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Given Paizo is not having a physical presence, I have a few questions.

1. Will the OPF be running games/having a block of tables? I know in normal years, other people were not allowed to run PFS/SFS events outside of the Paizo blocks.

2. If not, do we have a group of PFS/SFS GMs who want to coordinate and get a block of tables from GenCon? They will allow that based on their forum responses vent-submission-for-gen-con-indy-2021

3. Can we get tables for the specials that will be run at GenCon online? Would be pretty crappy for those of us going to GenCon if not.

4. I'm happy to run a few tables, but I need to know who to talk to about this?

If there is a forthcoming blog post or other official communication about this, let me know and I'll follow up there.

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Paizo's Gen Con 2021 Update

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Thanks Nefreet, I saw that blog post, which prompted the additional questions.

My understanding is that the OPF is a separate entity from Paizo. Many of the same people are involved, but wearing different hats, and their answers may well be different.

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My understanding, but I'm not official on any of this. This is based on discussions on the Paizo Events discord.

1&2) OPF will only be running games at GenCon Online. Individuals are free to submit/run/ their own games to in-person GenCon, but not under the OP banner/naming. Events would not count as Premier/Premier Plus for ACP, etc. Attempting to run an 'online' event in person would be seen as a violation of the GenCon Online ToS.

3) No, the special is being offered as part of an initial exclusivity period agreement with GenCon Online.

4) Given the above, GenCon. OP is not in the loop if you want to offer PFS/SFS/etc games at GenCon as a private individual.

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I'll quote my response here because I feel like it's going to get a lot of mileage over the next few months :)

Alex Speidel, OPA wrote:

If you want to coordinate "Jimothy's Fun PFS Games" in your garage or "Starfinder Society at Friendly Local Game Store" that weekend, you totally can just like any other weekend, but they won't get any extra rewards, scenarios or event support from us. There's also nothing stopping you from going to Indianapolis and grabbing an open table to run a Bounty. You'd have to be clear that it was just you as a GM doing it, not an officially-sanctioned event from Paizo or the OPF.

We're also not officially participating in Pop-Up Gen Con this year; their focus was on board games and the like, so we're not involved. You are, of course, welcome to coordinate with the stores involved to schedule tables if you like, though again, they wouldn't be officially part of Pop-Up Gen Con.

Physical tables of the new interactive specials are not permitted per our agreements with Gen Con. They will be available to request as part of any organized event after September 20, 2021.

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Thanks for the clarification Alex.

I'm assuming I'm not alone here with both attending GenCon in person and wanting to play some PFS/SFS while there. I can catch up on this year's specials some other time, but would love to play/run other stuff, whether that is PF1, PF2 or SF. Maybe even get some previous year specials in and get my fifth star done.

Is anyone else definitely attending and interested in helping me work this out so we can get some tables going?

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I believe there's usually a Warhorn set up for Organized Play games run outside of GenCon slots.

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Nefreet wrote:
I believe there's usually a Warhorn set up for Organized Play games run outside of GenCon slots.

Agreed. I did coordination for pre-gencon games a few years ago (i.e. set up the warhorn, recruited GMs, etc), then didn't do anything in 2019 because I had too much going on/not enough time.

If we can, this year I'd prefer to run through GenCon so we can get a dedicated block of tables, so basically just need to recruit some GMs and get an idea of how many people we have available to run.

Alternatively, if you know of someone already starting on this effort, please let me know and I will throw my efforts behind their wagon.

Failing that, I will drive because I want to be able to play Pathfinder or Starfinder in some capacity while at GenCon.


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Pete, were you able to work anything out?


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Any update on this? I'm also interested.

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