Fort +6+3= +9
Ref +6+3=+8
Will +3+1= +4 (+5 Moral vs Enchantment spells and effects)

Perception Wis +2+3+1=+6
Stealth +9
Survival Wis +3+3+1=+7 (+5 Scent Tracking)
Racial Modifiers +4 Survival when tracking by scent

Feats: Toughness, Improved Natural Attack (Bite), Mobility, Combat Reflexes, Spring Attack

Bonus Tricks: Attack, Attack, Guard, Defend, Work, Stay, Heel, Down, Come, Track +1 to choose

Special: Link, Share Spells, Evasion, Ability Increase, Devotion, MultiAttack


Ali is not the typical type Druid in many ways. One of them is the fact that she never felt a need to 'call' an Animal Companion. Her whole life was spent surrounded by animals and they have been her only friends for most of her life thus far. Instead, she wanted to be more like them.
Shapeshifting Alternative Class Feature
The Shapeshifting ACF (from the PHB II:pg39) replaces the classic Animal Companion and Wild Shape class features of the traditional Druid. By making this change, the Druid now has the ability to Shapeshift at will as a Swift Action with no limit on the amount of times per day she can do so or how long she can remain in the form. The Druid cannot cast spells when shapeshifted, even with the Natural Spell feat. Everything about the Druid remains the same in the new form(s) including size in the first two forms. The only exceptions being an increase in strength and natural armor and reflex bonuses. As well, the natural weapons the Druid gains in the new form receive a 1/4 per level increase in attack and bonus damage scores. At fourth level these natural weapons are considered magical for overcoming DR. There are five main types of forms the Shapeshifter Druid can achieve with level advancement. In order, beginning at 1st level they are: Predator, Aerial, Ferocious Slayer, Forest Avenger and Elemental Fury. After 4th level and on Natural Weapons are considered as Magic Weapons for overcoming DR.

The Predator qualities are:Wolf, Panther etc. form, bite attack (small size for Ali, so 1d4. Normally 1d6) and +4 to Str and AC (Natural Armor). Base land speed 50'. At 4th level gain Mobility Feat.
Ali normally chooses to appear as a small grey wolf
Aerial Form Eagle, Hawk, Bat etc. form, talon attack, 1d4, +2 to Str, +2 to Dex, +2 to Natural Armor. Fly speed 40', 7th gain Flyby Attack.
Ali's aerial form is normally a beautiful gray, white and black hawk
Ferocious Slayer Form:At 8th level, you can shapeshift into a large and fierce predatory form, such as a tiger, brown bear, or dire wolf. While in ferocious slayer form, you gain a primary bite attack that deals 1d8 points of damage, (1d6 for small), and two secondary claw attacks that each deal 1d6 points of damage, (1d4 for small). Your size increases by one category (to a maximum of Colossal), and you have the reach of a long creature of your size (5 feet for Medium or Large). You gain a +8 enhancement bonus to Strength and a +4 enhancement bonus on Fortitude saves, and your natural armor bonus improves by 8. Your base land speed changes to 40 feet.


Ali is extremely shy around most people yet joyful and completely at ease among animals or those who love them (she can usually smell who these people are). At present, Ali is Much more comfortable in the wild than in towns and cities would put her into a state of near catatonia. Her command of humanoid tongues is poor at best so she communicates mainly by body language and gestures, only using words when she must. Ali has a strong aversion to fire and views it like an enemy. Generally Ali is of a very gentle disposition yet like a mother cougar protecting her young she can react with extreme savagery when her beloved animals or forests are threatened or harmed.

Her Story-(Warning! It's Loooong! =):

Early Childhood
Ali's very earliest memories, though few, are happy ones. She vaguely remembers a father who was always dressed in greens or browns and spent all of his time outdoors. The mother she remembers from her earliest memories is a very different one from the one she recalls from later years. In her early childhood memories Ali recalls glorious days of playing and learning about nature from her father and being entertained by stories from her mother. She also recalls with great fondness being delighted by what her mother referred to as her 'tricks'; sparkling lights and sounds, moving small items about the house without touching them. She does not recall ever seeing another adult or even child in those years as they seemed to live deep in the forest far from anyone else, she never knew nor questioned why. She adored her parents and had many animal friends. She was happy.

Childhood to'Early Teens'
However those happy years were few. The last thing Ali remembers about her father is his having to go off on some important mission to "save the trees Ali"...he never came back.

Ali and her mother waited many long years for his return but after a few years it seemed her mother finally gave up. Not just giving up on his return but seemingly on everything, including little Ali. As there was much work undone around the home and her mother had no spirit for it anymore she began to 'entertain' male visitors. Her mother was a great beauty and so never lacked potential suitors. Ali never understood exactly what the arrangements were but some work would get done and most men would stay the night. Whenever some men got too possessive or abusive Ali's mother would pack up her daughter and their few meager belongings and move on. This became the pattern of their lives for many years. As Ali grew so did her own beauty and her mother began paying less & less attention to her and when she did she grew jealous and spiteful. As well some of the 'gentlemen' callers began paying more & more unwanted attention to her. As a result, Ali began spending less & less time at home. At first she was testing her mother to see if her mother would miss her, but as her mother continually failed these tests she became more & more comfortable in the wild and stayed away longer and longer. Until one day, after several days in the wild with her animal friends, she came home to find her mother gone and the house empty. There seemed to be signs of struggle and violence yet even though Ali used her considerable tracking skills she could find no trace of her. Although she had been distant from her mother she was still a young girl and loved her mother very much. She was devastated and this was the worst moment of her life.

'Receiving her Inheritance' & Early Teens
She ran blinded with tears into the forest and sobbed her poor little heart out by her favorite pool. That night she dreamed a strange dream. A feeling of immense age & wisdom and peace came to her in the dream and she recognized she was in the presence of Nature itself. While it did not speak to her in words she understood its message to be this "My child, do not despair for you are not alone, I have accepted you into my bosom and shall guide and nurture you. I will help shape the natural gifts you were born with so that you may help protect my demesne from the encroachment of those who would defile me. You are now and forever more my Daughter"

From that moment on Ali grew and lived her life completely alone in the wild with only the company of her animal friends and her 'special dreams'. Occasionally her friends would warn her about other 'two foots' in the area. For years she would studiously avoid them yet as she grew older she grew more and more curious about them. Sometimes she would carefully spy on them from afar. So many strange types of them! And some So Big! Occasionally she would be so bold as to move close enough to hear them speak. Sometimes it would be a game with her 'four foots' friends to see who could get closer without being noticed. Once in a rare while in her widely ranged wanderings she would come across other 'two foots' who seemed to have similar affinities as she and who her friends 'spoke' well of. These she would sometimes observe openly, watching with curiosity their strange actions and activities. As long as they made no moves towards her she would stay and watch, even follow them. Yet the moment they made to approach her in any way her extreme shyness would cause her to flee.

Young Womanhood to Sandpoint

In recent years her shyness has receded substantially and she would even allow some of these special 'two foots' friends of nature approach and even speak to her, yet she rarely spoke back to them. 'Druids' they called themselves and so called they her too yet she sensed she was different than them somehow and had no wish to join them when they asked her. Some of them called themselves 'Rangers' and were even more different than her yet as her animal friends still respected them so too did she.

In the past few months her curiosity of others of her kind, other 'two foots' that is, has been getting stronger and stronger and has begun to override her natural shyness. She has found herself near a settlement of two foots, 'people' they call themselves she has now learned and they place where the live and gather is called a 'town'. She believes they call this town Sandpoint. All she knows is it very big and contains many many of these 'people'. Plus it is on the biggest water she has ever seen! A strange water that tastes of salt and is not good to drink. She has slowly and shyly begun to make some advances to certain of these people, those that do not fright her. While she does not speak their language very well can read the movements of their bodies and sense their affinity to nature. She has become quite skilled at mixing together certain herbs of the forest with different effect and has begun to offer them ("I see you fall. You have hurt. You take this and rub on arm. hurt go away fast")or offers aid with her few spells. She sometimes trades these services for certain wonderful and curious objects the people make .

So many things these people make! They make her mind spin. These people sometimes seem to get very excited about some of the pretty stones she has found in her travels. So sometimes she trades those. They sometimes give her round stones that are not stones and are colored as the sun or moon. 'Coins' they call them. She is still not quite sure what they are for but they shine and she likes them so she accepts them.

But these people are so strange! Sometimes the males they look at her funny, almost like they think she is in heat? And sometimes the females look at her funny too, but not funny, more angry, like they want to bite her. She does not understand at all. So she just avoids those kinds of 'women' and 'men' as she has learned to call them. She has got to point now where she is almost comfortable to walk alone through the whole town (she must be alone for she has also learned that most people seemed frighted of some of her bigger four foots friends. Why? Her friends would never eat the peoples. They smell so bad and probably taste worse!)

On this day she is at her boldest yet and walks through the town alone. She sees a big gathering of these 'towns people' in front of one of their big houses of stone (she has yet to enter one, how can they stand up? They have no roots!). Curiosity draws her closer...

Combat Template:

[ooc ][b ]Round 1 Initiative 23[/b]
AC 21 HP 69/69
Buffs: Barkskin
Spells left: 5/5 1st, 0/4 2nd, 1/2 3rd[/ooc]

[ooc ]Lunas
AC 22 HP 49/49
Buffs: Barkskin, Greater Magic Fang

Ali attack: [dice]1d20+12[/dice] Damage: [dice]1d4+8[/dice]
Lunas attack: [dice]1d20+9[/dice] Damage [dice]1d8+4[/dice]
Plus Trip: [dice]1d20+9[/dice]

Bite vs Redhead: [dice]1d20+15+1+2[/dice] Damage: [dice]1d4+6+2[/dice]
Claw vs Redhead: [dice]1d20+10+1+2[/dice] Damage: [dice]1d4+6+2[/dice]
Claw vs Redhead: [dice]1d20+10+1+2[/dice] Damage: [dice]1d4+6+2[/dice]

Hasted Bite vs Redhead: [dice]1d20+15+1+2[/dice] Damage: [dice]1d6+11+2[/dice]

[b ]Round 2 Initiative 22 [/b]
[ooc ]AC 26 HP 69/69 +4vs AoOs (This round)
Buffs: Barkskin, Haste, Blessing of Fervor
Spells left: 5/5 1st, 2/5 2nd, 2/3 3rd

[ooc ]Lunas
AC 22 HP 49/49 +4vs AoOs
Buffs: Barkskin, Greater Magic Fang, Haste?

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