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Hello there,
since I just joined this Forum and since this is my first post, a quick introduction about myself.I have been playing Pathfinder for little less than a year within one campaign, although we are not able to play that often unfortunately.

We started out with Pathfinder 1e, but changed to 2e about two sessions ago. I love the new system and reading around a lot. Currently I play a lvl 4 illusionist wizard who is a mixture between battlefield control and damage dealer.
I also really like to think about new Spells and items that don't exist yet and try find ways to realize those. Luckily I have a great DM.

Anyway, when we were still playing 1e he let me use a homebrew spell which allowed me to either switch the place of two creatures or two objects with each other. Since we all changed to 2e together he didn't have that much experience with 2e and therefore didn't want me to use swap for now.

Since I reworked it, I hope you guys can give some feedback about it, especially in regards to beeing overpowered. I am really not sure about the spell level; a cantrip would be really cool, altough It will probably be to strong for that.

Anyways, I am looking forward to your responses. Thanks!

(for those who want to see the link before they click on it: https://ibb.co/yNkfzLW (image sharing website))

Welcome to PF2e forms!

Just FYI, there is already a spell that does something similar but only with creatures. Its a 6th level spell called Collective Transposition

For items there is a 1st level spell called Thoughtful Gift that is nice.

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Swap is a neat idea, but way too strong for a Cantrip imo. You should probably limit it to unattended objects, to prevent characters from swapping an opponents weapon with a random tree branch. I would also limit it to unattended objects up to Light Bulk, then maybe increase the amount of bulk that can be swapped with levels. Maybe it starts at Negligible bulk and moves to light bulk at 3rd, then 1 bulk at 5th etc...

We also don't usually see a spell have both, "heightened +X" as well as, "heightened X" effects. Afaik no other spell does both, probably to avoid confusion over how exactly the spell changes at a given level.

Teleporting creatures around with a cantrip is really powerful, even if it is limited to swapping places. PF2 generally places a lot of restrictions on teleportation effects because of their game breaking ability.

If you are dead set on keeping the ability to swap creatures, and the GM okays it, I'd dump the will save entirely and stipulate only willing creatures. Then make any swapped creatures temporarily immune for some period to limit it's use in combat. Say an hour.

Even with both of those changes, that is a pretty strong cantrip for positioning. Imagine being able to have a fast elf ranger dash ahead, then swapping them with the slow dwarven plate wearing fighter who gets to move after the teleportation. Now the Ranger is back in the back line for archery purposes and the fighter potentially gets a full round of attacks where they would normally have only gotten one or two due to having to move.

Thank you so much for your answers!

@Krugus Thanks for pointing out Collective Transposition. I thought I had looked through quite a lot of spells, but I haven't seen that one before. I knew of thoughtful gift, but in my opinion it is too limited in comparison to other lvl1 spells. But then again this gives me a feeling of how strongly paizo wants to limit teleportation.

@beowulf99 Thanks for your extensive answer!
Although I originally didn't intend it to be a cantrip anyway, I now see the great amount by which I underestimated it.
You pointed out a lot case-specific limitation, which I definitely forgot to write down, but which where more or less intended (unattended and bulk limited).

Normally I wouldn't put two different heightened states on a spell, but since I originally wrote it as a cantrip i didn't think of it as a purely mechanical property but rather as seeing the development of the wizard play out in what he is able to do with this spell. (in terms of "when he is able to cast lvl5 magic, he also finds a way to switch objects with creatures")

I am now starting to see how strongly teleportations are beeing limited in PF2...

Right now I'm thinking about actually making two different spells or even completely dropping one of them.

Most of what I wanted to achieve with swap seems to be covered by Collective Transposition, so I think it would be quite difficult to create a kind of similar spell at a lower level, although it would be limited in terms of targets (just willing ones) and also positions (only switching positions)
Even with those limitations I guess it is probably a pretty high-leveled spell (lvl4/5)?

Tbh, I think it would still be great beeing able to only swap unattended items up to a certain limit of bulk, but then again in comparison to Thoughtful Gift this would still not even be a cantrip I guess. Or do you see a way to actually make this a cantrip?
Roleplay wise it would fit good to just switch the positions of two objects, but I think I wouldn't take it as a lvl1 spell though.

Looking forward to your insight!

There's also all is one/one is all


Lvl 8 spell
Traditions arcane, primal
Cast Three Actions material, somatic, verbal
Range 60 feet; Targets you and up to 10 willing living allies

You meld the targets' matter and life force into one and then, in an instant, sift them back out into their component selves. When you separate the targets back into themselves, you can choose to switch the positions of any number of targets with the positions of other targets. Additionally, you can modulate the share of vital essence to share the burden of pain. Distribute the Hit Points of all targets however you choose, except that no target can receive fewer than 1 Hit Point or more than their maximum Hit Points.

Though it's more powerful

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