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The Last King of Ireland

Game Master Amergin the Wise

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Bluff: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10
That's a nope, I have points in Diplomacy, Intimiate, but no Bluff...

"Find him yet?" Aoife asked as she made her way up to the warriors.

Aoife walks into Holywell, hoping to distract the warriors of Boho long enough to allow her companions to circumvent the settlement.

Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 2
Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 4
Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 3

"You're that slave who travels with the McGovern boy," one of the warriors recognizes her. Surprisingly, the conversation that ensues is only mildly unpleasant. The three warriors suspect nothing of Aoife's true intent, and make only a few oafish remarks about her beauty, which she forgives against all odds, under the circumstances.

In the meantime, the others make their careful way East in order to avoid Holywell, and then South. To be safe, they cross the river some distance from Belcoo, and within an hour they are back in Tuaim, safe and sound.


Brother O'Maille leads Sean Quinn to Killesher church, where they are met by a surprised Father O'Maille. Sean steps inside, and speaks plainly: "I commit myself to the church and request sanctuary."

Father O'Maille turns to his son, who nods. "The church grants you sanctuary," the old priest stammers. Brother O'Maille leads his companions and Sean Quinn inside, and they shut the heavy doors behind them.

Soon enough, Aoife joins them, unscathed...

"Aye, I'm Aoife." Aoife stated as she walked up to them. When they made comments about her looks Aoife let them slide as there was more at stake then her wounded pride. However if they got handys she wouldn't hold back. "Well, as Sean isn't here I'm going to head back out on the hunt." She told then after an amount of time passed and she was sure they had gotten away.

Aoife doesn't head straight for home, just in cause she herself was being hunted, but in time turns her attention to the south. She pushes the doors open and smiles to see everyone inside safe and sound. "God be praised. You all made it safe." She said as she walked in.

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

"Indeed, it is you I was more concerned wit, I was praying for yer safe return for the entire time we parted.

The question and I'm no thinkin' I'm not alone in wonderin' is, now what now?"

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you lot are starting to take a liking to me." Aoife jested as she playfully elbowed Kassidy's shoulder. "But honestly I'm more difficult to get rid of than you'd think. Queen's been trying for almost two decades." She continued the joked before she turned her attention to his question.

"Sean has the remain here. If we take him back I don't think the King will honor the sanctuary. This will be the last place they look for him so we have that on our side. His lands will now fall to his sister as Sean has no male heir. However, his children, should be have any, can still claim the land when his sister dies. All in all, our problem for now is fixed." Aoife answered as she moved to take a seat. "Now we can either return and tell the King we found Sean. That he is here under sanctuary, or we wait for Fintan, the Queen, Padriac, and his new bride to return. Thoughts?"

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

Kass grins at Aoife, "With all these men about, it'd be a shame to have a pretty face like yers be lost to us, much less a lass that can fight the way you can!"

"I vote we await their return, tha' deal is fixed, so far as anyone knows we're still out searchin'. Afore the King knows that we pulled this off, they'll all be back and safe.

If a fight comes after as a result o' what we did, at least let's start out not within 'is clutches. Plus, if we go back, we'd have te' lie about tha' fact tha' we found nothin' that'd make it worse when he finds out we did and worse yet, gave shelter ta him ta boot".

"Kassidy you're in a church. Lying is unbecoming." Aoife told him as she tried to hide the blush pushing up into her cheeks. After the statements made by the three warriors and now this, well it was more attention than Aoife was use to in such a short time.

"Actually we don't. We just have to tell them that Sean has found sanctuary. Which isn't a lie. We don't have to tell him it was us who got him here. Honestly I'm just worried about Fintan... With Braedan gone, well I'm just worried it all. They have the Queen, the Heir, and one of our best warriors." Aoife told him.

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

Kass looks doubtful at Aoife's words, "Do you think Sean'll take tha' secret to the grave wit' him? We're seen comin' here. Word will get out, not iff'n but when. Despite err savin' his miserable, ungrateful hide, he still'd stab us in tha' back if'n he could've".

"Oh I've no doubt he'll bite us in the ass." Aoife stated with a shrug. "But as of right now I have to look at the day to day, not the future how distant or near it may be. How is it going to look if we never come back from looking for Sean, only for us not to return and them come here to find him. Is that any better?" She asked.

M Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) 3 | HP 25/25 | AC12 T12 F10 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | F4 R4 W8 | Init +8 | Perc +11
Spells | Command x2 - Sanctuary | Bull's Strength - Zone of Truth - Shield OtherDC17 | Channel 5/5 DC13 | Inspiring Word 7/7 | Touch of Law 7/7

The young priest speaks plainly. "I could be naive in the ways of politics, but I see no reason to lie or withhold the truth. We found Sean, he surrendered to us without the need for combat, and we took him to this church where he would be safe. We have bested the king's champion, no?"

"I honestly thing it would just make the King feel slighted" Aoife pointed out. "So unless we handle that fact it could just make things worse." She sighed. "I need to stop being such a bleeding heart..."

Knowledge, Local or Religion DC 15:
Now that Sean Quinn has been given sanctuary in Killesher church, his land and cattle belong to the parish of Tuaim – to Father O'Maille, basically. Brigit Quinn is entitled to a small share of her father's wealth, which could indeed be claimed by her male relatives upon her death, but which likely be inherited by her children, if and when.

Fintan and the Queen of Largay return in the afternoon, along with Padraic and his sad-looking new wife, Brigit. Fintan explains that the King of Boho insisted that the wedding ceremony be performed promptly and quickly in order to then focus his attention of hunting down the coward Sean Quinn.

”He didn’t give us the shard,” Fintan specifies, clearly disappointed.

Knowledge, Local DC 15:
By Brehon law, the King of Boho should have paid the promised price given that his champion forfeited. That being said, likely the only way to force King O’Fialain to hear and respect a judgement would be to involve King Mulroney of Fermanagh.

With his mother at his side, Fintan makes his way to the main hall, and sits on his father’s throne. Seven days ago, a fast rider arrived in Tuaim to announce the death of High King Murtach MacLochlain. Seven days ago, Fintan was a different young man. He seems now both somber and resolute, disillusioned and steadfast. He greets his kinsmen, and then asks them all to leave in order to allow him to discuss recent events with his companions, Aoife, Padraic, and Brother O’Maille.

The queen – who has remained – whispers in his ear, and he nods. ”Kassidy and Thoren, you will remain as well,” he commands.

”Why did you abandon the hunt for Sean Quinn?” he asks.

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

Knowledge Local OR Religion 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

Knowledge Local 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Kass shifts, clearly a bit uncomfortable with the point blank question and to some extent perhaps, not expecting it put quite that way.

"Well, ah, abandoned isn't entirely an accurate statement...

The good news is that his land and cattle now belong to the parish of Tuaim". He trails off thinking this might be a question better fielded by Brother O’Maille.

M Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) 3 | HP 25/25 | AC12 T12 F10 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | F4 R4 W8 | Init +8 | Perc +11
Spells | Command x2 - Sanctuary | Bull's Strength - Zone of Truth - Shield OtherDC17 | Channel 5/5 DC13 | Inspiring Word 7/7 | Touch of Law 7/7

Knowledge (Religion): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

When Kassidy shoots Ó Máille a concerned look, the young priest nods and levels his glance toward Fintan. Little to no emotion shows in Ó Máille's voice or body language as he speaks. "It was my decision. In less than a week, the boy has killed his own father and had everything taken away from him by the King of Boho. Choosing Sean to be the champion was simply a way to steal his family's land." The Brother pauses a moment to collect his thoughts once more. "I abandoned nothing, save playing executioner for power-hungry tyrant."

"The brother had the right of it." Aoife said with a nod as she crossed her arms. "He's a much wiser one than I, thus I went along with it." She shrugged.

"If I may, what did the King of Boho say as to why he wouldn't hand it over?" She asked.

"I trust you, my friend," Fintan reassures Brother O'Maille. "I do not wish the Quinns to suffer any more than they have. Enough blood has been shed. But O'Fialain will be furious."

Fintan shakes his head. More battles. More bloodshed.

"As for the shard, I asked; but O'Fialain refused to give it up, claiming that the deal was the shard for Sean's life. I know that that was not the deal, but I couldn't very well challenge him in his own hall."

"I want that shard," he continues with surprising decisiveness. "Any ideas?"

"Maybe speak with Nial? The King's son." Aoife suggested. "He seemed a reasonable man, maybe we could have him try and help us talk his father into keeping his promise?" She mainly wondered out loud as she rubbed the back of her head. "We could invite him here or one of us could go back and talk with him." She suggested.

Male Human Barbarian (Superstitious) 3 AC 16, Touch 12, FF 14 | HP 41/45 | F +5, R +3, W +2 | Init +4 | Perc +7
Raging Stats:
AC 14, Touch 10, FF 12 | HP 50/51 | F +7, R +3, W +4 | Init +4 | Perc +7
Amergin the Wise wrote:
"I want that shard," he continues with surprising decisiveness. "Any ideas?"

"Take it." Thorun suggests, as subtle and helpful as ever.

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

"Well what do we have to trade in exchange for the Shard? Excluding Sean of course, he has already been granted Sanctuary".

He then turns with a raised eyebrow to Thorun, "Well, if we could capture Nial once more, we could trade him for the Shard". He shrugs at a loss on further ideas.

"I'd rather not kidnap Nial again. He seems a good man and a better man than his father. At least from what time we spend talking to him. He may be able to help us come to an arrangement with his father to avoid bloodshed. After all he himself doesn't want to continue the cycle." Aoife pointed out.

"Nial may be a good man, as you say," the Queen intervenes, eyeing Aoife coldly, "but his father remains the King. I know the man. You'll have to force his hand, in order to convince him to give what has been promised."

"No more bloodshed," Fintan reaffirms. "There must be a better way."

"You should petition the King of Fermanagh," she councils her son, "and I can think of no better man than Kassidy to speak for Largay."

Fintan looks to his friends expectantly, again hoping to hear their thoughts.

"If speaking with the King of Fermanagh will keep our blades clean then we should try." Aoife said with a shrug. "I would also volunteer to escort Kassidy and help ensure he gets there safely." She told him with a nod.

M Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) 3 | HP 25/25 | AC12 T12 F10 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | F4 R4 W8 | Init +8 | Perc +11
Spells | Command x2 - Sanctuary | Bull's Strength - Zone of Truth - Shield OtherDC17 | Channel 5/5 DC13 | Inspiring Word 7/7 | Touch of Law 7/7

"I don't know much about this King of Fermanagh, but if you think he may provide some aid" He motions to Fintan and Kassidy, "Then I support it. And Fintan, thank you for trusting me."

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

Kassidy nods to Fintan and gives a bow to the Queen, "My Queen, it will be done. Thank you for your trust in my eloquence".

”For now, no one must know that Sean Quinn is here. I will send some boys to the hall of the Ri Tuath, to find out where the kings of Breifne, Airghialla, and Connaught have gathered. In the meantime, take some time to rest,” Fintan suggests before inviting the people of Largay back into the King’s hall. For the few hours remaining before nightfall, he patiently hears their council and grievances. His presence on his father’s throne is reassuring, as is his assurance that he will remain steadfastly in Tuaim until the King’s return.

The queen remains at his side, ever whispering her advice in his ear, for better or for worse. Despite her legendary need for power and influence, she seems happy to act as her son’s advisor. After all, he is now playing the part that she always envisioned for him.

Aoife returns to the kitchen, which she finds both profoundly depressing and surprisingly comforting. As honoured guests, Kassidy and Thorun are invited to reside in the King’s hall. Brother O’Maille returns to the comfort of his father’s home, and to the tranquility of Killesher church.

Late in the night, Fintan summons Aoife to the privacy of his quarters.

”I am sorry for disturbing you,” he speaks to her sincerely, ”but this seemed the only time that I could speak to you alone; and this is important. I have spoken to my mother, the queen. She has promised that she will not stand against your being freed by the King, when he returns.”

”I gave her no choice,” Fintan continues, smiling.

Thorun and Kassidy:
When all have gone, the Queen finds Thorun and Kassidy in the empty hall. ”I want to thank you both for coming to my aid, and for keeping my son safe,” she explains.

She has in her left hand a map, which she hands to Thorun. ”This is a map of Ireland. It is priceless. It will help you in your travels.”
The map grants a +5 bonus to Knowledge (Geography) rolls, and allows the owner to use the skill untrained.

In her right hand, she has a book, which she gives to Kassidy. ”This is record of Brehon laws. It is also priceless. It will help you in the negotiations to come.”
The book grants a +5 bonus to Knowledge (Local) rolls when the subject is laws, customs, and traditions.

Brother O’Maille:
Brother O’Maille finds old Amergin waiting for him inside the church.

”Your God is great,” he whispers, inspired by the beauty of the simple church, ”but I am not sure that even He can protect you from what is to come. I have felt the presence of Ailbe – the spirit who cursed the Children of Lir. Your father has been telling me the stories of your people, and it is no wonder that the spirit of the O’Brian clan has been lurking nearby. The support that the Kingdom of Breifne gave the Kennedy when they were ousted from their Kingdom in Ormond undoubtedly drew her attention. I fear that it is only a matter of time before she figures out that you and your companions are the very same heroes who stole away Queen Aoife, so many centuries ago.”

He allows Brother O’Maille to consider the gravity of his words.

When Aoife was summon she was at first worried something was wrong with Fintan. But upon arriving and hearing his apology she smiled. "Never apologise for something such as this Fintan. Call upon me whenever you need to." She said with a nod.

She closed the distance between them and hugged her supposed kin tightly. "Thank you my friend." Aoife whispered to him, worried about calling him brother just yet. "If I may know... How did you get her to agree to such a thing? Even with leaving her no choice."

Male Human Barbarian (Superstitious) 3 AC 16, Touch 12, FF 14 | HP 41/45 | F +5, R +3, W +2 | Init +4 | Perc +7
Raging Stats:
AC 14, Touch 10, FF 12 | HP 50/51 | F +7, R +3, W +4 | Init +4 | Perc +7

GM and Kassidy:
Thorun gives a grunt of acknowledgement. "Aye. Least I could do, considering all that's went down." As he's handed the map he eyes it with a grin. "Damn...that's with those fancy mapmakers and their little tools. A fine gift."

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

Thorun and DM:
"My Queen, you honor me with such a fine gift.

Tell me, what specifically should I offer to the King to convince him to intercede on our behalf and what should I refrain from offering. A wise advisor would know the thoughts of those who he advocates for. While empowered to negotiate, I do not wish to offer anything that we are unwilling or unable to see completed".

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"I told her that I would never return to Tuaim if she didn't agree. And I meant it," he answers with typical simplicity. "You're pretty much my sister. You should be free."

"Until my father returns, stay out of her way," he warns. "She really doesn't like you. It's because you look like your mother. You remind her that father loved another."

Thorun and Kassidy:
"The alliance between Airghilla and Breifne is in jeopardy, so the King of Fermanagh will take this matter seriously," the Queen explains. "Mulroney is a fair man, and he will want to avoid undue attention. If the Rí Ruirech finds out that his peace was broken, he will be furious and Fermanagh will fall out of favour."

She sighs. "Bear in mind that it is our foray into Belcoo, which started all of this; so our own position is precarious, to say the least."

"In any case, you must convince King Mulroney to send his most trusted Fili to Boho, to hear our cause and issue a judgement."

"Can I count on you?"

"Aye... pretty much." Aoife said with a small nervous laugh. "Fintan... did your mother said that she hated me because I look like my mother?" She asked a bit confused. Yes she had her mother's blessed build, though thanks to her training with Fintan she had more muscle than her mother ever did, her other features looked very little if at all like her mother. "I just... guess I don't see it."

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

Thorun and GM:
Kassidy takes a knee and bows his head, "My Queen, in this I'll not fail you else I'll not return".

"That's what Braedan used to say," Fintan reminisces. "He used to say that you looked like father, but that you had your mother's eyes."

"I miss him. I hope that he's alright."

Thorun and Kassidy:
"One more thing," the Queen keeps them a moment longer. She makes sure that no one is spying, and then she speaks her mind: "You have both proven yourselves loyal to my family. I expect you to do so again. And I assure you that you will be generously rewarded. I have a mission for you, which will require absolute discretion..."

She studies the warriors before her, ascertaining if they truly can be trusted. This is a woman who has long played politics, and who knows the heart of men. She has before her a Dane with no ties to Tuaim, and a nobleman who needs her support to reclaim his birthright. Surely, these are her blades?

"I want you to get rid of Aoife."

Either in character or OOC, please describe your reaction to the Queen's demand, and roll a Bluff check if you deem it necessary. Bear in mind that my intent is absolutely not to create conflict within the group, but rather to establish the Queen as a nuanced vilain. That being said, it is entirely possible that your character could embrace the mission to start, only to later develop a bond with Aoife, which would lead him to renege on his promise.

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

Thorun and GM:
Kass pauses for a moment and tries to hide his surprise.

Bluff 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

Not entirely sure he did so successfully he speaks his mind instead, "My Queen, I am loyal to you as my blood. But, I must ask why do you wish to be rid of her? She seems handy with a blade and loyal to your son. Has she done something that we do not know about untoward?"

"I miss him too." Aoife said with a sad sigh. "Do you remember the fight we had on our way to see Queen Aoife the Banshee?" She asked him as she held her right arm with her left hand. "He... said something that, well honestly it would make sense after what you just told me he said."

Closing her eyes Aoife began to resit the words Braedan has whispered to her "You're no slave, You're my true sister. Fintan, Padraic and Brother O'malle are my family as well but you and Fintan most of all. Blood of my blood and Heart of my heart, I don't want anyone to die. I was scared...we were lucky...we may not be lucky next time as you well know...the gods are fickle. I believe there may be an angry spirit up ahead and I'm the best to deal with it's siren call. You heard it yourself in response to my song. Once we get close, it will be on Brother O'malle as to what happens. Thanks for telling everyone to stay close, I believe they will listen to you."

Turning herself to fully face Fintan, Aoife bit her lip bottom lip. She had always been honest with him and now shouldn't be any different. "Fintan... I believe Braedan may have told you that, and told me that because... I am your sister. Or well, half-sister anyway." She told him before her nerves got the best of her. "The first part of his words "You're no slave, You're my true sister" along with "Blood of my blood and Heart of my heart"... I've no proof of course. But it would explain a great deal." Letting go of her arm she began to pace, however slowly. "Your mother's hatred of me, after all I'd be living proof that her own husband loved another. Why your father has always been so kind and lenient with me... and even why the other slaves treat me the way they do." She stopped and looked at Fintan. "I'm sorry Fintan, this is a lot.."

Male Human Barbarian (Superstitious) 3 AC 16, Touch 12, FF 14 | HP 41/45 | F +5, R +3, W +2 | Init +4 | Perc +7
Raging Stats:
AC 14, Touch 10, FF 12 | HP 50/51 | F +7, R +3, W +4 | Init +4 | Perc +7

GM and Kassidy:
Thorun snorts a laugh and spits. "Now why the hell would you want that?" He's not opposed to the idea entirely, but you can't just go killing shield mates without a good reason.

M Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) 3 | HP 25/25 | AC12 T12 F10 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | F4 R4 W8 | Init +8 | Perc +11
Spells | Command x2 - Sanctuary | Bull's Strength - Zone of Truth - Shield OtherDC17 | Channel 5/5 DC13 | Inspiring Word 7/7 | Touch of Law 7/7

Religion and Spirituality at Odds:
The silence following Amergin's warning stretches to the point that the druid wonders if Ó Máille will respond. "If the Lord be with us, then none shall stand against us." The young priest wrestles with business of spirits and curses. He cannot denounce their power, as he has experienced it first hand. Despite this, he wants to dismiss it as superstitious nonsense. "You are knowledgeable in such things. What should we do? What can we do?"

Brother O'Maille:
"Claíomh Solais," Amergin answers. ”You must find the Sword of Light. It is the only weapon that may kill Ailbe. But I do not know where it is, as it was lost long ago…”

”Find the Well of Wisdom at the source of the river Boyne, in the Otherworld. There, you may find some answers,” Amergin suggests.

The Otherworld… The church speaks only of Heaven and Hell…

Thorun and Kassidy:
Sensing Kassidy’s surprise and the reluctance of both her supposed allies, the Queen insists: ”Do not concern yourself with why. Just do as you are told; and if you tell anyone of what I have asked…”

She lets the warning float for a moment before unceremoniously walking away. Clearly, this is a dangerous and powerful woman who is accustomed to having people obey her commands.

Alone in the hall, Thorun and Kassidy are left to consider her demand, and her barely veiled threat.

Fintan simply smiles and takes Aoife in is arms. Aoife can certainly defend herself, but she cannot but be comforted by her brother’s embrace. Fintan is a good man, and despite being a bit slow, he will one day make a fine king. At least, that is something that Aoife and the queen can agree upon.

”Everything will be fine,” he assures her. But she knows that it’s never quite that simple.

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

Thorun and DM:
"My Queen I would nev..." his response trails off as the Queen walks away without letting him continue.

"Let us get some fresh air Thorun".


"What do you think? Why does the Queen harbor such a grudge?"

Male Human Barbarian (Superstitious) 3 AC 16, Touch 12, FF 14 | HP 41/45 | F +5, R +3, W +2 | Init +4 | Perc +7
Raging Stats:
AC 14, Touch 10, FF 12 | HP 50/51 | F +7, R +3, W +4 | Init +4 | Perc +7

GM and Kassidy:
Thorun shrugs. "Two stubborn women saw each other, not surprised. I'm not killing somebody I've fought with for no reason at all. The queen can draw the blade herself if she wants that done."

"I'm scared." Aoife whispered to her kin as she held him, more like he held her. "At the talks... I let slip to her I knew... That I knew her husband was my father and even though I still wasn't grisly sure her reaction told me everything Fintan. If she hated me before when I didn't know," She shook her head against his chest. "Then it will only get worse now that I know..."

M Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) 3 | HP 25/25 | AC12 T12 F10 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | F4 R4 W8 | Init +8 | Perc +11
Spells | Command x2 - Sanctuary | Bull's Strength - Zone of Truth - Shield OtherDC17 | Channel 5/5 DC13 | Inspiring Word 7/7 | Touch of Law 7/7

Ó Máille tries and fails to conceal an exasperated sigh. "Otherworld? Is this different from the place we went in our dreams?" The young priest rubs his forehead as he tries to process this potentially paradigm-shifting information.

Fintan distracts Aoife with stories of their childhood, of the games they used to play, of how she would sneak fresh bread from the kitchen and meet him in the woods behind the church, to play with sticks as swords.

They reminisce, and for a while, the past allows them to forget about the present and the future.

Brother O'Maille:
Amergin teaches the young priest about the Tuatha de Danaan and the spirit world. He tells him all the tales of his own people, which he always imagined to be simple childhood fantasies. The truth of the stories reveals the lies of his faith, which is crushing. If what Amergin says proves to be true.

Seeing O'Maille's inner struggle, Amergin allows him some privacy to pray, and meditate.

Some days pass, while you wait for news of the whereabouts of the King of Fermanagh.

This concludes Chapter 4: Attack on Boho!

Finally the evening became late and Aoife had calmed down enough to return to her tasks, which right now would be to get some sleep for tomorrow. As she stood she smiled at him. "We've done this before you know. When my mother died. You saw me through that." Aoife said softly before she hugged him tightly and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. "That you brother, sleep well." With that Aoife left to get some sleep herself.

As they days went on Aoife returned to her normal tasks, however the young woman seemed to smile a fair amount more than she ever had before.

HP= 26/26 | AC=14 | Shadow's Status |

GM and Thorun:
Kass remains quiet and says nothing further for or against the Queen's wishes.

Kass would like to gather some information in the coming days regarding the friction between the two women but not from either of them directly. Diplomacy or another skill check?

Kass appears a bit sullen and withdrawn over the next few days rarely interacting with anyone but reading a book you had never seen him with before.

Perhaps describe how you want to go about it? Who do you want to speak to? And then roll Diplomacy!

The elderly, the woman and children of Tuaim, as well as others from throughout the kingdom, gather in Killesher church for a special service in honour of Braedan McGovern, the second son of the King of Largay.

It is a rare sunny Spring day, but the mood is grim. A hundred have gathered to pay their respects and offer their condolences. Aoife – a slave in name if not in deed – watches from far behind as Kassidy, Padraic, and Fintan sit in the front row. Being a Dane, Thorun stands to the side.

Brother O'Maille assists his father.

”Christ be with me, be after me, be before me, and be at my right and left hand. May everything I do be for Christ,” Father O’Maille begins. ”Braedan was a hero. He gave his life to save us all; and as God looked kindly on him when he was here at our side, so will God God look kindly on him in the afterlife. He leaves behind his mother and father, his brother Fintan, and friends. We will remember him always in our prayers.”

The old priest crosses himself and continues with a prayer: ”Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.”

Then, he invites the Queen to address the gathering. ”I loved my son,” she speaks, her facade breaking. She wipes her tears, and starts again: ”I loved my son. I was proud of the man he became. I don’t understand… I don’t know why he left us, but I have faith that he brought honour to the McGovern. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; Love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

She sings an old, sad song – a song that she used to sing to the brothers when they were children. Despite not having sung in many years, her beautiful voice carries and a pristine silence falls upon the assembly. She sings wonderfully, but it is the heartbreak in her voice that is mesmerizing. When, unable to hold back her tears, she stops, her son Fintan comes to her and together they end the song. Fintan does not sing well, but he sings true. Something seems to break inside him as he says goodbye. He offers not a tear, not even a grimace. He stands stoic and strong, as should a king no doubt.

Mother and son return to their seats, and Father O’Maille prays: ”In company with Christ, who died and now lives, may he rejoice in Your kingdom, where all our tears are wiped away. Unite us together again in one family, to sing Your praise forever and ever.”

Father O’Maille turns to his son, inviting him to offer a final prayer.

Aoife turned her eyes to the earth below her feet to hide the tears that fell. She remains in her place, she doesn't need to cause a scene here. Not now. "I failed you... brother." She whispered quietly to herself. "Goodbye."

Male Human Barbarian (Superstitious) 3 AC 16, Touch 12, FF 14 | HP 41/45 | F +5, R +3, W +2 | Init +4 | Perc +7
Raging Stats:
AC 14, Touch 10, FF 12 | HP 50/51 | F +7, R +3, W +4 | Init +4 | Perc +7

Thorun didn't mind standing with some distance. He wasn't much for sitting during the day, and some distance was good. He spent most of his focus on trying not to snort or spit; he's gotten dirty looks from doing it earlier.

M Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) 3 | HP 25/25 | AC12 T12 F10 | CMB +2 CMD 14 | F4 R4 W8 | Init +8 | Perc +11
Spells | Command x2 - Sanctuary | Bull's Strength - Zone of Truth - Shield OtherDC17 | Channel 5/5 DC13 | Inspiring Word 7/7 | Touch of Law 7/7

The young priest nods in response to his father before speaking praying. "Lord God, we take solace in your promises. For it is written, 'Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.' Watch over your people as we grieve for our friend and brother. Remind us of your commandment to Joshua: 'Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.' Help us to reflect on you and your goodness in the days ahead. It is in your most holy name we pray, Amen."

"Amen," the gathering prays. Communion follows, and after that they all return to to their hearths.

A teenaged boy comes running. Breathless, he addresses Fintan: "I went to Dromahair, as you asked. The bards over there told me that the King of Fermanagh was sent to Armagh to keep the peace with the O'Neil and the MacLochlainn."

Knowledge, Geography DC 15:
To the West, Dromahair is home to the King of Breifne. Armagh is in Northern Airghialla, NE of Tuaim.

Knowledge, Religion DC 15:
Armagh is home to Bishop Amlaim Ua Muirethaig – a kinsmen of Murtagh MacLochlainn who was responsible for brokering the peace between the High king and the Ulaid; and also to Archbishop Gelasius, Primate of Ireland – a man who is said to be fair and just.

Fintan sends the boy to the kitchen for a well-deserved warm meal. Then, eyeing his mother as she embraces her kinsmen on this darkest of days, he turns to Aoife: "I think that it would be best if you went with Kassidy and Thorun."

Fintan turns to Brother O'Maille, fully expecting him to volunteer to go along as well...

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