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Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Topic Posts Last Post
Psionic Shifter's Headband

Idea- Revamping Arcane Schools (Ideas would be loved)

Homebrew Class - Umbra

Class Design Input

You Are Not Your Gear - Automatic Character Bonuses

Power Rangers on Golarion

Your Ban List

Multiclass Archetypes IX: ACG Unleashed

Masterwork Weapon +1 to +5

Base Class: The Puppeteer

Magic Flash Tables

Converting the races of Warhammer to Pathfinder

Removing Big 6 + Skill Based Crafting: A Homebrew Draft

Seeking conceptual advice

Ideas Related to Tokyo ghoul

Mystic Theurge as a six level caster:

Gaseous Form

Elemental descriptors versus energy descriptors & interaction with traits / feats / etc

Trying to build a Heavy Armor Combat Sorcerer

How do you treat flavor / fluff text when it comes to the RAW?

Wanting to know the cost of a custom magic item for Mind Blank

Winter Spirit for Shaman Hybrid Class?

Greater Arcanist Exploit for Bloodline Development?

Druids and Moths and Beginners, Oh My!

Paladin Archetype

"homebrew" ninja archetype

Homebrewed - Master Generalist PrC for Generalist Wizards

The Leshy Garden! [Homebrew / Suggestions]

Random Thought... Remove Treasure, Add Mythic?

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

Poison Crafting Calculator - Create your own poisons!

An Easier Alternative to Arcane Spell Failure

New Rules

Nuclear Bomb damage dice

How do you Necrotech?

100 Unusual Treasures [CLEAVES]

Suggested new rule for *hostile* rerolls.

Post a Race, I'll Homebrew an Archetype [THE THREAD]

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]

Meister / Soul Eater

What is the CMD of someone who wants to be affected by a Combat Maneuver?

Homebrew classes and class options

Create your own Weapons

New Base Class, The Mastermind: Be the God Wizard Without the Wizard Part!

Injury Resistance

Filling niches and designing classes- presenting marshmallow's 'Philosopher' class

Critical Hit & Fumble Generator

Fine tuning a FF themed Dragoon class

Not tracking weight but making it matter.

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

Shenanigans currently in my campaign

Homebrew Monster - Arachne

General Rule Suggestion

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

What would your demiplane be like?

Jacob's Tower: The Classic 1-20 Dungeon

Demon as a PC.

Witch Hex revisions

Soul Eater as a Magus Arcana

True Bard Archtype / Vanilla Bard Overhall

Selling monster parts and corpses?

Need Help: NPC Leaders of "The Crimson Consortium"

Using D&D 5e healing and banning CLW wands

My Tome of Battle conversion for Pathfinder.

[Infinity Archmage] I need your help building the world of Archmage!

Set's Stuff

White-Haired Witch Base Class

Skill Maneuvers: Making Skill-Monkeys Useful

Paladin Archetype Idea

Will these spells break my game? (Summon Item, Quick Casting)

Wife wants to play an Assassin

Eldritch Knight Remake

Spell Charger (Magus Archetype)

Idea of a 'Face' class

DR is basically useless. Anyone try using 3.0 DR numbers with 3.5 / PF bypass conditions?

Cartoon character conversions

Fixing Flurry of Blows and AoMF

Gameplay Standards Variations

"Royalty" ideas.

Need help with a reverse demon cult

Need ideas for an all-Bard gestalt campaign.

Suggestion and Critique wanted

Yondu's Yaka Arrow (Guardians of the Galaxy) - Ideas?

Cunning (new rogue feature)

Review My Class: Spellfist

Furious Dragon: See the Dragon, Be the Dragon!

Agile Grace

Axe-Chucks, yo!

i would like to simulate arrows lodging themselves into player and enemy characters when hit but cannot find any rules on it

First attempt at an Undead Race using the pathfinder system-The Stiched

Creating a custom magic item need advice

Thoughts on my Hombrew style feat chain?

Tactician (Barbarian Alternate Class) Playtest / Advice

A new Homebrew Race! The Vegepygmy! (thoughts are welcome)

Homebrew Pie Mage

Ideas for places you DO NOT want to be as an adventurer.

Grave knight variant

Would this summoner be OP?

Tossing out the Critical Hit Confirmation Roll

A Fighter Archetype - Heroic Fighter

1 to 100 of 13,116 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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