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Azure_Zero's Dark Moon Vale Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Azure_Zero

A pathfinder Game

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Discussion is open

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

And here we are, discussing. :)

Happy to be chosen, I must say.

Female Half Elf Ranger 2 (Guide)

Happy to be here!

Male Human Witch 2


Last survivor of Hollow's Last Hope PBP

Female Half Elf Ranger 2 (Guide)

So assuming since she's often in and out of town, sending half of her time there and half of it in the wildeness, Arianna may be at least vaguely aware of the taint and the previous events.

Also, swapping Skill focus to Survival, before we start, makes more sense.

Female Samsaran Cleric(Cloistered Cleric 2)

lol you said taint...

Anyway I'm checking in and happy to have been selected. About time Azure lets me in on the fun and teaches me how to properly DM.

"You may also run into me in town"

"Your not the only one Alkaid."

Female Samsaran Cleric(Cloistered Cleric 2)

There now my picture is a little more accurate.

*eyes the new NPC's* hmm I swear I've seen you around town...

knowledge local check:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

While Dennvyn has just recently arrived in town, his training, nature, and the reason for him coming would all lead him to keeping an ear to the ground and trying to get a handle on the recent events, the key players and the overall state of things.

Knowledge Local: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25
Diplomacy (Gather Info): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

To be fair, I imagine that might take more than 1 dice roll. :)

@Nalita Bakji
A party arrived a week ago;
Both of the Buxom Red heads (Alkaid and Blackrose) made one hell of a bar tab are currently paying it off by working in the same bar,
A Golden Platinum Haired Priestess was helping Lady Cirthana with the Black scour taint in the Kirk,
A Tall Blonde Fighter of a Woman (Gardenia) and A muscular brown haired man (Sanjuro) was helping the local sheriff by doing patrol duty and collected a few herbs for the local herbist.
And their are 3 more of the party around town.

the above and you know of a black scour taint problem that happened recently,
Goose’n’Gander: Pub and Inn, Run be Richard and Mia Bee, Temporary have Alkaid and Blackrose as Barmaids to payoff the tab.

Hollow Tribunal: This is where the diminutive halfling Magistrate Vamros Harg does his work

Jak’a’Napes: General store run by Jak Crimmy.

Quinn’s Carnival: Namdrin Quinn and his companions wow crowds with feats of skill and magic by night.

Roots and Remedies: a two-story shop bearing the faded sign “Roots and Remedies.” Owned by the local herbalist and healer, Laurel.

Temple of Iomedae: Falcon’s Hollow has few clerics. Lady Cirthana, priestess of Iomedae, continues to struggle to win converts in the beleaguered town.

Baleson’s Deputies: When he became sheriff, Deldrin Baleson immediately put together a small group of deputies to provide him with backup in dealings with Thaldrin Kreed and Boss "Payday" Teedum.

Kabran Bloodeye: Kabran is a short-statured half-orc with blood-red eyes, controls the towns crime underworld.

Dark Archive

Male Gnome Alchemist/2 HP:13/13 bombs used: 0

Glad to be here, Stinky and his brother will enjoy the game, obviously only Stinky is active....

Lookng forward to having Etna as a DM.

Female Half Elf Ranger 2 (Guide)

Too bad about only one character staying on but at least we're not doubled up on Rangers now.

Moved point from climb to Knowledge Local and added background to profile.

Knowledge (Local)1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

Dark Archive

Male Gnome Alchemist/2 HP:13/13 bombs used: 0

Made a slight change to the character sheet, to bring the skills more in line with the background, put a couple of points into Knowledge(local) and removed points from spellcraft and perception.

Male Human Witch 2

"Beware Ranger Danger!"

Yes beware, my Three stooges.

We're just missing the Aasimar Monk, Jund.

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Sorry i'm late to the party... pulled the late shift tonight. FYI i'm EST and usually should be able to post twice a day.... definitely at least once a day when I pull the late shift.

Hi all!!! glad to be here and happy I made the cut.

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

I'll look to update my character description but for now I am walking in to town and just seeing how things are.

Diplomacy 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5
Perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20
Sense Motive 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

Excellent Smiths, they are all gathered.

I'll start the game between now and monday morning, pending what happens in RL.

Male Human Witch 2


Female Samsaran Cleric(Cloistered Cleric 2)

well I'll be in the temple studying as usual until we get started *buries her face in yet another book*

I should have put Kirk instead of Temple above,
that what I get for doing a quick cut and paste with some editing.

Where do you all wish to start?

Falcons Hollow Map.

The towns folk will call the church, the Kirk. As Kirk is dutch or german for church.

Female Samsaran Cleric(Cloistered Cleric 2)

Hey Azure would you mind if I reworked my background a little again. I'm thinking it would make sense for Nalita to be the apprentice of the cleric in town...maybe even have been adopted by her.

Sure go ahead and make the edit.

Female Samsaran Cleric(Cloistered Cleric 2)

I don't have time now but I'll make sure to get it done tomorrow...I'm going to change her over to a Cleric of Iomedae as well.

And you'll like to have met Yuuki as she was helping with the blackscour taint in the Kirk.

And you'd know the the comotion of Mr Barns peeping on Yuuki through a window in the Kirk the day the Heroes left for the Cure.
Reference Start point and it ends in another 20 posts

My GMing style has changed a lot over time.

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Updated my background and decided he should be a worshiper of Irori... no other good seemed suited for a monk, but I am open to suggestions.

I placed him as traveling from Jalmeray, through Absalom and to Falcon's Hollow, curious of the stories of Darmoon Vale.

I also added a physical description.

let me know if it works for ya.

Kurgress: God of Athletics

All deities of Golarion

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)

Thanks for the suggestion.. Kurgress was a great option but since he is NG I would have to be LG.... none of the other gods seemed to fit having a monk more than Irori. I wa;s thinking of Ieomedae... but I think that would be stretching things. I kind of want him to be an outsider trying to identify with people.

Clerics need to be within 1 Alignment step from their deity, all other players could be up to 3 steps from their diety,

Heck I made monks (LG) who worshiped Kord(CG) in my 3.5 days.

Dark Archive

Male Gnome Alchemist/2 HP:13/13 bombs used: 0

Stinky will be at his shop (Davonic's Healing Emporium) as usual, with Radiner his twin brother. Stinky is preparing concoctions for sale, some of which might actually work. He would also be doing his serious work, making things that go bang, his real challenge and joy.

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)
DM Azure_Zero wrote:

Clerics need to be within 1 Alignment step from their deity, all other players could be up to 3 steps from their diety,

Heck I made monks (LG) who worshiped Kord(CG) in my 3.5 days.

Now I thought it was 1 step for gave me some thinking to do.

Female Half Elf Ranger 2 (Guide)

Arianna would either be at Roots n Remedies, delivering rare herbs harvested from the forest or the Goose n Gander where she usually stays when in town and picks up most of her guide jobs.

Arianna Willowwood wrote:
Arianna would either be at Roots n Remedies, delivering rare herbs harvested from the forest or the Goose n Gander where she usually stays when in town and picks up most of her guide jobs.

Odds are you've run into Gardenia, and know Laurel who worked non-stop during the Blackscour Taint problem.

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

Ok, I'd imagine that Dennvyn would probably be questioning the source of the Taint due to his suspicious nature. He'd probably be at the Inn, however, in an attempt to gather information and blend in as much as possible.

So you'll be at the Goose’n’Gander, and would have talked to Richard and Mai, and the two working off a bar tab Alkaid and BlackRose.

And I think people in this town know each other, so all outsiders are easy to spot to the locals.

Male Human Witch 2

Though an outsider to the town after the blackscour taint I have been learning brewing and such, with the local herbalist Laurel. Will say I pitched in and assisted with the brewing of the cure....

Hey DM AZ how long after HLH are we?

a whole 7 days after the heroes return is when I will start the game.

Carnider "Stinky" Dravonic wrote:
Lookng forward to having Etna as a DM.

LOL, Great now I'm thinking of Etna from Disgaea as a GM.

Game play thread open.

I think I put too much cheese in the intro.

I think the intro was just fine.

Looking at the list of gods I settled on going with Korada, one of the Empyreal Lords from Inner Sea World Guide (newer one).

Korada [NG] sits within the Dream Lotus of Nirvana,
balancing the spheres of existence in his mind and
communing with enlightened spirits.

Jund may have studied at a temple of Irori, and hold his teachings valid, he also identifies with Korada.

Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

As for starting spot in Falcon's Hollow. Once Jund enters the town he will walk around to get a feel of the town. Several hours before sun set he would look to find a place to stay. I imagine he would also look for work (maybe lumberjack) so he can make money for more travel expenses.

Male Halfling Detective (Bard) 2

Nah, it sets a scene. Wait 'til Dennvyn uses his Oratory. *That'll* be cheese. :)

Jund the deity is not a problem.

Male Aasimar Monk 2 (HP:13/16; 15 strength)


and you post when ever, cause PBP is post when you can, not wait until it's my turn, that only applies in combat in PBP.

Dark Archive

Male Gnome Alchemist/2 HP:13/13 bombs used: 0

I've got a lot on my plate in RL ... Stinky will keep up as much as he can. Hopefully things will ease a bit after April.

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