Luck, Charisma and Small Chipmunks


Hello everyone,
i'm about to start a new campaign, from level one to level X (where X value it's probably over 16th level).

I came up with two ideas:

1) A "simple minded" PC, coming from a poor family, looking at the world with curiosity and naivety, getting constantly supported by his big luck

2) A smart liar, always relying on cheating others (not applying that to other PCs to get advantages) and who loves to disappear in a dark or glistening
smoke curtain

Any advice for me?

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Halfling Chosen One Paladin with low Wisdom. Be a follower of Chaldira, halfling goddess of luck. Take the Fates Favored trait. You get full BAB, excellent saves, and a familiar to help be your moral compass.

I'll first just say that playing a conniving trickster is fun, but you need to check in with the other players if they would enjoy that. It can get old quick if players are going against each other.

Immediately though, I think of the Feyspeaker druid archetype. It gets illusion spells, is charisma based, and has healthy skill points. I've always wanted to play one as a Gathlain.

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For #1, I would suggest installing Baldur's Gate again and inviting Boo into your party. He comes with an endearingly stupid ranger, although we know, of course, who really is in charge.

A few suggestions for the Lucky One.

Humans have a lot of luck based Racial Feats. Inexplicable Luck is especially useful.

You might consider a charisma based class. Having a high charisma bonus helps explain why he seems lucky as common bad things tend to just like the guy enough to give him a pass.

Sorcerer and Oracle are full casters that never study a day in their lives. But it might be more interesting to make a Bard.

If you wanted to go all out, you could try to combine a Bard with the human racial feat Improvisation since the bard's skill bonuses stack with it. Well, probably not a great plan but it could be interesting.

Possibly the best reason to be a bard would be to avoid taking a more active role in combat. Its difficult to play a naive, curious psychopath that stomps every monster you run into. Its a lot easier to explain his panic attack as an oratory performance. Or maybe he just feels like music soothes his nerves so he starts playing and closes his eyes hoping for the best?

Oh, and you could abuse Shikigami style to represent a guy that just throws random objects and gets lucky in combat. Don't forget to pick up the other 2 Skikigami feats. Both of them can easily be explained as luck too.

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