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Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Need Help! Gunslinger damage is insane.

What would you like to see in Pathfinder 2nd Edition, When / If it is make?

The Blood Scion - A Sorcerous Gish With Bloodlines!

Combat Manager application

Headhunter - Barbarian / Rogue Hybrid Class

The Happy mask sales man

Patch Changes to Firearms & Gunslingers

Overall usefulness of healer's touch achievement feat

Custom / editable Rise of the runelords campaign.

A class in need of reviews

New Rules

Pathfinder Unchained's skill unlocks with Alternate Crafting question

Mutating Magic Items

Faun Race (15rp), overpowered?

Request: brawler archetype "Stormwind Spear". a spear master.

Making light shield worthile

Antipaladin Gunslinger style archetype-the hell marked gunslinger(or un-holy gun)

Rules of Electric Spells and Effects with Conductivity

Open Playtest - Arcane Knight, Dragonsoul, Noble, and Priest Classes

Underwhelmed with choices for Half Orc chain fighter, play testing a new weapon

Uchiha Bloodline for Sorcerers, critique and advice please

Linear vs Quadratic

Divine bond ideas?

Looking for some Alpha Play Testers - Low magic Campaign

Progresive DC check to ACL chart ? Has anyone made one ?

Weapon-Meister Class

[Infinity Archmage] I need your help building the world of Archmage!

Ideas for places you DO NOT want to be as an adventurer.

Coria, The Barrier World - a post-post apocalyptic steampunk magitech setting

Bestiary - Monster Role Templates

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

If you were making a new 20 lvl class based on speed / dex...

[Unchained]Automatic Bonus Progression tweak: Attunement at will

Kundalini for monks

Vanguard Cavalier, mountless archetype

Advice on custom spell: Greater Mage Armor

A mightier Shotel

Unchained Rogue Tweeks...Looking for Feedback

Is this class I made balanced or broken?

Imprisoning Souls via Turning Them Into Tattoos?

writing up another class but need a name

Do you like dinosaurs? Make a wislist!

Anyone ever made a animal lord class based off of the template ?

Custom weapons and rework 1.1

Conversion - Sidhelien Elves (Birthright)

Consolidated skills. What about Consolidated stats ?

Adding Peerless Maneuver to Unchained Unmodified Rogue Talent List

Settlement Creator

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

Pathfinder character build for Inuyasha, an anime character

Revising the Summoner: Unchained Spells, Chained Eidolon?

Goblin Campaign as a new DM

Any event, trap or fetch quest tables for random things to happen in game ?

passwall / just an idea

Feat: Open Spell Slot

Running a Feat-less Game

Help me calculate CR and price for this custom construct

Prestige Classes - VMC?

Elf as a Fey subtype?

Umbra Carnival - Caravan / Kingdom Building Hybrid?

Dragon age style casting for a less vancian spellcaster

Enlarge Person for a Dex build?

I wish all martials and "sneak attack" classes got a small degree of the 3.5 ninja's sudden strike ability.

GOGOGOGOGO: The problem posed by 1 min / level spells.

Webslinger Vigilante Specialization

Optional Debilitating Blow: (Serious Injury / Bleed / Broken bone)

Tabards, Posters, and handbills.

World-building advice

Imagine that: Half-Orc Fighter with a Gnome spellcaster in his Backpack

Help - Bard Archetype; Enchanter (Log Horizon)

Mythic Alternative

Brainstorming the Fountain of Gluttony

New Monster - Timeless Sentinel

For Profit and Pain (New AP concept)

100 Books Found in the Strange Library

Help with technical details of a floating city.

Shobhad THW TWF

Random encounter map offline what uses dice.

Make a monster hunter animal companion

Toon - A Homebrew Race

Please critique my Custom Weapon.

Mystic Theurge Potential Fix

Pokemon solo campaign.

Dragon Companion for Paladin, Cavalier, Ranger, & Druid - Archetypes

We need a full 20 level Arcane Archer class!

Unchained 2

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

Skulls & Shackles AP... Character advice

Fixing the Cavalier

Consolidated skills. What about Consolidated stats ?

cleric archetype - undead scourge - draft

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]

Random Village / town / city

Technomacer Design

Rage Pool system

What is the strongest animal companion I can get with out feats as a lv 5 hunter?

Job VMCs

Riders on the Swarm... dah dah dah dah dah.

Post a Race, I'll Homebrew an Archetype [THE THREAD]

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