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I feel like I'm losing my mind here, but was there not a (Paizo, not third party) Gunslinger Archetype that had a Deed or ability that emulated the hypnotic trick Roland Deschain performed in the Dark Tower novels by Stephen King?

idk about the dark tower novel (only seen part of the movie, never read the books) but:

a Buccaneer can confuse a target for one round using his pirate jargon.

and just in case you got swashbuckler and gunslinger mixed (happened to me more then once, both uses deeds. i was looking for the swashbuckler buccaneer for a while till i found out i got them mixed)
-the Dashing Thief swashbuckler can daze, and on higher levels charm, a target who might be allured to him\her with a kiss (or similar interaction)

Definitely neither of those two. It was something along the lines of rolling a bullet along his knuckles to hypnotize someone. Ah, well, I guess it was just my imagination.

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