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So right now if you had to make two lists, one for the best skill feats and the other for the worst, dead feats which ones would you say belong in which of the two skill feat lists? I been having issues with skills feats since the start of Pathfinder and with the new change to Dying or clarification, I feel a lot of Medicine skill feats that were good now just became must haves for any medic.

For Example

Risky Surgery
Ward Medic
Continue Recovery
Assurance (Medicine)

To me are all MUST haves if you want to be great at medicine but what other skill feats are great for other skills?

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Can I suggest we table this topic for a bit? Skill feats changed in the remaster and most of the community still hasn't laid eyes on those books, much less had the opportunity to internalize the changes. I'm a pretty passionate fellow about skill feat discussions, but this seems counterproductive right now.

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