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"Well, yes." Dev pauses with a mischievous grin, "I believe that's what Vitor is for after all." He shies away slightly, expecting, but not actually avoiding a strike from Parker.
"Most of the things I found in the area. Some were raided from the Count's abundant stock, others..." he pauses, possibly just for effect while looking off in the distance, "were ordered from a particular city not so, so far away." He looks down into her face, "do you like it?" he asks, sincerely.


"Do you need anything... while we are still in.. or near... a reasonably sized town?

She doesn't hit Dev... but he gets the distinct impression she might when he's not looking. She smiles at him. Her expression pure. "I love it. You are amazing. You didn't have to do... well... anything. So ...what's the plan?" Curious. As a cat. Her arm snakes around his waist. She looks up into his eyes... terribly mischevious.

"Plan?" he says innocently, "I have no idea what you're talking about." Dev says, surreptitiously palming the paper wrapped parcel into one hand as he passes the table.

"What did you just... I know I saw... hey!" She unsuccessfully tries to glimpse what he took off the table and is now holding. Amused and playful, she sort of chases around his body without moving more than a few inches away from him, her body pressing against his, rubbing strategically. She is cat like in more than just name apparently.

sleight of hand: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

His hands go behind her back, temporarily pressing her into him even more. One of his hands returns, holding up a simple wooden carving. It appears that it is becoming a rather well made wooden hair comb. "Oh this? It's nothing, really." he says
bluff: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8 unfortunately, he is not able to keep a straight face and breaks out into a grin. Parker would probably very quickly realize that he just produced the item he had been spending time carving while sitting and watching her under a tree.

She grins at him. Happy in his arms. When he produces the comb, she doesn't call his bluff. "You are quite the carver. I had no idea." She means it. He constantly amazes her. She knows he's hiding something, but perhaps he isn't ready to reveal it to her yet. And the comb is pretty impressive ...after all, she cant carve. "So... who's the lucky lady you'll be gifting that lovely comb to?" Her arms around Dev's waist, she looks up into his eyes, seeing only him.

Dev looks over her head, off in the distance. "Oh, can't say I've decided yet." he says, (he may not be bluffing). He lifts her up, carries her to the bed and places her sitting on it's edge where she will be close enough to the table to easily reach for the basket. "Now." he says, looking at her with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, "are you more interested in staying indoors today, or are you feeling like a day under the trees?"

He picks her up, and her arms wrap around him. When he places her on the bed, she lets go of him, looking up at him, gazing into his eyes. "As it is so rarely lovely out, I would not object to time spent outside. But I am not terribly inclined one way or the other. I am content to go with your preference." She says honestly. "What is... your desire?" She asks him, her voice seductive and musical and honeyed.

"You love, as if you didn't know, you little temptress, you." Dev smiles fondly, leans over her and kisses her deeply, then draws back and looks down into her eyes."You are so lovely and I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you. I'd like to show you things you've never felt before and take you places you've never been. But I have not the will...we are in a place that appears secure. And at least for the moment, we appear to be alone." his right hand cups her cheek. He glances down, then back up, his eyes returning to hers. His thumb runs across her ear, he becomes quite conscious of his breathing. She said "desire". He is feeling it now.


She blushes at his words. "Me?"

A smile, not coy precisely, but certainly pleased. Perhaps even shy, and surprised that she is loved so much.

She is silent for a moment. Then, words so soft they are hard to hear, even for Dev's keen senses, "You could begin, by taking me, right here." She says, her eyes studying him through lowered lashes, even as his eyes roam over her form, her blue dress hugging her curves in all the right places. He is cupping her cheek, and his thumb caresses her ear, goosebumps travel across her skin at the pleasure of his touch. She is his, to take at will, in whichever manner he pleases. Always.

Perhaps he does not understand. She qualifies, because they come from different worlds, and she needs him to understand. She tries to make it perfectly clear, their dynamic. "You need not ask. You need never ask. I am yours. I have been yours, since the river. You only ever need to take. Your will, your desire, your guidance and discipline, your pleasure. Keep me, and I will never leave you, in this life or whatever follows."

not 'keep' as in taking care of her money wise, but 'keep' as in keeping her safe from what she fears she may become. Keep as in loving her regardless of the consequences. Keep as in giving her what she needs. In being her shepherd, and wolf.

He takes the question seriously, thinking deeply. "To protect."

There is something in his eyes, the reminder of an old memory, the need to ask for something he felt he would never need again. "Armor?"


sense motive: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29 to see if he needs anything else, even if he doesn't quite realize it. And perhaps a hint as to when, if ever, he might be ready to talk about his past.

"Consider it done." She says softly. A reassuring, yet small, hand on his large shoulder. Perhaps even the hint of a feeling, that he is safe in her care. That while he may be hurt protecting her, she will do her utmost that he never come to harm.

Her words turn the bonfire of desire within him into a raging inferno. will save: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20 But he does not give into the firestorm of need immediately, he does not tear her clothes from her, but takes his time. Placing the wrapped item back on the table, before proceeding to unwrap the present that her words so eloquently gifted to him as his whenever he so should choose. It is immediately obvious that he is choosing "now" and her garments soon follow the parcel one after another.

His actions are still ever mindful of her wants, her needs, her desires, guiding her throughout the entire process, it seems his goal may be to turn her into a quivering lump of flesh, unable to move on her own by the time they are finished.

after: if you would prefer to play out, that is fine, but I wanted to get the item gifted before we have another irl session, darn it!
Still cuddling her on the bed, still panting somewhat from his exertions (& before assisting her with cleaning up, water filled basin under the table along with a folded clean cloth provided, but not yet used {heated? sorry, he apparently didn't think of that), but having recovered somewhat, he reaches a long arm over to the table and picks up the parcel. "Thank you, Kitty, love. You are the best present I could ever have dreamed of or ever wanted. This is a far cry from your gift of you to me, but it is something I came across and thought it might be perfect for you." He does not say, and it seems to fit in with the named essence of your nature, he probably doesn't even think it, he is thinking, ..and help to keep you safe in the future. however. He also does not immediately give it over to her, instead using his hands to disguise it and it's true size and shape.


just a few general points, no need to detail everything... ;)

He undresses her, and she practically melts into his embrace. He understands immediately how much she enjoys it, having his hands remove her garments. He gets the distinct idea from her gaze, she would have been perfectly content had he torn her clothes off. Perhaps she would have even enjoyed the rough handling. Perhaps this means he and Johannes need to discuss lady like behavior with her, if they expect her to conduct herself with any sort of decorum in public where they are headed next.

She is giving, receptive, she moves with him, an engaged partner in their dance. Yet she is most pleasured when he is on top of her, in whichever position he chooses, when he is the one directing the movement, the pace, the intensity. She is equally receptive to making love as to the hard fast rough movements of pure carnality. In the end, when she can hardly move for the overwhelming pleasure, when she is but a quivering mass in his embrace, she lays in his arms, content, in love, quietly admiring her Dev.

He moves ever so slightly to pick up the parcel, and then hides it in his hands. She is ever curious, but she is also spent, so she moves to her side, presenting a lovely curvature to his eyes, her head resting on one arm as she studies Dev and his hidden present. Her eyes are heavy, half closed, and she watches him through her thick eyelashes in a very seductive manner. "May I see it to judge for myself, Devraj, or do you intend to exact a ...price?" His name on her tongue is pure bliss. She loves saying it. The tip of her tongue makes its way out of her mouth, and she runs it over her full lips in a sensuous 'o'.


Dev keeps himself from reacting to her seduction, at least for now. Though it may be obvious he is thinking she still has more than enough energy left...he keeps himself from taking advantage of it, at least for now. "No." he says, smiling slightly, but apparently completely serious, he keeps it hidden. "I will say it is for your hair, but nothing beyond that. What do you think would be the perfect item? I'm being completely serious now. Can you describe it for me, please?"

She narrows her eyes at him suspiciously. "The perfect thing for my hair?" A small smile as she ponders... long moments. And then she comes up blank. "I... have no idea. I don't really wear hats, and I have brushes and combs and stuff. What else could I possibly need for my hair?" She honestly has no idea.

Dev smiles fondly at the woman next to him. "Okay, let me change the question. If you were to wear something in your hair. A comb, a hair piece, a tiara, a pin, anything. What would you want it to be? ... Close your eyes. Try to imagine it for a moment...and try to describe it for me. Please.

She laughs, a happy, high, yet not annoyingly so sound. "Anything? ...well..." She closes her eyes, uses her imagination. Blushes immediately. "I don't think I can go around wearing that in my hair." A grin as she opens her eyes, her gaze examining Dev's body. "You make it quite difficult to imagine anything but terribly inappropriate things when you're not even making an attempt at covering yourself modestly, you know." She chides him softly, then closes her eyes again, falling back on the bed so she is sprawled out, spreadeagled, her body on unconscious display. Eyes still closed, she voices, "Well, if, in theory, that lovely comb you are working on is already spoken for, and although I would much rather have something crafted by your hand than purchased, perhaps I could settle for a gem stone pendant on a chain which rests in my hair like a circlet and falls exotically across my forehead, granting me magical enhancements." A light pause, she opens one eye, ever so small an amount, and looks at him, one of her hand runs up her own tight abs, over to her chest, and makes lazy circles around a nipple, teasing it to a stiff peak. She then sucks upon her finger, and runs a moist trail over her breast with the wet member. "Barring that, I wouldn't mind going with my first thought. In fact... I'd be perfectly happy for both, my first thought, and the last." Her breathing forces her chest to rise and fall, quite fascinatingly.

Dev actually blushes slightly, I think for polite company, let's go with the second then. Now, however? I think I can work on giving you the first, give me a moment." He places the parcel, still wrapped, but in his mind at lease having been fully gifted to his lover (even if not actually unwrapped and received by her), back on the table and gets down between her legs so as not to interfere with the quite adept work her fingers are already fully engrossed in. He seems to be quite looking forward to the banquet of delights before him.


Perhaps surprisingly she sits up. Smiles at him, between her legs. She puts delicate fingers on his chin, and lifts it up so he meets her eyes. She shakes her head firmly. And as she speaks, changes positions, provided he does not resist overmuch, sliding gracefully out from under him, to kneel on the floor in front of him, guiding him to stand on his feet facing her, his manhood precariously near her lips. She looks up at him. "Oh no, Mr Alexi. I am not on the menu. YOU are." 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (14) + 15 = 29 diplomacy to get her way. Her moist mouth open. Tongue just visible, promising delights. He could take them by grabbing her hair and f*ing her throat, or he could make her do all the work. And at the end, deposit his promise all over her face and hair.


Dev relents. Could he ever truly resist her wishes? Certainly he lets Parker do some of the work, especially as she has already proven so incredibly adept. However, as he feels his need begin to grow, he takes over, indeed using his hands entangled in her hair to guide his member down her throat with increasing intensity will save:1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16 and pulls out at just the last moment, not timing it 100% to what he was trying to do as the first outburst 1d100 ⇒ 42 does indeed splash up across her face, the rest providing the white beads he assumed she was alluding to earlier for her hair. His body trembles and spasms forward as he continues to ejaculate her pearly white shampoo. His chest heaves and his fingers still entangled pull involuntarily. Hard enough that she might even find it painful...but then again, she's been braiding her hair for maybe not.

When he stops trembling, he lifts her up and hugs her body against his cool skin. "Gods, Kitten. Thank you." He continues to breath heavily, "Perhaps you should unwrap your present now. It'll give me the moments I need to recover to attend you properly."

the wrapped parcel is a "hat of disguise" appearing just as Kitty had describe it earlier: This apparently normal hat allows its wearer to alter her appearance as with a disguise self spell. As part of the disguise, the hat can be changed to appear as a comb, ribbon, headband, cap, coif, hood, helmet, and so on.


She enjoys the hairpulling quite a bit. Takes a moment to taste the cum on her face, her tongue licking what she can reach. Before she unwraps her present, she uses the moist washcloth to wipe her face, and then she ties back her hair, his white pearly beads melting into her hair, leaving it slick and shimmery. She looks at Dev the entire time, her eyes shiny with love and desire.

She unwraps the present, her eyes light up even more. "Now Ill need a shower so that I can try on my present." She grins at him. "Perhaps you could whisk me away to one of the bathrooms, and we could shower together while you show me just how recovered you are?"

If he agrees, she throws on her robe, picks up some towels and bath supplies, and awaits him.


It is barely a heartbeat before he is ready as well and ushering her out the door.


He ushers her out and up to the bathing facility. She doesn't move as fast as him, being somewhat tired, so if he chooses to pick her up, sweeping her off her feet and carrying her, she does not resist.

In any case, once they have entered the bathroom, she puts the towels down, the bathing supplies by the shower, and then she turns the water on and finds a good temperature. Once that is done, she disrobes, displaying her hour glass figure for Dev's admiration. She waits for him to notice, and then she steps into the stream of water, letting it run down her luscious form.


Dev is fairly perceptive. He does notice she does not have quite the normal grace or quickness in her movements and he seems to be in a bit of a hurry to get to their destination, though really he's probably just looking for the excuse anyway. He sweeps her up in his arms and they reach the baths in short order. He places her on her feet, and visibly holds himself in abeyance, allowing her to take things at her own pace, at least for now. His robes lie in a pile upon the bench. He is watching her hungrily, their is no waiting necessary for that, no time at all. As the water begins to wash over her body, will save: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13 he is obviously itching to return to her, wanting to be touching her, caressing her. His hands, which he has wetted briefly, he begins to lather with soap, building up the suds until the bubbles begin to form a white stream down his arms. His eyes have become unfocused, taking her in as a whole. His need is obvious. It pulses between them, erect and distended. It appears he will not be able to continue to hold himself back for long.


Dev glances down, visibly calming himself. "Sorry, Kitten. I guess I'm acting like a teenager. It's just you...well, I guess I can't get enough of you. And...well, it seems to have a mind of it's own now, doesn't it." He looks a little embarrassed, but in no way with any less appreciation than he did before. "I know what you said about whenever, wherever. & I..." he closes his eyes, then mutters, "Oh, hell" and moves in to take possession of her offering, his hands sliding over her skin with the lubrication provided by the rich creamy lather. His face mirroring both his ecstasy and his love for her as their bodies once again intertwine. He does love her and it shows, but at this moment all he really wants is to take her. And he gives in to that desire. Quite intensely.


Hands lathered with rich creamy soap run over her shapely thighs, her abs, her breasts as he watches. She doesn't answer him verbally, rather she continues to wash herself quite unconcerned, quite erotically. Her eyes run up and doen his body, appreciating his hard throbbing member, but she makes no move towards him. She even turns her back on him as she rinses soap off her body. When she turns back around and when at that moment he speaks, and then finally possesses her, when he stops being the gentleman and ravishes her quite thoroughly, he might feel her own orgasms pulsing through her in wave after wave of bliss. She even struggles just a tiny bit, so he is forced to hold her, pin her hands roughly, perhaps spanking her bottom a time or two to coerce cooperation from his little minx. He ends up with scratches down his back from a particularly riveting climax, and brused lips as she kisses him particularly hard, moaning into his mouth lets half the household hear her pleasure. The harder he takes her, the greater her pleasure, it seems. When he is fully in control of her, she is blissfull, her entire body responding to him. She needs him to possess her, to take her without asking, she craves his dominance. But he must take it, earn it over and over. Perhaps he realizes that by not asking, he has just won even more of her heart, and she had no idea she had more love to give.

He understands and it turns him on even more. Just when she thinks he's done, he grabs her from behind, both wrists held firmly in one hand raised up behind her back. She is pushed firmly up against the wall, sandwiched repeatedly between his body and the unyielding wall. This is perhaps the first time he does not only not think first and formost of how she is feeling, but completely thinks only of how taking her makes him feel, holding her completely helpless, much of the time completely off the floor. He comes quickly, holding her still as he recovers.
After interminable moments, he releases her for just a moment. But swings her around and crushes her to him, holding her tightly. At last he withdraws enough to looks down at her. The water still bouncing off of him. He looks a bit worried.

Her breathing is heavy, her chest rising and falling, her skin flushed with warm water and exertion. Her eyes meet his, not defiantly nor agressively, but rather almost demurely. She looks at him through half closed lids, her gaze filled with admiration, love, and deference. She looks up to him, respects him, wants him, even now, exhausted and spent and barely able to stand. As he holds her tightly, she relaxes against him. When he pulls away to look down at her, she smiles gently, a sun rise. "Devraj." Her deferential tone nonetheless possessive and filled with passion, "My love."

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Dev's smile returns, his hands run up and down her sides. "Kitten." his face softens again with adoration for the woman in his arms, "I love you more than anything. I am afraid though. I am afraid that if I start treating you in this way..I might take it to far. I might actually hurt you." there is concern in his eyes, "I don't want to do that Kitten. I don't want to do that." his right hand is cupped under her jaw, thumb caressing her cheek.

She continues to look up at him, her eyes show no doubt, no fear, only love and trust and a deep seated belief in his goodness. He would never harm her.
"Dev, the only way you could truly hurt me is if you never touched me again, if you left me, if you didn't want me. You... do... still want me?" Her expression concerned, afraid almost all of a sudden. "I know... I'm headstrong and dangerous and demanding... but... I don't know how to be any different." Her voice gets very small at the end there, she is repressing tears as his thumb caresses her cheek.

Dev reaches over, turns off the water, picks Parker up and carries her over to a bench in the bathing area. He sits down, setting her down in his lap. "Kitten, I will never, ever not want you." he pauses, deciding not to further articulate his concerns that he may somehow end up going to far and truly hurting her.

I also deleted a paragraph after I realized that the tarantula incident hasn't actually happened yet. ;)

"...and I love you just the way you are. If there is something that I think needs to be addressed. We will deal with it then, okay?" he gives her a loving peck on the cheek, still holding her in his arms on his lap.

He holds her in his arms while she sits on his lap "oh. she says in a small voice when he says he will never ever not want her. The little oh filled with a lot of emotion, so much so, that as he tells her he loves her the way she is, and if there's a problem that they would deal with it as it came up, the repressed tears begin to flow. She haltingly, through her tears acquiesces "oh..k...Kay." Her head buried against his shoulder.

Night after Gargantuan Tarantula attack in Ascanor Lodge (& before werewolf spirit incident later that night
Parker is lying in bed between her two paramours. As is his won't, Dev is curled up behind her, his chest pressing into her back, one arm draped possessively over her. He begins moving the hair out of her face, pressing it down over her ear and neck. "Kitten, there is something we need to bring up. I told you I have appointed myself as your protector, and I suppose in a fashion so has Trollblood. He is doing his best, but he cannot tell you what to do. I can. Let him do his job. I am referring to the spider this afternoon. You rushed headlong into danger thinking nothing of your safety. Let Trollblood be your shield, let him be your defense, let him do what he is trying so hard to. Let him protect you." his arm continues to press down on hers his hand, though stroking softly somehow carries a threat of being able to lock down upon her if he should so choose. "Are you listening to me?" his words spoken softly near her ear, unconsciously convey the dhampyre's teeth are not far from her exposed flesh. But why would she even think that? She has no reason to fear from the man she loves...does she?

Dev and Jo:
Comfortably sandwitched between her two lovers, Parker was just beginning to drowse when Dev speaks to her, 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 perception.

She misses everything up to the point she realizes how close he is to her neck, how exposed the low decolletage of her thin nightgown is, when he asks if she is listening to him. She gasps at his display of authority, not understanding what she could have possibly done wrong. She tries to sit up, and does so if the two men let her. "What... why are you upset at me?" She asks sleepily.


Dev holds her for a time within his arms, letting her emotions flow. He looses track of the time, he doesn't really care. At last he begins to realize the warmth has probably quite left the room and she may begin to feel uncomfortable. "Kitten, I will love you. Forever and ever. amen Now let's get you cleaned up and back to Vitor and Jo, shall we, they're probably worried." he lifts her in his arms and stands up, carries her over to the shower and turns it on. After the water has had a chance to heat up, he tests it with a leg and then places her under its stream. "Stay still." he says softly, but firmly. His hands, soon slick with soap and water, run expertly over her cleaning her yet again, but at the same time removing any remaining stress from her muscles.

profession roll: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25

with an expertise she likely was not expecting despite there previous intimate contact.

This time he seems to have a purpose and has her cleaned, dried and re-wrapped in her bathrobe in fairly short order. He is soon carrying her back into the comfortable and familiar confines of Vitor and her bed.

she is putty in his hands, obeying him perfectly, and when he has cleaned her up, massaged her, and is carrying her though the maze of wagons back to Vitor, she snuggles against him, happy to be in his embrace.

If they run into Jo, or he is inside Vitor, her content happy gaze also falls upon the other man. [/b]

Just a note that hearing Dev would normally be a DC 0 Perception check (Hear the details of a conversation)

Joe's hand goes to the exact point on her torso where the spider's fangs had sunk in. "I know that you are a smart woman, but there are times when you let your compassion override your tactical sense." His voice very, very calm.


Dev's arm does not move, keeping Parker firmly in place. His other hand which just happens to be entwined in her hair, is ready to clamp down if for some reason he feels it should become necessary. Recognizing her drowsiness, he regresses somewhat. "You are tired, Kitt'n. Just so I'm not making any mistaken assumptions; just what did you hear me say?"

His words are not unkind, but it is also not spoken in the tone she is used to hearing from him, especially in bed. His touch is also only as strong as it needs to be to keep her in place. If she does struggle, however, a leg finds it's way over to pin hers down as well.

Dev and Jo:

I assumed dozing off was descriptive of her falling asleep, i'm sorry if i wasn't clearer. This post makes some assumptions (cleared with Dev at least).

Dev is clearly holding her down. Jo's rational calm, mixed with his gentle hand upon the spot where the spider gored her is rather unsettling. It is this that brings her to full wakefulness. Not words, but the soft touch. And then her brain realizes she is being held down, and trapped between two very upset men, and she has no idea what she could possible have done to deserve such treatment when only moments prior she had been cozily in their arms, after some very intense love making. This causes a quite predictable and completely instinctual fear response. She struggles against Dev. He is a lot stronger than her, and it causes him no great physical difficulty to keep her in place, but her displeasure and panic is quite apparent. Not that she's any less glib, and not that fear, or the anger now creeping into her voice, makes her tongue lashing any less dangerous.

"Mistaken assumptions? I assure you, you are making several at this moment, sir." Oh, she's mad. She only speaks formally when she's really upset or surrounded by people she cannot stand or absolutely must be formal to, which generally means she cannot stand them. "First we fall into bed and you spend several hours convincing me of how much you worship me, and now you manhandle me?! How untoward! Who does that? Who makes love first, and then decides, when the object of his affection is spent and helpless and vulnerable, that now is a good time to bring up some imaginary trespass, and with that tone of voice, and with such unnecessary roughness?" She positively glares at Dev. "Unhand me! I will not stand for such treatment. If there was some sort of problem, I distinctly recall that you promised to address it as it came up, not hours later, and although, from Jo's insistent poking at my shoulder, I can surmise what this is about, that does not mean I need to play charades or twenty questions. I heard you mumble something in my ear, and then breathe down my neck like some sort of... vampire! And then you asked me if I was listening to you. As if I would be of the state of mind to listen to anything after thirteen orgasms." She's on a roll, she might not stop for a while. Then again, she did just now stop to breathe...


Despite her struggles, Dev has the advantage of positioning, so it does not take a great deal of effort to bring his weight to bear upon her, straddling her lower torso, hands on her wrists. It would be difficult for her to move him. Jo on the other hand could topple him sideways fairly easily, if he ever decided to.

To all outward appearances, Dev remains calm, even smiling slightly looking down into her face. "Calm yourself, Kitten." he says softly during a short break in her tirade. It is obvious he is listening. It is also just as obvious he has no intention of following her directions at the moment.

Dev and Jo:

"I am the epitome of calm." She says indignantly, and less than calmly. On the one hand, he has broken her tirade, on the other, now she's indignant on top of being angry, snide, and confused.

Joe nods companionable at Parker's 'calm', patient, loving, and actually calm.

Dev leans down, gives her a quick kiss on the forehead. "You are so f@#k!ng hot when you're angry." he says, smiling even more, his groin moving involuntarily for a moment, brushing against her sleek abdomen. He stops, refocusing on the matter at hand. "When I am convinced you are as calm as you say you are," there is a twinkle in his eye, "then and only then will I release you and we can discuss keeping yourself safe in combat. Until that happens, I guess I'm just going to have to take advantage of the opportunity this beautiful vision has given me." He bends down again and kisses her lightly on the nose then back up to and across the forehead, quick, soft, pleasant kisses, one after another. He is keeping a watchful eye out for her reaction, however.

Dev and Jo:
You're enjoying this.... you.... you brute." The latter bit said with significant affection showing that she's coming around quite readily. She ceases struggling but her expression making it perfectly clear that its her idea to cease and be reasonable and has nothing to do with the male presence in the room.

"He really is." Perhaps a touch too much amusement in his voice. Kisses her nose, "But you are beautiful in all of your passions."

Dev smiles something between wickedly and most fondly for the woman under him. "Oh, you know I am, little Kitten, most thoroughly in fact." his kisses begin to trail down her neck...but then, with a sigh, he forces himself to break off, sitting upright, his fingers releasing her wrists and trailing up her arms, up around the sides of her wrest on his own thighs. He does not, however, get off of her. At least, not yet. "But since we do very much care for you, Kitten", he glances at Jo as he says "we", "we have to make it perfectly clear that we intend to keep you as safe as we can in these most dangerous of concerns that we seem to keep finding ourselves in. Are you okay with talking about that now love?"

Jo and Dev:

She wrinkles her nose under the assault of Jo's and Dev's kisses. How could she resist? How could she stay mad for any length of time. It just wasn't fair. She offers a small smile at both men, even if it's still slightly indignant because she really doesn't want to smile and give them the satisfaction of knowing how easily she is manipulated by their combined charisma.

"How is my being in danger any different from either of you being in danger? I'm really only good at damaging bad guys up close, you know. I can't see them from far away, I can't see colors at all, and I'm terrible at making out anything if there isn't significant texture involved. Otherwise I might have taken up archery, or incendiary device creation,or even needlepoint." She insists softly, as she looks up at Dev, who is straddling her - proving to herself at least that she's not really that fragile or delicate, because really... Dev was very muscular and tall, ergo weighing significantly more than her slight form. And then she looks over at Jo, next to Dev, as she says, "I have to touch someone to really hurt them. I can't get around that. And I refuse to be locked up in my wagon while you two go out and adventure without me."

"And as for you being in danger... there is two of us, but only one of you. You are special, we are just men."

He smiles, "Locked up in Vitor? Would never dream of that, kitten." Joe says with honest shock in his voice. "And while neither Dev nor I are really hardy you seem to have a defender who is."

His voice drops, his golden eyes catching hers, "You are an incredible and deadly woman and I love that about you. Maybe next time, just make sure that you let you shield go into combat before you." He kisses the tip of her nose. "So that he takes the hit. You can heal him, the reverse is not true."

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