Return of the Runelords sanctioned content sections?

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I was just made aware that there are finally Chronicle Sheets to report this (for any level), but I do not see the parts of each chapter that would be the sanctioned content.

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It's right below the product description.

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You linked to the Rise of the Runelords page.

Return of the Runelords has a similar document, it is ONLY sanctioned in campaign mode. There's no society mode/subsection sanctioning for Return.

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That's for Rise of the Runelords. It uses the Anniversary Edition content for the chronicles but the file indicates what encounters are the sanctioned content from each book. The file for Return of the Runelords has the chronicles for any level but doesn't clarify what encounters/dungeons are the sanctioned content.

Maybe it requires the whole book completion for each chronicle?

EDIT: Ah! Thank you, NielsenE!

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