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The description for Disable Device under the Thievery Skill says "This action allows you to disarm a trap or another complex device."

In the section on Hazards, none of them (that I've seen) specifically mention Disable a Device and instead simply say "Thievery".

Is it correct that the player would still need to use Disable Device? This is important because that requires 2 actions instead of 1.

Also, the text for Disable a Device and Pick a Lock both put a great amount of emphasis on needing multiple successes to disarm a trap or pick a lock. But so far I haven't seen any Hazards that mention multiple successes and the only locks I've seen that mention it are those in the equipment section of the core rules (and not those in the adventures so far).

So, when using the Hazards from the core rules, do these all really only need one success? Or are GMs supposed to somehow know how many successes are needed?

It just seems really odd to me that so much emphasis would be placed on multiple success in the Thievery Skill section, but never mentioned in all of the stat blocks.

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Complex hazards tend to have multiple checks, simple don't. Which makes sense as complex hazards generate an encounter on their own with initiative.

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The "disable device" action is the way to use thievery to, well, disable a device. So definitely yes (and note that you need to be at least trained in thievery to even attempt this), unless the trap specifically lists some other means of diabling it.

With hazards and locks, if it only lists one check it only takes one success. Note, e.g. that drowning pit on p.526 takes a thievery check per water spout (four, usually) and either a thievery (against a higher DC than the spouts) or an athletics check to open the trapdoor. In those cases it's up to the GM to rule if you have to fist disable the spout and then open the door, or if e.g. after you fail with the spouts a few times you have now floated up high enough to reach the trap door, or whatever.

Other traps in the complex hazards section also require several checks, including sometime several thievery checks in a row.

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Complex traps definitely exist in some of the PFS scenarios. They do require two actions to disable and multiple successes in some cases.

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