Darkmoon Vale Random Encounters


Looking to add to my random encounter list with the Darkmoon Vale and the fey mischievous acts and mythic nature of the woods.

1. Twelve hours suddenly pass in the blink of an eye.
2. A malevolent tree stands ahead, surrounded by tangled nightshade. A flock of undead birds rests in silence upon its branches.
3. A headless female corpse lies on the ground surrounded by stone statues.
4. A translucent leprechaun with an over-sized pouch ducks behind a rock. Searching the area finds a shallow grave, covered in stones, of a dead leprechaun and his empty pot of gold.
5. A small human hand with gold rings on each finger is found in the center of a fairy ring. If someone attempts to move it, the hand grips the would-be mover and that person is cursed with voices for 1d4 days then the hand vanishes.
6. A horde of savage bugbear marauders. They have recently slaughtered a rival gang of ogres, and are celebrating their victory.
7. A heavy grey fog suddenly rises from the ground after a few minutes the sound of flutes from start playing.
8. A corrupted ash tree stands within a shadowed vale. Many withered corpses hang from its branches.
9. The party must resist the charms of a mystic song that is luring them to danger (a cliff, etc.)
10. An ancient tree is dying, and asks the party to tell it a story before it goes.
11. Tea Party: A devious fey has arranged a table with chairs under a large tree. There are a dozen chairs and half the occupants are dead. Their faces have been painted to appear smiling.
12. A Druid has died. His animal companion was a wolf. A lone howl in the night always comes from the east. Every night the group hears the howls. If they follow the sounds it leads to a Druid Cave and his grim remains.
13. An Insane Dwarf has started construction on a staircase to the Sun. He tries to enlist the Player Characters to help him finish his project. He claims that the Sun is a perfect mining opportunity.
14. A pair of petrified humanoids. Closer inspection you notice they were bitten. Every 100ft or so you find another petrified body. A Flock of Cockatrice has made a lair in a nearby cave.
15. The players stumble into a ball or party of some sort, and have to dance their way out.
16. A skeleton is pinned to the tree by a long spear, it has obviously been here for some time and is falling apart. The skeleton is a little tall and thin to be human, the spear is long and elegant, apparently made of silver it stubbornly refuses to be removed.
17. Two great bears battle each other for dominance.
18. The weather changes wildly, some where in the distance a fey is toying with the party.
19. An unearthly tree stands ahead, adorned with pink flowers. Time seems to pass more slowly here.
20. A group of mourning creatures, burying a corpse within a circle of stones.

21. An orcs corpse is being drained by blood-sucking assassin vines.
22. All the parties rations has a single, tiny bite mark taken out of them.
23. A nearby tree has "LEAF NOW" painted on it.
24. A weird iridescent cat is resting nearby but immediately teleports away when approached.
25. Someone smells like garlic, but no one knows who since someone but them smells like garlic but the person that they think smells is different to everyone.
26. A pixie starts talking nonsense and is cut off bc it exploded into glitter when the party speaks directly to it.
27. A cloud of toxic spores surrounds a colony of giant fungi.
28. A colony of hornets has made its nest within a broken wooden chest. if inspected they discover a tiny winged creature covered in honey and in extacy.
29. A serpent with feathered wings suns itself upon a rune-carved monolith.
30. The corpses of seven creatures hang from a tree, warped and deformed almost beyond recognition.
31. Smoke and the scent of roasting meat fill the air, if inspected leads to a cave where a Ogre is cooking meat.
32. A deer flees in panic from pixies who are giggling and give chase.
33. The ground here is strewn with tiny white things. Upon inspection they realize its teeth, hundreds of them.
34. A rainbow colored wolf is sneaking through the tall grass. Once noticed it howls with a beautiful molodic sound and shimmers while fading away.
35. A group of fairies plucks the eyes from a pile of goblin corpses whilest giggling.
36. A grove of mushrooms asks the party to eat them.
37. A great tree stands ahead, surrounded by shattered bones and skulls.

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Good stuff!

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