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Gen Con 2010 Promotional Paizo Mini from Reaper Miniatures

Monday, August 16, 2010

Not only did Reaper Miniatures bring miniatures of the six new Advanced Player's Guide iconics to Gen Con, they brought a promotional mini of half-elven venture-captain Varian Jegarre—a Pathfinder of Egorian and protagonist of Dave Gross's Pathfinder Tales novel Prince of Wolves—which con guests got for free if they spent $50 at the Paizo booth. If you couldn't get one at Gen Con, though, don't worry—we'll have some for sale here at in the near future.

One really nice thing about this mini (above and beyond the nice sculpt and detailed face) is it's a one-piece mini, which makes it nice for people new to painting minis—there's no assembly required!

Painted miniature by Meg Maples

Sean K Reynolds
Developer and Miniatures Aficionado

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Tags: Elves Gen Con Meg Maples Miniatures Pathfinder Tales Wizards
Dark Archive Contributor

Nice paint job!

Lantern Lodge

Snazzy! I like him!

Dark Archive

I really like the designs that were painted onto his jacket! That is totally something that I would do! :o)

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