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Happy Erik Mona Day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We have the best fans and readers in the world.

Last year, our messageboard community, in their unique and awesome way, declared November 8th to be Erik Mona Day to honor the hard work the editorial staff (and the rest of Paizo) were putting into creating and producing some of the best RPG projects in the industry (in my and their humble opinions). To celebrate Erik Mona Day they pooled their money together and ordered us pizza. We were, frankly, shocked and pleased at the audacity of our community as well as their loyalty, frivolity, and downright friendly demeanor.

Not to be outdone, the community celebrated Erik Mona Day last Friday and bought the Paizo staff another delicious round of pizza. Seriously, guys and gals—thank you! Everyone in the office appreciated the pizza and resoundingly destroyed it with much chewing, digesting, and hilarity. We support Erik Mona Day being an annual holiday and can only hope that we give back in some way for your thoughtful purchase of yummy pizza pie.

Now the pictures!

A stack of magical pizza arrives in our conference room.

Moved to action (from left to right) Christopher Carey, Christopher Self, James Jacobs, and Wes Schneider catch the pizza flat-footed and get attacks of opportunity. In the background, the blurry shade that is James Sutter hovers, waiting for his chance to consume cheese pizza and thus become once again corporeal.

With proof of Chris Self's pizza eating the foreground, James Sutter (now satiated and corporeal) and Wes Schneider stare blankly into the middle distance, stomachs filled with the doughy confectionery of our awesome community.

Until next year!

Also, as Paizo's resident veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, I'd like to thank, on behalf of everyone at Paizo, each and every member of our community and fan base who currently serves or previously served in the military. We know what you do can be hard and we know there are lots of you—stay safe, stay sane, and thank you for your service.

Joshua J. Frost
Events Manager

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