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GM Poisonbladed's Into the Haunted Forest (Inactive)

Game Master Ross Hearne aka poisonbladed

Dare you take that first dreadful step? Is that the wind? What was that snap? Safely assume that it is your death one way or the other.

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Dotted by me!

Into the Haunted Forest
Takes place in Andoran (the birth place of freedom) a settled peaceful country where Democracy reigns. Still there are wilds and unruly areas there; the Arthfell Forest is just such a place.

Endar had booked passage to Oflden from Almas. About two hours away from a local inn the coach broke its axle. With a crash the vehicle careened off the road killing one of the horses. Being the only passenger and fairly young you were asked to walk onto the Inn to get help. Wether you wanted to wasn't an issue, the coachmen and guard left little room for argument. After all they had a lot of work getting the surviving three horses untangled and the coach back to the road. Walking up to cross road you saw the strongest Elf you have ever scene see Tears of the Sky description

Felix you have heard that Krag, your father’s murderer, was in the Shire of Elberwick, robbing farms there. While you may not find him there it is certainly worth a shot, as the infromation came from a very good source. You just had a rest from walking, and are about ready to start moving again when you hear talking. see the script the Endar, Tears, and Janya post – when they get to it

Tears of the Sky had traveled far and he had a long way to go. Hired on to guard a few wagons he began his trip north with farmer, his wife, and there two toddlers. With graciousness the proud family loaded down the elf with more food than four barbarians could eat. Getting directions Tears left the farmer with good tidings and hope. Yet as he traveled it became clear that he was heading northeast rather than due north. Shortly he came to a three way crossing. Due north now laid in his path, but up the road heading his direction was another traveler. see Endar’s description

Janya just finished praying in a rather beautiful meadow of daisies. She feels at peace, but wonders what she is doing so far away from home, alone, and on an unknown road. She hears the crunching of gravel and the talking of two men. This could me trouble! See the script from Tears and Endar when they post it, feel free to begin talking back to them anytime

Male Human (Taldan) Human wizard 1 AC-15/T-11/FF-14, HP-7, Fort:+1, Ref:+1, Will:+5

oops...I moved my IC post to the gameplay board...

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

Alias made. Post to come...

ooc: checking in

Male Elf Barbarian

Checking in.

Very nice. Good to see everyone.

Male Elf Barbarian

Thanks for the invite to the game, looking forward to it. Nice mix of characters too. :)

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

Should be fun. I'm stoked.

Me too.

Felix jump in any time you wish too.

Male Human (Taldan) Human wizard 1 AC-15/T-11/FF-14, HP-7, Fort:+1, Ref:+1, Will:+5

My first time playing a wizard! I'm pretty stoked!

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

My fault. Clearly I need a stealth roll when trying to hide. Hold please. :)

Its ok, no biggy. Thought I would remind you is all and you may not have wanted to. Sometimes people don't.

Male Elf Barbarian

Yeah I rolled just in case some weird thing happened, but was planning to play it off like I sensed something off but didn't exactly know what.

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

Just a reminder, I'm pretty new and may need some prompting on when to make rolls. Like right now. even though its a minor thing, do I need some sort of check to remove the guard from the blade?

In the future, I'll try to make checks more, and if they're not needed we can all just ignore them. Keep things going faster.

Nope typically you only need to roll for skills or things that require skills. Knowing what to roll comes with experience. Take a look through the skill section in the core book, again. A reread is such a good thing in this game.

Male Elf Barbarian

Poisonblade, since you mentioned it, feel free to roll our skill checks/saves we should be unaware of, I don't mind. :)

How does everyone feel about this?

Male Human (Taldan) Human wizard 1 AC-15/T-11/FF-14, HP-7, Fort:+1, Ref:+1, Will:+5

I'm ok with it.

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

Fine with me. Its the same dice roller thing for everyone.

i'm good with it. i'll try to stay on top of my own rolls but if i miss one feel free to do it yourself rather than ask

Typically the ones I roll for PCs are Appraise, Disquise, Perception, and Sleight of Hand. The ones typically opposed by another roll or a characters static DC. With Appraise its about meta gaming. It has never made sense to say, roll perception...only to say, you noticed nothing.

Roll you perceptions for the first encounter and then from there I will take care of it. If you want to use a Hero Point for my rolls, just let me know.

Example - DM Poison I am looking around for the person who just stabbed me. I am going to use a Hero Point before my roll because I don't think he is invisible, merely just really stealthy. Where upon I would add +8 to your roll.

Reflective Hero Point spending on this would only net you a +4.

We will post until Wednesday night then we will be on a break until the following Monday.

Post if you want to, but I won't expect you too or move the game on.

As we grow as gamers together in our game here every so often it will dawn on me something that I know very well that you do not about how I run games.

This is one of those times.

Fast Track Experience

I award Experience for all kinds of things but only when you rest and are safe.

When you are not camping in the lowest level of death dungeon expecting an ambush at any time, you don't XP. When you are safe in an Inn and can think about what happened in your travels and how you could have done this or that differently and will next time, you get XP

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

That makes sense. It seems odd to me that someone could suddenly get stronger, with more skills and health, while in the middle of a fight.

Question: Would this have been the right time to take 10 or take 20? Those numbers get added to my skill, right? So if Janya took 10 on heal, she would have had an auto 18?


Yep when you're not threatened you can take ten.

Sometimes the DC is to high and your forced to roll even when you have lots of time to approach the challenge of the skill check.

If you are just waiting for things to move on give me a shout out!

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

I have to admit, I was trying to push things along. It seems we got bogged down by the holidays.

Still here though. :) Ready for whatever is coming...

Mostly wondering if Felix is around still. He might be suffering the work backlog.

Male Elf Barbarian

Just waiting on the next point of interest. Might be good to move us forward just a bit.

No problem there. Will get to it in another hour or so.

Felix if we haven't lost you I need you post by next Wednesday, in here or in the gameplay.

I plan to PM him as well.

WB Felix, thought we lost ya.

Hope none of you mind cursing in RP. Though I do edit were I can. It comes from being a Game of Thrones fan.

In discussion of course I will rarely do it.

Male Human (Taldan) Human wizard 1 AC-15/T-11/FF-14, HP-7, Fort:+1, Ref:+1, Will:+5

No problem with the RP cursing....sorry that Endar felt the need to show off a little wealth, just trying to RP the "rich kid with no adventuring" angle....hopefully my traveling companions can back me up! :D

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

Def dont mind the cursing. Doesnt bother me. Janya wouldnt swear, though, lol.

Endar, you're just playing your char. Makes it more fun in the end. :)

New combat posting update in the campaign info. All we will be doing is posting our actions in order. It gets too confusing in the free for all.

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

Ok. Just to clarify. Looks like Janya got hit by some enfeeblement. Why you'd make a woman less strong when a giant elf is messing crap up... ;)

She has a touch ac of 11, so the 12 means it hits, right? I looked it up on d20pfsrd, looks like she makes a fort save?

Assuming it doesnt work, and Janya takes the brunt of the ray, strength goes from 11 to 7, right?

Yep, that is correct. But its fortitude save for half.

As for targeting a woman, well Grelm can handle that one.

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

Looking through the guide on combat, I had a question.

It looks like, based on teh map, there's a convenient table to use as some sort of cover. I see in the combat rules that going prone is a free action, and may gain cover. Is crouching or ducking behind a table considered an option? If so, does it actually benefit Janya?

Thanks like always!

Yep it sure is.

Its been well over a week since Felix posted. Giving him the boot due to not posting enough. Felix PM if you wanna come back.

Male Elf Barbarian

Waiting on bad guy's turn I think. :)

Oh yes. There turn is indeed coming...

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

I was curious what was going to happen lol fight to the death in the bar.

On another note, should we try and bump the recruitment thread to grab another player? I'm enjoying this, and I appreciate all the help and rules clarification. I promise I'll learn eventually. ;)

[edit]I mean, should the three of us try to bump the thread.

I bumped it once, but havn't heard back. Also I have bumped in a recruitment thread I am a player in, and some didn't get in. So I invited them to PM me.

By all means hunt one or two more down.

Male Human (Taldan) Human wizard 1 AC-15/T-11/FF-14, HP-7, Fort:+1, Ref:+1, Will:+5

So..any ideas on what we will call ourselves? Just spitballing below.

Company of the Dagger
Companions of the Board (get it? forum/board)
In Too Deep

I don't really have a favorite of those above...may come up with more tomorrow....

Company of the Cross Road

Female Half-Orc Cleric (Shelyn) 1

Unlikely companions?
Something crossroads related sounds good.

Male Human (Taldan) Human wizard 1 AC-15/T-11/FF-14, HP-7, Fort:+1, Ref:+1, Will:+5

Oohhh I like Company of the Cross Road or Crossed Roads....

Tears, what do you think?

Male Elf Barbarian

Failing to be creative, I also like Company of the Cross Road. :)

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