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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Stat the Gods!!!

Oracle Archetype: Corrupted Oracle

New Cantrips

Stating new racial qualities

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

How do you (sort-of) build the cast of undertale using pathfinder?

New dragon SLAs

Help making an "Unchained Ascetic Entertainer"

PaRaProMo 2016 - 1,001 PC Race Ideas

Improved Combat Maneuver Suggestons

Multiclass Archetypes XI: Resurgence

Homebrew Challenge: NPC Creator

Zerg as playable race and as enemies

A Question about Spell Resistance

Making Golarion "Yours"

My Solution to the "Attractiveness" Issue with Charisma

Help with DM writer's block: What is the Bane of Sorrow?

Prestige class idea: The Disciple of Plague

Economancy & Money-Based Character Options

Monster Hunter Tri Setting

lets have a place for reworked and custom feats

Your next task as a new employee at Paizo is:

More unarmored AC

Homebrew - The Explorer (Hybrid Class)

Maybe a Paladin?

New Homebrew Class - The Empyreus

Heavy things breaking stuff

Building a Reasonable Tippyverse

Need help stating up a unique monster.

Language in Primitive Campaigns?

Communal Effort: Mythic Arcane Discoveries

Kineticists Only - Can It Work?

Marshmallow's Revised Revised Action Economy

Spry Striker (Fighter Archetype)

Kobold Cleaver DESTROYS the Big Six!

Homebrew Challenge: The Monster Maker

Need Help with entering new monsters / npcs

Homebrew Class: Chronomancer

Prestige Class: Celestial Binder

Combat Manager application

2016 Halloween "one-shot" adventure

Homebrew Class: Chronomancer

1001 Inconsequential Flora & Fauna

"Adventure Time" Game - have you run one?

Fixing Sanity Rules from Horror Adventures

Breaking the Mold on Races

Cerebrotic Corruption

League of LegendsChampion Special Traits

Homebrew Challenge: Pantheon Generator

Spheres of Power and Gestalt Builds

A Vampiric Star Ship?

Redone Corruptions from Horror Adventures

New Vampire Templates

1D4+Int Skill points

Brew Idea: Planar Vigilante Talants

Theliah Strongarm's Guide To Designing Armors

Lemmy's Custom Weapon Generation System!

Thinking of a dragon hunter campaign

Occult Skill Unlocks (And the changes that need to be made)

Homebrew Challenge: Settlement Generator

Magic Beans!!

+x is so boring! Spice up your arms and armor with 100 effects!

Looking to build a table of feats for fighting styles. Think VMC but for sword n shield and other styles

Negative Skill Ranks

Custom magic item creation help

Set's Stuff

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

Thieves' Guilds

the Bladed Thaumaturge, a homebrew spontaneous magus archetype.

100+ Random terrain

Help balancing custom weapon

Background Classes

Leadership should be a class, not a feat

Warlock: Remastered, But Not Unchained. WIP

Tabards, Posters, and handbills.

Your ONE houserule

A druid without wildshape or a hunter without animal focus

New Class: Exarch

Horror based magic items

Bardic Performance: A bonus for 2-handed instruments

Firearms and AC, my personal system

place to lok for puzzles

Stats for a Chalicotherium?

Changing Weapon Proficiencies

Pathfinder E6 Discussion Thread

Paladin Archetype Concept: Swapping Code and some other abilities for Oracle's Curse

Get your own pet ooze HERE

Expanding the Lesser Known Deities

Fixing the Silver Champion Paladin

One on one campaign suggestions

Druid with At-Will Wild Shape

Class abilities as feats ?

Need critique of alt. rules for hit points and healing

Martial save-based abilities?

Yavmir [Building a Slavic Folklore Themed Campaign Setting]

Can of worms I know, but has anyone tried to scale spells to way the focus away from metamagic ?

Should Capstones come at 15 level?

"Fixing" the Wizard

Front Ended classes.

How do you feel feats should work?

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