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Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Topic Posts Last Post
ARG Race Builder: The Gorro [PEACH]

Please Rate Druid PRC- Worldheart Hierophant

Is this a good start for a spell?

Multiclass Archetypes VIII: MCAs Unlimited

My Fighter Rewrite Discussion Thread

Guns targetting flat footed AC rather than touch: anybody done it?

House / Campaign Rules Write Up

Furious Five as BBEG's

Fixing Dex-to-Damage and Cha-to-Will

Drow Fleshwarpers

Creating an NPC monster - ability score modifiers?

Drow Hateguard - Custom Cavalier Racial Variant

Testing the ACG class design section

Game Mastering Uncommon Magic

How do you handle Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple

Magical farm - how profittable is it?

Sprucing up the Counterfeit Mage.

BBEG survivability

[Strain-Injury Variant] A Minor Change to Hit Points

The Barrier World project - Steampunk Magitech Post-Post Apocalyptic setting

Home Brewed Spell: Review and Critique

Sage (Monk / Arcanist Blockbuster caster class)

Fighter Fix Suggestion - Yes, another one.

Rogue with Slayer, Investigator talents?

Homebrew Update: Help me out with my Hexblade rough draft

Goblin campaign

Prestige Class: Dragonshifter

Leveled Mutations

Wielding Larger sized weapons and tieflings oversized limbs ability

Gods: Not Just for Divine Classes Anymore?

[Setting] How much of the d20 ruleset should be incorporated into a setting?

New ritual system. Suggestions welcome

Dragon body parts as magic items

Alternative approach to Dispel Magic and similar abjuration spells

Homebrew clockwork creatures

a new feat for clerics:

Homebrew culture brainstorm

Black Blade without the intelligence

Deep Magic Rune: Ilraz, the Rune of Darkness

Gestalt favoured class bonuses?

D&D 5th edition and ritual spells - thoughts...

Combat Manager application

How do you decide which classes / races to exclude from your campaign?

Feat idea

Adding Precision Damage to Vital Strike

Pathfinder Bestiary Levels

Martial Artist Class: A Different take on Monk+Fighter (criticism welcome)

House Rule: Roll PCs HP after every extended rest.

Wrathblood - a T3 "monster" bloodrager archetype - feedback / critique / suggestions wanted!

Improved Evasion (improved)

The Venomyst - A Vishkanya Alchemist Racial Archetype

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Fixing Underused Races

Emerald Spire Superdungeon sidequest

Homebrew Item Pricing / Design Assistance and Critique

Re-Introducing the Regenerator, a Martial Class with Scaling Benefits

Anyone experienced in spellcrafting could you suggest an appropriate level for the new spell?

Race Creation

Arcane Bond - PEACH

Force in the blood version 2.0 (Refined Force Sorcerer bloodline)

Character Enhancements: A Loot Overhaul

I'm Building a Sandbox, Adventure Fodder Needed

Thoughts on my campaigns kind of backstory / story?

Rewriting The Ranger's Favored Enemy

The Year of Yokai!


Chainmaster / Treemaster, a semi-silly fighter archetype.

If they were to make a new edition of Pathfinder...

Palladiumizing pathfinder

Inquisitor Minus Teamwork Feats

Take a look at my prototype house rules? (Lots of feat adjustments.)

Artificer Base Class

Exploitation (tack-on rogue class feature)

New Bloodline for sorcerers: Force; need constructive criticism.

Total re-work of Initiative and iterative atacks...

Bolt Ace Additions: Or, removing the rest of the gun

Ranger Favored Enemy

What Classes Are We Still Missing?

Help me develop: Spontaneous Alchemist.

Pathfinder Database is gone?

Fantasy day of the week names: what do you use for your calendar?

Harvesting Monster / Elemental Essences

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

Monk Suggestions (Need Peaching)

Cannibalizing 5e D&D

Design Challenge: Simple Fixes

Stuck. Alchemical Sigils

Psychomancer Base Class

Save the Kobolds!

Meta-Knowledge of dice rolls

Set's Stuff

Character Points: More control over feats and ability scores

Need help refining a Druid archetype.

Archetypes you'd like to see.

Half-dwarvess; any suggestions?

Necrotic Symbiote Feat?

War of the Worlds

Patch Changes to Firearms & Gunslingers

Sky Sloop - Magic Item or Artifact

My half-race templates

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