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As I could now finally conclude that I would retain the AC for Wis by dipping one lv in Monk either normal, archetype or unchained, I wanted to ask for a bit of advice for the build.
We dont have any undead, neither will I use the channel feature of the class much.

19 Cleric / 1 "Monk"
A bit more defense like as someone between the front line and the gunners:
Cleric Weapon Feat:
Bastard Sword
Racial Bonus (human):
Combat Casting
Lv1 Combat Reflexes (@Lv10: Heighten (metamagic))
Lv3 Reach (metamagic)
Lv6 Crane Style
Lv9 Vital Strike
Lv12 Crane Wing
Lv15 Vital Strike, improved
Lv18 Improved Critical
Monk Dodge

B) "Large" Bastardsword; ' ' means not completly decided on
Cleric Weapon Feat:
Bastard Sword
Racial Bonus (human):
Reach (metamagic)
Lv1 'Lightning Reflexes' (@Lv10: Heighten (metamagic))
Lv3 'Lightning Reflexes, Improved' (@Lv10: Grasping Strike)
Lv6 'Warrior Priest' (@LvXX: Quicken)
Lv9 Vital Strike
Lv12 Improved Critical
Lv15 Vital Strike, improved
Lv18 'Critical Focus' (@Lv20: Vital Strike Greater)
Monk Combat Reflexes

Thank you in Advance

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These feat progressions are at the wrong levels. You are using the D&D 3.5 progression, not the one for Pathfinder (which grants a feat at every odd level).

And what are those "@" references? Planned retrainings?

The feat progression is correct according to the DM as a custom rule of his. @reference is planned retraining
For further reference I will plan to use a "guided" sword later

Greater vital strike requires +16 BAB. You top out at +15 at L20.

If you've got access to all cleric spells in PF (or all in D&D 3.5, whatever) then heighten spell is pointless unless you're building on it with dependent feats. You're not. Try persistent spell if you're into that sort of thing, and consider building to spell perfection and getting spell penetration - or drop that idea entirely.

Combat casting is a feat worth retraining later unless your GM also has house rules about concentration checks.

Late game you should be able to get a keen weapon, which makes improved critical redundant.

Err you definitely don't retain the WIS to AC if you're wearing armor. Not sure what the point of the Monk dip is here; it doesn't synergize with anything else you've chosen (if you wanted to choose the Sacred Attendant Cleric archetype, then you get increasing dodge bonuses to AC when unarmored which also stacks with your monk bonus).

If you're saying your DM has decided that you do, that's a different story.

Ah, I thought with +1 Str mod i had the 16 BAB (my bad)
Cant you make low lewel spells worthwhile again with "heigthen"?
I would prefer the guided +1 enchantment instead of the keen option as i would add my wis to attack roll/dmg which my DM was fine with.

Doesnt have the War Scholar Monk archetype the light armor retain everything feature? The Monk dip would be necessary to get the crane style in (A).

As a cleric you can just switch to higher level spells. There's no benefit to making lower level spells worthwhile in higher level spell slots if you're a prepared spellcaster.

Guided only adds to attack roll. Also, it's possible to get a weapon which has both guided and keen, they're not mutually exclusive.

War Scholar is an archetype from Rite Publishing. What are the limits on which publishers you can take material from? If you're not limited to Paizo then you can probably do better than what you have here.

Actually Guided adds WIS to both attack and damage (but doesn't get modified when being used two-handed or off-hand). This still sounds not great. I think OP would be better off going down the Crusader's Flurry route if he's insistent on the Monk dip, or he should just be a Warpriest if all he wants to do is buff and smash.

I was also thinking "why not Warpriest?"...

But the aforementioned Cleric archetype with the unarmored bonus would stack well with a dip in Monk, but I doubt it's ever better than a heavy armor Cleric... even with Monk's Robes.

Crusader's Flurry is always a good option if you insist on combining the two classes.

My advice for this build is to actually formulate a plan on exactly what you want it to, and focus on either melee or Cleric stuffs.

If you insist on doing both, seriously consider the Warpriest...

I agree about the Sacred Attendant not being as good, but it's definitely flavorful and useful in a setting where armor isn't convenient.

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One of the most fun characters I have gotten to play was a Charisma-based Scaled Fist-Qinggong Monk/Elder Mythos Cleric Gestalt... completely focused on Aid Another and Dazing Channel from the Variant Channeling rules.

Just a little Kobold trying to as helpful as possible whilst being the best "dragon" he could be.

I know Gestalt is seldom accessible for most tables, but I see the draw of the Monk/Cleric combination.

It's just not at all optimal without Gestalt.

The Warpriest is going to get better mileage in every situation without Gestalt... because it's one of the best designed classes in the game.

Hehehe I had the idea of building a Halfling Evangelist of Chaldira who basically just rushes into battle with his heavy shield and IMMEDIATELY realizes he's in over his head but can't pull back, so just buffs and aids his allies.

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Hbob, the Kobold, would ride on the shoulders of the Fighter/Inquisitor Dwarf, just using Bodyguard/Adopted/Helpful/Aid Another...

Might have to use a Dazing Channel or a Fireball or something, but it was very, very rare that Hbob had to bust out some Monk $#!+...

Used lots of Cleric stuffs, condition removal, healing, utility magics... the Monk nonsense just helped me stay alive in a pretty high speed campaign setting.

Literally, over half of all the actions that Hbob took, were to Aid Another.

Most fun character I have probably ever played...

It's fun being useful.

You could start as a Halfling to get the Helpful trait without Adopted.

You could be a boring/generic "Heavy Armor Reach Cleric"... with no Monk dip... and just be an overwhelmingly useful person in your party.

PS. Small size still has the same reach...

DANG...didn't know about the Helpful trait...I thought to just charge in and use the Call for Help trait to give my allies +1 on attack rolls on a creature that threatened me while I was using the total defense action...

Sadly we dont play with any traits. Added on that we use a defense variant rule in which the AC is dependant on the level. Either we get the AC from the armor or the defense variant (which one ever is higher). Added in the AC bonus (Wis) from the monk it is still allowed as that is not "armor". I wanted the character to live a bit longer while being in the mid-line. We got already a bloodrager, another front-liner, a healer with long range and a "ranger".

Light: 0.35+1 (max: 8) later added here the WIS from a dip in monk that still gets the bonus while wearing armor for enchantment
Medium 0.40+2 (max: 10
Heavy 0.45+3 (max: 12)

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