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Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Topic Posts Last Post
Lemmy's Revised Fighter [W.i.P] [P.E.A.C.H]

Tabards, Posters, and handbills.

Vim, Vigor and Faith

Multiclass Archetypes X: The Melting Pot

Archetype of the Week

How much information do players need to get into a new setting?

Fighter rewrite (v4 or 5?)

Group skill checks

What's wrong with pathfinder and how to fix it...

Magic Item Replacement Program (MIRP)

Optional Debilitating Blow: (Serious Injury / Bleed / Broken bone)

The Ninja Hybrid class--what would you like to see in it in terms of class abilities?

Methods to fix the Kineticist

D30 and Advantage Feats

My first monster

Minor suggestion: Allow Rogue / Underground Chemist to stack with Alchemist

Rebalanced Attack Action Economy

Alternate wild shape ability that uses evolutions, I need help with balance and phrasing.

Construct Type Revisions

What is a good baseline for damage and ultility for an "At Will" class?

Vampires as Player Characters?

Runelord Alaznist

Kyton Demegogues

The Blood Scion - A Sorcerous Gish With Bloodlines!

New Medium spirits:What would you like to see?

Storm Kindler (homebrew base class)

hit point flavor fix

The Emissary - A planar envoy based on the synthesist

In A World Without Full Casters...

Simplifying monster stat blocks

Custom Major Artifact

Paladin of law

"Unlockable" magic weapons

Alchemist Alternate class: The Physician (Version 3.0)

Animal lord class draft. Hunter that becomes an animal wail being able to mentality command them.

Set's Stuff

Interest check - high level AP?

Downtime Skill Checks - Ideas

Unchained 2: or a new hope for old feats

If You Could Change the Official Statblock Format...

Using Path of War as a general fix to martial / caster disparity issues

Goth's Freakshow

Red mantis assasin initiation

Post your creature variants

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

The Essence Shaper, a Summoner / Druid Hybrid based on Synthesist

Homebrew AP - Footsteps of Durvin Gest - Suggestions Needed

Medium guardian spirit fix

Magical Weapon advice

Feather Token


Battle Sorcerer Custom Variant and Spellsword Custom Variant

Need help with the wording for an ability I'm trying to make.

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

Psychokineticist (A Homebrew Kineticist Archetype)


The ridiculous gestalt thread

Kineticist, Wounds, Vigor and You

Hunter Class W / out spells

Accounting for Outsiders and Magic

Intro - would you be interested in this project?

World Building Advice Help [Pantheon]

101 Spirits of the Spheres

The Dwarven Door Game

Messing with the Grappling rules a bit

Unchained Ninja

Does this small change do subdomains alter anything important?

Do you like dinosaurs? Make a wislist!

Dual weapon firearms

Balancing the Classes

How imporant are alignment-based outsiders?

Bring back Divine Metamagic

Altering Schools of Magic

Would this break the game?

Maverick: Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

Guru Pathik's Guide to Opening Your Chakras (Onion Banana juice Not Required)

Homebrew Kingmaker AP

Criticism for Homebrew Dragonbone Weapons

Building an Urban Barbarian

Alternate Bard

Unchained Mutagen?

Requested Criticism for Dragonhide Armor

Rough draft / ideas for a home brewed Druid / hunterish class.

Custom Android Subrace: Reploid

Origami Master (Summoner Archetype)

Trading wild shape for a evolution pool, how to balance it out.

Suggestion: Lessen Restrictions On Monk Variant Multiclass

Staff of Holding

Adjusting Order of the Cockatrice Abilites

Getting rid of the Feat Tax, advice welcome

Graphic Designer

Bluff to gain a flanking bonus?

HP's Variation

Let's build an Occult Gunslinger

Skill rank as an earned reward?

My Quick Keneticist Burn Fix

Giant metal laser arm

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]

Gatinya Druid, Class Preview

Laughing Birds & Horrific Flies

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