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I have never played a ranger in 537th edition yet. I honestly haven't play much 5th edition.we are getting ready to start curse of sthrad we rolled stats I got 15,15,15,13,13,and 12. I want to play a ranger. Just looking for some basic tips for the build.

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Just based on those stats, I'd say human is your best bet. Also, go with the hunter archetype.

Standard Human would definitely give you a nice solid line of stats.

The question is do you want to go Str or Dex?

I would probably do this lineup
STR 14
DEX 16
CON 16
INT 14
WIS 16
CHA 13

Or switch out Strength and dex if you prefer that.

Instead of going over all the pros and cons of each i'll just link you to my analysis

As a ranger my preference would be dexterity though since you don't get the two-handed fighting style that lets you make the most use of Strength.

Hunter is the easier to play archetype. Beast master requires a better understanding of how to make use of the beast companion to really come to its full potential.

Chosing a fighting style for a melee ranger is a bit difficult. On the one hand abilities like hunter's mark and colossus slayer have a better chance of working each turn with the dual wield extra attack, on the other, giant killer, horde breaker and whirlwind attack get more out of the duelling style, since that extra damage still applies there and you don't get an off hand attack when using either giant killer or whirlwind.

I'm currently playing at half orc ranger (his human half is an Uthgarht tribesman) in Curse of Stradh. He's only level 2 right now (and we've only had two sessions), but I know where I want to go with him.

His stats are

Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 9, Wis 12, Cha 8

The reason I went with strength instead of Dex as my high stat was because I want to take the Dual Wielder feat at level four and upgrade him from fighting with two handaxes to fighting with two battle axes. I also plan to multi-class him into a barbarian at level 6, should he live that long, and he'll need good strength for that.

I'll do the hunter archetype with him at level 3. I just picked up hunter's mark and cure wounds as his two spells at level 2, and I'll probably get him longstrider next.

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We have a human (hunter) ranger using the Archery style in our RotRL campaign, and he's been a lifesaver so many times!!!

Obviously he went with Dexterity for his best ability, went the optional feat & skill racial option (Lucky), and went Hordebreaker. He eventually got Sharpshooter which, combined with hunter's mark made him the best DPR of our group.

Vital spells are cure wounds, hunter's mark, pass without trace, and spike growth. Hunter's mark almost doubles your damage beginning at level 2. The rest of his spells are best used as trump cards (healing the dying cleric) and for exploration and the occasional battlefield control.

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