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Sheik Voodoo's Katapesh Nights

Game Master voodoo chili

From the City of Bazaars to the City of Brass.

Kelmarane Irregulars:

Amir- Middle-aged Merchant Prince(Rogue 4/ Fighter 4)
Karethas- CDS drop-out, Genie-caller wizard (Conjurer 8)
^Gen- Karethas' zhyen staff-bound genie companion
Kzrira- Risen Archer (Fighter 6/Ranger 1/Spirit Whisperer 1)
^Spooky- ghost cat, formerly Andrathi's familiar, now advises Kzrira
Varkata Steeleye- Djinn-touched orc priestess of Cailean (Cleric 7/ Wind Rager 1)

75,000/105k for 10th (11/26)

Date- 18 Erastus 4710
Moon- Waxing crescent

KELMARANE-N small town (pop. 400) map. reclaimed trading post

Almah Roveshki- well-connected merchant princess, ruler of Kelmarane
Garavel- Stoic majordomo
Zayifid- High priest of the Abadarian Temple
Faelar- Bookish Elf Bard, with forbidden troglodyte child
Qilue- Faelar's wife, owner of the Alchemy shop
Hadar and Hadra- slaves, married goat herder and cook
Rombard- brave little goat, true hero of the story
Tayyib- militia captain, life once saved by Faelar

UWAGA HIGHLANDS- Kelmarane environs

People and Places:
Undra- treacherous Pairaka div
Aribu- Baku who resided at the Shrine of Nethys
Aurichalcum- Ambitious psuedodragon that believes himself a true dragon
Haleen- Kzrira's mentor, operative for the Andoran Steel Falcons
Giana Longstride- leader of Fort Longjaw
Gorundal and Kalyx- small time smuggler and pusher
House of the Beast- Temple to Rovagug on Pale Mountain
Guardian of the Twin Falls- mysterious fey river spirit
Shrine of Nethys- site of powerful and dangerous arcane mists
Fort Longjaw- stockade against gnoll aggression
Asraf-Asim- Lammasu guardian of the Cursed Oasis

The Dead
Carrion King- gnoll warlord slain at great cost
the Alchemist- devoured by the Little God in the House of the Beast
Bug- the Carrion King's spriggan jester, killed on retaliatory raid
Slow Idi- Slaver, killed in the Alchemist's experiments
Imam Halruun- (destroyed) Undead heretic cursed by Sarenrae
Kardswann- former jann Mouth of the Carrion King
Antar the Lion- Abadarian warrior killed in gnoll raid
Zataran- gnome alchemist murdered by Undra

KATAPESH CITY- the capital city (pop. 212,300)


Dawn Gate
Badra- Former caravan guard cum merchant lord through tough tactics
Jalal Abdul-Abadar- High Priest of Abadar
Krebble Jeggle- Goblin owner of the Golden Scarab
Jerikal Ashworth- halfling brewer with map of Pale Mountain
Inner City
Rayhan Xobhadi- Karethas former dean at the CDS
Lower City
Radi Hamdi- enterprising young man pledged to serve the Heroes
Almaq "Mac" Jalool- Proprietor of the Golden Net
Marzuk Ma'sud- Third son of a trade dynasty
Mechem Djal- Information broker in the Nightstalls
Pasker and Trill Jangley- halfling brothers that own Jangleys' shop
Twilight Gate
Clever Ali- young city guide
Alondro Tuzzi- Taldan owner of Antiquity Books
Dog Town
Mosspelt-owner of the Rabid Dog inn
Gharibe- a very helpful merchant
Katlan and Anshara- Rogues involved in the disappearance of Gilad


Dawn Gate
Golden Scarab- Large gambling establishment catering to foreigners
The Immaculate Repository- Temple of Abadar and Katapesh mint
Jerikal's Ales- Finely appointed tavern with curative ales
Lower City
The Golden Net- Inn near Tian Town known for tea and entertainers
Temple of Nethys- strange ziggurat housing masked acolytes
Jangley Mercantile- a shop for curious and rare items
The Waft Market
Arristi Trade House- Very wealthy scent and cosmetics merchants
Far Desert Trading Company- Spice traders
Inner City
Golden Oasis- heart of the original city, palms and pilgrims
The Sand Dragon Inn- favored by caravaneers and merchant princes
College of Dimensional Studies- Academy of interdimensional travel
Pactmasters' Palace- home of the weird rulers of the city
Twilight Gate
Antiquity Books- Resource for rare and arcane books in the Emporium
Dog Town
Charred Meats- Butcher of questionable quality
Rabid Dog Inn- Caters to gnolls and other transients

SOLKU- NG Fortified Town (pop. 4900) on the western frontier

People and Places:

Lambent Citadel- Center of faith and defense in Solku
Chanar Cynore- Paladin of Sarenrae, Imam of the Lambent Citadel
Nahar- adjutant priest at the Lambent Citadel
Hazic Kel-Kalaar- Loremaster and Sharif of Solku
Menthis Talp- Chief Curator of the Archive of Eminent Tomes
Breakstride Inn- Largest and best stocked inn outside Katapesh City
Erilene Finch- Halfling proprietress of the Breakstride
Lazaan- Dawn Vigil liason


Lucky Farouq- Plane hopping rogue who disappeared some years ago.
Shaharezthed- Marid princess and famed storyteller
Nefeshti- Peri queen that ruled western Katapesh long ago
Andrathi- Nexian Wizard and consort of Nefeshti
Vardishal- sainted Djinni general of Nefeshti
Jhavhul- Efreeti noble that dwelled on Pale Mountain
City of Brass- Efreet capital on the Plane of Fire

- Lost World within a Scroll
Dilix- Major domo of Nex's Pleasure Palace
Neshari and Auroz- pleasure slaves
Artel Norrin- Legendary weaponsmith
Obherak- Shaitan leader
Venema Shodair- brass dragon companion to Nex, now undead tomb guardian
Iqilma- gynosphinx temple guardian
Zulficar- golden shaitan defender
Proteans- Unruly outsiders enslaved by Nex to create Kakishon

Initiative rolls:

Amir [dice]1d20+2[dice]
Karethas [dice]1d20+6[dice]
Kzrira [dice]1d20+5[dice]
Varkata [dice]1d20+1[dice]
foe [dice]1d20[dice]

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