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Noble Sacrifice—Chapter Three: Holding Ground

Noble Sacrificeby Richard Ford ... Chapter Three: Holding GroundThe narrow mountain trail was treacherous, more of a goat trail than a discernible pathway, but Tiberion moved with all haste, seemingly heedless of the danger. Kal was hard pressed to keep up with the hulking warrior as he almost sprinted down the face of the cliff. They had long since lost sight of the goblinoid army, but that did nothing to diminish the pressing urgency of their mission. Unless Wolfpoint were warned, the...
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Tags: Hobgoblins Kyushik Shin Noble Sacrifice Pathfinder Tales Richard Ford

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Noble Sacrifice—Chapter Two: Notions of Peace

Noble Sacrificeby Richard Ford ... Chapter Two: Notions of PeaceFor Andoran and liberty! screamed Kal, as above them a dozen figures moved, loosing their arrows as one. ... Kal braced himself for the inevitable deluge that would pierce his flesh and leave him bleeding like a stuck pig... but it never came. ... Guttural cries of pain pealed out from over the lip of the rock wall, and shouts of anger joined them—not the foul speech of the goblins, but human voices. ... From down the...
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Tags: Fighters Hellknights Kyushik Shin Noble Sacrifice Pathfinder Tales Richard Ford

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Noble Sacrifice—Chapter One: Enemy Territory

Noble Sacrificeby Richard Ford ... Chapter One: Enemy TerritoryIsger, 4701 AR ... They rode their horses far from the well-trodden roads of the Conerica Straits. The ancient trade routes were no longer safe, even for seasoned warriors, and the pair stuck to the labyrinthine hill paths that intersected the foot of the Aspodells' northern peaks. ... Kal Berne led the way, looking for any sign of the enemy's passing. The allied forces had managed to push the goblinoid insurgents back to the...
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