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Rise of the Runelords

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Topic Posts Last Post
The Skinsaw Murders (GM Reference)

Spires of Xin-Shalast (GM Reference)

Community Created Stuff (may contain spoilers)

Fortress of the Stone Giants (GM Reference)

The Hook Mountain Massacre (GM Reference)

Sins of the Saviors (GM Reference)

Burnt Offerings Clarifications (GM Reference)

5 PCs

RotRL Obituaries

Finished It! (Contains Spoilers and a Recap of the Finale)

Should I beef up Thistletop?

Spires of Xin-Shalast and Ghost Step

More Goblin Songs

Hangarflying's RotRL Campaign

Setting the stage. A ROTR prequel event.

Beyond the Doomsday Door... in RotR? (*SPOILER*)

Thoughts and feedback on setting up a group for RotRL

Things you've changed, and things you should have. [Spoilers]

Opinion on HMM / Down comes the Rain / Haunted Heart needed

Party taking a mini-vacation after Skinsaw, what to do with Hook Mountain (Spoilers)

How long did your RotRL Campaign last?

Sihedron Circle

Divination about Sins of the Saviors and Spires of Xin-Shalast (SPOILERS)

(Possible Spoilers) Goblin Work Camp?

[Spoilers] Funny Rise of the Runelords Moments

Because I'm a Rogue.

Sins of the Savior (SPOILERS)

Scarnetti subplots.

Different take on the Giant's raid on Sandpoint...

The Lyrie scenario

Burnt Offerings - Thistletop question

Ubiquitous Magic NPCs

How did your Giants' attack on Sandpoint go?

In-Character RotRL Babbling (Spoilers)

Tsuto's blackmail...

Shimmerig Veils: Reflected Enmity

PC tied to noble family in Sandpoint

Shimmerglens vegance?

Aasimar Paladin Outline

Starting a new Rise of the Runelords game

Foreshadowing Events of CotCT [SPOILERS]

Post your RotR group

Ideas for sorcerer emergence...

Occult Rise Of The Runelords?

Thistletop Run Time

Thistletop nearly complete - prepping for the aftermath (spoilers galore)

Substitute for sihedron Rings in unchained

At what point does Nualia bail? (Spoilers?)

Suitable minion for Xanesha? (spoilers)

Building the 'Ruins of Wrath'

How did your Erylium encounters go?

Brotherhood of the Seven - are they known in Magnimar?

Barl Breakbones possible alternative loyalty?

Need suggestions about Mokmurian! [Spoilers]

Posible members of Brotherhood of 7? (Might have spoilers)

FOTSG-Made much more personal *ROTRL spoilers*

Rise of the Runelords events at level 3

Write up of the first half of Shattered Chains of the Runelords (might have spoilers)

New Runelords GM says hello

The Zuvuzeg Paradox

Arcane Eye (Possible Spoilers)

NPC Re-builds using new rules [Spoilers]

Only 3 players...

One Night Only (A Sidetrek for Rise of the Runelords)

How to calculate treasure for these encounters?

Burnt Offerings with 3 players (Spoilers)

Best way to deal with high altitudes?

Customized Sidequest Ideas Help

RotRL-AE Advice for GM

PCs headed into Runeforge this weekend... any tips? (spoilers, obv.)

The Fall of Fort Rannick

What can I have happen to Shalelu?

To steal a Sword of Sin

Vansaya as a legacy weapon.

Custom Sandpoint (GM Reference)

-RoRL Spoilers- Killed a boss, need help with loot

Alternatives to Grim News From Mosswood

Cards of Fate in RotR?

Great conclusion to The Misgivings (Spoilers!)

Rewrite of Nualia for evil PC's

Sandpoint Glassworks For Sale!

New gm stuff

Razmus as a PC *spoilers*

Pool of Elemental Arcana (Spoiler Alert)

Anniversary Edition PDF Bounuses

Sins of the Saviors - Corrupt wish advice

Where to go from here - succubi, souls, a very dead 'slinger and more

RotRL PC backstory help

Help incorporating an NPC that was suppose to be killed

The Sack of Thistletop (*spoiler*)

Another Justice

Karzougs age (possible lore spoilers)

How to become a noble of Magnimar?

Running 0 level adventure as a prequel to Burnt Offerings and the RotRL AP

Players held up in Thistletop. RoTRL GM ADVICE NEEDED. *spoilers*

Something to add to the goblins?


Help me add something to Burnt Offerings...

GMs of Paizo: Can you rez an NPC that had a Sihedron Rune burned in it?

Chopper investigation...

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