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I just started playing league games at GameFest 2019. Had a blast with the pregenerated characters. I was told that the xp, gp, fame, etc. would be credited to my first online character (701 for Starfinder, 2001 PF2, 1 PF1).

My problem is that when I created my online characters, they all started out at 702, 2002, and 2. I never created an online character before this, so I'm not sure why it changed the numbering. So now all the xp and stuff are being credited to the wrong characters.

Is this a computer glitch? Is this something that can be fixed at the DM level or does Paizo have to do it? Or is this something I just have to live with, losing all that gametime?

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We are looking into the issue, as character numbers should be starting at -01.

No matter what, you won't lose credit. In the interim, while we get a fix applied, for Pathfinder Society (second edition) credits, you can reach out to your GM and have them change their reporting record to note you gave it to your -02.

This does impact welcome boons for Pathfinder (first edition), Starfinder, and Pathfinder Adventure Card Society characters. We will need to get the fix, as only the -01 characters can get the boons.

Thanks for the heads up.

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This sounds unfortunate. A data point: I just went and created my first PFS2 character on the website and it assigned it correctly to my -2001, so there are at least some circumstances in which this works the way you'd expect...

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