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An Excellent Micro Setting


I really enjoyed reading "The Lonely Coast" by Raging Swan Games this morning. I say this with all sincerity too. It was both pleasurable and entertaining, which cannot always be said in an RPG landscape over-wrought with rules heavy supplements and overtly verbose campaign settings. I enjoy the uncluttered minimalist format inherent in RSG products too: comfortable, clear text, simple mono line art and the absence of flashy gimmicks or hyperactive cover art, yet it's still loaded with fine imaginative content and, for my money (and this one's free anyway), content is king. "The Lonely Coast" delivers quality content in spades, easily worthy of a 5 star rating. It's not error free but the tiny errors I noticed just don't detract enough to worry over.

While I've read and reviewed one other product, this one actually makes me a fan. I'm curious to read the adventures set here, such as "Retribution." However, the area also stands up alone as a great micro setting, added with ease to any world or as the starting area in a world you've not built yet. The "coast" is filled to the brim with flavor too: interesting, colorful people, mysterious places, multitudes of trouble to get into and even minor, simple political intrigue. There's easily enough here upon which to base a starting game setup in a wild and woolly frontier region, rich with ancient tribal history, pirates, thieves, monsters and more--and all elegantly done.

The product range is for levels 1-5 but several sites, a mysteriously glowing conjurer's tower, an abandoned hill fort and the ruin of a sinister abbey all have enough background for expansion to higher levels. As if that's not enough, there's a new minor monster (shadow wolves), a new minor race (half-goblins), some minor deities and plenty of solid encounters and encounter ideas. If you enjoy detailed, low-pressure, minimal prep sandbox-style games you are sure to enjoy this. One could easy sit down and just play. I highly recommend "The Lonely Coast" and I look forward to reviewing other titles in the Raging Swan library.

P.S. Even were I to use not a single word of the "The Lonely Coast" this supplement does something else highly useful: it provides a great format for designing your own campaign regions.


I had the pleasure today of looking over the "Wondrous Treasures" product by Raging Swan. I was pleased with it overall. The work contains the sort of details one might expect to find in the Core Rules or a free web supplement but isn't due to understandable space limitations, repetition of information (such as stat blocks) and perhaps the lower frequency of seeing the standard magic items it covers (bags of tricks, figurines of wondrous power, horn of Valhalla, robe of bones, robe of useful items, rod of wonder) at play.

The download contains two documents, one optimized for print and one for the screen. They both looked great on screen anyway, on my PC and Nook. The black cover is something you'd want to skip printing. Somewhat of a minimalist myself, I actually like the simple black cover over flashy artwork as well as the simple black and white interior art and the clean, clear and concise formatting and layout. There were also no major errors or omissions.

So, if you handle characters who owns any of these magic items, this product may just be worth the price of admission by putting all the details right at your finger tips. Some might find the price a bit high as a "must have" supplement, since it covers such a small niche. Still, a lot effort went into organizing it and I myself would have no trouble paying for this.

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