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AWizardInDallas's page

RPG Superstar 2010 Top 8. Pathfinder Society Member. 340 posts. 3 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 6 Pathfinder Society characters.

Full Name

Richard A. Hunt








Chaotic Good


Plano, TX


English, Computer


Technology Wizard

Homepage URL

About AWizardInDallas

Powerword, Linkify!
- Total Party Kill Games
- Deviant Art Gallery
- Facebook Fan Page
- Blogspot: Random Generation
- EN World

Power Word, Brag!
- Technical Services: TPK Games
- Credited Developer: Ultimate Combat!
- Superstar RPG 2010 Top 8 Finalist
- Old Time Dragon Magazine Author
- Ancient Mongoose Product Reviews

Power Word, Sell!
- Paizo: Infamous Adversaries: Temerlyth the Undying
- DriveThruRPG: Infamous Adversaries: Temerlyth the Undying

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