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Ordo Draconis


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****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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Legend goes Pathfinder RPG—taste this classically atmospheric fantasy setting using both original rules and PFRPG!

The second issue of Ordo Draconis, the journal of the Dragon Warriors Roleplaying Game, expands its horizons to feature nearly three times the content and artwork of the first issue and adds statistics for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! This new volume focuses on Cornumbria, a Saxon and Celt-inspired coastal region in the west of Ellesland.

    Players and GMs will find plenty of material to fuel their campaigns, including:
  • "For Whom the Bell Tolls", a 36-page murder mystery based around a Cornumbrian abbey, featuring 10, full-colour maps.
  • The Thane, a new warrior class for Dragon Warriors
  • Darbon Barony, an in-depth look at a Cornumbrian fief
  • Codex Cryptozoologica, featuring the horrid Buggane
  • Fireside Tales, a spooky story from the Coronach Marshes
  • Location! Location! Location!, an 18-page exploration of Eastmarch: a town set amidst the swirling mists of the Coronach Marshe, including a map of the town and an area map of the Fief.
  • Along the Road, a series of mini-encounters to spice up your campaigns
  • The Thuland Campaign, the second in a series relating an epic PBM campaign
  • A review of Magnum Opus' newest release, "Friends or Foes"
  • What's in a Name?: authentic Cornumbrian words and phrases
  • Stats for Dragon Warriors and The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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A Fistful of Awesome


Ordo Draconis is an incredible PDF magazine filled with great maps, adventures and descriptions within the Dragon Warriors setting. The Pathfinder stats can be found at the end of each adventure, so don't fret. The adventures also have some little tidbits for Pathfinder throughout, especially regarding skill checks and so on.
Mairkurion said alot of things about this PDF better than I ever could. I strongly recommend reading his review. If you want some interesting settings and cultures for a Pathfinder Campaign, you should pick this PDF up. There are alot of fantastic, creative elements in this zine that a GM could import over to his/her setting.
These guys are great, I hope they come out with another mag that is Pathfinder friendly.
Here's to hoping that somebody will publish a Pathfinder version of Dragon Warriors.

How to make your fantasy RPG relevant to Mairkurion

****( )

The old Dragon Warriors Role-Playing Game is brand new to me. If I ever saw the books, I know I mistook them for fantasy novels. Recently the game has been revised and republished by Mongoose in a single hardback. A group of fans put together an electronic fanzine for the setting called Ordo Draconis, last autumn. Are you still awake? Because now is where things get interesting. The second volume of Ordo Draconis adds Pathfinder Compatibility to the setting of Dragon Warriors. Now, obscure British role-players, you're talking turkey.

Set in an alternative medieval Europe, Ordo Draconis' Lands of Legend comprise analogues of Northern Europe, seemingly concentrated on places that sound familiar and compelling to this anglophile: Corumbria, Albion, Thuland, Mercania—although Chaubrette strikes me as a nest of shifty rogues in fancy clothing. Comparing the free first issue to the preview pdf and preview web pages available online,* it is clear that the step from free fanzine to pay fanzine has been marked by a corresponding increase in size and quality. There is a strong feel of time and place: a low magic/high adventure evocation of the early middle ages in the British Isles with a good understanding of that society and culture supplying the sense of verisimilitude that makes for a strong setting. The magazine is well-stocked with maps of countryside and adventure locations are detailed and good-looking.

What if I'm not looking to add another setting to my gaming table? The value of Ordo Draconis is that many of us home-brewers have lands that are similarly based on earthly locales, and Ordo Draconis provides material that could easily be ported. Further, the attention given to bringing the quiddity and quotidiana of early medieval life into the game setting will inform and model for the GM who wants to develop her or his own world. The accuracy and richness of detail given to the setting along with the quality maps recommend Ordo Draconis to the sophisticated gamer and Pathfinder fan.

And I guess some people are always looking for new classes and monsters and such...

*This review was based on Ordo Draconis 1 and the pages of the preview pdf and the additional material previewed on the Dragon Warriors Wiki of volume 2. Gift Certificates
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