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I'm going to be running Malevolence for a group soon(ish), and am in the process of preparing it on Roll20. I have a question about the location of a particular magic item.

The Actual Question:

Area D6, The Observatory lists the Void Mirror as being present, along with half a grioth and an Undead Brain Collector (awesome monster, btw - I love it!).

The background information for the Undead Brain Collector also talks about how Ioseff Xarwin took the Void Mirror to his lab (E9) after slaying the Brain Collector. He subsequently dies in the Laboratory, so how does the Void Mirror get back to the Observatory? I ask this mostly because I'm not sure if I missed something or not.

I can come up with an explanation if I need to.

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Malevolence spoiler:
It isn't explicitly explained in the text, but perhaps Ioseff took the Mirror with him as he looked into his affliction and returned it to the observatory once he finished using it. The brain collector was dead and he didn't have time to deal with the body considering his condition, but it seems somewhat reasonable that he would be extra careful with the Void Mirror to ensure nothing worse came from it.

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The void mirror is in area D6. The mentioning of Xarwin fleeing down to his laboratory with the Void MIrror is wrong. That should have said that he fled to his laboratory with the starless scope, which IS downstairs. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you!!!

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