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I run a weekly Starfinder and a weekly Pathfinder game at my FLGS. Right now, we are running published Adventures and Adventure Paths, but are thinking about transitioning into Starfinder Society and Pathfinder Society play.

I saw that the particular adventures we are running ("Fall of Plaguestone" in PF2e and "Horizons of the Vast Adventure Path" are sanctioned for "Adventure Mode" play in Pathfinder/Starfinder Society. I'm interested in reporting our sessions so that my players and I can get credit in Pathfinder/Starfinder Society, but I have a couple questions about the reporting process.

I've reported Pathfinder Society (1e) games in the past, but when I went to report these games, I wasn't sure what to do about my players who don't yet have Pathfinder/Starfinder Society characters. I obtained Organized Play ID numbers for everyone who didn't already have one. But:

* What do I do for character numbers for players who don't yet have Society characters? Do I use 2001 (PFS) and 701 (SFS)? What about the higher level adventures such as the later books of the Horizons of the Vast Adventure Path. Even if my players made 1st level characters, they wouldn't be able to apply those Chronicle Sheets until they leveled up considerably. What if they end up wanting to apply it to their 3rd or 4th characters?

* What do I do for Factions for the various players?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

DM Aaron.

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For players that don't yet have any Society characters, you can use 2001 or 701, unless for some reason the player already has some other plan for that number and wants you to use (say) 2002 or 709 instead.

For sanctioned adventures whose credit must apply to a higher-level character, the player may hold it and apply it later when the assigned character reaches that level, or they may choose to apply the chronicle instantly to a level 1 character with treasure bundles reduced to level 1. (If reducing to level 1, note that characters do not benefit from any boons or item unlocks until the character reaches the minimum chronicle level and downtime applies as to the 1st level character the chronicle is applied to.) These are the only 2 choices: hold till the chronicle level, or reduce rewards to level 1 and apply to a level 1 character.

The decision of which character number gets the chronicle for sanctioned adventures has to be made at the time of the GM issuing the chronicle to the player (and reporting the game).

The default factions are Horizon Hunters for PFS2 and Wayfinders for SFS. Players who don't care about factions or don't have a preference right now should be assigned these. Since you can switch which faction you represent for every adventure you play, this is not a choice a PC has to live with forever, so you don't have to worry about it too much.

If some players of a sanctioned adventure don't care about or want Society credit, you don't have to give those people a chronicle or include them in the reporting. You can report the table with just the ones who care about Society credit.

Link to the Org Play guides for reference -

Thanks so much! That's really helpful! :-)

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