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"Peacemaker Campaign Saga" for the Shadowlands Campaign Setting

Game Master BlackStarStudios

The game begins in Mtol Daerine, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Saemyyr and the home of the Brotherhood of Magus. A murder is committed with ties back to the Brotherhood and a mysterious death which occurred five years ago.

Shadowlands Campaign Saga – “Peacemaker

This campaign starts in the fabled city of Mtol Daerine, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in all of Saemyyr. “Peacemaker” will be an epic tale of murder, mystery, intrigue, betrayal and truth. The story starts at the Citadel of the Brotherhood in the metropolis of Mtol Daerine, two miles above the deep desert floor, and home to some three million souls from every corner of Saemyyr. This campaign saga begins at 5th level.

It all starts as a who-done-it murder mystery inside the Citadel and eventually takes on a world spanning quest, learning some of the inner secrets of the Brotherhood, having an encounter with a mysterious organization referred to as “The Black Brotherhood”, and peering behind the layers of realities, interacting with the technologies of the ancients, and meeting the gods themselves in the form of The Thirteen.

The campaign will be travel and story intensive and feature lots of interactions with different factions, NPCs, and many mysteries. All of the characters will even have hidden agendas of their own….

To play and follow this campaign, players will need to download and read the BlackStar Studios free PDF, The Shadowlands Conversion Guide.

The characters of the the campaign are represented by the acclaimed BlackStar Studios design team:

The campaign will be GMed by the ShadowlandsGM, Chris Merwin, founder of BlackStar Studios and creator of the Shadowlands Campaign Setting.

For fans of Pathfinder and the Shadowlands Campaign Setting, this will be an opportunity to follow an example of actual play by the design team, interact with the designers, see how both gaming and game design interact, and watch as new rules, mechanics, and setting material get introduced in this epic adventure!

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