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Not sure if this is the right place for this but here we go. I can't seem to find a rabbit avatar. I'm in a PbP on these message boards playing as a witch with an arctic hare for a familiar and I can't seem to find a rabbit avatar under any of the avatar groupings. Anyone know where I can find one?

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(Feedback for Paizo below initial response)

Response to OP:
I remembered seeing at least one, and I haven't looked at the avatars to see what's new in awhile, so I just had a looksee. What I could find isn't ideal, but...

- If you look under "monstrous humanoid" (and I think "unspecified" for gender), there is an Anthropomorphized Rabbit (name of file) that is artwork from the Harrow Deck.

- If you look under "male" and "fey" you'll find another anthropomorphic looking bunny named "Brambleson."

No just plain rabbits though. Closest critters I could find was a sort of generic rodent-looking thing called a "chiuspiki" that you can find under "unspecified" gender and "magical beast." There's also a "squirrel" (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing) to be found under "unspecified" and "aberration."

If none of those make you happy, maybe just pick an object or symbol instead.

Which leads me to...

Feedback to Paizo:
I understand and respect that this should be quite low priority, but there ARE inadequate avatars for familiars and the like, and what avatars are there are weirdly "prioritized," for lack of a better word. Like, there's at least four pig avatars and five or six mice/rats, but then only two cats, and one of those cats can only be found if you look under "aberration." I think only maybe three or so dogs, which includes the goofy looking poodle from that one board game. Couple owls, several lizards and other birds, and a couple fish? One bat that I saw. (maybe more.)

Would be nice to have more avvis for common familiars (cats, snakes, various birds), and even better, to be findable under a tag "familiar." Thanks.

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koff, koff.

Thanks for the help. I was honestly surprised there wasn't already a check box for familiars.

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Also look under the Fey checkbox. There's a rabbit prince (Lord Brambleton from the fantastic module The Harrowing)

Zioalca wrote:
Thanks for the help. I was honestly surprised there wasn't already a check box for familiars.

Sort by date (newest first) go to page 15 and near the middle of the page (as it currently is) there's this short-eared lapinmorph (it's that chiuspiki thing mentioned by DeathQuaker above I wanna say). Anyway that's about as close as I come to a rabbit familiar.

On that note, the web team added a bunch of reprints to the beginning of the list (when sorted by date again--newest first). Most of the first dozen or so are replicated on pages 12 and 13. Oh and there is dire badgery-looking tusked black and white thing at the bottom of one of the first pages that is listed as a "giant". I suppose if it is a were-something then it makes sense, but without knowing that I would guess it is a magical beast or an animal.

Paizo Employee Official Tech Team Response

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Hey, everyone. Thanks for the feedback!

While we don't officially take requests for specific avatars (as that would cause a lot of overhead), we will take this into account as we look at new avatar options.

We do know that there are gap areas and are working toward closing them.

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Please also consider avatars of the adventure card game characters. There is a play by post community for the card game too, but not all characters are available as avatars.


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Also gillmen and male assimars please :)

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