Building an Arcane Heirophant or Magaambyan Arcanist

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Let me try my hand at building one of my favorite "archetypes" using the Playtest rules.

Ancestry: Human (Versatile Heritage)
Ancestry Feat 1st: Natural Ambition
General Feat Bonus (heritage): Battle Medic
Ability Boosts: STR (12), INT (12)
Languages: Common, Mwangi

Background: Scholar
Ability Boosts: INT (14), WIS (12)
Skills: Trained in Lore (Academia)
Bonus Feat: Assurance (Nature)

Free Ability Boosts: STR (14), DEX (12), CON (12), INT (16)

Class: Druid
Key Ability Boost: WIS (14)
Druidic Order: Animal
Skills (+6): Nature (class), Athletics (order), Survival, Medicine, Acrobatics, Diplomacy, Religion, Society
Language: Druidic
Spellcasting: Primal
Order Feat: Animal Companion
Class Feat Bonus (natural ambition): Wild Shape

Final Statistics: STR (14), DEX (12), CON (12), INT (16), WIS (14), CHA (10)

2nd Level
Class Feat: Wizard Dedication
Skill: Arcana
Spellcasting: Arcane
Skill Feat: Unmistakable Lore

3rd Level
Expert: Nature, Lore
General Feat: Additional Lore (planar)

4th Level
Class Feat: Basic Wizard Spellcasting
Skill Feat: Natural Medicine

5th Level
Expert: Medicine
Ability Boosts: STR (16), DEX (14), CON (14), WIS (16)
Ancestry Feat: Haughty Obstinacy

Primal Spellcasting: Cantrips + 3rd level spells
Arcane Spellcasting: Cantrips + 1st level spells
Animal Companion
Animal Form 1/day

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